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It came from the other side

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She is Yamaki's daughter who feels like everything she dose just dis points him and she's digimon tamer and helps Rika see the light in her way and befriends Takato and Henry and she knows what her...

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Chapter 3
It come from the other side

“I’m not gonna ask her, you ask her”Henry told Takato.
When Guilmon falls down on his face, Gargomon laughs at Guilmon, “Guilmon fall down go boom” Gargomon told us,I leaned back where I was sitting on the grass,
“hopefully his mouth wil de-digivolve first”Takato says with hope in his voice.
I laugh
“I doubt it”Henry told us,
Guilmon tries again
“now I got it”Guilmon told us, but he falls down once again,
“nice try,come on it’s time to go home”Takato told us.
“Are we going home”Patamon asked while laying next to me,
“nope,not yet”I told Patamon,
“hey,why did you run away yesterday before I could ask to walk you home”Henry asked.
“Well,my dad was home and we had dinner”I told him.
“How was that”Henry asked,
“awkward,I like it where it's only Patamon and myself”I told him,
“yeah,I hate having to act like a stuff animal”Patamon told us,Henry and I laughed,
“Henry,Henry,where are you,can we go home now”Terriermon asked when he found us.
“Glad to see you’re back you’re old self”Henry told Terriermon.While sitting on Henry’s head as we walk home,
“sorry,about today,I just couldn’t help it”Terriermon told Henry,
“I told you not to digivolve,I was about move in with Guilmon”Henry told Terriermon.
“I didn’t mean to do it”Terriermon told Henry.
“come on Henry,Momentai”Terriermon told Henry,who hasn’t said much,
“hey don’t be to harsh on him,Henry”I told Henry. “yeah,can I walk you home since it’s getting late”Henry told me,
“sure,come on Patamon”I told him,we walked to our apartment building with Patamon ,we reached my dad’s apartment or my place,
“good night,Mai”Henry told me,
“night,Henry”I told him after he left,I opened the door to the apartment.I went towards my room when I see the answer machine light up and I press play
“hey,I’m staying late at work again”dad told me over the answering machine then I ate something Patamon and I went to sleep.
Then next school’s over
“race you home”a boy tolds his friend,
“you’re on”his friend responded,I heard them say I see them ran off, to walk up next to Henry,with Terriermon and Patamon we’re walking home, when Takato caught up with us.
“sometimes I think Kazu give me these cards so that he can use them against me later”Takato told us,
“you give him away too much credit”Henry told Takato,
“yeah,I gotta walk on that”Takato told us. “work harder on it”I told Takato,
“she said more than three words “Takato states,
“hey,I feel insulted”I told Takato.When we hear a boom sound.
“Huh”Terriermon asked,
“what’s up”Henry asked,
“my ears for one thing”Terriermon told us.
“Your ears,oh no”Henry told Terriermon.when I notice Terriermon’s are going outward,
“what is that”Takato asked,
“I hope that’s not what I think it is” Henry told us,
“me too,what do you think it is”Takato asked, when I look a cloud seems to come out of no where. “
whatever it is,it’s coming right at us”Takato told us.
“you know something,you just might be right,come on”Henry told us.
“I have an idea let’s run”I told them,we all turn around and run I ran ahead of Henry,
“uh,this is some week we’re we’re having”Terriermon told us
“no kidding”I told Terriermon.With Patamon flying next to me,
“must run faster”Takato told us.
“I could if Terriermon wasn’t choking me”Henry told us,when the cloud followed us,and it’s getting faster.
“This is impossible, it’s a digital field”Henry told us. “this just keeps getting better and better,what is a digital field and why is it chasing us”Takato asked,
“you picked a dumb time to ask questions”Terriermon told Takato.
“For once I agree with you”Henry told Terriermon,
“keep running,explain later”I told them,
“it’s gaining on us,we’ll never out run it”Takato told us.
“No shit”I told Takato,
“oh man,this thing is fast we’ll have to split up,you take the bridge “Henry told Takato.
“Right”Takato exclaimed, “see you on the other side”Henry told Takato,Takato passes us,
“get the lead out,this is serious”Terriermon told us
“Oh no,Henry,Mai,it’s chasing after you two,keep running,I’ll go get Guilmon and be back as soon as I can”Takato told us.
“Now might be a good time to hide”Terriermon told us,
“you’re full of ideas aren’t you”Henry asked,
“I suppose Momentai isn’t really appropriate now is it”Terriermon asked.We ran right beside a construction site,”quick down there”Terriermon told us,
“I thought I was the tamer”Henry told Terriermon. “oh just a suggestion”Terriermon told us,Henry and I leaped over the the hurld we ran in the constitution site.
“How about suggest a better place to hide”Henry asked.
“That’s a great idea,but where”I asked when I notice the digital field drops over the construction site.The Digimon starts to bio-merge and the blasts throws Henry and Terriermon against a pillar
“Henry,Terriermon”I yelled.
“Ah”Henry and Terriermon yells while they hits the pillar,
“rah”te digimon states. I notice Henry was thinking when Takato and Guilmon finally arrive,
“Terriermon”the digimon told us.
“whoa,he’s a big one,who invited him to the party”Takato asked,when he decided to pull his d-power out.
“let’s see,Gorillamon he’s a beast digimon,champion level”Takato told us,
“hi Gorillamon,it’s been long time”Terriermon told Gorillamon.
“hey”Terriermon told Gorillamon,
“Gorillamon Stop it, don't you remember me”Henry asked. “Henry,what are you doing”Takato asked.
“We played the game together”Henry tells Gorillamon
but Gorillamon rans and beats his chest like Gorilla. “Terriermon,Henry, you two had weird taste in friends”I told them,
“listen to me,I won’t let Terriermon fight you,so just leave him alone,this isn’t the game”Henry told Gorillamon.Once again he beasts and roars
“I take it you guys met before”Takato told them,
“no I thought they were just meeting each other”I told Takato sarcastically,
“go back to the other side”Henry told Gorillamon.Now he’d growing and glaring at us,
“I don’t think he’s listening”Terriermon states, “rah,fights”Gorillamon tells us, Guimon goes running in and gets kicked to the ground.
“not you...him”Gorillamon says while pointing to Terriermon.
Guilmon head butts Gorillamon to the ground. But he throws Guilmon into a pillar and he lands upside down against it,
“hey,I did it”Guilmon says cheerful,
“not the point”Patamon told Guilmon while Guilmon topples over.
“boom bubble”Patamon attacked but did nothing,
“hey,no fair”Terriermon complained. “Terriermon,don’t”Henry told Terriermon.
“oh come on,why does Guilmon and Patamon him to have all the fun”Terriermon asks while we climb stairs so we don’t get hurt.
“I told you before,I don’t want you to fight”Henry told Terriermon.
“Tell that to Gorillamon”Terriermon states, when find somewhere that’s a good place to stay and watch the fight “um,he does have a point you know”Takato told Henry.
Gorillamon grabbed onto a pillar and pulls himself off,
“I think i’ve had enough fun”Guilmon tells us, “boom bubble”Patamon tried again. but not much effect,
“hey,monkey boy”Terriermon taughted,Gorillamon points his cannon at Terriermon dives at him while helling and hita Gorillamon,knocking him over and blasting a beam at us.
“look out”Takto tells us while moving Henry,
“that was close”Henry told us, “too close”I told them. “that’s one way to put it”Takato tos us,
“bunny blasts”Terriermon yells,and aimed it at Gorillamon,the blasts makes Gorillamon face red.
“Terriermon stop it”Henry told Terriermon,
“well what do you expect me to do sit back and let him peal Guilmon and Patamon like Banana”Terriermon asked,
“uh…”Henry states. “this is bad”Guilmon told us, while Gorillamon punches at them they moved out the way making him punch the wall,
“they need our help we gotta do something”Takato told us,Gorillamon throw a beam at Terriermon,Terriermon dodges it,
“hey”Terriermon stated.”speed activate,digi-modify”I say, “whatever it said,he didn’t mean it”Guilmon told Terriermon. Gorillamon tries to hit Guilmon with it but Guilmon block it.
“boom bubble”Patamon tries,
“way to go,Guilmon”Takato exclaimed.”run away”Guilmon told Terriermon,when Gorillamon chased Guilmon Patamon kept attacking Gorillamon. Gorillamon roars,
“he must’ve crossed over from the other side”Henry told us,
“whoa”Terriermon states.Gorillamon carrying Guilmon by the neck and lets go swing a beam at Terriermon and Patamon.
“I brought him here,it’s my fault”Henry states,Terriermon and Patamon are flying around in the air,
“boom bubble”Patamon trying to distract him,
“you okay”Guilmon ask, Gorillamon rushes over to Guilmon us,
“Guilmon look out,I’ll distract him for you”Takato told Guilmon. Takato runs down the stairs with a metal rod. “hey”Takato yells, Gorillamon blasts made the rod disappear,
”hey”Takato states while running away,Guilmon runs to Guilmon and tackles him to the ground.
“Alright,that’s enough,this has gone too far, it’s time do something I’ve should’ve done from the beginning power activate,digi-modify”Takato states.
Guilmon gets up,
“pyro..”Guilmon starts but nothing happend,Guilmon shoves a bag of cement in Gorillamon mouth while it popped.
“oh no,it didn’t work,he’s too strong and Terriermon and Patamon’s just too small to do any real damage, but if Terriermon digivolve”Takato tells us.
“I won’t let him”Henry tells us,
“Henry why not”Takato asks, “Henry wake up”Takato told him, I slamp Henry across the face,
“thanks Mai,I needed that in a way”Henry told me
“sue”I told him. Gorillamon throws GUilmon,Terriermon and Patamon round like rag dolls.
“we can’t waste any more time.Terriermon has got to digivolve to Gargomon”Takato states,
“There’s gotta be another way”Henry told us,
“but what,these are the only modify cards I have left and they’ve totally lame”Takato tells us.
“I can’t believe we’re out of cards,unless”Henry says when we both see the training grips card the Kazu gave Takato.
“Of course”Henry stated,
“what,this thing”Takato asks,”yes”Henry told Takato,
“but that’s just a training card,what’ll that do”Takato asked,
“just watch and learn,Terriermon, time for a little resistance,digi-modify,training grips activate”Henry states,The training grips appear on Terriermon ears, “okay that stressing,now what”Takato asked,Terriermon swings his ears towards Gorillamon.
“Will someone please tell me what’s going on”Takato asked.While the grips fly over to Gorillamon and traps him. “no”Gorillamon yells,
“now I get it,with the training gips on his arms he’s too tangled up to fight”Takto told us, Guilmon and Patamon attack and makes Guilmon to fall down,
“terrier torador”Terriermon tells a tardando carries him up high we all watch then he come down.
“Well,what goes up must come down”Terriermon told us, as Gorillamon has trouble,
“huh”Guilmon asks,Gorillamon struggles to get up and slowly break the grips,
“He’s tough monkey,bunny blast”Terriermon states while he hits into the blaster gun thing that backfires on Gorillamon explodes Terriermon was going to absorb the data.
“Wait”Henry called,
“huh”Terriermon asked,
“Terriermon ,I don’t want you to absorb his data”Henry told him.
“Can I at least so a victory dance,can I”Terriermon asks while the digital field finally disappear
“so what happened to Gorillamon data did it just disappear”Takato asks,
“i’m not really sure,but hopefully he went back to the other side”Henry told us.We all look into the sky
“hm…”Takato and Guilmon told us we all stand their on the bridge
“that was amazing,you and Terriermon really make a good combination,you know that”Takato asks,
“yeah,thanks Takato”Henry told him.
“Why are you thanking hom,he didn’t do anything”Terriermon told Henry.
”We’re a good combination too”Guilmon states,
“mm,hm”Takato answered,
“like peanut butter and bananas”Guilmon told us. “Hey,Henry Terriermon called,
“huh”Henry asked, while Terriermon jumps on his head “momentai”Terriermon tells us.
“Takatomon.I’m hungry again”Guilmon told us, “Guilmon,for the last time i’m not a mon,forget it let’s go eat”Takato told him,
“okay,Takato”Guilmon says they leave I stand there, “We’ve found a great group of friends”I told Patamon, “good no more stuffy apartment,can we go catch up before Henry starts running back for you and dragging you with him”Patamon asked,
“yeah”I told him while I ran to them who had stopped to wait for me.
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