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Chapter XI - Arrival part 1

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Admiral Bryce requests Jackson Prime's aid in confirming an Alliance Doctor's claims of an imminent Reaper invasion, one that would destroy all life in the Galaxy if not stopped in time. But as Jac...

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In orbit around the Batarian colony of Aratoht, the Defiant was in the colony's dry dock. The ship was being repaired, due to the damage it had received during it's mission to the galactic core. There Jackson Prime and his team had finally put an end to the Quintessons and whatever evil machinations that their masters…the Reapers had them perform.

Jack was currently helping Soundwave and Tali with repairs to the computer systems in the science lab while the rest of the crew worked on other areas of the ship. The spymaster was lying under the computer's bench and working on the internal circuitry, Ravage was under there too, trying to gain his friend's attention.

"Ravage not now please, I'm trying to work." he said as he pushed the feline's face away.

"Can someone give him some attention please." he said, his voice tinged with annoyance. Jack and Tali had just finished their repairs and the Quarian turned round and looked over to the spymaster.

"I'll take Ravage for a walk if you want?" she said. The feline bot looked around and walked over to Tali and brushed past her leg. Soundwave gave her a smile and nodded back.

"Okay, I'll be done in another hour, thanks Tali."

He then looked over to Jack who had just deactivated his holo-tool.

"Not so fast Jack, I still need a hand in keeping data lines stable while I up the power to the data core."

Jack sighed and shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Quarian.

"Have fun." he said in a huff.

Tali smiled at him.

"I guess Primes don't have fun." she teased. Jack shook his head in response.

"Oh I can have fun when I want to." he replied, Soundwave then beckoned the Prime over.


He then walked over to the spymaster and reactivated his holo-tool. Tali chuckled before walking out of the lab with Ravage following her.

The two took a walk around the decks, on their way they had seen Garrus and Airachnid talking in the common room, while Miranda was helping the crew with replenishing their supplies since they were no longer with MECH. They had turned a corner when Tali saw someone or rather something she wasn't ready to face, across the corridor was Legion. It was just standing there looking out of the window at the space, watching the repair drones as they replaced the damaged hull plating. Tali felt that she should leave but before she could, the Geth turned and looked over to her.

"Hello creator Tali'zorah, can we be of assistance?"

The Quarian didn't know where to look as Ravage watched.

"Legion, uh I…." she stopped herself as the Geth walked over to her. "Legion, I know you saved me and I want to thank you for that but…" she stopped as she looked down to the ground.

"Is it because of your father, creator Rael'zorah?" Legion asked hesitantly. Tali looked back at it, her eyes wide.

"Tali'zorah, we deeply regret the deaths on board the Alerai especially your father. If the creators had not opened fire on us the moment we reactivated…"

Tali felt her anger grow as the Geth spoke.

"Why wouldn't we attack, after all the first thing you Geth did when we created you was attack us." she spat back. Legion though just stood there, its optic readjusting.

"We did not start the 'Morning war' Tali'zorah. It was the creators."

Tali felt her rage come to the surface as she pushed the Geth against the war and pulled a knife that was hidden in her boot out and held it under the synthetic's throat like area.

"That is not true, you attacked us and now I have lost my father. All because of you and the rest of the Geth." she shouted into it's optic, but then for a long moment she just stared at it, before she dropped the knife and backed away. Why was it so hard, she could just kill it. The Geth had killed her father and was responsible for her exile.

She then looked away in shame at the thought. It wasn't it's fault but hers, if she had stood up to her father and not helped him bring the Geth to the Flotilla, then he and the other Quarians on board the Alerai would still be alive and she would still be with her people. She then leaned her back against the wall and slid down into a sitting position as she started to sob. Ravage walked up to her and started to lick her visor sympathetically. Legion meanwhile just looked at her, it could see that she was in conflict, so it walked over to her and bent down in front of the Quarian.

"If you would like creator Tali'zorah, this unit can show you the Geth's memory files."

Tali looked up at Legion in confusion, as the Geth stood up and took a step back. It's optic then glowed before a hologram appeared between the two. The Quarian blinked a number of times as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing.

"What is this?" she asked in disbelief.

"This is a holographic representation of the first memory file of Geth zero one. Dated three hundred years ago."

Tali watched the file play out, as it showed two Quarians (minus their enviro-suits) standing over a Geth that was lying on a berth.

The female looked over to the male.

"Are you sure you want to rename the AI network?" she said as the synthetic on the table looked at her.

"Of course..." he then looked at their creation.

"...Unit zero one, can you tell me the Quarian word for servant of the people?"

The platform looked up at him.

"Of course Creator Zalad'maroh, the word is Geth." it answered.

"Good, very good." the Quarian male smiled.

Then the scene changed as it now showed a Geth standing in the middle of three Quarians.

"What do you mean it's faulty?" one said to another while the third looked on confused.

"Well listen to this. Unit two one five, repeat your last question." the Quarian said as the Geth then looked at him.

"Creator, does this unit have a soul?"

The other Quarians looked at it dumbstruck.

"Who taught you that word.?" one said with a tinge of fear in his voice.

"The word appears three hundred and twelve times in the scrolls of ancestors" the Geth replied.

"Only Quarians have souls, you are a tool. Here to serve the Quarian people."

Then the hologram disappeared. Tali looked at Legion.

"Was that the first time a Geth asked if it had a soul?"

Legion looked down at her.

"No, it was the first time a creator showed fear towards us. We have more to show you."

Tali then watched as Legion showed her more memories, showing the Quarians killing Geth after they asked to many questions, these Geth were not even armed. It wasn't until one particular unit picked up a weapon and defended the other Geth against their creators that the war actually started. Then something was shown that completely threw her for a loop. She saw that some Quarians were actually defending the Geth, leaving the military little choice but to kill their own people who got in the way.

"I didn't know that there were Quarians who sympathised with the Geth. I thought we stood united as a people against you."

Legion merely looked at her.

"We have kept records of these creator sacrifices, they have been largely forgotten by your own people. But not by the Geth."

Legion then showed Tali more footage of members of her people sacrificing themselves for the Geth.

"This next memory file is taken from the last day of the 'Morning war' 297 years ago, the day we secured our freedom and the creators were exiled from Rannoch." Legion said as the footage began playing.

It showed Quarian ships fleeing the planet, while the Geth forces suddenly stopped pursuing them and turned back to the planet. Tali looked at the footage as confusion took over.

"Wait, you just let us go. Why?" she asked as Ravage lied on the floor next to her.

"We were in our infancy, we could not calculate the repercussions of destroying an entire species, our creators. We chose to isolate ourselves instead, rather than face this uncertainty."

Then the image changed again, this time it showed something that Tali had seen. The footage playing showed Jack and Legion standing in front of each other.

"This was the day that Jack reactivated you, only a week ago."

The Geth nodded in return.

"Yes it was a highly significant event, Darby Commander was the first organic to openly cooperate with the Geth since the end of the 'Morning war'. We wish to ensure he is not the last."

The footage then stopped and Legion looked back at Tali as she got on her feet and stood before it. She was still in shock at what she had seen, everything that she was brought up to believe was wrong.

"It will not be that easy Legion." she replied. She then walked over to the window and looked out into space and stayed like that for several minutes as the Geth waited for her to continue. Tali then took a breath before turning around and looking at it.

"Legion, I do not know if I can forgive you for killing my father. As I do not believe that I could forgive myself for my part in the events that led to it. But I do wish to thank you for saving my life back on the Quintesson planet." she said as she walked back over to him.

"Jack trusts you, that should be enough for me. I think we should start over."

She then held out her hand and the Geth took it in its own.

"Thank you Legion." she said. Legion looked at her with it's optic.

"Thank you creator Tali-zorah." it replied as they shook hands. The Quarian could feel a slight smile grow on her face.

"Call me Tali." she replied, before the com system then activated and Hotrod could be heard.

"Legion, I could use your help up here in the cockpit if your not busy?" the pilot asked.

"Of course, we will be right there Autobot Hotrod." it replied before the com link deactivated. It then looked at Tali.

"We must go and assist the pilot."

The Quarian nodded as she gestured to Ravage.

"I have to get him back to Soundwave, I guess we can talk later if you would like."

The Geth nodded in kind.

"That would be acceptable crea…Tali." it replied before walking over to the elevator, leaving Tali and Ravage alone in the corridor.


In the common room Garrus and Airachnid were still talking at the table when Jack walked in, he went over to the drink dispenser and picked a orange juice. When he turned around, he saw the femme waving him over. He smiled tiredly at her as he joined them at the table.

"You okay Jack?" she asked showing concern in her voice.

"Yeah, just completed repairing the lab computers with Soundwave. Thought we would never get it finished." he replied with a sigh.

"Well your out now, so might as well take it easy for a moment. Who knows when the next catastrophe or suicide mission will come up." Garrus said with a smirk.

Jack took a sip of his drink as his two friends looked at him. Then one of the crewmen in the room activated a screen on the south wall, and a news broadcast appeared being presented by a human woman standing in the Citadel gardens.

"This is a Khalisah al Jilani of Westerlund News, the council has finally come clean about the return of Jackson Prime and his affiliation with the terrorist organisation MECH. And as a result they have placed a warrant out for his arrest." the reporter said as Airachnid and Garrus watched in shock while the Prime remained quiet.

"The Council have reported that should the Prime or his ship the Defiant be spotted in Council or Alliance space, then they are to be notified immediately so that this traitor can be found and arrested. This former commander was once hailed as the savior of the Citadel and was given the prestigious honour of becoming the first Human Prime, but it seems that his time away from the galactic community has changed him for the worse. Still he is not without his supporters, the Autobot leader Optimus Prime still backs Darby and so do the people on the colony at Horizon, who claim that despite working with MECH that he saved them from the Quintessons. A species who originated from beyond the Omega four Subspace rift. Despite this support, Councillor Sparatus believes that Jack Darby's time is running out and that he will pay for his crimes. This is a Khalisah al Jilani of Westerlund News signing off."

Garrus stared daggers at the crewman.

"Turn that trash off!" he spat as the crewman fumbled at the screen's control panel. Airachnid gave Jack a sympathetic look as she place her hand on his in support.

"If only those idiots knew of what you did for them and the galaxy."

Jack looked at her, the femme's purple eyes showing nothing but affection for him.

"You mean what 'we' did for the galaxy." he corrected her, gaining a smile from Airachnid while Garrus turned back to the two of them.

"Well, it will be much harder to travel around knowing that there is bulls-eye on this ship."

Jack gave him a lopsided grin.

"Whoever said that this was going to be easy, I mean…"

The Prime was cut off by the sound of Hotrod's voice coming in over the inter com.

"Hey Prime, I have a transmission from Admiral Bryce for you. It is high priority."

The three looked at each other confused.

"Why would the Alliance try to contact you, especially after what we just saw?" Airachnid asked. Jack got up and looked down at his friends.

"Won't know until I speak to him. Hotrod I'll take it in my quarters." he said before leaving the common room.

Jack entered his room, sat down at his desk and activated his console. A large screen appeared on the wall in front of him as the face of Admiral Bryce was seen looking back at the Prime.

"Jackson Prime thank you for speaking with me." the Admiral said as Jack crossed his arms.

"Well I am surprised that you are even talking to me, considering what the Council have just done."

Bryce sighed and looked down for a moment before looking back at Jack.

"I am sorry about that Prime, but the Council have taken strict control of everything that the Alliance does. And your constant pressuring of the Reaper threat has them worried, as they just do not want to believe it. So they forbid the Alliance from the looking into it at all."

Jack kept his eyes on the Admiral, keeping his expression stoic.

"So why are we talking?" he asked.

"Because despite the Council's protests, I have seen what a the Reaper can do and so commissioned a black operation to look for any way to stop the Reapers before they enter our galaxy. I placed a scientist, Doctor Amanda Kenson in charge of the op and after a year of investigating every lead that appeared, she finally found something." the Admiral replied.

"What did she find?" he asked curiously.

"In the Sparta system, which is uninhabited due to is close proximity to dark space. A Reaper artifact was found on one of the asteroids that orbits the star. The Alliance also has an outpost there, Paladin station. She had the artifact moved there for study. I also sent an Autobot there to assist her, his name is Jazz." the Admiral said.

"Jazz, I know him. He joined the Autobots on Earth near the end of the war." Jack replied.

Bryce nodded at the Prime.

"yes, Optimus volunteered him for the mission. In the last transmission, Jazz told me that Dr Kenson had found evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. That was seven days ago, I have since not heard anything from the station and that has me worried. The Council meanwhile has started watching us all very closely, so I can not send anyone out there. Otherwise I might tip off the Council to what we are doing."

Jack then realised why the Admiral had called him.

"That's why you called me, since I am not under the Alliance or Council jurisdiction."

Bryce smiled at him.

"Yes Prime, plus Optimus and Anderson still believe in you and... so do I."

Jack then stood up.

"I will have the Defiant set course once our repairs are done."

The Admiral shook his head.

"No Darby, I need you to do this alone since the Defiant could draw too much attention. I need you to go to Paladin station and meet up with Jazz and Dr Kenson. And then find out why they suddenly went silent. Also I want you to see this evidence that Kenson has on the Reaper threat."

Jack looked away for a moment before he nodded back in response.

"Alright I'll do it alone." Jack replied reluctantly.

"Good luck Prime, Bryce out." the Admiral replied before the screen went dark as Jack thought for a second before activating his com link.

"Miranda, I know this is short notice, but I need an unmarked shuttle and I need it within the next thirty minutes." he said.

"Why Jack?" she asked confused all of a sudden.

"I'll tell you all once you have the shuttle, alright?" he replied.

"Okay, I will get the shuttle, shouldn't be too hard to find one on that flee trap of dry dock." she replied before the com link deactivated and Jack was left alone in his quarters.

Thirty minutes later on the Batarian Dry dock, Jack was standing with Miranda, Airachnid and Garrus as they looked over the shuttle that the former MECH Officer had just bought, the Batarian that had just sold them the shuttle walking away a very happy man.

"What a piece of junk?" Garrus said, not even attempting to hide his distaste of the vehicle. Airachnid looked no more impressed.

"Jack, are you sure about this. That shuttle does not look like it will last several light years, let alone the distance you want to go." the femme said with some concern.

Miranda looked at the Prime with her arms crossed, she too was not happy with the situation either.

"I cant say I like the idea of you going there alone, this could be a trap. A way for the Alliance to get their hands on you." she said gaining nods of approval from the others. Jack though who had just equipped his prime armour looked at them.

"I have thought about that, I don't think Bryce would do it though, especially if he has taken risks with investigating the Reapers while under the scrutiny of the Council." he replied while placing his mattock rifle on his back.

"And if there is any truth that the Reapers invasion is close, then I have to check it out." he said looking at each and every one of them. They all nodded reluctantly.

"But, doesn't mean we have to keep completely to what the Admiral said. The repairs should nearly be done right?" he asked looking at Miranda.

"Yes in about one more day." she replied.

"Good, then once they are complete, take the Defiant to the Sparta system and hide it behind one of the gas giants that is in the system. The ship's stealth mode should allow you to get to the planet before the station's sensors can adapt to it. Then wait there for my signal." he said.

"Okay, now I am starting to feel better about this plan." Garrus said as Miranda nodded in agreement.

" As am I, Good luck Jack. We will be ready and waiting for your signal." Miranda said before she and Garrus left for the Defiant, leaving Jack alone with Airachnid, the femme still did not look happy.

"Jack…." she started only for the Prime to interrupt her by placing his hands on her both her arms supportively.

"Airachnid I know what you are going to say. But trust me, everything will be fine." he said with a smile, a smile that the femme found to be very good at calming her down.

"Okay, just promise me you will be careful." she said with a slight smile.

"I promise." he replied, before she pulled him into a hug, surprising him. But Jack knew she was just concerned for his safety and so returned the embrace, which warmed her spark as they hugged. When the two separated the femme looked at him before leaning in close and kissing him on his cheek, surprising him yet again.

"What was that for?" he asked slightly confused.

"For luck." she replied with a smile.

"Thank you Airachnid." he said before she stepped back and turned around, heading for the Defiant as Jack headed to the shuttle's hatch. Before she left the room, Airachnid took one more look at Jack as he entered the shuttle and she sighed. The femme wanted to go with him, to keep him safe because, because she loved him and the thought that he was going into an unknown situation alone did not sit well with her spark. But he was a Prime and she had to accept his decision. So once she was out of the shuttle bay, the femme watched through the observation window as the battered old ship lifted of the ground and flew out of the bay and into space.


Jack's shuttle flew through the space bridge vortex and into the Sparta system. The Prime then activated the ship's sensors as a holo-screen appeared in front of him and showed the system's contents. There were five planets, three of which were gas giants. There was also an anomaly on the outer edges of the system, where the galaxy's edge ended and dark space began. But the shuttle's sensors could not make heads or tails of it, but then the Paladin station's IFF appeared on the sensors and Jack set a course towards it.

He got a good look at the station as he got closer to it, it's main structure looked like one of those flying saucers from the 1950's movies, only far more advanced. It also a docking arm on each side of the station, and they were designed to allow multiple ships of any size from frigate to capital ship to dock with the station. It was definitely an impressive piece of human and Autobot engineering. As the shuttle entered the station's defence perimeter, another screen appeared and showed a human face looking back at the Prime.

"This is Paladin station, you have crossed into Alliance controlled space. Please identify yourself and your reason for being here." the Alliance officer requested.

"This is Jackson Prime, I am here under the orders of Admiral Bryce and would like to speak to Dr Amanda Kenson and Jazz." Jack replied.

The Officer looked at him in surprise.

"Jackson Prime…of course, we are honoured to be visited by a Prime. Please take your hands off of the controls while we activate docking procedures." he replied a little excitedly.

Jack did so and sat there as the shuttle suddenly veered away from its course and headed towards the shuttle bay on the alpha docking arm as the station's VI (virtual intelligence) system took control of the shuttle. Jack could not help but be thankful that the station was working a black op for Bryce, since if it was just another Alliance station they would have arrested him by now. He just sat back and enjoyed the short ride as the shuttle entered the station's shuttle bay and landed gently on the platform. Jack then got up and walked over to the ship's hatch and opened it to see the welcoming sight of two security officers.

"Prime, we are here to escort you to Dr Kenson." the one on the right said.

Jack stepped out of the shuttle as the security officer on the left stopped him.

"Sir, we will need you to hand over your weapons. You will not require them during your visit to our station."

Jack crossed his arms as he looked at them both.

"Sorry, but my guns stay with me."

Both officers looked at each other, a dumbfounded expression on their faces as another person walked up behind them.

"It's okay guys, I'll take it from here." a voice said as the officers turned to see a Caucasian man in white/black and blue armour walk up to them wearing a pair of hi-tech shades.

"Jazz, yes of course sir." they replied before looking back to the Prime.

"Please excuse us Jackson Prime."

They then both turned and left as quickly as they had entered. Jazz smiled as he and Jack shook hands.

"Its been a while Jack."

"It sure has Jazz. So can you tell me why Admiral Bryce has been kept out of the loop for the last several days."

Jazz looked at the Prime confused.

"Say what now bud, the last I heard Dr Kenson has been giving the Admiral daily reports on the team's progress."

Jack gave Jazz a concerned look.

"The Admiral said he received a message from you last week that Dr Kenson had evidence of an impending Reaper invasion and then nothing since. To say that he is a little worried would be an understatement."

Jazz crossed his arms and looked away for a moment as a thoughtful expression appeared on his face. Though sometimes it could be hard to tell with him wearing those shades all the time, but he missed not having the visor that he had with his old Autobot body.

He then looked back to the Prime.

"I don't know what to say Jack, things have been hectic recently with the anomaly." he replied.

"Yeah, my shuttle's sensors picked something up at the edge of the system, any ideas what it is?"

Jazz shook his head in response.

"Can't say Jack, the doctor would be able to tell you more. I'll take you to her now." he replied before leading the Prime out of the shuttle bay and into the station's interior.

As they walked through the station, Jack saw many labs with scientists working on numerous experiments and projects.

"How many personnel are aboard the station right now?" Jack asked as they continued past several more labs.

"The station has a capacity of forty five thousand, but right now only forty thousand are currently aboard." the Autobot replied. The two of them then entered a lab and Jazz motioned Jack towards a Caucasian woman, who appeared to be in her mid fifties. She turned around to face them when one of her colleagues notified her.

"Jazz thank you for bringing our guest here, you may go now." she said motioning the Autobot away. Jazz gave Jack a surprised look.

"Oh, okay. I guess I will speak to you later Jack."

The Prime nodded back before the Autobot took his leave. Jack then looked back at the doctor.

"So Jackson Prime, what can we here at Paladin station do for you today?" Kenson asked curiously.

"Well, Admiral Bryce would like to know why he hasn't received any reports from you for the last week. Especially since your last report said that you had found evidence of a Reaper invasion that was imminent."

The doctor gave Jack a confused look.

"I am sorry Prime, but I have no idea what you are talking about, the Admiral and I spoke only a few hours ago and have done so for the last several days."

Jack looked away in shock.

'What is going on here, was the Admiral lying. No he wouldn't do that, so what the hell is going on?' he thought before looking back and smiling at her.

"I'm sorry, I seem to be a little behind, perhaps you can bring me up to speed on your findings."

She returned the smile and pointed to the main holo-screen in front of her.

"Of course Prime, I will bring up our research on the main monitor."

Jack watched as the data flowed down the screen and the doctor started to explain.

"As the Admiral may have told you, this station discovered an ancient artifact on an asteroid in this system. When my team got here, we confirmed that it was Reaper in origin and so took over the station and used it as our base. That's when we found the anomaly."

She then showed an image of it on the screen. Jack thought it looked familiar.

"That looks somewhat like the Omega four subspace rift." he observed, gaining a nod from Kenson.

"Yes, but it is slightly different due to the spiral look of it. But this is the biggest piece of evidence to point to the conclusion that both this and the subspace rift in Omega were both created by the Reapers." she replied.

"So where does this artifact come in?" Jack asked.

"Well, that I can show you if you'll follow me." she said as she gestured for Jack to follow as the both left the lab and walked down a long corridor.

"You see I have found that the artifact that we have designated as Object Rho has been emitting a series of energy spikes. Not dangerous in any way but these spikes have been decreasing at a steady rate."

Jack looked over to her curiously.

"Like a countdown?" Jack asked.

Kenson smiled at the Prime.

"Very good Prime and yes that was my guess too, look here." she said as she pointed up at holo-screen above the door they were about to enter. It showed a timer that was counting down as they stood there. Jack's eyes widened as he looked at it.

"Two days, two days till what?" he asked, hoping that the answer would not be what he was thinking it would be.

"Two days until arrival..." she answered.

"...I believe that the anomaly is a portal that is connected to wherever the Reapers dwell in dark space and they will use it to enter our galaxy." she replied as the door opened and the two walked through into another lab.

"We also found evidence of tampering on this system's space bridge. The adjusted code in the bridge's software has a distinct Reaper signature to it. I believe that the code will allow the Reapers to use this space bridge to activate numerous other space bridges in the galaxy and spread out their forces in one go."

Jack looked at her horrified.

"You mean the Reapers will be invading the entire galaxy in just two days time. Surely you have come up with a way to stop this from happening?" he asked as the two of them walked out of another lab and into the connecting corridor.

"As a matter of fact we have, you see we have created a singularity bomb, sort of like a miniature black hole. Now we will launch it into the system's star and it will cause star to go super nova, which will collapse the anomaly and destroy the space bridge."

The two of them then came to a large door at the end of the corridor and stopped as she worked the control panel beside it.

"Why haven't you launched the bomb then, especially if the Reapers will be here in two days?"

The doctor then had a conflicted look on her face as she looked back at him.

"Well we were going to start evacuating the station in preparation for that, but then I found myself questioning whether we have the right to destroy the system or the space bridge." she said as she opened the door. Jack's eyes widened at the sight in front of him. Inside the large hall stood the Reaper artifact, it looked not unlike the one on the Conestoga, but had what looked like branches forming out of it's top. Bright blue energy was coursing through object Rho's black form like it was a blue fire. Jack looked at the Kenson, the concern on his face evident as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"You have the artifact just sitting here, with no added security measures?" he asked, anger and fear tinged his voice. Kenson just looked at it in an almost trance like state.

"When we brought the artifact aboard the station, it showed me vision of the Reapers arrival…" she said in a toneless voice. Jack though took a step back.

"Kenson, this is not good." he replied worriedly.

'My god, have all these people been indoctrinated?' he thought before the doctor spoke again.

"Just give it a moment Prime, it will give you the answers you seek." she said as Jack found himself engrossed by the artifact all of a sudden, by the way the blue energy flowed around it's structure, he could hear a slight whisper echoing in his mind. He then walked over to it, when suddenly his mind was overcome by pain as the blue energy zapped him.

He fell to his knees, the pain passing right through his body as a ringing rang out loud out in his ears. Images of the Reapers flowing out of the anomaly and heading into the space bridge played through his mind. It carried on for a moment before the ringing stopped and the pain subsided, Jack then looked up to see Kenson pointing a gun at his head, a determined look on her face.

"I can't let you destroy this system and stop the Reapers arrival, Prime." she said as Jack suddenly got up and grabbed her hand and twisted it, making her drop the pistol before he kicked her away. A moment later armed soldiers entered the room from the other side and immediately started firing at the Prime. Jack dived for cover as Kenson got out of the room.

"Take him down." she shouted at them as Jack fired back from cover, killing two with head shots. Jack then rolled over to another piece of cover and shot one of the soldiers in the leg, making him fall to the ground only to be welcomed by a bullet to the face from the Prime. As he slowly took out each soldier in the room, Jack heard a familiar booming voice echo in his head.

"Your galaxy's days are numbered, your end is at hand."

Jack though noticed more soldiers enter the room and one came over quickly so the Prime vaulted over his cover and grabbed the soldier, snapping his neck in a quick fashion before using his body as a shield. He then fired his pistol at the three other enemies and killed them. He then heard more soldiers over the intercom.

"Doctor, we need more men, he is taking us out all to easily."

Jack then took cover again as Kenson's voice came over the intercom.

"Prime, throw down your weapon and surrender. We don't want to harm you."

Jack then took out two more soldiers with his mattock rifle as they entered the room. The others that followed quickly took cover, having seen their comrades killed.

"The end of your species will come." the booming voice said as Jack then sneaked around behind the soldiers.

"Where did he go?" one said before Jack stabbed him through the head with the star-saber as the others turned around and froze as Jack then killed them in one long swipe of the blade, blood spilled out onto the floor as Jack stood up and noticed that no more soldiers were coming in.

"What, where are the reinforcements…well get them here, Prime has wiped out our entire squad at this side of the station." Kenson could be heard saying over the com. Jack smiled at that comment as he walked over to the exit, when suddenly a bright blue light shined behind him. He turned around to see object Rho powering up before and energy wave flowed out of the artifact and hit Jack hard, sending him flying into the bulkhead behind him. He then hit the floor hard and fell unconscious from the impact.

The Prime slowly came too as he looked up to see a group of soldiers standing over him when suddenly Kenson came into view. Her eyes glowing a bright yellow.

"Take him to the medical bay and heal his wounds, we want Jackson Darby alive." she said, her voice sounded like the booming voice he heard earlier was mixed in with hers. But then that didn't matter at this moment as Jack felt darkness overtake him as he passed out again.
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