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Chapter 4:Dream a little dream

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She is Yamaki's daughter who feels like everything she dose just dis points him and she's digimon tamer and helps Rika see the light in her way and befriends Takato and Henry and she knows what her...

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I met up with Henry right a way in the morning and we walk together when we go to the school.“What’s going on over there”I asked,looking towards the soccer field,we walked towards it,“I bet it’s a prank from the hopscotch team,all that jumping jarred their brains”someone states,Henry and I walk to class while everyone is fussing over the soccer field.I put my books in my desk and Patamon went to the place he hides while I am in school.
“I assume none you vandalized the soccer field,thought I wouldn’t put it past a couple of you,but if you know anything about it let me know,okay,get out your textbooks”Mr.Mori told us.While we all got our text books out,“please turn to page 503 and read the first passage”Mr.Mori told us,while we read and soon enough it’s lunch I ate away from most of my classmates well spent Henry who sat next to me,“do you think a digimon did the drawing”I asked whispered,“I don’t know,Mai”Henry told me in a whisper as well,after lunch Henry and I had to clean instead of going outside,than school continued but the rest of day went by quick,after school,Henry and I walked out the building I knew Patamon is nearby.
“Henry,Yumi,wait for me”Takato told us,we stopped for him“thanks”Takato told us when he walk over to us.
“nobody has any idea who drew the chalk lines”Takato told us,“hm...probably a prank”Henry told us,“yeah,but you’d think they would have some clue,but they don’t”Takato told us.We all walked home,sept for Takato who checked on Guilmon,“what’s up,Yumi”Henry asked. “I don’t know,but I have this feeling that a digimon happen to do it”I told Henry as we got to my home,I go to the door and I turn the knob for some reason and it’s open is your dad home”Henry asked,“I don’t know”I told him after he left I went in with Patmon in my arms and went to my room right away.
Then I left Patamon and my bag in my room and I go towards the living room area.I see my dad and a girl with long straight brown hair with brown eyes and she’s wearing blue jeans,white t-shirt,green jacket and brown boots. I go to turn around to leave,
“Yumiko,come here”my dad told me, I didn’t want to but I did it in front his guest,“fine”I told him, when I re-entered the living room,“Yumiko,meet Riley who works with me”My dad told me,”Hi,Riley”I told me with a fake smile,I left them and went to my room,“who’s here”Patamon asked,
“just a coworker for my dad from Hypnos”I told him,While I started my homework and soon enough I finished and changes into a red and black tank top,dark blue jeans and climbed into bed and Patamon and I fell asleep.
The next day I heard my phone go off soon fine my hand on my cards,then my d-power and lastly my phone and I grab it and answer it. “Hello”I say to person while I am still tired, “hey,what;s you up to”Takato asked,“just sleeping”I told him,“well,get up and met Henry and I at the Park”Takato told me,“this better be good Takato,give a little bit”I told him and hang up.I got up and got in the shower and out I put a red shirt that the sleeves go up to my elbow ,blue jeans,black hoodie, I returned into my room to see Patamon up,“there you are”Patamon told me, while I grabbed my d-power,my cards, sunglasses and my phone than.
we exited my and we to the door and put my black converse on and we exited the apartment and out building and went to the Park and to the hideout.I see Guilmon is sniffing a digimon while the other digimon are laughing.“stop it,that tickles”the digimon told Guilmon, “so your Ca-lu-mon”Guilmon asked.“Right Calumon told us,Guilmon continues to smelling him while Calumon continues the laugh,“I wonder where he came from,I didn’t see any digital field when we found him”Takato told us,
“hm,I’m amazed he was out there on his own”Henry told us. “He’s out there”Terriermon states,“huh”I states,
“how do you get your nose so tickly”Calumon asked.
“Hey,maybe we should find a tamer for the little guy,it looks like he could use one”Henry told us,”yeah,but...who,hm ho,I think I know someone who could do it”Takato told us,“I don’t know”I told them.“well,alright let’s go get them”Henry told us,“yeah”Takato told us,we walked to a dinosaur hangout,“that’s him right there”Takato told us,we see three boys one with spiky brown hair,he wears dark t-shirt,yellow shirt,blue and gray shoes,another has straight dark green hair with glasses and wears a orange t-shirt,with brown shorts and light gray shoes and another kid that i didn’t pay much attention to.
We watch the game, “the one who just played the upgrade card is Kazu,he’s the one I was thinking of”Takato told us,“hm…”Henry was saying while he was thinking,
“He knows almost everything about digimon”Takato tells us,“hm...yeah,but even so,I’m not sure he would be the best choice look at the way plays that game,he’s gives his digimon all sorts of power,so it can beat up the other guy but he takes away all the energy it uses to protect itself”Henry told us,“I agree with Henry”I told them.
“yeah,that sounds like something Kazu would do alright,he’s really big into power,hm”Takato us,then he went into thinking.“yep,you’re right Henry,uh...who can we get now”Takato asked,”hey,Suzie”Terriermon tells us,
“what”Henry asked, I looked shocked at what Terriermon.
“Uh,who’s Suzie”Takato asked.“my sis,she’s nice I guess”Henry told Takato,We went to Henry’s apartment,we see Suzie who has brown/purple hair that pulled to the side in two pigtails in a pink shirt and pink shorts play with her doll,“by nice you mean crazy”Takato asked,“pretty much”Henry told him,“then again Calumon’s not playing with a full deck either”Takato tells reminding us,“yeah,but I wouldn’t wish the Ms.pretty pants treatment on anyone”Henry told Takato I nod in agreement with Henry.“How bad cout it be”Takato asked while thinking about something “see what I mean”Henry asked.
”mm,hm”Takato told us we leave and sit in a branch all of us thinking. “You knew a girl isn’t bad idea,but we need one our own age”Henry tells us, really”takato asked, “yeah,is there anyone from your class” Henry asked, while Takato asked, “uh...a girl from my class,huh”Takato asked while he thinks, “Man,mom’s right my imagination can be a curse”Takato tells us.“huh”henry,Terriermon and Patamon asked, “what if Calumon dosn’t want a tamer”I asked them while we got bread.After we are headed back to the hideout “I can’t believe it,we didn’t find anyone right for Calumon and it took all day”Henry tells us, “yeah,come on we’d better get back before Guilmon eats the whole park”Takato tells us. “Let’s wait,maybe he’ll eat Calumon and solve our problem”Terriermon told us, we finally got to the hideout to see on digimon there.”Oh man,they’re gone and I told them twenty times not to leave”Takato told us.”Dosn’t matter how many times you them is they’re not listening”Terriermon tells us, “that reminds me of when my dad tells me something goes in one ear and out the other”I tell them. “Everything will be fine”Henry tells us, “yeah,I’re right,huh that dosn’t look fine you two”Takato exclaimed. We see a digital field “it’s by the school”Henry stated, “yeah”Takato exclaimed, we started to running towards the school when we get there Takato slides his goggles down over his eyes while Henry And I put on sunglasses over our eyes. “it’s a digital field another digimon’s coming through let’s go”Henry states. “Right”Takato tells us, “mmhmm”I told them while hoping over the fence “why am I sure this involves Guilmon”Takato asked while we all arrived to what is happening.
“Claumon,Guilmon”Tal=kato states, “who is that”Terriermon asked, “Vilemon,campion level,nasty little thing”Henry told us.Takato pulls out a card “this’ll even out the playing field digi-modify,hyper speed wing activate,get him”Takato told us. “right”Guilmon told us, Guilmon files up to Vilemon “pyro sphere”Guilmon states,Guilmon’s attack hits “ah”Vilemon exclaimed,Vilemon land on his head but gets up right away “not so easy now that Guilmon can fly too,huh”Takato asked, “aw nuts”Vilemon exclaimed while Vilemon prepares to attacks “terriermon,it’s you’re turn”Henry exclaimed, “i’m on it”Terriermon exclaimed. “Digi-modify,speed activate”Henry tells us “run to Vilemon and attacks Vilemon. “NIghtmare shock”Vilemon tells us, Terriermon head butts him sending Vilemon to the ground the rest nearly hitting us. “Are you okay”Calumon asked,Vilemon asked, “Patmon let’s help”I told him, while Vilemon is laughing “have you had enough yet,fools”Vilemon asks.Takato is searching his cards,”hurry up”Henry told us,”I can’t decide”Takato tells us, Vilemon prepare to attack again “boom bubble”Patamon states and bubble hit Vilemon.When I notice Red “yeah right,you’re too tiny to bother with,but a fight’s a fight Renamon”Red told her, “I hate to beat up on a girl,but if you insist”Vilemon tells us,Vilemon attacks Renamon “digi-modify-clone activate”Red told us.
“Nightmare shocker”Vilemon yelled. “watch and see”Red says and we hear her, Renamon vanishes “hah,gotcha”VIlemon exclaimed, “the only thing you’re got is a serious case of the uglies look behind you”Red told Vilemon, Renamon appears behind us in “uh-oh”Vilemon tells us “diamond storm”Renamon States and jumps into the air and Renamon destroys Vilemon and renamon absorb his data. “Don’t bother with the thanks,I did if for data that’s all”Red told us, “data”Takato asks “huh”Red asks, “digimon are living creatures and you...kill them”Takato told Red. “He’s right,they are alive”Henry states,” digimon are nothing more than data,Renamon”Red told us, than Red and Renamon turn to leave “huh”Red and Renamon asked when they stipped Calumon grabs onto Red’s foot “what is that little thing”red asked “hi,wanna play”Calumon told red.”hey,don't you touch him”Takato exclaimed. “hm”Red states, Red looks down at Calumon and the leaves “come on,Renamon,why would I want to waste my time with these google heads”Red asks yeah well,good riddance,whats her deal”Takato asked, “finally,a little fun”Calumon states while bouncing up and down while laughing, “huh”all of us ask, “wait,it’s dangerous out there by yourself”Takato states,”it’s dangerous here with you too,and there must be more people out there more fun then you,goodbye Guilmon”Calumon exclaimed.
“He’s strange little digimon,I’ve never seen anything like him,I don’t know if he wants a tamer”Henry tells us “or how long that tamer would survive”Terriermon asks. “I told you guys”I told them, “hm…”Takato says,”you gonna be okay”Henry asked, “yeah”Takato told us, “good”I told him. The next day at school; the whole school again is gathered around the soccer field again but this time because of the chalk and holes. “first it’s chalk,now it’s chalk and holes,i’m about to pave over with concrete”the principle tells a teacher I was by then I walk off to Henry “IS it suppose to be a school project or something”Someone asks. “yeah,its a housing complex for low income gophers”someone says, “I bet its a prank for shot-put team,all that lifting and throwing jarred their brains”Someone says, “why me”Principle asks, “It was Alien ghost”someone says”Alien ghosts and gnomes that through time”Some also said. We were listening the their theories when we are in the way back. “You know they probably wouldn't believe us,if we told them the truth”Takato whispered, “I know”Henry whispers “that’s 100 percent true”I whispered and we turn and enter the school building “but it’s good to know no will judge is just for what we did”I whispered at them Henry and Takto are smiling at while Henry and I enter our classroom.
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