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Chapter IX

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Silas contacts Jack and tells him where he can find a Reaper IFF, the device needed for the Normandy to safely pass through the Omega-4 subspace Rift. But the catch is that it is on board a derelic...

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Soundwave was standing alone in his lab. He was going through the data he had gathered from the Brute's brain cells as well as what information the others had downloaded from Sideways computers, trying to keep his mind busy. Not wanting to think about what had transpired back on Tuchunka. When he had entered the lab, he found that Ravage, the only mini con he had left was not there. Soundwave should of realised that the feline mini con would have wondered off, he never did like being stuck in one place to long.

But the spymaster was actually relieved that he was not there at that moment, or else Ravage would remind him of what he had just lost. So he looked back at the screen and kept working. As he shifted through the data, he could not help but feel a certain amount of respect for Sideways. Well from a scientific view anyway.

He had certainly become as competent as Shockwave with the ability to reprogram the Cybertronian mind, but as Soundwave dug deeper into the code, he saw trace elements that he could not understand. Now matter how he looked at it or from what angle he took. The trace elements in the code were a complete mystery. He was so engrossed in his research that he did not notice the lab door open and Jack walking in with Ravage at his side.

"Soundwave. I found this guy down on the crew deck, he had his head in whatever chef was cooking for the crew today."

Soundwave kept looking at the screen.

"So he fed himself while I was away." the spymaster replied. Jack patted Ravage on the head as the feline replied by brushing his head against Jack's leg before going over to Soundwave who patted him in return.

"Yeah, let's just say Chef wasn't too pleased." Jack replied before looking at what the former con was working on.

"So what have you found?"

Soundwave stepped aside and activated the larger screen behind the one he was using.

"Well it seems that Sideways has been integrating the reprogramming techniques that Shockwave used to such devastating effect during the war with Reaper code, allowing him to indoctrinate any Cybertronian he comes in contact with."

Jack looked over the data before looking back at the spymaster, slightly confused.

"But I thought that indoctrination was for organics only. That Cybertronains couldn't be taken over like that."

Soundwave then pointed at the alien trace elements inside the code.

"These trace elements of data inside the base code is so advanced and alien to me that I can't make heads or tails of it."

Jack looked at the image of the code with the alien traces in it.

"This isn't Reaper code?"

Soundwave shook his head.

"The Reaper fragments are mixed into the fragments from Shockwave. Those new fragments don't match either though." the spymaster replied.

"So if it's not their code, then whose is it?" the Prime asked.

"I do not know, but I intend to find out." Soundwave responded, gaining a smile from the Prime.

"Its good to have you on the team, Soundwave." he responded as he patted the former con's arm. He then turned to leave.

"Prime…Jack, thank you for taking the time to help me on Tuchunka" Soundwave said, making Jack look back.

"I just wish that we could have saved Rumble." he finished as he looked down at the ground in shame.

"That was unfortunate." Jack replied as he knew Soundwave's pain. The former con looked at Jack and knew the Prime understood his loss.

"Yes, it was. But I know Rumble and Frenzy would want me to carry on and put a stop to Sideways and then the Reapers. Your fight has now become my fight Jack. And should we both survive the coming battle with the Quintessons, then you can count on me whenever you need me Jack." he said as he held out his hand to Jack who took the hand in his own and shook.

"Thank you Soundwave, I am glad you said that because.." he said as he reached into his trouser pocket.

"I think you going to need this."

Jack took something out of his pocket and placed in it the former con's hand. Soundwave looked down at the object in his hands, it was an Autobot insignia. He looked up a Jack in surprise as he then looked back down at the insignia.

"I accept. After serving under Megatron, a Cybertronian who earned loyalty by using fear and intimidation, working with you during this mission has been an eye opener. You see I never faced the wrath of Megatron, due to the fact that I never really failed at any task that he gave me, but others were not as fortunate. But I did know that he would happily sacrifice all of his troops, myself included if it meant that he got what he was after..." Soundwave replied as he looked back at the Prime.

"...But you Jack, you care for those who serve under you. You even treat them as equals….as friends. Apart from my mini cons, who I considered as my family. I never had a real friend. Not until I met you again. I know that during the war, we were enemies. But you went out of your way to help me and I really appreciate that. I hope that one day I can repay you."

Jack smiled back though a little embarrassed, not that he showed it in his expression.

"Don't worry about it Soundwave, its just what friends do for each other." The Prime then turned to leave, before looking back at the spymaster.

"There is just one more person I have to see." he said as he held another insignia in his hand. Soundwave saw it and smiled.


Jack nodded at the comment.

"You know, I knew that Shockwave had reprogrammed her. But I didn't realized that her original personality was still in there and aware of the everything that she did. It's horrifying to think about." Soundwave said.

"She has been through a lot and none of it was her fault..." Jack replied, he then gave the spymaster a knowing look.

"...But I believe that everyone deserves a second chance."

Soundwave smiled and nodded back as he understood exactly what Jack meant, he then placed the insignia onto the chest plate of his armour. It glowed bright red for a moment before locking into place.

"Thank you Jack." he said proudly before turning back to his console. Jack smiled back before leaving the lab.


Jack had looked everywhere for Airachnid, he had tried her room on the lowest level, the common room, he even interrupted Garrus's calibrations to see if he knew where she was. But he had no luck. He then walked through the corridors when he came up to the portside observation room, and he thought he might as well have a look so he opened the door and there sitting on the couch was the femme as she looked out at the star field. Jack smiled at how relaxed she looked, considering everything she had been through and suffered. She looked over to him and affectionate smile graced her lips.

"Jack, hi." she said, her purple eyes looking directly at him. The way she looked at him suddenly made Jack blush. It had been along time since a female had looked at him like that.

"..Hi Airachnid." he managed to say, which gained a chuckle from the femme. She then patted the spot next to her and Jack sat down beside her. As he sat next to her, Jack wondered why he felt exited to be near her, he had thought that Arcee would have been the only one to gain such a reaction from him, but here now beside him was someone, who before he had died and came back, would never had considered to be anything other than a sadistic killer.

But having gotten to know the real her, he felt himself slowly becoming attracted to her, she reminded him of Arcee in more ways than one and he had felt lonely since his lover had left him. But now, another femme was showing him such attention and he found that he wanted it. He was so caught up in his own thoughts, that suddenly he felt something hit his shoulder. He blinked and looked at Airachnid who had just hit his arm gently to get his attention.

"Jack, everything okay?" she asked in a concerned manner. Jack smiled back at her and shook his head.

"No, I fine. I as just thinking for a moment." he replied.

"Anything you want to talk about?" she asked somewhat curiously.

"No, actually I came here to give you something." he replied honestly. Airachnid was taken aback by Jack's comment, surprise on her face was evident.

"what…what is it?" she asked as Jack handed her the object. She looked down at the Autobot insignia that was lying in her hand. She stared at it for what seemed like ages, before she looked back at Jack, her eyes wide open.

"I don't know what to say Jack." she said, still taking in what had just happened.

"You don't need to say anything, you deserve to have this back." he said as he watched her smile down at the insignia before looking at the Prime.

"Thank you Jack, I am honoured to be a part of the Autobots again."

The Prime smiled and nodded back.

"I know Esmeral would be proud of you." he replied gaining a smile from the femme before she looked away for a moment to the star field and remembered her lost spark mate.

"Yes she would." she replied before Jack notice her smile wane a little.

"You miss her a lot don't you?" he asked in soft tone. She looked back to him and nodded gently.

"Yes, not a moment goes by when I don't think of her. If I didn't have you here to help me through this, I don't know how I would have turned out." she responded.

"You are stronger than you give yourself credit for Airachnid." he said as he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. She smiled back at the gesture.

"Thank you Jack.." she then looked away and then back at the Prime.

"..May I ask how you are doing?" she asked.

Jack looked at her curiously.

"Me, I am fine." he lied, hoping that would deflect her curiosity, but the femme just stared at him intently.

"Jack please, it takes one to know one. How are you doing really?"

Jack sighed as he looked out at the stars.

"I miss her, it hasn't been easy doing this without her." he confessed as Airachnid moved closer to him and placed her hand on his leg sympathetically.

"I could tell, its funny how much we rely on the ones we love and so when they are no longer around, we feel so helpless." she replied.

Jack nodded as he looked back at her.

"All I know is that if you…" before he could finish the sentence, the door opened and Miranda walked in.

"Jack we have received the coordinates for the IFF from my father." she said before looking at the two sitting on the couch.

"Am I interrupting something?" she asked as Jack and Airachnid looked over to her, before looking at each other.

"No, if you need Jack then he's all yours." Airachnid replied, as Jack looked back at her. She just smiled at him.

"They need you right now..." she said to him as she placed her hand on his affectionately.

"...We can talk more later."

Jack nodded back and smiled at her before he got up and left the room with Miranda, leaving the femme to look back out to the star field.

Jack and Miranda entered the elevator and stood side by side as the doors closed.

"So where has Silas found an IFF then?" he asked.

"Apparently, MECH has found a dead Reaper in orbit around the star in the Thorne system. He sent a science team to investigate it but has now lost contact with the team." she replied as the elevator moved up to the CIC deck. The two then entered the CIC where Miranda brought up the Reaper's position on the galaxy map.

"I have already given the coordinates to Hotrod and he already set us on our way. I have also picked your team, they are waiting for you down in the airlock."

Jack looked at the map before turning to the MECH Officer.

"looks like you have thought of everything." he replied with a smile, making Miranda blush slightly.

"Well, that's why I 'm here." she said a little embarrassed as she raked her hand through her hair gently. Jack's expression then turned serious as it dawned on him.

"Wait, they lost contact with the science team. That doesn't sound ominous does it?" he asked with a hint of worry in his voice.

"It does seem strange, but my father said in the transmission that he gave us all the information he had on the situation." she replied, earning an unsure look from the Prime.

"You sure about that?"

She looked away for second, not wanting him to see her doubts, but then she looked back at him.

"Yeah, I have my doubts too, ever since the Quintesson cruiser. But we need that IFF."

Jack nodded in agreement, as he pulled out the Prime Armour octagonal disc from his trouser pocket.

"So how long until we get there?"

Miranda pointed at the galaxy map, their position popped up only a few light years away from the target destination.

"It's not far, we wont need to use a space bridge to get there, Hotrod says we should be there in another thirty or so minutes."

Jack then placed the disc on his chest, the Prime Armour forming around his body.

"Well best get ready then." he replied as he started for the airlock next to the cockpit.

"Good luck Jack." Miranda said, gaining a smile from the Prime as he walked away.


The Defiant jumped out of hyperspace and flew towards the system's star, which shown brightly against the black back-drop of space. As the ship got closer, the corpse of the Reaper could be seen, still making a menacing presence despite it's lifelessness. In the airlock, Jack, Garrus and Zaeed were standing ready when suddenly the ship shook for a moment. When it passed Jack tapped his com link.

"Hotrod report, what was that?"

"It seems that we have just entered the Reaper's gravitational field that it is still emitting." the pilot replied.

"It would appear that this field is what is keeping the Reaper from being pulled into the star, also our shield strength has started to increase since we entered the field. It would seem that the field also keeps the Reaper from gaining damage to its hull from the star's radiation." Teletran interrupted.

"Prime, I just run a scan and it appears that two ships are docked with the Reaper, one is Quarian and the other is Geth." Hotrod said over the com.

"Well, now we have a better idea of what happened to the science team, but why would there be a Quarian ship here?" Jack asked.

"Not sure Prime, but I am docking the Defiant with the Reaper now, good hunting."

The com link deactivated as Jack and his team readied their weapons.

The Defiant docked with the Reaper and the airlock opened to reveal a man-made habitat filled with computer screens and equipment. Jack and the team entered the room and looked around. Garrus walked around one of the tables and stopped in his tracks.

"Hey guys, we have a body over here." he said in a tense tone.

Jack and Zaeed joined the Turian as he looked down the human body, its skin was severely burned as it lied in a dried up poodle of its own blood.

"Damn, that is a horrible way to go." Zaeed said as Jack took a scan of the corpse with his holo-tool.

"No way that the Geth did this." he replied, earning a worried look from Garrus.

"So whatever killed this poor guy is probably still here, lurking around. Nice!" he replied in a sarcastic tone.

Jack turned around and found a console, activating it. As he looked at the data on the screen he found a number of recordings and played the first entry.

The large screen on the wall activated and one of the scientists appeared.

"This is Professor Bould reporting. Well, this is it. After building our makeshift lab and living space just beyond the Reaper's airlock, we have finally started work on finding out every thing we can about this Reaper. The crew is edgy but I believe that it is just nerves. I myself find this whole assignment to be fascinating, to be here inside a member of the most advanced and oldest species ever to exist in our galaxy. Our scans of it's hull show it to be over thirty seven million years old. But there is evidence of the race being even older. Who knows, these Reapers may well be from the beginning of the galaxy itself."

The log ended and Jack started the next. Another face appeared on the screen.

"This is Doctor Davidson reporting. I have to say that I am getting worried with the behaviour of our team's leader, Professor Bould has started to act very strangely. He has been locking himself in his office, and talking to himself. Whenever the others have spoken to him, he has spoken nothing but gibberish, saying that the Reapers are the future of our race. I fear that hes being indoctrinated. I fear the gravitational field that is being emitted from the Reaper is also capable of indoctrinating anyone who is inside its radius. I plan to have the rest of us, when not working over here, to stay on our ship and outside the range of the field. In the meantime, we will have to place the Professor into quarantine, so that he will not harm the other scientists. Also a number of us are starting to suffer headaches. The quicker we get off this thing and out of it's range the better."

The log ended and the Prime activated the last log. The face of Doctor Davidson appearing again, only this time he looked like almost like a zombie as his face was devoid of any emotion and with blood splattered over it.

"This….I cant think straight. My head is throbbing, all I can hear is it's voice in my mind. It whispers to me, giving me purpose. Telling me to show my belief in it. I killed Larreson earlier, because he didn't believe. I do though and want to become one with it, with my god!…"

The log ended and Jack looked at his team mates.

"So the Reaper indoctrinated everyone here, that means we will have Husks waiting for us on the other side of that door." Garrus said as he pointed to the large door at the end of the lab.

"Looks like, but it's nothing we haven't faced before." Jack replied before looking at Zaeed.

"Well, nearly all of us."

Zaeed gave Jack a lopsided grin.

"What face off against a bunch of space zombies, let me at them." he chuckled as the team opened up the door and entered the Reaper. As they entered the behemoth. The interior was jet black with large pipes running along the walls and ceiling. Suddenly the ship shook, nearly making them fall over. Once steadied, Jack tapped his com link.

"Defiant report."

"Prime, the Reaper has activated its shields, sealing us in with it. We cant leave while they are still up." Hotrod replied.

"Any ideas on how to disable them Teletraan?" Jack asked, gaining a reply from the AI.

"My suggestion would be to take out the Reaper's power core, it is not far from your current position. But a word of warning, once it is down the gravitational field collapses and the Reaper will be pulled into the star's corona sphere, destroying it. That means you will not have enough time to get back to the airlock."

"So you will have to come and pick us up then. If there is any pilot that can do that, its you Hotrod." Jack replied.

"Thanks for vote of confidence Prime, we will be ready. Good luck." the pilot replied before shutting down the com link.

Jack looked back to his team.

"Okay, we know what we have to do, move out." he said as the team moved down one of the tunnels.

After walking a short distance, the team heard gunfire and the familiar inhuman screams of Husks. They the bolted down the tunnel and around the corner to find a lone Quarian fighting for her life against a number of Husks who were close to overwhelming her. Jack and Garrus recognised her instantly.


This made her look at who called out her name after blowing a husk away with her shotgun. She saw two Humans and a Turian standing just away from her with their weapons ready.

"Get down!" Jack shouted, causing her to dive to the ground as they opened fire on the Husks, killing the creatures in a barrage of bullets. When the last Husk had fallen, she got up and immediately her eyes widened as she recognised Jack.

"Jack….I thought you were dead." she said surprised, earning a smile from the Prime.

"Yeah, I have been getting that a lot lately." he joked as Garrus stood beside him.

"Tali,…. you look good." he said, earning a large smile from the Quarian as her eyes lit up at seeing him.

"Garrus, it's good to see you too." she answered before looking back at Jack.

"Tali, the truth is MECH rebuilt me." he said.

Even though Jack couldn't see her face behind her visor, he could tell she looked confused.

"MECH, why?" she asked.

"So that I could help stop the Quintessons from attacking any more Human colonies. That's why we are here now, to secure the Reaper IFF that is here." he said, he then crossed his arms.

"Why are you here Tali?"

The Quarian looked uncomfortable for a moment before sighing.

"Well, if you must know. I am here to capture or kill a Geth that I have been chasing for the last several months. It is responsible for the deaths of a number of my people when it destroyed one of our patrol ships. I was dispatched with a team to take care of it, but my team was killed by the Husks not long after we entered the Reaper. Then you guys showed up." she said.

"Well I think it's best we stay together now, your ship looks a little to big for you to pilot yourself." Jack responded.

"That's true, the ship was designed for a crew of six to pilot, I wouldn't be able to do it by myself." she replied, earning a smile from Jack as he placed a supportive hand on her shoulder.

"Well we just need to pick up the IFF and then we can then take you back to the Flotilla." he replied.

"That…would be great." she said in a less then enthusiastic tone that both Jack and Garrus noticed. But now wasn't the time to ask why, so the team and their newest member head on down the tunnel.

Since being reunited with Tali, the team had moved through a number of tunnels and had not come up against a single Husk. Garrus then noticed a bright light shining from the far end of the tunnel they were currently in, so they followed the light until they entered a large circular room that had a large device in the middle, holding a blue energy ball in its center.

"That is the power core I guess." Jack said as he turned to Tali.

"Is there another way out of here that the Defiant can pick us up from." he asked, the Quarian activated her holo-tool and looked at the make shift map she had constructed from her scans.

"That tunnel on the right will lead us to a damaged part of the Reaper's outer hull, but it has no atmosphere so we will need to use breathers. Plus once the gravity field is down, our shields wont stand a chance against the star's radiation. So your ship will have to be close."

Jack nodded back.

"Don't worry about that, Hotrod won't let us down." he replied as he noticed Garrus walking over to the power core and picking up a small object off of the control console next to it.

"Jack, I have the IFF. It was just lying there." he said as he handed it to the Prime.

"Well that's convenient, the scientists just left it here." Jack said. Garrus though just shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, I don't mind it being this easy for once. Please don't jinx us."

Jack then placed the IFF in his utility belt and activated his holo-tool and com link.

"Teletraan, we have the IFF, now how do we disable the power core?"

"Just make a connection between myself and the Power-core's control systems and I should be able to cause a shut-down of it's system. It will take time though." the AI responded.

Jack then used his holo-tool and connected the AI to the system as all of a sudden a Husk crawled out from under the walkway and stood behind the Prime, ready to strike. Garrus turned around and shouted at his friend.

"Jack look out!"

The Prime spun around to see the Husk bearing down on him, when suddenly a shot was fired and the Husk fell dead at his feet. Jack looked surprised at everyone.

"Thanks!" he said to his team mates.

"….Prime, we didn't do that." Zaeed said, making Jack look around before he froze in spot at the sight in front of him. The others looked too, Tali's eyes narrowed at what they all were looking at. At the other end of the room stood a Geth with Sniper rifle in its hands, it then lowered its weapon and looked directly at Jack.

"Darby Commander." it said, surprising everyone. Tali though raised her shotgun at the Geth and was about to fire, when Jack suddenly stopped her.

"What, it's a Geth Jack, It's the one I have been chasing after." she said in anger, while the Prime looked back at her stoically.

"Tali, that Geth just saved my life, and it spoke. I want to find out why before anyone puts a bullet through it."

Tali reluctantly agreed and Jack turned back to the Geth, but before he could say anything, three husks jumped it and sent the Geth onto the floor, disabling it.

"Jack, you jinxed us." Garrus said as they saw more Husks climbing down the walls from the shadows above. The team took defensive positions around the core as Jack tapped his com link.

"Teletraan, how much longer?" he asked as they opened fire on the invading husks who flooded into the room and attacked the group.

"It will be down momentarily, please stand by." the AI responded as Tali took out three husks with her shotgun. Meanwhile Zaeed kicked one in the face before pointing his pistol at the face of another and pulled the trigger, exploding the Husks head.

"Take that you fucking zombies." he screamed as more husks took the place of the ones he had just taken out.

Garrus stood by Tali as he took out two Husks with his weapon that had nearly got hold of her, she smiled back in appreciation.

"Thanks Garrus." she replied happily, making the Turian blush.

"Just like old times Tali." he replied as she killed another husk. Meanwhile Jack had switch to the star-saber and skyboom shield and was slicing and beating through whichever husks got too close while waiting on the AI's response.

Suddenly the energy globe in the center of the power core disappeared in a flash of light.

"It is down Prime, I suggest you move." Teletraan said as Jack sliced the head off of the last Husk.

"Thanks Teletraan, tell Hotrod to get the Defiant over here now." he replied as he walked over to the Geth on the floor, still disabled from the Husk attack.

"What are you doing Jack?" Tali replied as Zaeed and Garrus joined them around the Geth.

"We are taking it with us and I don't want any fuss." he replied before he then motioned the mercenary and the Turian to pick it up as the inhuman screams of more husks could be heard echoing out of the tunnel that they entered the room from.

"Tali and myself will cover you guys, now go." he said as they picked up the body and headed to the rendezvous point.

The Defiant pulled away from the docking point and flew around to the other side of the giant Reaper as Jack and his team (with their breather helmets on) made their way to the most outer edge of the ship's black hull. The Prime and the Quarian held back the husks with bursts of bullets from their weapons as the Defiant pulled up just away from them as they neared the platform's edge.

The Husks kept coming as Zaeed and Garrus threw the Geth body towards the open airlock of the Defiant, the body gliding into it safely. They then jumped over, letting the force they used push them into the airlock too. Only Jack and Tali were left as the Prime tapped her shoulder and she took this as a sign to go and jumped over to the Defiant, getting caught by Garrus as he held her for a moment before letting her down.

They then watched as Jack took one more slice with his star-saber. Cutting the head of a husk off it's body, the head floating away into space. He then turned and jumped over to the ship, as the radiation pounded his personal shield. But he landed perfectly in the air lock as he turned and punched the control panel, closing the outer door.

"We're aboard, now get us out of here." he said into the inter com.

The Defiant then pulled away from the dead reaper and flew out of its range at top speed, as the derelict was pulled into the star's corona sphere, where it exploded moments later.


Jack stood in the science lab looking at the Geth body lying on the berth in front of him. Soundwave stood at the console to the right of the berth and tapped the screen, bring down an energy shield around the berth.

"There, that level nine force field should keep it in place." the spymaster said as he joined the Prime's side.

"I have also disconnected the computers in this lab from the Defiant's network. There will be no possible way for the Geth to hack our systems." Teletraan answered as it's hologram appeared on the table next to them.

"Good, that means that I can activate it and find out why it was on that dead Reaper and why it saved me." Jack replied as activated his holo-tool. Suddenly Tali walked in and she didn't look happy, not that anyone could see her face but her body language showed she was pissed.

"Jack, we need to talk." she said angrily as Garrus came in after her, looking apologetically at the Prime.

"Sorry Jack, couldn't stop her."

Jack nodded back at his friend before looking around at the others.

"Everyone out." he said sternly as he looked at Tali. Soundwave and Garrus walked out as Teletraan disappeared. Jack then took a breath.

"Tali, I know it's been a while but you should know that I don't like people telling me what to do on my own ship." he said, trying to remain stoic like as anger tinged his voice. Tali looked away for a second before looking back at him.

"Jack do you have any idea what that Geth is?" she asked as she pointed at it.

"It saved my life, I at least deserve to know why." he replied, crossing his arms, letting the Quarian know that he meant business. She though looked at him in a pleading like way.

"Why, one act of good does not outweigh all the bad it has done. I mean.." she then started to sob as Jack's stern demeanour softened as he walked up to her and put his arms around her in an embrace, as she then cried openly.

"I'm sorry Tali." he said softly, she took a deep breath as she tried calm herself down. She looked up at him as they separated.

"No, I'm sorry. You are right, this is your ship. I had no right to storm in here and talk to you like that." she replied. Jack directed her to a chair and she sat down as he sat on a chair adjacent to her.

"You going to tell me what this is all about?" he asked as she sat there holding her hands together.

"The reason I want that thing dead, is because it killed my father."

Jack looked at her confused before he looked at her sympathetically.

" I am very sorry Tali. What happened?" he replied gently, which made the Quarian sigh in return.

"Several months ago, my father Admiral Rael'Zorah and I came across a single Geth that was travelling alone. We thought it was not only strange that it was outside our home system, but to be by itself was even stranger. We captured it easily, it never put up a fight. We went through it's ships log and it had been to every place you had been to on the Normandy nearly two year ago. My father wanted to take it back to the Flotilla to be examined, I argued against it. Since the Admiralty board would not permit it anyway, but my father made a very compelling case. So we smuggled it aboard the Alarei. But then everything went wrong, the Geth reactivated itself and killed nearly everyone on board, including my father. I managed to get some survivors to the escape pods before the ship exploded. But despite the lives I saved, the Admirals did not take well to what my father and I did. So they exiled me." she said as she hung her head in shame. Jack didn't know what to say. His friend had lost everything, the only thing she had left was the need to avenge her father. But he had a mission to accomplish and this Geth could be of help, so he decided to make a compromise.

"Tali, I know you want revenge, but I need you to understand that I need to speak to it. To find out why it saved me. If it says nothing of value, then I will let you kill it. But you have to trust me..." he said as she looked back up to him.

"...Tali, do you trust me?"

She slowly nodded in return.

"Of course I trust you Jack." she replied.

Jack then stood up and offered her his hand, which she took and he helped her up.

"I'm going to activate it. You can ride shotgun if you like?" he asked, she nodded in return as they walked over to the berth. Jack activated it with his holo-tool, electricity passing through the Geth as its fingers slowly started to move. It's optic powered up and it looked around before sitting up and looking at Jack and Tali.

"Do you understand me?" Jack asked.

"Yes." it answered.

"Are you going to attack us?"

"No" it replied.

"Why, every other Geth that I have ever come across has tried to kill me." Jack replied as Tali stared daggers at the synthetic being.

"We have not met."

"No, you and I haven't, but I have met many other Geth." the Prime answered.

"We are all Geth and we have not met you. You are Darby Commander, Alliance, first Human Prime. You fought the Heretics and was killed by Quintessons. You were then rediscovered on old machine."

Jack looked at it with a puzzled look.

"Old machine, you mean the Reaper?"

"Reaper, crude title given by the Lithone, we call the entities the old machine." it answered back.

Jack crossed his arms.

"You seem to know a lot about me." he replied.

"We mined through data found on all information networks produced by organics. We watch you." it answered looking at the Prime.

"You watch me or organics?" Jack asked.

"Both. Especially since the Heretics attacked your colonies." it said again, as it noticed the Quarian continued staring.

"What do you mean Heretics?" the Prime said, regaining the Geth's attention.

"Geth wish to build our own future, Heretics ask the old machine to give them the future. They are no longer part of our consensus. We were studying the old machine to find a way to protect our future." it answered.

"Are the Reapers a threat to you too?"


Jack stepped forward towards the Geth, it stood up from the berth and copied the Prime.

"So you are not aligned with the Reapers?"

"We oppose the Heretics, we oppose the old machine. Darby Commander opposes the old machines and Heretics. Cooperation furthers mutual goals." it replied.

Jack looked at it dumbstruck as did Tali.

"Are you asking to join us?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yes." it replied.

Jack was about to lower the shield when Tali stepped forward. Jack felt like stopping her, but decided against it.

"Do you remember me?" she asked coldly. The Geth looked at her.

"Yes, you and your father captured us, stopped us from completing our set directive."

Tali clenched her fists.

"What directives?" she spat back as her anger started to boil over.

"To find and join Darby Commander." it answered looking over at the Prime. Tali's eyes widened at the Geth's answer.

"Is that how you justify killing nearly everyone on the Alerai?" she replied.

"We did not wish for creator casualties..." it answered looking down in what Jack could only guess was shame.

"...But creators did not give us any other choice. You fired on us the moment we reactivated, we had to defend ourselves." it answered, looking back at the Quarian.

"You killed my father." she said, trying to hold back the tears, as her eyes welled up.

"We are sorry for loss of creator life." it replied in an almost sympathetic tone. Tali stepped back as she felt her resolve disappear. She then turned and headed out of the door, only for Jack to stop her.

"Tali wait." he said. But she just looked back at him.

"Jack, I need time, I just need…" she answered as the tears started to fall, she then walked out of the room, as Garrus revealed himself to be waiting outside. Jack nodded to the Turian who returned the nod before following the Quarian. Jack then looked back at the Geth as he deactivated the force field, before taking a breath.

"I think you should stay out of her way for a while." Jack said stoically as the Geth looked towards where the Quarian had disappeared and then nodded in agreement.

"We wish to integrate ourselves with Defiant crew, we do not wish to cause difficulties with ship consensus." it replied.

"So what should I call you?" Jack asked.

"Geth" it replied.

"No I mean the individual in front of me?" he said rephrasing the question.

"We are all Geth, there are currently one thousand five hundred programs in this platform."

Teletraan then appeared on the table next to Jack.

"We are Legion, for we are many."

Jack felt a small smile appear on his face at the AI's ingenuity.

"That sounds about right."

The Geth cocked it's head as it thought the name over.

"Christian bible, the gospel of Mark ,chapter five, verse nine. We acknowledge that this is an appropriate metaphor. We are Legion, a terminal of the Geth. We offer you our assistance against the old machines."

Jack then held out his hand to Legion who looked at it before accepting and shaking it.

"We will need some time to process the information from this day." it answered. Jack nodded in return before he turned around and walked out the lab, Soundwave entering at the same time as he stopped and looked at the Geth intrigued. The door then closed as Jack stood outside in the corridor, his com link then activated.

"Prime, Teletraan here. We are installing the IFF now, it should take several hours to complete." the AI said.

"Did you find any hidden booby traps or viruses on it?" the Prime asked.

"Yes, there was a virus embedded inside its coding, but I have wiped it clean. It is now safe to use." it replied.

"Very well, give anyone not working on the IFF the evening off, because once it is installed I want us heading to the Omega four subspace rift." he said stoically.

"Very well, I will inform Hotrod and the team of your decision Prime." Teletraan responded before deactivating the com. Jack then took a breath before heading to the elevator taking it up to his quarters.


Jack was sitting in his quarters, the night going by slowly as he was alone with his thoughts. In the morning he would lead the ship through the Omega four subspace rift to the Quintesson home world to stop them from attacking anymore human colonies. He had no idea what would be waiting on the other side of the rift, but that wouldn't stop him. As he sat there, his thoughts began to wonder back to the one person who wasn't with him right now.

He activated his holo-tool and brought up a photo of Arcee. He smiled sadly as he looked at her image, he had really missed her since she left him on Horizon. What was she doing at this very moment, did she even miss him. He was so occupied with his own thoughts, he did not hear his door chime. But after another moment it chimed again, bringing him out of his thoughts.

"Come in." he answered as he deactivated the holo-tool, the picture of his past love disappearing with it. He looked over to see Airachnid standing in the doorway.

"May I come in?" she asked, the Prime nodded and she walked over to his desk and leaned up against it, looking down at him.

"Can't sleep? He asked curiously.

"Yeah, never could before a possible suicide mission." she joked, gaining a slight chuckle from Jack. He looked into her purple eyes as they stared back at his intently.

"The others are playing a game of poker down in the common room that Zaeed set up, even the Geth is there asking questions." she said.

Jack sat back and placed his hands behind his head.

"So why aren't you down there with them?"

She gave him a knowing smile in return.

"Maybe I wanted to spend time with you." she answered suggestively.

Jack stood up and walked over to the fish tank, suddenly looking very uncomfortable.

"Airachnid look.." he replied nervously as she walked over to him and placed a hand on his arm.

"Jack, I know what you are going through right now..." she said in a soft voice.

"...Your lonely, I can see it easily. Because well, so am I."

Jack looked at her and listened to her every word.

"Since I came back, I have felt that due to what happened to Esmeral, that I wouldn't be able to get close to anyone and that has left me feeling incredibly empty inside. But since being 'reunited' with you, I have felt myself wanting to be closer to you, especially after what you did to help me on Cybertron, when you saved me from Shockwave. I want to thank you for that. To be with you tonight, because tomorrow we could both end up dead and I don't want to have any regrets."

She then looked into his eyes as she leaned in close, he could feel her breath on his skin and it felt indescribable.

"Just let me stay with you tonight?" she asked in a soft, almost pleading tone.

Jack suddenly felt very conflicted, there was a part of him that wanted to stay loyal to Arcee, but then she had left him, ripping his heart out and taking it with her as the saying goes. This had left him feeling very much alone. There was now a deep void inside of him, that he felt that he needed to fill and here in front of him, now was a beautiful femme who wanted him back just as much. He looked into her purple eyes as he ran his hand through her raven black pixie cut hair and pulled her close, pressing their lips together. It felt like electricity between them as they kissed. She then wrapped her arms around his neck as he placed his own on her rear, squeezing it gently. She moaned in delight as her mouth opened, allowing him to slip his tongue inside. For a long moment their tongues fought before the two ended the kiss and looked at each other while smiling.

"Come with me." she said seductively as she pulled him by his shirt to his desk. She then sat on it and opened her legs, allowing him stand between them as they kissed again. She moved her hands down to his shirt's buttons and ripped open the top and dropped it on the floor, surprising him as he stopped and looked at what she did. She then pulled him close again and kissed him as her hands glided over his torso, exploring every part of his physic. As Jack returned the kiss, he let himself relax and did not here as a door suddenly opened, before Airachnid pushed him. The force used against him was quite strong as he stepped back several steps into the bathroom and stopped right under the shower.

It then activated and soaked his person in warm water as he looked up to the femme in surprise, but all he saw was her smiling back at him darkly as she walked into the bathroom and entered the shower with him. Letting the warm water soak her too as they embraced each other again. They kissed passionately and so hard it almost hurt as she moved a hand down into his pants, earning a moan of approval from the Prime. Jack smiled into their kiss, having missed this feeling for so long. They then pulled out of the kiss and took a breath as Airachnid then pulled her hand out of his pants and licked her fingers seductively in front of him.

Jack then unzipped his flies as she undressed herself, exposing her athletic and beautiful figure to him. She then wrapped her arms around his neck again as he picked her up, her legs spread to either side of him as he lowered her onto him. She moaned out loud in ecstasy as she grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails in to his skin, drawing small droplets of blood, but this didn't stop Jack as he began thrusting into her while her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Their breaths became fast and heavy as he gained momentum with his thrusts into her, the warm water from the shower entering their mouths as they both moaned in pleasure. As the two continued like this, the bathroom door closed behind them as they let the world fade away around them while they concentrated on each other.
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