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Chapter 2

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The leader on the roof, Felix, showed us to our accommodation. It was a hallway with five bunk beds for us ten transfers.

"Wait, we all have to sleep together?," the Candor boy, Frank asked.
"Yeah. Live with it," Felix answered. Everyone groaned and shuffled into the room.
"Change into the clothes and get down to the dining hall in fifteen minutes," Felix said, gesturing at the stacks of black in our hands and left.

I walked over to the bunk bed closest to the bathroom and set my clothes on the lower bunk.

"Hey! I'm Ruby," someone said, making me jump. I looked at the bunk above me and saw a girl with light brown hair and brown eyes, dressed in Abnegation clothes.
"Hi, I'm Eleanor," I smiled back.
"Are you fine with sharing a bunk with me?," she suddenly asked.
"Yeah. Why not?," I asked back.
"Well for starters, I'm a stiff. Not everyone likes stiffs," she shrugged.
"Well, I like stiffs," I smiled and she giggled.

We changed into our black clothes and walked to the hall. Our clothes had been burnt, and I could say I was glad I didn't wear my favourite white jacket.

The dining hall was noisy, the chatter filling our ears. We took our seats and like hungry animals, started gobbling our food.

"This hamburger is heaven," Eric said between chews. I nodded and laughed a little. I turned to my right and saw that I was sitting next to the girl who had pat my back at the Choosing Ceremony.

"Hey, I'm Eleanor," I said.
"Hey! Quinn," she said. "How are you liking Dauntless up to now?," she asked.
"Its kinda cool. I mean, we have to share a room and burn our clothes, and the jumping was scary, but its fun," I nodded, taking a sip of my drink.

The banging of cups on the tables made us turn around. The Dauntless leaders were looking at us from above the dining hall. One of them, a guy with hair as red as a firetruck raised a hand and the noise died down.

"All initiates, please stand," he said, and we all stood up.
"Today, we celebrate the initiates, transfers or Dauntless born. They have chosen the path of the brave and fearless, and hopefully, they'll stick around after the initiation. Have fun," he said, and the Dauntless cheered and clapped their hands. I hugged Eric, feeling better than ever. Although they were celebrating us now, there'd be a time where some of us would have to go, and I knew I didn't want to be there when it happened.
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