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fto fight,or not to fight

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She is Yamaki's daughter who feels like everything she dose just dis points him and she's digimon tamer and helps Rika see the light in her way and befriends Takato and Henry and she knows what her...

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Chapter 2
To fight,or not to fight

I was up and school was over,I was kind of listening to the teacher but not really,Red how could you think that digimon are just for fighting I thought.When I heard the bell Henry sat across from me when I started to pack my books up and put them in my bag,
“Mai,coming”Henry Asked,when I noticed Henry was by the door being nice I answered him,
“Yeah”I told him,while I got up and walked by him and out
“so where do did you go,yesterday”Henry asked.
“oh I had to go home”I told him while we walk together when our D-power went off and Patamon looks at us,
“it’s a digimon”Patamon told us,we all ran to a car garage,
“what’s going on in here”Henry asked, “thank goodness”Takato told us, “don’t make me laugh,do you honestly think that weeny little bunny and the wimpy hamster,can stand up to Renamon”Rika told Takamontold us. “Who you calling weeny,Henry. I think that’s qualifies as rude”Terriermon told us,
“she’s a bully and I'm not wimpy”Patamon tells us.
“Yeah,that seems to be going around right now,Terriermon there’s a lot about this I don’t understand, it’s true on the net that digimon are born to fight doesn't mean they should fight here,don’t you get it,they came here they can’t get on the net,what is it”Henry asked.
”when you figure it out,soc-rates let me know,until then Renamon you what I expect”Red told us.
“As you wish”Renamon told Red,we see Guilmon rushes towards Renamon,I notice Terriermon looks at his reflection on a door.
“diamond storm”Renamon yells,Terriermon ended up in front of Guilmon and blasts before Guilmon could have been attacked,
“huh”Guilmon asked.
“Terriermon”Henry exclaimed,
“get back”Renamon exclaimed,
“huh”Terriermon asked,Renamon redirects the attack to hit a car close to where they are. “huh”Takato exclaimed,
“no”Henry yelled when his d-power glow when Henry rushes to Terriermon,”huh”Henry asked.
“Terriermon digivolve to...Gargomon”Terriermon exclaimed.
“he promised me he wouldn’t do it”Henry told us.
“That’s Terriermon noway”Takato told us, Gargomon shoots laser at the cars but he’s uncontrollable.
“This is hard”Gargomon told us,he shoots at a car and blows it up,
“sorry”Gargomon tells us.
"This is what I was afraid of, he just isn't ready that kind of firepower yet"Henry tells us,
" no shit"I told Henry,
"he's out of control"Renamon scanned him with her d-power "Gargomon, Terriermon's champion form, what a difference,his attack is gargo lasers, whatever that means"Red tells us, Gargomon starts laughing.
"I have to stop that little fun bunny,before he hurts Rika"Renamon says worried.
when Renamon jumps off the walls and tackle Gargomon,
Way to go is just so wrong"Henry told us, Renamon jumps off his Gargomon's back and long wires and on the roof and she blasts a part of the roof. When I see a small white on a car looking upset."doesn't He know he doesn't have to act like this
"the digimon asked,"it's like he was never Terriermon at all"Henry told us,
"uh-oh"Takato told us. when I notice that Gargomon has Red against a wall and slowly moves closer,
"Rika,no"Renamon exclaimed, Renamon rushed to her she's going between Gargomon and Red.
“Guilmon”Takato exclamied, when I see Guilmon headbuts Gargomon and Patamon
“boom bubble”Patamon yelled while bubble hits Gargomon way from Red.
“That’s a hard head”Henry told Takato,
“no kidding”I told them, Takato laughs with joy and Gargomon recovered from the tackle,
“Did I do okay”Guilmon asked, while Renamon disappeared and Rika held her chest to cover her heavy breathing we made it to the park,
“who Knew Terriermon had it in him,oh sorry Henry,hey don’t worry about it,after all Gargomon didn’t really hurt anyone,that girl’s fine”Takato told Henry,”look Takatomon,I can walk on my hands”Guilmon told us, we see Guilmon fall down and Gargomon laughs at him.
“it’s easier when you cheat”Gargomon tells Guilmon, while standing up against a tree.”can I stop now,this is a real pain in the neck”Gargomon told Henry told him,
“you think this will turn him back into Terriermon”Takato asked. Takato goes by Gargomon”it has to.
I sure can’t take him home as Gargomon,now can I,he’s too big
“Henry tells us,”you got a point”Takato tells Henry, “can you imagine what my parents would say,they’d freak”Henry told us,
“I know how you feel,hey maybe since he digivolve on his own,he can figure out a way to de-digivolve,I mean this must happened to digimon all the time especially the rookies,hey maybe that girl would know should we ask her”Takato asked Henry.
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