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Chapter 4

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"You all know the drill. Below the red line and you're out," Sam said emotionlessly.

I watched the names fill out on the ranking board. There was a red line running across half of the board, and I knew if my name was there, my short lived life in Dauntless was over. It wasn't as if I had done good. Two weeks spent training, I had done well in guns and hand-to-hand combat, but my knife throwing was never on point. They'd miss the target by inches and I'd hang my head in shame everytime Sam corrected me. I looked at the numbers and counted the seconds to my departure.

1. Four
2. Eric

Eric was so good, he earned his spot.

3. Patrick
4. Frank
5. Ruby

Not shocking. She was thriving in Dauntless.

6. Mia
7. Jacob

My name wasn't visible yet as my eyes scanned all thirty-five names, transfer and Dauntless born.

22. Eleanor

Right above the red line. I was passing onto the second stage. WHAT THE HELL? Ruby and Eric hugged me so tight I felt like I was about to suffocate. My eyes were welling up, and let me tell you something, I didn't cry a lot. When I looked up from Eric's shoulder, I saw Felix in the back. He was smiling and mouthed, "Congratulations. I knew you could do it."

I was truly happy that I had escaped a life with the Factionless, as I had already found a faction I was comfortable in. Today was celebrating day for the victors and goodbye for the others. I felt a pang of sadness, but hey, I did it. That was good enough for me.
"Tonight's going to be a little bit different. You initiates will be playing capture the flag, and you'll meet your family tomorrow. This doesn't help with the marks, but its surely a lot of fun," Sam said.

We were dressed in vests and held paintball guns in our hands, waiting for the train. Sam was standing with Felix, exchanging cocky looks with him. The train rumbled over and I gripped Ruby's hand as we jumped in. I stared out of the window into the night. Sam and Felix started choosing their members, and along with Ruby, Jacob, Four, Luke, Damien, Emmet, Jay, Dean, Vicky and Laurelie, I was chosen to be in Felix's team. We jumped off and split up at the abandoned fairground.

"Okay. Erudite transfers?" Jacob and Luke raised their hands.
"Strategize," Felix said.
"We should tie it up on the carousel, where you can't see it unless you look closely. Real closely," Jacob said, pointing at the old ride.
Ruby and Four raised their hands.
"Guard the flag. Dauntless born and Candor, you're coming with me," he said.

We walked over to the south side of the fairground, where Vicky was sure she'd seen them head towards. After walking for a few minutes, we saw a Dauntless born patrolling with Frank. We crouched behind an old ticket booth.

"Okay, one at a time," Felix whispered. He looked out and signalled at Emmet and Jay. They tiptoed out and shot the other two in their backs. Emmet nodded and we proceeded quickly.

"Look," Laurelie whispered. We looked at where she was pointing. High up in the Ferris Wheel, there was the neon green of the opposite team's flag. It was slightly covered by trees, and looking closely, the ladder up the Wheel was shielded from the booths, so getting up would be pretty easy. The remaining members were guarding the ground around it.

"One grabs the flag, another covers him or her, the others try to take out them," Felix said. Everyone turned to look at me.
"Fine. I'll grab the flag," I whispered.
"I'll cover you," Dean said.
"Okay. On three. One, two, three!"

We bursted out and they shot at the other team as Dean and I crouched-ran over to the Wheel. He helped me up the first few steps and I climbed up. A shot shook the ladder, and I looked down to see Mia shooting. A paintball had splattered on the rung just below me. Panicking, I climbed quicker and reached the booth where the flag was tied. I climbed in and reached for the flag when I felt a gun barrel press into my back.

"No you don't," someone said. Eric.
"Guess not," I said, turning around.
"Oh, hey."
"Hey, Eric," I smiled, reaching for my gun, which was slung over my chest. I pushed it under Eric's jaw and laughed. The colour had drained from his face

I reached for the flag and pulled it, releasing its grip on the safety bar. I pulled the gun from Eric's jaw and leant out of the booth, waving the flag. Whoops and cheers were heard from down below. I was proud of myself, but it was because of our teamwork. Little did I know, the happiness would change soon into fear.
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