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Chapter 20

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As much as I wanted to sleep, my mind refused to rest. Instead it was turning Mikey's words over and over. I had no idea whether or not trusting him was a good idea. Just because his brother's a shit doesn't mean he is. I dunno.

But... He was right about one thing.

I do still love Gerard. Even after all the shit he's put me through, I shouldn't. But I do. I lay awake, my eyes closed as I tried to sleep. It was about 11 when I heard the door creak open. I stayed still, not really caring. I heard the chair beside my bed squeak, and a cool hand took mine. I could feel something dropping on my hand, something liquid. Tears.The sniffling assured me of that. A soft whimper sounded, the person running their thumb over my knuckles.

"Frankie..." They whispered. "I'm so sorry. So, so sorry." My hand recieved a tight squeeze. "Frankie come back to me. Come back.... I love you, no one can replace you..." The soft tears became quiet crying, the tears constantly landing on my hand. I knew it was Gerard. He believed I was asleep. I wasn't going to tell him otherwise.

I heard the door open again, soft footfalls coming over.

"Gerard, let go. It's time for you to move on."

"I don't want to move on!" My hand was squeezed again. "I love him!"

"You just think you do. You don't know what love is."

"And you do?"


"Oh really? And how do you know?"

"Because... I'm in love."

"With who? Your unicorns?"

"You know who."

"No, I don't! Just spit it out already!"

"You're not good enough for him!" The soft voice blurted out.

"What are you talking about?! Don't change the subject!"

"You're horrible to him, and take him for granted!"

"Why the hell do you care so much how I feel about him?!"

There was a long pause, at the end of which I heard a deep breath mixed with a sign.

"Because I loved him first."
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