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Eleanor Cooper was a girl in Candor who had problems : she had a secret that weighed in on her everytime she was reminded that she was part of Candor, who upheld honesty. That was why she transfere...

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"You're aptitude test results was Dauntless. And Erudite and Amity. That makes you a Divergent."

I held my head in my hands, elbows on my knees. How was this happening? Just twenty-four hours ago, I was told that I was a Divergent. Not exactly great news, especially when Divergents were all wanted dead. The Dauntless who pricked me with the syringe told me to make the right choice and no matter whichever faction I chose, I had to be extremely careful and never tell anyone what I was. Eventhough I was a Candor, I wasn't really planning on making a grand announcement. Her words were swirling in my mind by the time I was sitting in the Hub during the Choosing Ceremony. Jeanine Matthews was making a speech in front of everyone, but I wasn't paying any attention. I was too nervous to; my hands were shaking, my teeth were chattering and I was sweating profusely. My head shot up when I heard a name being called.

"Eleanor Cooper."

The Candor sitting to my left poked me. I got up and walked to the front of the room. Even with my eyes on the bowls, I could feel the eyes of everyone boring into my back. I picked up the knife and shakily sliced my palm, the blood coming out in a red line. I raised my hand over the bowls, looking at the soil, glass, stones, water and burning coals. This was the time I was going to make a decision that would forever shape my future, and it all depended on which bowl a drop of blood would drip into. I inhaled deeply, closed my eyes and held it over a bowl, hearing the coals sizzle. I heard the Dauntless cheering loudly as I stumbled over to them. My parents were long gone, so there was no point of looking over at Candor. I took a seat next to a Dauntless girl who patted my back. She seemed friendly, but I had to watch out. If she knew I was a Divergent, she could be the one holding the gun to my head soon.
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