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Chapter VI

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Jack and Arcee talk about the previous night, then the mission to cure the Krogan of the Genophage begins. Just as a Reaper (scout) arrives on Tuchunka.

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The Arahalk star appeared from behind the planet of Tuchanka, it's light spreading across the surface as the Defiant continued to orbit the Krogan home world. The crew were going about their duties as Jack was walking along the corridor towards his XO's quarters. He hadn't slept that well since Arcee had drunkenly confessed her continued love for him, he thought that bridge had burnt down the day he and his partner were reunited with Airachnid on Thrull. But something had happened between the two femmes while he was being tortured by the Star seekers, because the next thing he knew, the two were acting like friends who had known each other forever.

And he had somehow regained a chance with the woman he loved, did she really mean it or was it just the drink talking. He had to know, these thoughts rattled around in his mind as he approached the door to her quarters. Once there, standing in front of the metal door that stood between him and his one time lover, he felt apprehensive as what the answer would be. And at this point with the Reapers holding his home planet as well as threatening to take the entire galaxy, this was a problem he didn't need. But he had to know, because he had to believe that he was not only fighting for the future of everyone in the galaxy. But also for his own personal future, a future that nearly three years ago seemed very real. Jack always thought that once the Reapers were defeated, that he would build a home just for Arcee and himself .

He knew that it was selfish thinking considering what was happening around him, and it wasn't exactly what a Prime was meant to think like. But he had to know if he and Arcee had a future, because he needed her. Not only as the woman he loved but as his best friend, and if what she told him last night wasn't true, then he wouldn't have anything left to fight for save the galaxy and that would leave him feeling as empty and soulless as the very husks that were attacking the human colonies at this moment.

As he stood there with his hand just over the door chime, the Prime took a deep breath and then rang the door. After a long moment he did it again... But still nothing but silence. So he activated the room's inter com.

"Arcee you in there? It's Jack." he said, but still no answer. Jack then activated his com link.

"Teletraan, can you tell me where Arcee is?" he asked.

"Of course Prime, Arcee is in the common room." the AI answered stoically.

"Anyone else with her?"

"Negative, there is no one else in the room with her." Teletraan replied.

"Thank you" Jack finished as he turned around and headed back down the corridor.

When he made it to the common room Jack took a peek through the window, and saw the femme sitting down at the table at the back of the room. She looked to be deep in thought as she held her coffee cup in her hands and stared at the table. The Commander sighed before entering the room, the opening doors alerted Arcee who looked up and saw Jack as he walked over to the drink dispenser and chose his beverage. He could feel her eyes on him as he picked up the coffee from the machine and turned in her direction and walked over to the femme.

"May I join you?" Jack asked as he stopped by her table, the Autobot nodded gently before Jack took a seat opposite and took a sip of his coffee. Arcee just watched him as he drank slowly from his cup before placing it down on the table between the two. The femme looked the Prime up and down before sighing.

"I'm glad you are alright Jack, after seeing the state that Thundertron left you in…." she said before looking away in shame. Jack though put his hand out on to hers in support, but Arcee pulled hers back, not wanting to accept it.

"Arcee, it's alright. If it weren't for the two of you working together then none of us would have gotten out of there." Jack replied gently, yet the Autobot just shook her head in response.

"If I hadn't let my anger at Airachnid overtake my senses then you would never have been taken." she said guiltily as she continued to look away from Jack.

"Looks like I never did learnt that lesson, even after all the other times I let my need for revenge get in the way of the mission and my friends."

The Commander sighed as he listened to Arcee.

"Hey, we all make mistakes. But we shouldn't let them define ourselves, because no matter what had happened. You and Airachnid managed to put aside your differences and work together. And for that I am very proud of you." Jack said making Arcee look back at him and noting the warm smile he had, she smiled slightly in return.

"Well at first it was because you were in danger, but then everything changed after we too were captured." she reminisced.

"What happened?" the Prime asked.

"Thundertron connected the two of us to the cortical psychic patch, but instead of just allowing him to see our memories, the connection showed us each others memories too." she said, making Jack's eyes widen in response.

"You saw it all didn't you, everything that Shockwave did to Airachnid?" he asked. Arcee nodded slowly before taking a sip from her coffee.

"Yes, it's kind of an eye opener that's for sure." she replied.

"But that was not all I saw, I saw everything that you two did together. From returning to Cybertron to….." she said before stopping, not wanting to put it into words. Jack though realised what she meant as he sighed.

"Arcee look, what happened between me and…." he replied before being cut off by the femme as she looked at understandingly.

"Jack you don't need to say anything. Like I said, I saw it all and Airachnid and I talked about it all yesterday. We have put it behind us and started a new." she said, a smile gracing her lips as she said that last part. The Commander felt himself relax as he took a sip of his coffee.

"That's good to hear, I guess that is why you have gone overboard with all the coffee." he observed while looking over to the three empty cups next to the femme. She looked over to them and smirked.

"Well we both needed a drink after our conversation. Though I still do not remember how I got back to my quarters." she replied, Jack's smile lessened at the Autobot's last comment.

"I got you back to your quarters, you weren't in any kind of state to make it back by yourself." he answered, gaining a surprised look from Arcee.

"By the look of it you two enjoyed the brandy." the Prime continued gaining a smile from the femme.

"Yes it was very nice, but we didn't know what kind of effect it would have on us."

"The same as it does on us humans, if too much is drunk of course." Jack replied, while Arcee chuckled.

"Well, I certainly won't be drinking that much again, the headache I had when I woke up was intense. How is Airachnid?" she asked.

"Don't know, I was going to check up on her. But I wanted to see you first." Jack said as the femme's azure eyes met his own.

"I appreciate that Jack, and I want to thank you for helping me last night." she replied. Jack though felt that he had gotten his answer from the Autobot earlier when she said that she had no memory of what happened, so felt it was time to get on with his job.

"Your welcome Arcee, I better go and check on Airachnid, I'll see you later." he said as he got up from the table and walked away. But Arcee's expression changed as she found herself somewhat confused.

"Jack wait." she said, making the Commander stop and look back at her.

"I was wondering, did I do or say anything last night. Because I'm not sure that I didn't make a fool of myself." she asked. Jack looked back at her and then looked down to the ground before he answered.

"No, Arcee. You didn't make a fool of your self." he replied, gaining a look of relief from the femme before she noticed a hint of sadness in his eyes as she looked at him.

"You just told me…that you loved me." he carried on. Arcee was going to answer but Jack continued.

"Don't worry Arcee, I know it was just the drink talking." Jack said before he turned around to leave. Arcee at that very moment suddenly felt that if he walked out that door now that she would lose him again and she couldn't bare that, so she got up from the table and stood beside it.

"Jack.." the femme called as the Commander stopped again, a long moment passed before he turned and looked at her.

"What if it wasn't the drink that made me say that."

Jack's eyes widened as he stood there looking at the woman he loved, his attention hung on every word that she said.

"I lost you once Jack and it nearly killed me. And when I saw what Thundertron had done to you, and how close I was to losing you again. It made me realise that I don't want to live in a world where you are not with me. So please don't leave?" she asked in an almost pleading tone as she stood there looking helpless for one of the very few moments in the time that Jack had known her.

The Prime took his chance and walked over to her and pulled her close before leaning towards her and joining her lips with his own. And just like the first time they kissed, a wave of euphoria went over the two. But this time it was far more intense, as so much time had passed since they were last together. Arcee wrapped her arms around Jack's neck as she pressed her lips against his own . The Commander returned the gesture by placing his arms around the femme's waist. The kiss lasted one long moment before they pulled away, but stayed in the embrace of each other. The Autobot looked up into Jack's blue eyes and sighed happily.

"I've missed that." she stated while Jack looked at her lovingly.

"Yeah, me too. And you don't have to worry, because I am not leaving you Arcee, this I promise you." he replied as he touched her forehead with his own. The femme though responded by kissing him again. But before they could enjoy another long kiss, the intercom activated.

"Jack, it's Soundwave. I need you and Arcee here in the medical bay." the spymaster said. They both sighed, slightly disappointed.

"Okay Soundwave, we are on our way." Jack replied as they pulled out of the embrace, but held hands as they both walked out of the common room and down the corridor. But what they didn't know was that someone had watched their reunion. Airachnid stepped out from behind cover and watched the two lovers walking away, a smile gracing her lips as she looked in their direction. 'It's about time.' she thought to herself.

When the partners arrived at the medical bay, they were greeted by Soundwave and Ratchet while Wrex and Bakara watched as the two scientists worked together at the main console.

"Jack, your doc and the pyjak here have some news for you." Wrex said earning a glare from Autobot medic.

"My name is Ratchet, not Doc!" he answered in an irritable tone. Soundwave just ignored the two while Ravage lied down at his feet.

"Jack, using the tissue samples from Wrex and Bakara, and working through the data I have on the original Genophage strand that Shockwave and myself created, I believe that I can create anti-pathogen." the spymaster said while looking at the screen.

"So you can cure the Krogan?" Jack asked while looking over the data on the screen. Soundwave nodded in response.

"Yes and I also know how to distribute the cure to the entire population." the former Con replied as he brought up an image on the screen.

"What's that?" Arcee asked as she stood beside Jack.

"That is the Pillar, an atmospheric control tower left by the Lithone." Soundwave replied as Wrex joined him at the console.

"The Decepticons used it to spread the Genophage across Tuchanka and give my race for over a thousand years." he said as he gave the spymaster a stern look, though Soundwave remained stoic. Then the Krogan's expression softened slightly as he turned to the others.

"But if Soundwave here thinks he can use it to cure my people, then I say we go for it."

Bakara smiled and nodded back at her mate, Jack noticed this as he stood there before looking back to the former Con.

"Well then can I suggest the you get on with it and empty my medical bay please." Ratchet said as he approached them from behind. Everyone stared daggers at the Medic. But he just shrugged.

"What, I have a lot of work to do and you are getting in the way. He replied grumpily. Jack though rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Ok, we should all get ready then, Arcee can you help Soundwave with his preparations." he asked the femme who smiled back to him.

"Sure thing Jack." she replied before heading out of the lab with the spymaster. Wrex then walked out next, saying he needed to see Garrus first. That left Jack with Bakara while Ratchet went back to his station. The Commander walked over to the Krogan who had sat back down on her berth.

"Commander I want to thank you for all the help you are giving the Krogan." she said as Jack leaned back against the worktop next to her.

"Your welcome, I made a promise to Wrex a long time ago that I would help anyway I could. And I am glad that we can finally move ahead with it." the Prime replied.

"It has been a long time coming, I never thought that I would see the day." the Krogan said as she looked over to Jack.

"How did you meet Wrex?" he asked, a curious tone in his voice.

"I met him at meeting between Clan Urdnot and the female clan that I lead."

"What do you think of Wrex?" Jack asked.

"When he is not trying to sire half of the planet, he is the best thing to happen to the Krogan. But I will not tell him that, his head is big enough already….literally." she chuckled, gaining a smile from Jack.

"He has become a strong leader considering that when I first met him, he was just a bounty hunter." The Prime replied.

"I know that Wrex wants what is best for the Krogan race, but unfortunately not all the other clans see it that way." she said in concerned tone.

"Why would they give him trouble, you'd think the other clans would want a better future for the Krogan." Jack asked.

"The males of our species do not know what it means to cooperate, they have evolved to be selfish and only worry about their survival. That's what the genophage has done to us, but Wrex is different. I think his working with you has changed him for the better." Bakara replied. Jack then gave her a concerned expression.

"Do you worry that Wrex may want revenge against the former Decepticons?"

"Well the other clans will expect it, but I hope he resists. He understands that change is needed if we as a race are to have voice in the galaxy." Bakara answered.

"If I may ask, what has it been like. Living with the genophage?" The prime asked.

"It is a terrible burden to live with, there were sisters of mine who could bear the same of being infertile. They would wander into the wastes and let the inhospitable conditions end their torment."

"Did you ever think of that?" Jack said sheepishly, unsure if he should have asked. Bakara looked down at the ground and sighed.

"Yes…after my first still-born."

"What kept you from ending it?" The Prime replied.

"I soon fell pregnant again after, and gave birth, that gave me hope. You see that is all we Krogan have while the genophage hinders us. The hope that the next day will bring change, and if not, then hopefully the one after that." the Krogan answered.

"Once the genophage is cured, what do you see in your people's future?"

"We will be able to grow again and find a balance that has not existed for a thousand years." Bakara said in a hopeful tone.

Suddenly the door opened and Soundwave stood there and beckoned Ravage to his side, both Jack and the Krogan and forgotten that the feline bot was there. It got up and looked over to the two before going over to the spymaster, who nodded to them walking away.

"How has Soundwave been treating you?" Jack asked as he turned back to Bakara.

"Better than most male Krogan. He isn't what I suspected, being a former Decepticon. He told me of his part in creating the genophage, I should hate him with everything that I am."

She said with a hint of anger, but then it disappeared and her face looked peaceful.

"But I can see the pain in his eyes, he feels guilt and shame for what happened to my people and wants to atone."

Jack smiled back at her.

"I know, everyone deserves a chance for redemption."

Bakara nodded in return.

"I agree." she replied.

The suddenly the intercom activated.

"Commander, I think you should get up here!" Hotrod spoke in a panicky tone.

"I'm on my way Hotrod." the Prime answered before looking at the Krogan.

"Thanks for talking to me." he said before offering her his hand, which she took and shook in return.

"It's my pleasure Prime. I have met few humans before, I am glad for the opportunity." she responded before Jack turned and headed out of the lab.

Hotrod worked frantically at his controls as Jack walked up to his side.

"Hotrod report."

The pilot looked to him before activating a screen which showed the planet and a red dot entering the atmosphere.

"A Reaper has just jumped out from hyperspace and is heading for the planet's surface."

Jack's expression changed to stoic as he turned round walked away before looking back.

"Get everyone in the war room and keep a sensor lock on that ship. I want to know where it lands."

"Aye Aye Commander" the Autobot replied.

In the war room, the whole team as well as Wrex and Bakara were standing around the large circular table as a holographic representation of the Reaper and the Pillar were emitted from it's center. Jack entered the room and stood between Arcee and Garrus.

"It's a Sovereign class Reaper." Soundwave observed as Smokescreen chipped in.

"And it has parked itself right next to the Pillar."

Garrus shook his head in response.

"Well that's a nice coincidence isn't it." he replied sarcastically. Wrex though just growled at the hologram.

"They want a fight, I say we give it to them."

Jack nodded in return.

"I agree, but we are going to need some help." he then activated his com link.

"Hotrod, contact Primarch Vinctus and tell him I need a favour."

"Roger that Prime." Hotrod replied.

The others all looked at Jack a little confused.

"What's your plan Jack?" Arcee asked. Jack took control of the holo table and added to knew units to the presentation.

"A combined attack. You see before we arrived at Tuchanka I left a message with the Turian Primarch asking for one of their star fighter carriers to be present in this system, in case we needed it."

Garrus smiled at Jack, as did Airachnid and Bumblebee.

"That's good thinking Jack." the Turian replied.

"So with the Turians attacking from above, Wrex your soldiers will attack from the ground and draw it away from the Pillar."

Soundwave nodded as he observed the holograms.

"Yes, a diversion. That will mean a small team can reach the tower and finish synthesizing cure. Bakara will need to come with us."

Jack then looked around at everyone.

"This will be the first time we have ever took on a Reaper like this, is everyone up for it?"

Everyone around the room nodded in response as Wrex chuckled.

"Was there ever any doubt Jack." he then looked at Soundwave.

"Come on, it's time we cured the Genophage." he said as he walked out the room, everyone else following.


Shuttle two left the Defiant and flew down to the planet's surface just as the Turian carrier arrived and stopped next to the Alliance frigate before releasing it's fighters who then joined the shuttle in formation. In the ship's hold, Jack was sitting with Arcee beside him. While Garrus and Wrex sat opposite. Soundwave was with Bakara and checking on her with his holo-tool.

"I have called for a meeting of all the clan leaders, they should be meeting us at the Hollows. It was our sacred council grounds. From there we will take an armoured convey against the Reaper." he then sighed as a slight vulnerability showed on his face.

"We have a lot riding on this."

Arcee gave the Krogan a supportive smile.

"Don't worry Wrex, we will stop that Reaper and cure your people today."

Wrex smiled back in appreciation.

"Thanks Arcee, I can't think of anyone else I would want along for the ride."

Garrus then coughed into his hand loudly, gaining a chuckle from the Krogan leader.

"Don't think I forgot about you either, you little Pyjak."

"I was just thought that you forgot about Jack here too." the Turian replied pointing at the Prime while chuckling. Jack was about to reply when the shuttle suddenly shook as Wrex's com link activated.

"Wrex, its Wreav. The Hollows is under siege from Reaper forces, make sure your weapons are fully loaded. Your gonna need them."

Wrex just smiled as he cocked his shotgun, Jack and the others all readied their weapons in response. The shuttle's pilot looked back at his passengers.

"Everybody hold on, we are going in."

The shuttle then swung around the remains of an ancient looking building before landing on the ground next to the entrance. The hatch then opened and a Husk looked directly at the group before screaming and charging them. But Wrex just shoved the shotgun into the creature's face and pulled the trigger. The Husk's head exploded and it's body fell to the ground as the Krogan stepped out of the shuttle.

"Jack, I will go and find the clan leaders. You protect Bakara." he shouted back before running down into the Hollows. Jack, Arcee and Garrus all took positions outside of the shuttle as they saw Krogan fighting the Husks who flooded into the building. The fighting was fierce as the Krogan fought against the invading hordes. Arcee and Jack immediately killed three enemies as Garrus took out husks at the far end of the building with his sniper rifle.

"The Reaper didn't waste any time deploying husks did it." Garrus observed as the femme spin kicked one creature in the face before finishing it off with her SMG. The Prime meanwhile sliced clean through two husks with the star saber, but hadn't noticed that a husk had appeared from a level above him and it pounced at him. But then Jack heard gun fire behind him and turned to see the creature fall to the ground, he then looked up to see Arcee smiling back at him.

"Thanks I owe you one." he winked back.

"Not necessary Partner." she replied with a smile as Jack cut down another enemy while the Turian continued to take out any husks giving the Krogan troops problems around the Hollows.

"Arcee conserve your ammo, go hand to hand." Jack said as he side kicked a husk in its side before cutting it down the middle with his blade, black blood spilling out as it's two parts fell away from each other. Arcee deployed her arm blades and started slicing at the oncoming horde before back flipping out of their reach and landing next to the Commander who smiled back to her.

"Nice." Jack commented as he brought down another drone. Arcee blushed slightly while engaging two enemies.

"Thanks, you're looking pretty good yourself Jack." she hit back with a knowing smile, as the Prime sliced off the head of a husk that Arcee had motioned into his direction with a palm to its face.

"Really" Garrus called out with an annoyed tone, not even bothering to look at them while shooting two more husks at a distance. Both partners turned and looked at him after finishing off the husks in their immediate vicinity.

"What?" Jack called back feigning innocence.

"Well, just remind me to tell you two to 'get a room' after this mission is over." the Turian replied.

Both Jack and Arcee smiled at each other before shrugging at the same time.

"Let's ignore him." Jack said gaining a chuckle from the femme.

"Yeah lets." she replied as Garrus just sighed and gave up. But suddenly a husk pounced at Jack from behind.

"Shit!" the sniper shouted as he aimed at the creature, but then Jack without even looking, backhanded the husk to the ground. And then stabs it straight through the heart with his saber, before looking back up at Garrus with a lopsided grin.

"Show off!" the Turian called back. The Prime and the Autobot then looked back to see the remaining husks regroup and charge up at the pair.

"Stand back." Jack said as he held up the star saber, Arcee complying as she moved out of his way. The Commander then swung the blade around him as he charged it up, before letting loose an energy wave that sent al the husks flying into the walls of the Hollows, killing them. He then fell to one knee and panted heavily as Arcee ran back to his side, a concerned look on her face.

"Does that happen every time you use the star saber?" she asked as Jack caught his breath.

"Yeah, I guess it's because I am not Cybertronian. Harnessing the power of the matrix and charging the saber with it weakens me when I release that energy." he replied.

"And the more you charge it the more weakened you become." she observed, gaining a nod from Jack. She then help Jack to his feet as he started to feel stronger.

"Thanks." he said while Arcee looked down at the holographic blade.

"It really does look a lot like the real saber that Optimus carries. I saw how you unlocked it too, by saving Airachnid from Shockwave."

"You saw it in her memories." the Commander said, gaining a nod from the femme.

"I also got this." Jack replied as he activated the sky boom shield which emitted from his left lower arm. Arcee looked at both relics and the gave Jack a beaming smile.

"I am very proud of you Jack, I always knew you had great potential to be a Prime. But by unlocking these relics you have shown that you are so much more."

Jack simply returned the femme's smile as Garrus walked over to them.

"Ok, the Hollows are now clear, you two should head down to the Krogan who are gathering at the room's center. I will go back and fetch Soundwave and Bakara."

The partners nodded and walked away from the shuttle as the Turian headed back.

In the center of the Hollows, a large grouping of Krogan stood cheering at their victory over the husks who invaded the sacred place. Wrex was standing in the middle and encouraging them.

"They will sing songs of this day, the blood of the Reapers has finally soaked the soil of Tuchanka." he called out to the others as they raised they weapons over their heads. Jack and Arcee walked over to their friend while the rest of the landing party entered the room's center, Jack just finishing a call over his com link.

"Wrex we need to move fast, the Turian air strike is nearly ready."

The Krogan leader nodded back at him, while the rest suddenly caught the view of Soundwave with Bakara.

"Bakara is fine Jack, we are ready to proceed." the Spymaster said.

"What the hell is a Decepticon doing here? You never mentioned this Wrex." a Krogan in grey/brown armour spat as he stomped over to the former Con. Jack though stood between them.

"He is with us." the Prime stated as he stared at the brute.

"I am Urdnot Wreav, blood brother to our…leader. And I suggest you stand aside, or I will make you move."

Jack though stood his ground as another Krogan, this one in silver armour tried to calm down Wreav.

"I think you should think again brother, this human is not like the rest."

Wreav though simply pushed the young one aside.

"Get out of my way Grunt. I know I can handle this puny human."

Jack though took a glance at Grunt and remembered that he broke the young one's arm in front of Airachnid, just over seven months ago. He then looked back at Wreav who stared daggers at him, the Prime though chose to ignore him and looked over to Wrex.

"Blood brother?" he simply asked.

"Wreav and I share the same mother, but nothing else." the Krogan leader answered, gaining his brother's attention.

"And for that brother I am eternally grateful, for I remember what it means to be a real Krogan." he spat back gaining roars of approval from his soldiers.

"We rip our enemies apart and watch them drown in their own blood."

He then looked over at Soundwave.

"We don't invite them into our home."

Jack though took a step toward Wreav with a stoic impression on his face.

"Soundwave is here to cure the genophage." he stated as the Krogan gritted his teeth and began charging at the former Con.

"Soundwave, it is his fault that we have been cursed with it for all this time."

Wrex though got in the way and head butted his brother, gaining roars of approval from his own supporters.

"Because I say so, and you will accept his help." he spat back as Wreav equipped his shotgun and pointed it the Krogan leader. The grouping of soldiers suddenly was split in the middle as both factions looked ready to fight each other.

"ENOUGH!" came a voice that brought the Krogan out of their rage and they all looked over to Bakara who was staring daggers at them all, she then walked right through the center of the horde. You could hear a pin drop in the hall, it was so quiet.

"You can stay and fight each other, blinded by old wounds that you refuse to heal like we Krogan have always down. Or you can fight and destroy the enemy that has invaded our world, reclaiming a future for our children." she then walked up to the exit and looked back at the group.

"I choose to fight…..who is with me?" she called down to the group. Jack stepped forward.

"I will." he replied as Wrex stood forward.

"And so will I." he answered before looking at the other Krogan.

"Now stand tall and ready yourselves, there is a Reaper out there…and it needs killing." he shouted as he pointed in it's direction. The rest of the Krogan soldiers started roaring their approval as Wreav then nodded in return. The Krogan then left the hollows and entered their tanks, large armoured vehicles with wheels that looked like they belonged to monster trucks. Jack and the others entered the leading tank and the convoy moved through the old ruins of the ancient city that covered the area, as they made their way towards the Pillar.


The convoy had made it three quarters of the way toward the tower when it suddenly came to a stop. Jack, Arcee and Garrus climbed out of their tank.

"Wrex stay in there with Soundwave and Bakara, we will check it out." he said as they walked over to the edge of a cliff side, that overlooked more of the city's ruins with the Pillar just outsides it's limits and the Reaper standing next to it.

The sound of space fighters could be heard as a wing of Turian fighters flew overhead and towards the Reaper, causing the dust to fall from the building next to them. Jack looked over at the fighters and frantically activated his com link.

"Epsilon wing, pull back until we can get in position."

The Commander and his team, along with a number of Krogan watched as the fighters attacked the Reaper.

"Negative Prime, our attack has begun. We can not pull out now." came the voice of the leader. The Reaper then activated it's beam weapon and fired quick fire shots at the attacking ships, all which evaded the energy shots and continued to harass the black behemoth, their weapon's fire not even scratching the Reaper's armour. While the group watched the battle ahead of them, Arcee glanced over to Jack and saw the frustration on his face.

"Scrap." he cursed as he paced over to the Krogan looking over the road in front of them.

"Why have we stopped?" the Prime asked angrily, making the soldier take a step back, unsure due to the Human's hostility.

"The road here is unstable, I am not sure that it will support our tanks." he answered hesitantly. Jack looked once more to the battle and then gave the Krogan an angry but stoic like look.

"I don't care if you have to build a new road, we are going….now." he barked back, causing the soldier to jump.

"Yes sir, at once." he said as he hurried away, back towards his tank. Arcee then looked at the Reaper as it's beam weapon hit one of the Turian fighters, causing it to spin out of control toward the convoy.

"Jack!" she shouted back, making Jack look round just in time to see the burning fighter crash directly into the building, causing the concrete to break free and fall onto half of the tanks in the convoy, each one exploding. Sending Jack and his team flying on to their asses.

"Jack, what's going out there?" Wrex asked over the com link.

"Wrex, get Bakara out of here, now!" he shouted back. Then the two leading tanks moved over the road as it crumbled under their combined weight. But both machines made it across and carried on down the road.

"Prime, this is Epsilon. We have to abort, the Reaper is tearing us apart." the lead fighter pilot spoke as Jack listened on his com link as he got to his feet, Arcee and Garrus doing the same before looking over at the burning husks of the other tanks.

"Roger that Epsilon, save your pilots. We'll find another way, Prime out." He then looked over to the others.

"Alright we have to find another way to reach the two tanks that made it, any ideas?"

Arcee looked around to see what looked like a set of stairs going underground.

"Jack, over here." she said as the others followed her over to the entrance. Jack smiled at the femme.

"A subway." he replied gaining a chuckle from her.

"Like the one in New York Jack." she asked. Jack rolled his eyes.

"I don't think this one will have Insecticons in it. Ok lets move out." he said as the three of them descended into the underground.

They activated their torches as they moved through the cramped walkways that were covered in cobwebs with piles of debris along the sides of the walls.

"Jack where are you?" Wrex asked over the com link.

"We are in some underground tunnels. Sound familiar to you?" the Prime asked as the group turned a corner and walked further into the tunnels.

"They sound an awful lot like the old sewer tunnels that run under the city."

Garrus looked over to Jack.

"Did he say sewers, perfect. So we are walking around in Krogan waste."

Arcee tapped the Turian on the shoulder and shook her head.

"Garrus, these tunnels look at least a thousand years old. I doubt we have to worry about that."

Jack ignored the two as he kept his hand up to his com link.

"Jack, just hurry up and get out of there, that Reaper isn't going to leave on it's own accord." Wrex finished as Jack looked at his team mates who had spotted something.

"What is it?" he asked as he looked over at what had their attention.

"That doesn't look like it is part of these tunnels" Garrus observed as they looked at the metal doorway.

"Yeah, it certainly sticks out like a sore thumb." Arcee concurred as Jack walked into the doorway. What he saw was something that looked eerily familiar, something that also caught Arcee's attention more than the Prime's. Her azure eyes widened as she stepped through the doorway and looked around her.

"Jack, this looks Cybertronian." she said in shock as Garrus followed her. Jack though shone his torch on to one of the walls, it lit up a symbol that brought back memories to both partners.

"Not just Cybertronian, it is Decepticon." he said as they looked at the purple insignia that was adorned on wall. Jack then tapped his com link.

"Wrex, we have found what appears to be an old Decepticon underground base."

"Well that's nice Jack, but could you stop sightseeing and get your asses up here." the Krogan spat back. Arcee then activated her holo-tool and took a scan.

"Uh, Jack. I am detecting energon reserves in this facility."

When Jack didn't answer, Arcee shone her torch at the Commander and saw him just standing there, staring ahead.

"Jack." she said again as she walked over to him. When she got closer, she saw that he was holding the matrix crystal in his hand. And it was starting to glow.

"Jack what is it?" she asked as Garrus joined them. The Prime smiled and looked at both of them.

"I think we have found another way to deal with that Reaper." he said confidently as the crystal mass shifted into the human matrix of leadership and Jack held it out in front him.

"I know you are there, I can feel your spark through the matrix." he said out loud, baffling Arcee and Garrus. Then suddenly the wall in front of the Prime opened up, revealing another corridor. The others looked on in surprise as Jack then beckoned them to follow him. As they walked through the corridor, the matrix shone even brighter. When they reached the end of the corridor, they entered a large room filled with pistons and pipes and wires on all sides. Suddenly a breathing like sound echoed through the corridor toward the team as Jack held up the matrix.

"My name is Jackson Prime and I order you to help us."

As he said this the matrix shone to almost blinding strength as the room around them started to shake.

"Jack, I think we should leave." Arcee said a little unnerved by what was happening. Suddenly the walls around the room started to shift as another corridor appeared, Jack pointed at it.

"Move, now!" he said as the breathing sound turned into a groaning noise as the facility started to shift. They kept running as more corridor kept appearing in front of them until day light could be seen ahead.

"Jump!" Jack shouted as the three of them leapt out on to the ground as the facility rose up from beneath the ground and started to mass shift, an arm growing out of either side and legs appearing below it. Jack, Arcee and Garrus looked up in stunned silence as a giant transformer formed above them as a decepticon insignia lit up on the red half of its torso, while the blue half-opened to reveal a missile battery.

As its arms took form, a hand grew out of the end of each and clenched tightly. Finally the head rose up out of the top of the torso as cannon's appeared on both shoulders and on it's back. The bot's eyes glowed blue as suddenly the Con symbol was replaced by the bright red insignia of the Autobots. The gigantic transformer looked down at the human holding the matrix in his hands.

"Metrotitan online, I heed the call of the Human Prime." his voice boomed as it took a step forward.

"Wow" Garrus said as the Titan's shadow covered the area that they stood in.

"Metrotitan, you have to destroy the Reaper that is standing between us and the Pillar." he called up to the transformer. Metrotitan looked over to see the black figure of the Reaper ship as it was looking in another direction.

"Of course Prime." he answered back before walking in the direction of the unknowing Reaper.

"Jack what is going on?" Wrex said back a little panicky on the com link.

"Don't worry Wrex, our back up has arrived." Jack answered as the two tanks drove up to them, the three then climbed back aboard before they took off in the pursuit of Metrotitan.

While they were heading towards the Pillar, Jack informed the others of what they had found and awakened.

"So your saying that you have unleashed a Decepticon on the Reaper. A while ago and I would be pissed, but hey I like it right." Wrex said back as Soundwave looked over to Jack.

"I do remember Starscream saying that he had brought a City-Bot to Tuchanka, but I never saw anything to prove it. I just thought that it was one of Starscream's grand boasts. And you now say that it is an Autobot?"

Jack nodded in return.

"Yes we communicated through the matrix, it knows that the war is over and pledged itself to our cause." he responded stoically, while Arcee just watched him and smiled. Garrus noticing this, nudged the femme and snapped her out of it.

"What?" she looked at the Turian.

"Nothing." he answered sheepishly.

"So now that we have Metrotitan, he can get the Reaper away from the tower and allow us access to it." Jack said gaining the attention of everyone there. He then climbed up and opened a hatch on the ceiling and took a look outside. His eyes widened as he saw the Reaper staring right at them, it's beam weapon powering up.

"Oh shit! It's seen us." he said as he jumped back down and rushed over to the driver's cabin.

"Turn right now." he shouted and suddenly the tank veered to the right, just moments before the Reaper fired and it's read energy beam missed them by mere inches and hit Wreav's tank, destroying it as it exploded. Jack's tank took cover behind an old building as the team climbed out. Wrex looked out at the burning wreckage of his brother's vehicle.

"Is Wreav dead Wrex?" Bakara asked as she joined him.

"I sure hope so, he was a pain in the ass." the Krogan leader replied honestly. Soundwave walked over to Jack and his team as they checked their weapons.

"There is a lab close by, I can finish synthesising the cure there with Bakara." the spymaster said.

"Okay, while you do that we will secure the tower. I hope you two are ready?" he said to the others who both nodded. They were about to move out when Wrex stopped the Prime.

"Wait, I want you to know that no matter how this turns out. You have been a true friend to Clan Urdnot and the Krogan race, and a brother to me. For every child that is born after this day…..the name Jack will mean 'hero'." he said proudly as the two friends shook hands. But then the Krogan leader saw Husks suddenly appear from behind the building away from them, causing him to release Jack and equip his shotgun.

"Go, I've got this." he said before charging at the horde.

"My name is Urdnot Wrex and this is my world." he screamed at the Husks as he started blowing them away with his weapon. Jack looked over to Soundwave.

"See you on the other side." he smiled at the spymaster.

"Watch your back." Soundwave replied before heading away with Bakara. Jack, Arcee and Garrus then ran down the main street towards the Reaper and the Pillar behind it, when more husks appeared and attacked them. The Prime led the charge as he killed several of the husks while interchanging between Mattock rifle and Star saber, Arcee killed a number of drones with one of her SMG's while slicing apart any who got too close with her arm blade. Garrus had switched to his own mattock and was taking down Husks who approached the team from the right side. But after fighting the Husks for a number of minutes while slowly gaining some ground on the Reaper, Jack suddenly spotted it powering up it's weapon as it looked directly at them.

"Move!" he shouted as they suddenly dived out of the way as the beam narrowly missed and destroyed the area directly behind them.

"Damn it, that was too close." Garrus said as he and Arcee picked them selves up. Jack though saw the Reaper recharging it's weapon.

"Run for the base of it's feet now." he said as the trio started to sprint for the Reaper before it could fire again. Then suddenly the Turian fighters reappeared and attacked the Reaper, taking it's attention from the group.

"This is Epsilon, we will give that thing something else to shoot at." the lead pilot said over the com link.

"Thanks Epsilon." Jack responded.

"By the way, you do know there is a giant robot approaching your position?"

"Yeah, he is on our side. Give him some cover." The Prime replied as he looked back at Arcee and Garrus who had started to fire back at Husks who had appeared at their rear.

"Jack you go on, we will cover you." Garrus said while Arcee gave Jack a look of longing before nodding in return. Jack gave her a slight smile before turning around and continuing to run at the Reaper, Arcee then turned back to the Husks and fired at them.

As Jack ran he saw the fighters flying around the Reaper, they had it's full attention as it tried to shoot them down. The suddenly a metallic fist hit the Reaper dead in the center of it's side, forcing it to slide across the floor and away from the Pillar. Jack took cover as the Reaper crashed into a building, bringing up debris and dust as Metrotitan slowly made it's way over. Jack then got up and watched as the City-Bot looked into the large dust cloud that the demolished building had caused, trying to zero in on his enemy.

Suddenly a bright red light appeared in the middle of the cloud and the Reaper fired it's energy beam which hit Metrotitan in the side, blowing away apart of it's torso. He griped at the wound before charging at the Reaper, causing powerful tremors as it smashed into the Reaper before it could fire again. He then punched it in what you would call it's face, cracking it's armour as fired blind, but the City-Bot managed to get out of the way.

The Reaper then recovered and stood ready for the next attack. Metrotitan attacked again, this time swinging it's arm at the large enemy who sliced it off with a perfectly executed beam attack. The former Con winced before kicking the Reaper away with a hit to it's face. It then responded by taking quick fire shots which hit Metrotitan in all areas across it's body, spilling energon out of them as he fell to his knees causing an extremely strong earthquake. He looked back at the Prime.

"I am sorry Jackson Prime, I will not be able to help you any further."

Jack just looked stoically at him in return.

"You have done your best Metrotitan, you will not be forgotten."

The City-Bot smiled back before looking at the Reaper who was standing over him. Metrotitan then gritted his teeth as he forced himself up and plunged it's other arm into the Reaper and pulled out a large amount of it's insides, but not before the enemy managed one concentrated burst of power from it's beam weapon which cut straight through the former Con's body, blasting out the other side and then both behemoths fell to the ground dead. The bright blue optics of Metrotitan then turned black as the last of it's energon bled out of its system. Jack said a silent prayer before looking back at the Pillar and noticed explosions erupting from the top of it, so he ran toward it as fast as he could.


Jack entered the Pillar and rushed into the main hall which was full of computers and equipment as Soundwave was working away at one of the holo-consoles, Jack looked up and could see the massive tower before him. He then walked up to the spymaster.

"Soundwave report, is the cure ready?"

"Yes, I have loaded it into the Pillar's dispersal sequencer and I am now launching it in four, three, two….damn it." Soundwave said gritting his teeth.

"What, what's wrong?" Jack asked as panic started to set in. The former Con looked over at the diagnostic screen as an image of the tower was lighting up in red.

"The system has been sabotaged…by Starscream and Shockwave. They have made countermeasures in case anyone tried what we are attempting now."

Jack looked over the console data.

"You can crack it right?"

"Yes but I have to do it from the Primary control room on the top floor." the spymaster replied while pointing up. Jack looked up and saw the very top of the tower and the explosions that were rattling it.

"Your going up there?" the Prime asked surprised. Soundwave nodded as he headed toward the elevator on the nearside of the consoles.

"Yes, that is the only area where I can fully counteract the sabotage."

"But Soundwave, that's suicide." Jack said back.

"Don't worry, I can do it." the former con replied as he opened the elevator doors.

"By the way, Bakara will be fine, I sent her back to safety with some of Wrex's troops. With her input, the Krogan will have a promising future." he continued as he tried to distract Jack from what he was doing, but the Commander grabbed the former Con's shoulder and stopped him.

"Soundwave there has to be another way?"

Soundwave stayed silent for a long moment, probably the longest moment since he had started talking again. He then sighed and looked back at Jack.

"No, there is no other way, I won't be coming back. You should get out of here. The tower will likely explode after dispersal of the cure and that would be problematic."

"Soundwave No!" Jack snapped back at the spymaster who just looked back at him, his face completely stoic compared to Jack's who's had started to become emotional.

"Jack…please, I need to do this. You know that, so let me go."

The Prime just looked at Soundwave before admitting defeat and he released the spymaster. Who then walked into the elevator and turned to face Jack.

"Thank you Jack, you are the best friend that I ever had and I appreciate everything that you have done for me."

Jack just stood there as Soundwave reached out at the elevator controls, only to stop and look back at the Commander.

"Oh and Jack."

"Yeah?" the Prime asked.

"Take care of Ravage for me?" the spymaster asked.

"I will Soundwave." Jack replied with a slight smile. Soundwave then nodded in return as he smiled.

"Goodbye." he said as he activated the elevator, causing the doors to shut and the capsule shot up towards the top of the tower. Jack took a moment to watch as he his friend went up, before turning around and leaving the Pillar as debris started to fall from it's highest level. Mean while as the elevator climbed up, Soundwave just stood there, his face now completely stoic again.

Then the capsule stopped at the top floor and as the doors opened the heat hit the spymaster hard as the fires in the control room ran out of control. Soundwave walked hurried over to the master control console while shielding his face from the exploding consoles to either side of him, knocking slightly to the side with each one.

"Warning, power build up reaching critical levels. Warning power build up reaching critical levels." The computer boomed over the intercom, but Soundwave ignored it and started working on the console, typing fast as he counteracted the sabotaged systems that his former colleages had left behind all those centuries ago. As he typed he thought back to his time as a Decepticon under the leadership of Megatron and all the lives that they had hurt. This alone might not have redeemed him in the eyes of those victims, but he knew that the work he did with Jackson Prime would. The computer screen then turned green as Soundwave smiled.

"Damaged systems disengaged, dispersal system activated." the computer replied as suddenly the cure was shot out high into the atmosphere where it began interacting with the clouds which began to grow darker and spread out further around the immediate area of the Pillar and then further out as it then started to rain the cure down on the planet in the form of glowing liquid droplets. Soundwave had big smile on his face as he watched the cure spread out around the planet. He sighed happily just moments before the room exploded around him, destroying the entire top floor of the Pillar in a massive explosion.

Jack looked up at the tower with what was once the control room now in flames as he felt sadness overtake him as he had again lost a friend. The cure rained down on the Prime as he held his hand out and watched the glowing droplets hit it and run down his armoured glove before dropping on to the floor. Meanwhile Wrex's tank stopped nearby and Wrex, Bakara, Arcee and Garrus climbed out and walked up to Jack. All around Tuchanka, Krogan looked up at the sky as it rained the cure down upon them.

Wrex and Bakara looked wide-eyed at what Soundwave had done for them. Jack then felt a slight smile grace his face as he felt a soft hand take his own in their's. He looked over to see Arcee standing next to him, with a look of understanding on her face. They then looked up one more time at the Pillar before turning around and heading back to the tank.

As the tank drove away, the Pillar started to fall apart and collapsed into a massive heap as the rain continued. Back at the Hollows, the group followed Wrex as he wanted to show them something.

"A long time ago, my father who I thought the world of. Betrayed me in this place, his own son. And he tried to kill me, so I killed him…..right over there." he said while pointing at a slab of blood stained rock just away from them, the Krogan leader then turned to Jack and his team.

"That is what the genophage reduced us into…..animals. But you and Soundwave changed that today." he said with a slight smile, having noticed Jack's stoic expression. He knew that Jack was hurting for his friend.

"From now on, we will fight for our children….not against them." Bakara added as she stood beside Wrex. She then sighed as she looked down to the ground.

"It's just a pity that Soundwave had to die." she said sadly. Jack though looked at her and Wrex.

"I know he wouldn't have had it any other way, and I bet that where ever he is…he is looking out for us." the Prime replied. Wrex then stepped closer to Jack.

"We'll name one of the kids after him…maybe a girl." Wrex chuckled. Bakara though held her hand out to Jack.

"But you Prime, you we can thank in person." she said as they shook hands.

"Jack, when you are ready to kick the Reapers the hell off Earth. We will be at your side, the Krogan are back in business." Wrex said as he slammed his fists together.

"What will you do now?" Jack asked.

"We will spread word of what has happened here. Many clans are already gathering in the Kelphic Valley. I will speak to them and start the rebuilding process. We are finally free to control our own destiny. But I will make sure that this gift isn't squandered. Farewell Prime and thank you." Bakara finished as Jack and the others said their good byes before entering their shuttle. Which took off and flew up into the atmosphere, on it's way to rendezvous with the Defiant in orbit.
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