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Digimon,Digimon everywhere

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She is Yamaki's daughter who feels like everything she dose just dis points him and she's digimon tamer and helps Rika see the light in her way and befriends Takato and Henry and she knows what her...

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Chapter 1

Digimon,Digimon everywhere

I woke up with Patamon shaking me,
“I'm up”I told him, while I sat i check my phone it said 6:45 am, it’s way too early I thought. I got up and put on a red shirt that the sleeves go down to my elbow,blue jeans, and a black hoodie and grabbed my bag ,phone, digivice and Patamon and I left my room and I got him some and food and poured a glass of orange juice and drank it. I put my black converse on.
“Come on Patamon,I can’t leave you here alone.just in case dad comes home”I told Patamon while putting my phone on vibrate and put it in my pocket, then I grabbed my bag and we walked to school before we entered school Patamon went in my bag in a spot where no books are.
“Stay here while i am in school okay”I told him while i enter the classroom and put my books on my desk and put my bags away and sat down in my seat that in the back and by the window then then school started and the teacher started talking. soon enough we hear the school alarm. We all exit the class, and I stood against the wall near Henry.
I see our teacher Mr.Mori
“A talking dinosaur”Mori told the principal.
“Guess what, I think the Principal's finally gone crazy”one girl told a friend of hers,
“well,I’ve always suspected that school was bad for your health”Another girl told the first girl. I over heard them, while I am leaning against the wall I see a kid with brown hair in gym clothes running off we followed the kid with brown hair.I am behind Henry that i know from my building “Guilmon…”Takato states, we both over heard him.
“huh,whoa”Henry says,we exit the school and kept following him, “Guilmon”Henry asked,
“Hm,uh…”Takato tried to explain but couldn’t, “ you said Guilmon well didn’t you”I asked.
“I…”Takato tried to explain again but nothing still came out,
“he’s a digimon,right”Henry asked,
“is he a digimon tamer too”Patamon asked, I see Terriermon and Patamon.
“it’s Terriermon and Patamon, he talked, i don’t believe it,how”Takato asked, Terriermon laughs,
“you must not be very good tamer, if you can even keep track of just one digimon”Terriermon states. Takato looks sad,
“Terriermon”Henry exclaimed.
“what,what it’s not my fault if he stinks at it,right,right”Terriermon states.Takato starts to cries
“he’s right, he’s right”Takato tells us after he ran off
“Terriermon,Patamon you two need to learn some self discipline”I tell them.
Afterward I went to class and the rest of the day was uneventful the next day Patamon sand I went to the park to let him fly longer distance
“that kid was interesting yesterday and I do hope he found his digimon”Patamon told me,
“yeah,I guess he’s the new tamer now”I told him.
“I know you don’t do the talking thing to your dad really but did you tell him that you got published in a magazine”Patamon asked, “no way he wouldn’t care”I told him, while i walked and Patamon flew by me until someone passed us then I held him in my arms.
"I smell digimon”Patamon told me.
We took off and we ended up at the baseball park when we see Takato and Guilmon and a redhead in a turquoise turtle neck t-shirt, with a broken heart on the front with blue jeans and i also see a yellow digimon that’s when I bring my d-power out and it lit up
“Renamon it’s a rookie and a beast man type”I tell Patamon.
“boom bubble”Patamon yelled and the bubbles Renamon who was surprised by this.
“stop it”we all hear Henry yell.
“Huh”Everyone asked but Patamon and I
“it’s him,it’s him,it’s them and aren’t you happy to see us”Terriermon asked,
“Digimon,okay this getting weird,they’re popping up everywhere”Red states.
“you look good there at the end,but didn't you feel silly rolling in the dirt like that”Terriermon asked Renamon.
“Huh”Renamon asked,
“It’s not smart to mouth off to someone bigger than you”Henry tells Terriermon.
“Henry moumantai”Terriermon exclaimed,
you take it easy, what are your digimon fighting about anyway”Henry asked,
“that’s a dumb question,what else are digimon supposed to do”Rika asked,
“anything they want to do,they’re not fighting machines and they’re not our slaves or pets either,they’re our friends you know they just want to do the same sort of thing we do
“Henry told Red, while Terriermon climbed onto Henry’s shoulder after he finished talking.
“Renamon wants to fight,so do I for that Matter”Red told us.
Red walks off and Renamon vanishes,
“she’s harsh”Takato told us, we found a stone cage in the park all of us enter Henry and I lean on the wall.
“your Takato,right”I asked,
“yeah,I saw you two at school yesterday”Takato told us,
“when Guilmon got bored and came looking for you,I'm Henry”Henry told him.

”hey,I'm Mai”I told him,
“man,you two showed up just in time,today, she was going slice and dice him”Takato told us,
“I don’t get it, I mean look at them, how can that girl think they’re only here to fight”Henry asked. I looked at Terriermon bouncing on Guilmon’s tail and Patamon flying around Guilmon
“yeah,everyone knows what digimon wants to do is eat when he raided the cafeteria i know it was time to find a place with a lock”Takato told us,
“I have to go”I told them and left with Patamon right behind me,
“for the dinner with your dad”Henry asked
“yep,that I don’t want to do”I told him.
“we’re going home”Patamon asked,
“yes,so I can clean and so i can get ready for dinner”I told Patamon,
“ you're having dinner with your dad”Patamon states.We got closer to the apartment building, I was holding Patamon like a stuff animal. When we get there I enter the apartment
“where have you been young lady”Dad asked, “at the park”I told him.
“At least your home”Dad told me,
“Whatever”I told him,
while I went to my room and to put Patamon down and went back out to dinner which as every awkward.
Afterwards i grabbed a bag of chips and went to my room and I heard the door shut telling me that dad left to go back to his work.
I change into a tank top and jeans and put my cards and my d-power on my side table and when Patamon was done with the chip bag I throw it away.
“why did you leave”Patamon asked,
“I don’t know”I told Patamon,
“We could’ve made a friend”Patamon told me,
“I know but I ran away again”I told him,
we both went to sleep.
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