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Chapter 1

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Time for Dauntless!

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Years ago, I thought I would exit The Hub as a Candor, a person who upheld justice and honesty. Who would've known I would be stepping out into the late morning sun as a Dauntless, fierce and brave by nature? The nervousness wore off slowly like thawing ice as I ran and climbed up to the train tracks with the Dauntless. It vibrated beneath my feet as I watched the people standing together. The Dauntless were waiting for the train, all prepared while the transfers were still puzzled. The train turned the corner and we all broke off in a run. The Dauntless borns jumped in gracefully and I mimicked them. Or at least I tried to. I grabbed a handle and threw myself in, landing at the feet of an Erudite transfer. He gave me his hand and pulled me up.

"Hey, nice jump," he smiled.
"Why, thank you," I smiled back. His eyes were grey and he was clad in blue.
"I'm Eric," he said.
"Eleanor," I said back, smiling at him.

We stood together by a window and I observed the transfers. Two Abnegation, a boy and a girl were huddled together, although not talking. There were two Candors, but the transfers were mostly Erudite.

"What brought you onto this train?," Eric asked, turning to me.
"I don't know. Guess the honest life wasn't for me," I shrugged. "You?"
"Erudite was never my faction. I always got into trouble and everyone agreed I was a Dauntless. So here I am," he chuckled. We laughed for a while until the Candors shouted. "Hey, we need to jump!"

Eric looked over at me and sensed my fear. My teeth were chattering again, and sweat was beading on my forehead.

"Hey, calm down. Its just a jump," he said, resting his hand on my arm. I shook my head vigorously and Eric took my hand.

"If you can't do it alone, together it is," he said. I looked at him and he smiled.

I inhaled deeply and nodded. We started running and jumped off. We landed on our knees and scraped our palms. It hurt like crazy, but at least we were both laughing. We walked over to the ledge, where everyone was crowded around. A leader was standing on the ledge, his expression cold and fierce.

"Today, you get to use what we call the 'back entrance'. To enter, you have to jump. Anyone vying for the first jumper spot?," he asked, looking around. The Dauntless born stepped back and the transfers were in full vision of the leader, as if they wanted a show out of us inexperienced transfers.

"I'll go," Eric said.

We made way for him and he jumped over the ledge without thinking twice or making a sound. The leader, who had watched Eric drop into the darkness looked back at us.

"Now that's what I call brave. Next?"
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