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A Change Of Scenery

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Alex gets captured...again.

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"Where are we going, Joe?" I asked after a full night's/ day

"If you must know we are going to find Ryan Ross," He said over his shoulder


"Brendon, Beckett's lackey," Travis explain

"And we find him where?"

"Ironically close to our bunker," Joe laughed

We walked across the street and turned the corned. Big mistake, a guy of vampires jumped us. Taking Joe out with a strike to the shoulder blades, so he couldn't use his arms. And hitting Travis in the back of the neck, knocking him unconscious.

But they didn't do anything to me, until one came up behind me and grabbed my arms.

"NO!" I screamed, trying to get loose

"You're not going anywhere," He spat in my ear "Lord Beckett wants you,"

With that he struck me in the back of my head, knocking me out as well.


When I formally came around, I was lying on a clod stone floor. But I wasn't handcuffed, thank god. I stiffly got up and massaged me neck, then looked around.

Wow, a real prison. You know, iron bars, stone, etching in the walls. That type of prison. I went up to the iron bars and looked out. Ah, another dimly lit hallway.

"Note to self, when I get out of this, if I get out of this," I murmured to myself "Install the brightest light I can find,"

Right on que two very big and burly men came to the door and whipped it open. The grabbed each of my arms and escorted/forced me down the hallway. They leaded me into a room that looked almost like a hotel lobby. Several men wearing almost identical suits and derbies sat along the side of the room. A man in an off-white suit with matching derby sat in front.

"Lord Beckett," One of the men escorting me said "The prisoner you ordered,"

"Ah, the ever powerful Innocent," He scoffed "You don't strike me as powerful,"

He got out of his chair and walked up to me.

"You don't even look like you can take care yourself," He smirked "But then again, you did evade being captured by hiding, you coward,"

I spat in his face. Some of the men along the wall jumped up, but he held his hand up to stop them.

"A bit cheeky aren't we?"

I just looked at him; I'd rather take it than say something to the scum.

"Do you even talk?" He spat

"I'd rather be impaled through the skull than talk to you,"

He smile and shook his head "You're not scared of me,"

"Why would I be scared of a thin, pasty vampire?"

"You're just like your mother," He laughed "And she's dead,"

"You bastard," I whispered

"Ah, what a mouth you have,"

"Shut the fuck up!" I snapped "Why did you even bring me here?"

"Don't you see," He said spreading his arms "This is your palace,"

I shook my head that made no sense. I wasn't supposed to rule anything. I was supposed to kill him and die in the process, right? Maybe I was wrong. I was supposed to rule the static. But there aren't any statics left, just me, Patrick, and Andy, right? Maybe I was wrong about that too.

"Take her back, she's not ready," He said before turning back to the chair, which I then realized was a throne. He was right, I was the future ruler.
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