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Chapter 6

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I woke up with a start, turning to see Eric snoring slowly next to my ear. I remembered what Leigh had say and crawled slowly out of Eric's bed. He grunted and rolled over as I quietly tiptoed to my bed. Ruby was sound asleep while I laced on my boots and walked into the dining hall. Leigh was already there with someone else.

"'Bout time, Eleanor," she groaned playfully.
"Sorry, Leigh, I overslept," I said, sliding into the seat next to her.
"Uh-huh. You should've seen her. Snoring so loud," Four said. Surprised, I leant in front of Leigh and saw the tanned transfer next to her. He wiggled his eyebrows and laughed.
"Four's a Divergent?," I asked, being the only shocked person here.
"Yeah. Let's get down to business. Second stage of initiation. You'll be put under sim, and you would realize it isn't real. React like a Dauntless would. That way, you'll look less suspicious because Divergents pass the sims in record time," Leigh whispered. She got up and walked away.
"That's it?," I asked.
"Think like a Dauntless. Be brave," she said and left. I looked at Four, who was looking at me. He wiggled his eyebrows again and I laughed.
Less than twenty-four hours later, I was sitting on a chair in a room with Faye, one of the five Dauntless leaders, holding a syringe in her hand. It was the first day of the second stage of initiation and I was nervous, Leigh's words once again swirling in my head.

"Think like a Dauntless. Be brave."

Faye pricked me with the needle andI watched the orange liquid slowly disappear from the syringe. She patted my shoulder and looked at the computer.

"Good luck."
I opened my eyes and saw the roaring waters of the Chasm a few feet below me. I was hanging from the bridge, hands sore. The sweat on my hands were loosening my grip on the metal. I had to react fast or I'd be dead.

"Dauntless style," I whispered to myself. I inhaled and pushed myself up. Pain shot up both of my arms but I pushed myself to the limit. I swung a leg over the bridge and climbed over, rolling onto the cold metal.

I woke up in the chair, Faye's back to me.

"Eight minutes. Nice one," she nodded. I smiled weakly and walked out of the door. Ruby was the only one in the hallway, having completed her fear sim before me.

"Hey, El. How was it?," she asked, pulling me into a hug.
"Nuts. I was hanging from the bridge over the Chasm," I mumbled into her brunette hair.
"Aww, its okay. It was a sim. At least you didn't have to free yourself from a locked coffin," she laughed. I couldn't help it, Ruby Harris' laugh was infectuous.
"Come on, lets get out of here," she said, slinging an arm over my shoulder.

When we got to the dorm, I saw Mia shaking in her bunk, above Jacob's. Eric bounded over from where he was chatting with Jacob and Patrick.

"Hey! How was the simulation?," he asked, looking at the both of us.
"Claustrophobia," Ruby nodded.
"Hanging over the Chasm," I shrugged.
"Mine was a maze. Ugh, I hate them," he shuddered slightly.

I saw Four from the corner of my eye and walked over to his bunk.

"How did it go?," he whispered.
"Quite good. I passed it in eight minutes," I said.
"Nine," he nodded. "I think you should go before your boyfriend kills me."

I looked over at Ruby and Eric, who were staring at us. Ruby was confused, but Eric seemed pissed. His body was tense, no hiding that.

"He's not my boyfriend," I whispered sharply and walked over to them.
"What's up between you and Four?," Ruby asked.
"Yeah, what's happening?," Eric spat. Runy and I looked at him.
"Nah, just small talk," I shrugged. Nice one, Eleanor. Lying to your buddies.

"I'm gonna sleep through dinner. Don't feel like eating," I said crawling into bed. Ruby walked over to Frank and Clara and they started talking. I felt a pair of eyes on my face and opened my eyes.

"Night, Eric," I smiled. He didn't smile back. Weird. I fell asleep sounder than Jacob, the famed Sleepy Head, ever did.

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