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Chapter 2 The Awaking Of The Guardian Tiger

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Harry Under Goes A Powerful Transformation.

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Chapter 2 The Awaking Of The Guardian Tiger.
As the light around her son grow more and more powerful Lily Evens looked around Great Hall at all the foolish witches and wizards who either followed the Ministry, Dumbledore or Voldemort freely without thinking for themselves and did not see the true but as she thought this she realized that the whole wizarding world was full of nothing but fools even the muggleborn became fools when they entered the magical world thankfully she had met Lady Fate when she was but ten years old and her mind had been free of the stupidness of the British Wizarding Society so she was able to see the truth that was hidden.
As Lily thought about how foolish British wizards and witches were she noticed a girl that looked like her new daughter-in-law young self sitting at the Ravenclaw House table and holding tight to a black haired boy who in her opinion looked like an arrogant fool like most pureblood male. Seeing the look alike cling to someone that was not her son just made Lily mad and getting a red head mad was a very bad thing to do something the little fake was going to find out a very painfully if Lily had any say but first she was going to remove the girls disguise. So raising her left hand Lily gave her hand a wave and before anyone know what was happening a red light shot from the tip of her hand and sailed across the Great Hall until it hit the fake Ginny in the chest causing her to scream as her body started to shake and slowly change form.
It was to a shocked Great Hall as the fake Ginny slowly transformed into a different person her hair shorted to shoulder length and became bubblegum pink, her breast swelled from huge to enormous causing the first four buttons of her tight white button up blouse to pop off, her legs grow longer causing the mid-thigh ruffled black skirt to ride up to mid-butt cheek this was followed by her butt swelling from a large plump round form to a huge plump form which in turn caused the fakes lacy pink panties to rise up a become a tong.
As the fake transformed Lily spoke “Well look at that it looks like we have a little metamorph in the castle and impersonating one of my daughter-in-laws to boot but in this castle it is no surprise. I mean from what I’ve been able to see from my sons mind the Sorcerer’s Stone in his first year, a Basklisk and giant spiders in his second year, that traitor Pettigrew and a werewolf in his third year then that stupid Tri-wizard Tournament that he was forced to do last year and now all of this crap I've read in that rag the Daily Prophet a rag that can only write the crap the Ministry Of Magic thinks about and right now they can only think to destroy my sons good name after all he has done for this country and more important this school if it was not for my son these halls would have a dangerous basklisk slithering thru them and you Dumbledore would be out of a job but since you knew who opened the Chamber of Secrets the first time and did nothing to stop that person until Myrtle was killed by the creature than you probably wanted my son to clean up your mess most likely a test of his power but what he had before is nothing to what is being unlocked by those two young women but you will soon see all of you will see.
As Lily Spoke these words the bright green light began to fad and as it did a loud gasp filled the Great Hall as standing were Harry Potter had stood only moments before there stood a beautiful muscler woman with enormous black feathered wings. The woman had long hip length strait black hair that looked as if it was soaking up the light around the body, She wore like that others a gold breastplate but with a snowy white owl on the front, like the others she wore a tight open leather jacket that clung to her enormous muscler arms the but the color was black as was the mid-thigh strait leather skirt she wore that barely covered the tight jade green cotton panties that held her enormous plump round butt along with an enormous secret, like the other women she also wore the long gold bracelets but hers were covered in four large jade stones that pulsed with magical power, going down the body to her enormous muscler legs each of which was covered in tight jade green mid-thigh cotton socks and black leather mid-calf high heel boots.
As the crowed of witches and wizards watched the new woman spoke in the most beautiful voice some had ever heard “Greeting Hogwarts many of you knew the old me but that was not the real me no this is my name is Holly Lilian Evens the daughter of two witches Lily Maria Evens and Bellatrix Aura Black two of this country’s most powerful witches, but for now I will be getting my birthright which I believe many of you will be surprised to see”. So with all of Hogwarts watching the witch now known as Holly Evens reached up her right gloved hand and called out “I Holly Evens daughter of Lily Evens of The Most Noble and Ancient House of Gryffindor call upon the Castle of Hogwarts to give me my rights as the next Lady Gryffindor”. As Holly spoke these words many people in the Great Hall gasped as a ball of crimson light appeared in the Great Hall and a womans voice that seemed to come from everywhere spoke “Greeting daughter of the flower and the black tiger it is good to see you in your true form with your two soul mates for the first time, as you have asked and is your right my lady I Castle Hogwarts give to you and your soul mates the blades of the founders, to you the Sword of Gryffindor to your soul mate Ginny Evens the Sword of Hufflepuff and to your soul mate Gabrielle Evens the Sword of Ravenclaw, The true Founders of Hogwarts”. As the voice spoke the bright red light split into three glowing orbs one red one yellow and one blue before they flowed down and each landed into one of the three winged women hands before transforming into three beautiful simmering jewel incrusted blades that each pulsed with a great amount of magical energy.
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