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What Is It About Love That Makes Us So Stupid?

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The gang saves her, and she realizes something.

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"Hey! Are you awake?" someone whispered

"Nhh," I moaned in pain from sleeping in the sitting position

When I saw who it was I nearly jumper out of my skin. There standing before me were my new saviors, Pete, Patrick, Joe, and Andy.

"Oh my god," I squealed jumping up

"Shh!" Patrick whispered

"How'd you find me?" I asked glancing over at Pete who was now looking through the wardrobe

"Long story," Joe said, he had a large bruise on his eye possibly from the attack

"Come on we don't have much time," Pete said going to the door

"What we just walk out and say 'It was a nice visit, goodbye' there are about ten guards out there,"

"No, we already took care of that," Andy said following Pete

I looked over at Patrick and he gave me a warm smile.

I grabbed his hand and walked out after Joe. He basically strolled out of the palace, no questions or confrontations.

"Joe you got your car back!" I said as we walked up to the banged up Caddy

"That I did," He laughed "Ok make a seating arrangement, cause we're leaving soon,"

"Shotgun!" Pete called slipping in the front seat

"There are only two seats in back," I stated

"So you'll have to sit on someone's lap," Joe said getting in the drivers seat and gunning the engine

"Oh," I murmured and turned to look at Andy and Patrick in the back. Patrick smiled and patted his thighs

I sighed and nodded, I sorta flopped down on him. He grunted in pain and Pete laughed.

"Careful Alex he may want to have kids one day,"

This sent the whole car into giggles, even Patrick.

God why did I feel so at ease around these guys? Weren't they my captors? I felt his arms wrap around my waist. They were warm and slightly clammy. Like he was as nervous as I was. I leaned back on his chest and felt his chest rise and fall slowly.

"Don't be getting too friendly back there," Joe said looking on the rear view mirror "I just had the seats cleaned,"

"Fuck off, Joe," Patrick said from behind me, and instinctively pulled me closer

I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder; he rested his head on my head. I felt myself does just as I heard Pete whisper to Joe "They make such a cute couple, don't they?"

How? How can only a few short weeks change my entire outlook on life? Why is that love can heal all wounds? Why is it that when I'm with these people, I'm never scared? These things may never get answered, but then again only time will tell.
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