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A Proper Alibi

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The trio find all the wrong places.

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"Good luck and come and get me if you have problem," the priest called out the door

I waved goodbye and ran to catch up with Joe and Travis. They moved so fast seeing as how we had only six hours until sunrise. Then we would have to find some type of shelter for Travis.

"If we hurry we can get there before sunrise," He said

"Then let's hurry," I urged

We again didn't talk for what seemed like hours. But Travis stopped in front of an old hotel.

"Welcome home," He scoffed at the sign the hung haphazardly on the door.

He walked up to the door and opened, quickly ushering us in. A girl with long black hair and a scar on her cheek stood at the counter. She didn't look up even when we stood on front of her.

Travis cleared his throat and she snapped her head up. She smiled at Travis and then glanced nervously at me and Joe.

"Travis! I haven't seen you in months," she smiled and hugged him across the counter

"Mona," He laughed "Where are the others?"

"Around," she said "What brings you here?"

"Business," he said "Listen I want you to go and get them,"

She nodded and quickly ascended the steps to her left.

Within minutes several other people came down, and looked around to see what they were needed for.

"Hey, Travis what is this for?" A girl with bright red hair tipped yellow called out "We're not all vampires you know,"

"I'm quite aware, Haylie," He said "But this is urgent,"

"We're listening," they said in chorus

"I would like you to meet the Innocent,"

They clapped. Why they clapped I'll never know. But there they were. Thirty, forty people clapping for me.

"She needs our help," He continued "Her friends are imprisoned and only they can help her defeat Beckett,"

"Then how does she need our help?" One man with wild messy hair called

"They need broken out," He smiled "That where you come in,"

Some nodded, some shook their head, and a few flipped me off.

"Please, if you have a heart listen to me,"

"Okay," Haylie said "I'll help,"

"Me too," the guy with messy hair chimed in

Several other said yes but a few still were stubborn.

"Why should I help her?" a woman with a Hungarian accent spat "What has she ever done for me?"

"You don't have to help," Travis smirked "But then again, why would she need a traitor's help?"

The woman frowned, and turned to leave "Being daughter of the great Queen Alanala and King Tristan does not make you so entitled," She said before turning and leaving

"Ignore her; she still has a thorn on her side from when your parents said they couldn't help her with her bastard daughter,"

"Oh, I'm really sorry about that!" I called after her

"So we have help, but there's one more person we have to see," Joe said from behind me
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