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Chapter 7

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After two whole weeks of hanging onto the bridge, almost getting burnt alive and drowning, I was faced with my first day of the third and final stage of initiation : the fear landscape. Felix and Sam had the Dauntless born and transfers line up seperately and we were waiting for our names to be called. Over the past weeks, I noticed that Sam had an overwhelming interest in Eric, while Felix would congratulate me a lot. Now, Sam was patting Eric on the shoulders and the boy was looking at him intently, fascination and proudness all over his face. In the past weeks he had morphed into a mini Sam; tough as nails and twice as pissed at Four as he was always above him. I was afraid of him but never told him that. God knows how he'll react to it.

"Hey, Eleanor?," Ruby called. She sounded different.
"Yeah?," I asked, turning to her.
"I'm scared," she said, her voice sounding small.

Like Eric, Ruby had changed in the weeks, too. She was clearly stronger and more fit compared to when she first joined Dauntless. She was always fearless when she stepped into the ring, even if it was facing Four. I, on the other hand, was always cautious and nervous, just in case anyone found out what I really was.

"Me too," I said, snaking my arms around her back. She smelled like vanilla and fresh linen.
"God knows what'll happen in there. If anything happens that'll effect our friendship anyway, I want you to know that I'll never forget you," she said into my hair. I hugged her tighter,feeling emotional. We pulled away when Faye called out a name.


I sighed and walked towards the room, passing Eric. He watched me walk into the room and would've clearly saw Four patting my back. But it wasn't time to think about it now. If I didn't control my heartbeat, I'd be rushing into a heart attack soon. She injected me with the serum and turned towards the computer. As I slowly closed my eyes, I saw her nod at me.
"Great. You're finally here."

Sam was groaning as usual and Felix was keeping quiet, glaring at me. God, I knew I was a snail when it came to walking, but how long had I kept them waiting?

"Here, take it quick. You're wasting time, Eleanor," Felix grumbled. In his palm was a gun. I wrapped my fingers around the cool aluminium and turned around. In the middle of the room, five people were kneeling, about a feet apart from each other.

"You've got to choose one of them and wipe out the others. You get it?," Felix asked. I nodded as they slinked back into the dark. Even from their backs, I could tell each person from the other. Ruby, the Abnegation whom I'd give up my life for. Jacob, who would always ruffle my hair to piss me off. Leigh, who had helped me understand my differences. Four, the guy who understood the fact that we would never belong. Eric, the guy who I met on the train and made Dauntless seem a little bit better than the bleak place everyone said it was. Leigh's voice was in my head, telling me to be brave.

I looked at the gun in my shaking hand and then back at them. This was it. Who lived and who died depended on me. It took me a moment to make the choice, but when I did, a wave of relief washed over me. I held the gun up, bullet ready to be released by the finger on the trigger. I inhaled deeply and brought it up to my head. Then, I pressed the trigger.
"Three minutes, Eleanor," Faye said, looking at me. What was that emotion in her eyes? Curiosity? I smiled weakly and walked quickly out of the room, ignoring all the eyes on me. I made my way to the dorm and paced the room. That was it. After the final test, I'm done. That is, if I pass. Someone will find out, I knew it. I was weak, nervous and highly anxious, the total opposite of the calm and collected Four. Thinking about the consequences was overwhelming, God knows how harder it would be to having to go through it.
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