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Chapter 3

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After breakfast the next day, we were subjected to gun shooting and knife throwing. I was pretty good at the guns, having played virtual ones at the arcade in Candor. But I couldn't say the same when it came to knife throwing. My knives would either bounce off the target or miss bullseye, making me momentarily think they hated me. To make things worse, Felix and the red haired leader, Sam was watching each and everyone of us closely, Sam pointing out our mistakes and Felix correcting them.

"Initiate!," Sam shouted. He was right behind me. Everyone stopped hurling their knives at the targets and stared at my slowly reddening face.
"You didn't hit the target. At all," he snapped. "I want you to show me how you throw ."

I positioned myself like I had before and threw. The knife missed bullseye, but stuck to the target. I mentally smiled and punched the air.

"That was bad, but quite good compared to your previous tries. Felix, you know what to do," Sam said, walking away.

I turned to look at the other leader, who had light blonde hair and brown eyes. Felix was a little less intimidating compared to Sam, but all the Dauntless leaders were scary. He put his hands on my hips and turned my body so I was facing to the right. Then, he picked up my arm and pointed the knife in my hand towards the target.

"Focus on the target and the amount of strength you'll be applying on your hand," he said and stepped back. I looked at the target, aiming for the black colored center and threw. The knife hit the target just a few inches off bullseye.

"You can do it. Just practice a lot, focus on your aim. I know you can do it," he said. He smiled for a moment and walked off, watching the initiates. What Felix said had raised my hopes and I practiced in the same position, hitting bullseye twice. I mentally clapped myself on the back.
"Come at me."

It was time for hand-to-hand combat, and I had managed to be put together in a ring with Mia, a spoilt Erudite girl. She was shorter than me by at least a feet, but she was good at throwing punches. Since our fight was the last one of the day, I watched the victors of the previous fights closely. Eric tired Patrick out, Frank swiped Jacob off his feet, Four didn't stop punching Stephen and Ruby kept Clara in an impressive fifty second arm lock.

When I noticed color blooming in her cheeks, I lunged at her, punching her nose. She caught my arm and pulled it backwards, and it hurt. Angry, I elbowed her with my other hand and when she bent over in pain, I swiped her off her feet. I climbed over her and punched her in the face. Over and over again.

"Okay. You can stop," Sam said. I gave her one last punch and got up, panting, and looked at the two leaders.

"Last round, Eleanor wins. Off you all go, get out. We're done here."

I got out of the ring and walked over to Ruby and Eric.

"Congratulations! You were like a monster," Eric laughed as Ruby hugged me.
"Your fighting skills were impressive. You handled anger well, channeling it into your punches. Well done," Felix said and walked off. I watched his back, feeling surprised and overwhelmed by his words. Well, at least one leader had hope in me.
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