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Chapter III

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As Jack begins an alliance with his and the Autobots old enemy MECH, he can't help but question what their true motives may be. But with the threat the Quintessons pose to the rest of Humanity,...

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Jack entered the CIC with Miranda and looked around, it looked almost the same as the Normandy's CIC but far more advanced. He walked round the to the end of the Galaxy map table as a holographic model of the Defiant appeared.

"Welcome aboard the Defiant, Jackson Prime." she said as he continued to look around. Then an African American man stood beside Miranda and she motioned him to the Prime.

"This is Jacob Taylor, he is the ship's security chief and he also runs our armoury."

Jacob then offered his hand to Jack who excepted it.

"It's a great honour to meet you Prime." he said as Jack smiled back.

"Good to have you on the team Jacob." Jack replied.

He then turned back to Miranda.

"So who else is there for me to meet?"

Miranda looked over back to the elevator.

"Well you have already met Airachnid, she too is on this team. But she likes to remain alone on the lowest level of this ship."

Jacob crossed his arms and nodded in agreement.

"Yeah she isn't very social Prime, that's for sure." the operative added. Jack looked over to the elevator.

"I'm not sure what to make of her, she is certainly not acting at all like the Airachnid I remember..."

He then looked back to the others.

"...So anyone else?"

Miranda looked back at Jack.

"There is also Doctor Chakwas, she too joined MECH with Hotrod and asked for you to see her when you have a free moment."

Jack nodded and looked toward the Galaxy map.

"So what is our first move?" he asked. Then a synthetic voice spoke around them.

"I believe that locating the spymaster would be our best option."

Jack looked around.

"Who said that?" he asked as a yellow holographic sphere appeared on the galaxy map table.

"My name is Teletraan, and I am the Defiant's A.I ." it answered back. Jack crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Pilots don't like it when a computer takes control of their ship. Especially Hotrod." he replied.

"I do not pilot the ship, I only control the ship's defence and weapon systems while also advising the crew. And I know Hotrod quite well."

Jack looked towards the cockpit, to see the Autobot waving back,

"Yeah, I met an early version of Teletraan when it was installed on the Xantium. It was the ship that Optimus Prime and his team used to arrive on Earth."

The three humans walked up to the pilot as Teletraan appeared next to him.

"How did MECH get their hands on it then?" Jack asked.

"MECH managed to recover me when they found the Xantium buried in the side of a dormant volcano. After fifteen years of researching my program, they then updated me and installed me into the Defiant as the Director believed that I would be of best use on this mission." it finished as it disappeared. Jack turned to Hotrod.

"Set course for the Omega station, we will go and recruit the spymaster and the mercenary." he said as Hotrod saluted and took control of the ship, as Jack and the others walked away.

"It will take a few hours for us to reach our destination, I would suggest you get some rest before we arrive." Miranda said noticing the Prime's fatigue.

"Yeah okay, let me know if anything happens." He said as he walked to the elevator and left them.


Jack found himself surrounded by darkness as he felt the agonizing pain in his chest again, when suddenly a blazing fire appeared around him. He panicked as looked for a way out, but found the fire was surrounding him in a circle. He then felt the air go cold, sub zero cold as the feel of it on his skin made his muscles ache causing him to fall to his knees. Then he heard footsteps approach him and he looked up to see Miko, Kaidan and Wheeljack standing above him, looking down at the Prime with hate in their eyes.

"Why did you leave us to die?" Kaidan spat at him.

"Why did you get this second chance friend." Wheeljack asked, not sounding anything like the Autobot Jack remembered. Miko then bent down to look at Jack, blood and burns covering her face.

"You know in your 'heart' that you don't deserve to be a Prime, so let me rid you of it." she said gritting her teeth before plunging her hand into Jack's chest and pulling out his still beating heart, blood spilling out of his wound as he gasped before falling to the ground. He looked up with his dying breath, seeing the three smiling down at him, revelling in what they had done before everything faded to black.

Jack screamed as he rose out of the bed clutching his chest, looking around frantically and breathing heavily. When he saw that he was in his quarters with no light other than the low illumination from the star field that could be seen from the skylight above him, he calmed and looked down at himself. He was covered in sweat and as was his bed sheets. He got up and went into the bathroom, before activating the sink and splashing cold water on his face. He then looked at his reflection in the mirror and noticed a single tear running down his cheek. Before he could dwell on the nightmare he had, the intercom activated.

"Prime, it is Miranda. We are approaching Omega." she said causing Jack to turn off the tap and walk back to his bed before getting changed.

In the middle of a large asteroid field was the Omega Station. It was built into an fully mined out metallic asteroid and a red illumination glowed from the energy ring that surrounded the outer edges of the station. The Defiant flew up to it as it evaded the numerous random rocks that littered the field as it pulled into one of the many docking ports that the station had.

At the docking bay Jack, Miranda and Jacob exited the airlock and looked around. The station had a dirty brown colour scheme and the whole station had a rank stench to it. As they walked into a narrow corridor Jack's com link activated.

"Prime, Teletraan here. I have completed a scan of the station and believe that you will only find the spymaster when he wants you to find him."

Jack smirked at the A.I's honesty.

"Okay, what about Zaeed Massani?" he replied.

"I have scanned the information streams on the station's network and apparently he is here with the Blue Suns trying to kill another mercenary called Archangel. He is currently in the starboard section of the station." Teletraan said before cutting the link. Jack then looked back to the others.

"Okay we'll head over there now and get Zaeed." he said, the others nodded and they walked over to the nearest cab. But unbeknownst to them a biomechanical black Condor was sitting upon an antenna high above and was watching them curiously before taking flight and following the cab they had just got into.

The cab landed in an a rundown part of the station though Jack had noticed the whole station had looked run down. They got out of the cab to hear gunfire just up the street and ran toward it. They turned a corner to find a group of Blue suns mercs firing at an apartment balcony across the street from them. Jack looked out at the layout of the street and noticed that it had nearly no real cover spots. He then looked back to his team who were waiting beside him.

"It looks like Archangel is a sniper." he observed, making Jacob look at him confused.

"How did you work that out Prime?"

Jack motioned him to look out at the street's layout.

"You see how much open space is between here and the apartment building, there is no cover and the balcony that the sniper is at gives him perfect view of anyone trying to reach him."

As Jack was giving the operative a lesson in sniping, one of the blue suns tried to get closer to the block of apartments.

"Hey one is trying to get closer." Miranda observed as Jack and Jacob looked around the corner with her. The merc ran across the street to the other side trying to reach the doorway and use it as cover but before he made it half way across, his head suddenly exploded and his body fell to the floor.

"You fucking idiots, don't attack until I tell you to attack." came a grizzled voice as Jack and the others looked across to left hand side of the street to see an older man wearing worn out yellow and black armour yelling at his men while they hid in the alley way adjacent to the one Jack was in. Jack could see that the man had a scar on his face and that his right eye was blinded, the man then looked right at them.

"Hey you, get over here right now." he yelled.

Jack shrugged at Miranda and Jacob and the three sprinted across the open street to the other side.

Unbeknownst to them, Archangel had them in his sights. But when he saw the man with the specialized armour on, he suddenly froze. It was like he recognized the Man and so let him and the ones with him pass. Jack stopped when he got up to the older man.

"So who are you then and why would you be sneaking around this neighborhood?" he asked.

"My name is Jackson Prime and I am looking for Zaeed Masani?" he said stoically. The older man just looked at him, not very impressed.

"Well you found me…..wait your with MECH aren't ya." he replied as he looked over to Miranda and Jacob.

"Yeah I remember now, you want me to join your little mission to save the galaxy." he laughed as another blue sun merc poked his head around the corner, only to get it blown off. Zaeed then turned angry and looked at the man standing next to him.

"Vido, I told the men not to fucking move, now you better make sure they listen or I will have to find myself a new SIC. One that can actually follow fucking orders." he barked at the younger man, who nodded. But as Zaeed then turned back to the newcomers, Jack noticed that Vido then looked back at his boss with daggers before he turned round and scolded the men behind them.

"So I will join your team for the fee that your Director and I have agreed, but only after I have dealt with this matter." he gestured to the apartment block. Jack looked back at it curiously.

"What did this Archangel do to piss you off?" the Prime asked, gaining an angry look from the merc.

"He has been killing my men since we got here. No one attacks the Blue Suns and gets away with it." He ranted as Jack looked away suddenly remembering his last encounter with the same group on the Citadel two years prior. Zaeed looked at Jack while the Prime was reminiscing.

"Hey, what is it?" he snapped, bringint Jack back to the moment.

"Oh…what, nothing. Look, let us help." he asked as he gestured back to the street.

"If you hadn't noticed when we crossed that street, he did not take a single shot at us." Jack observed gaining a curious look from Zaeed.

"Yeah, I did notice that." he said slyly.

"Okay, you three keep him occupied while me and my boys take the back of the building. The slippery bastard blocked off the rear entrance, but while I had a few of my men keeping him distracted here. The rest were laying explosives to make us a hole we could get through."

Jack nodded and gestured back to Miranda and Jacob to head back to the street as Zaeed pushed Vido and lead the mercs around the other way.

"Do we really have time for this Prime?" Miranda asked with an agitated tone.

"We are only here to get Zaeed and the spymaster, we aren't here to do this merc's dirty work." she said coldly.

"I know, but I want to know why this Archangel didn't take the shot when he had the chance earlier." he answered back.

"Your thinking of recruiting him Prime?" Jacob asked intrigued by Jack.

"You know Zaeed might not like that?".

Jack smirked at him.

"One thing at a time Jacob. Now lets move." he said as the three of them entered the street. They tried to keep to whatever cover they could find, but they knew that they were easy targets for this Archangel. But yet he still did not fire at them. Jack was starting to get really confused by this as they made it to the apartment block entrance and then entered the building. There was no real light in there as they moved quietly with their weapons armed.

Jack was using his new favourite weapon, the mattock assault rifle. Jacob was using the rather rare Geth shotgun, Jack really should ask him about that weapon after the mission. Miranda was using a pair of SMG's which then had Jack thinking of Arcee. It was easy for him to let his mind wander whenever he thought of her. What she had been doing for the last two years, how his death had effected her. He hoped that she hadn't just shut herself off from everybody like she had after what happened to Cliffjumper, he would never want her to do that.

But he was suddenly brought back out of his thoughts at the sound of a sniper rifle being loaded. The three of them had now reached the same floor that the shooter was on and entered the apartment. They made their way, weapons ready to the balcony where they saw what looked like someone in Turian blue armour, with his face hidden under a helmet, while he hid behind the balcony wall. He saw the three of them and signalled them to stop before peeking over the wall and shooting another merc straight in the face. He then relaxed as he got up and walked back over to them before taking his helmet off. Jack's face lit up when he recognised who it was.

"Jack, I thought you were dead." a familiar voice spoke. Jack's smile went from ear to ear as he walked up to the sniper.

"Garrus, what are you doing here?" he asked happily. The Turian sighed as he placed his rifle against the wall.

"I'm just keeping my self busy, using these mercs for a little target practice." he replied. He looked at Jack's companions.

"Who are these two then?" he asked as the MECH officers looked at the two old friends.

"This is Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor, their with MECH. I am helping them on an important mission." Jack replied, gaining a look of surprise from the Turian.

"MECH, why are you….never mind, you can fill me in later. Now since there are four of us here, I suggest we take the offensive and get out of this dump." he replied gaining a nod of approval from Jacob. Jack though shook his head.

"Can't do Garrus, not without Zaeed." he replied as they all walked back into the apartment.

The Turian sported a confused look towards the Prime.

"The Blue Suns leader, why?"

"We are here to recruit him for our mission, I didn't even know you were here." Jack replied, as Miranda looked at the Turian.

"Aren't you trying to kill him?" she asked, as Garrus looked back at her.

"What, no. I was just killing his men."

Jacob gave him a knowing look as he crossed his arms.

"So that part of what Zaeed said was true then." he said as he looked towards Jack.

"Yes, but only because his men were killing innocent people here. I'm actually after his SIC, Vido. He is the one who has been giving those particular orders to the rest of that group."

Jack then looked back out of the doorway before motioning the rest of them to him.

"Well we better get moving, they thought that we would keep you busy while they come in through the back."

Garrus forced a laugh at the comment.

"Ha, I don't think so, not since I sealed that entrance when I got here."

Suddenly an explosion shook the place as Jack looked back at Garrus and sighed,

"Well it is not sealed anymore, better get ready." he replied as mercs stormed into the room and surrounded them, followed momentarily by Zaeed and Vido. The former looking enraged that the sniper wasn't dead.

"What the hell, I thought this bastard would be dead by now." He spat at Jack and the others while Vido and the mercs kept their weapons trained on them. Jack stepped forward.

"Zaeed, did you order your men to attack innocent people here on the station?" he asked. The merc leader looked at him confused.

"What are you talking about, I would never give such an order, not even if it was part of a job." he exclaimed honestly.

"I know, it was your SIC who did it." Garrus jumped in, staring daggers at the man standing next to the older man. But Zaeed laughed.

"Vido, why would you think….." he was cut off by sound of a gun being powered up and he turned to see Vido aiming it at his head.

"Vido, what the hell are you doing?" Zaeed questioned as the younger merc gave him a smirk.

"...After everything I did for you." the older man finished.

"Well, lets just say that there are many of us who are tired of being led by an old fool like you. It's time the Blue Suns took control of our own future." Vido replied, as Zaeed gritted his teeth and let his anger go into meltdown.

"OLD FOOL!, I'll show you who the fool is you little slimy git." he spat as he knocked the gun out of the traitor's hand and slammed his fist into Vido's face, knocking him into the wall behind him. Jack and his team suddenly raised their weapons and fired at the other shocked mercs, each falling to their gunfire.

With the blue sun mercs lying dead at their feet, Jack and Garrus walked over to Zaeed who picked up Vido by the neck and slammed him into the wall.

"Well now, isn't this a funny turn of events." he said as glared at the man now squirming in his grip.

"Ugh…. Zaeed, maybe we can talk about this." Vido pleaded as the older man equipped his pistol and placed it's barrel against the traitor's head.

"I don't think so. You know me Vido, you know how much I hate back-stabbing bastards." he said as his finger squeezed the trigger slowly. He then felt a hand on his shoulder and looked back to see Jack.

"Zaeed don't do this." the Prime reasoned. Zaeed gave Jack a surprised but angry look.

"Why the hell not, after all I have done for this bastard. He tried to stab me in the back."

Jack kept his calm, his face stoic as he carried on.

"It's just that it sounds like you two are close."

The older man looked back at Vido, his face a mixture of emotions.

"Yeah, I found him on the street as a child, raised him like my own flesh and blood."

Jack then stepped around to stand almost between the two.

"So if you kill him now, you may think that it is right thing to do. But it will haunt you for the rest of your life." he replied. Zaeed then looked down at the ground for a moment as he withdrew his pistol.

"You're right Prime."

He then pulled the man from the wall and threw him to the ground in front of Garrus.

"He's all yours Archangel, show the little shit what happens to murderers."

Garrus looked at the older man confused before looking down at Vido who was almost cowering on the floor.

"Doesn't seem to be your day does it." he said casually as he equipped his pistol and pointed it down at the traitor.

"This is for all those innocents lives you have taken here."

Vido though didn't flinch as he smiled back at the Turian.

"Go to hell, all of you!" he spat as Jack noticed him pulling a grenade from his utility belt.

"Everybody down!" Jack shouted as Vido pressed down on the trigger before it exploded sending everyone in to the walls as the room collapsed in on itself.

As the dust settled and the room was no more, Jack woke up with his ears ringing from the blast. He shook his head to rid himself of it as he looked around the room.

"Is everyone alright?" he said aloud as a number of grunts got his attention as Zaeed pushed a piece of rubble off of himself.

"I'm fine Prime." Zaeed replied as he and Jack looked back to see Jacob, helping Miranda up, both of them had some cuts and bruises.

"We are alright too, nothing the doctor cant fix." Jacob replied. But as Jack got up he looked around the room. First at the spot where Vido once was, nothing more than a large blood stain that carpeted the ground and the wall next to it. But then another body got his attention and it was pinned down by a large piece of concrete.

"Garrus" Jack shouted as he ran over to his friend and knelt down beside him.

"Garrus you okay, answer me mate?" he said as Zaeed came round and with Jack, they lifted off the concrete revealing the Turian lying on the floor. Jack got back down and looked closely at his friend. Garrus opened his eyes and coughed as blood dripped onto the floor, as he then started to breath heavily.

"Garrus, we'll get you out of here." Jack answered back, his voice breaking as he fumbled his com link.

"Defiant. This is Prime, we need a medical team over here immediately." he said as the team surrounded the wounded Turian.


Back on the Defiant, Jack and Jacob were talking in the briefing room. Jack was looking concerned as the operative told him the news, the operative's face looking grim.

"It was a close call Prime, but the Doctor was able to save Garrus. She used surgical procedures and some synthetics to repair the damage. According to her report he should have full functionality, but still…" the security chief was cut of when the door opened and Garrus strolled in like nothing had happened. Both men looked stunned as the Turian entered the room. You could see the scarring on the right side of his face and the bandages that covered some of it.

"Jack" he said casually. Jacob just chuckled in reaction to the sight in front of him.

"Tough son of bitch, didn't think he would be up yet." he said as Jack turned and smiled at his friend. Garrus joined them at the table.

"No one will hand me a mirror, tell me honestly. How bad does it look?" he asked gesturing to his face, Jack though just grinned at him.

"Garrus you were never a looker, just slap some face paint there and no one will notice."

The Turian chuckled at the comment before placing his hand over his jaw in slight pain.

"awwgh, don't make me laugh. My face is barely healed as it is. But then again I have heard some women like facial scars, unfortunately most of them are Krogan."

Jack shook his head and chuckled before looking back at him.

"What about Tali, I thought you two were getting along great." he replied.

"Really… I hadn't noticed, besides I haven't seen her since she returned to the flotilla just a few weeks after the destruction of the Normandy." the Turian said. Jacob then saluted Jack and left the two alone, Garrus watching him leave before turning back to the Prime. His face becoming serious.

"I'm actually more worried about you, I've heard things about MECH over the last two years, none of them good.

Jack leaned back against the table and relaxed.

"Well that's why I'm glad you are here Garrus. If I am heading into hell, I want a friend at my side."

The Turian looked back at Jack and cocked his head.

"You do realise that this has me going into hell too..." he then chuckled.

"...Just like old times. I am ready to join your team if you want me."

Jack walked up to him and slapped him on he shoulder.

"You never needed to ask Garrus." he answered smiling at him. They then both walked out of the briefing room and back into the CIC.

"Well then, I better make myself at home then. I will head down and see what I can do with your ship's weapon systems." Garrus replied as he headed off to the elevator. Jack was about to walk up to the cockpit when Miranda stopped him.

"Prime we are receiving a signal from the station. It's of Decepticon origin." she replied as Jack looked at the red blip that had appeared on the holographic model of the station in front of them.

"Well then I guess we should take a look, don't you?" he replied as Miranda nodded in agreement and they both walked to the elevator.

In the depths of the Omega station, Jack and Miranda had been following the signal for the last twenty minutes. They were in the middle of a cramped corridor when the officer stopped Jack.

"The signal stops directly 20 feet in front of us." she said looking down to the map on the holo-tool. Jack nodded in acknowledgement as they both equipped their weapons and carried on moving, exiting the corridor and entering a large open space where they could see a view of the station's asteroid that it was connected to. They both looked around them but saw nothing.

"I don't get it, the signal stops right here." Miranda said annoyed as Jack kept his guard up. There attention was suddenly caught by a growling that could be heard in a shadowed area to their right. They both turned and pointed their guns as a panther, baring its fangs and starring at them with its bright yellow eyes. Jack's attention though was caught by the sight of a black condor flying low toward them. It flew over and the Prime watched it as it landed on the outstretched arm of a thin Caucasian man with brown clean tidy hair and wearing dark blue armour with purple neon lights. His face was completely emotionless as he stared back at the two humans.

"Soundwave." Jack observed, the former con nodded back in return.

"So I guess that is Laserbeak and the big cat over there is Ravage." Jack said as the Panther stopped growling, and cocked its head in response, looking confused.

The spymaster nodded again, making Jack sigh.

"You still don't talk do you?" he asked slightly annoyed, yet Soundwave just stood there and looked at him. Jack suddenly felt the need to move things along.

"So Soundwave, we are here to recruit you for a dangerous mission. Have you heard of the Quintessons?" Jack asked gaining a nod from the spymaster.

"Will you help us?" Jack asked as he approached the former con. Soundwave just stared at him before his attention was caught by Laserbeak squawking as it looked up to the level above. Both Jack and Miranda looked up too as Ravage sniffed the air before growling up to the spot they were all looking at.

Suddenly a loud high pitch sound echoed through the area making Jack and Miranda grab at their ears in pain as they fell to the ground. A figure then jumped down and attacked Soundwave. Laserbeak flew at the mystery attacker but was swatted away easily as Ravage pounced at him. But the man just turned to look at it and the panther fell to the ground in a heap as it's sound attack pierced its ears, incapacitating it. The mystery attacker then turned his attention to Soundwave as the others were recovering from the sonic attack. He pulled out a blade and swung at the former con, but Soundwave caught the blade easily and knocked it away, forcing the attacker to use the sonic attack on him. But it did not faze Soundwave as he walked up to the man and grabbed him by the throat. Jack looked up to see this and suddenly heard a recording of Megatron's voice play which made him almost jump out his skin.

"Frenzy!" Soundwave played the clip before throwing the attacker to the ground. Jack and Miranda recovered and aimed their weapons at the man on the floor. They now had a good look at him, they saw that he was wearing a bright blue armour.

"Frenzy?, I haven't seen him since the end of the war." Jack said as Soundwave bent down next to Frenzy.

"You must die, my master calls for it." the former con admitted as Soundwave held a hand over his face. Small tentacles slid out of each of his fingers and latched onto Frenzy's face. He then started to fidget and shake as the spymaster started to probe his mind. Jack and Miranda watched in stunned silence as Ravage joined them with Laserbeak on its back. After a moment Soundwave detached from Frenzy and stood above him. Jack looked at the former con's face and could of sworn that he could almost see sadness in his face.

"You will not escape your fate, and neither will your former mini-cons." Frenzy said sounding cryptic before his eyes went dead and his body fell limp on the ground. Ravage went over to the body and hung its head over it, mourning it's former comrade. Jack walked over to Soundwave and placed a sympathetic hand on the spymaster's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Soundwave, if you join my team and help us fight the Quintessons,then I give you my word that we will help you find out who has done this." Jack said in calm, stoic manner. Soundwave looked back at Jack and nodded, his face as stoic as ever. Jack then placed his hand to his com link.

"Hotrod, we are on our way back."

Then the three humanoids and the two mini-cons left the area and back to the Defiant.
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