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Chapter 8

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The initiates were seated in the room, looking at the chair in the middle of the room. Felix, Sam, Faye and the two elder Dauntless leaders, Kim and Mason were watching Laurelie go through her simulation. Unfortunately, only they could watch it so the others were stuck to waiting in their seats.

I was seated between Eric and Ruby, my hands crossed over my chest. Someone slid into seat behind me and leant forward. Four. Shit.

"Are you prepared?," he whispered.
"No! God, I'm so nervous," I whispered back.
"Well, calm down. We can do it. You can do it," Four said, laying a reassuring hand on my shoulder. To my right, Eric grunted unhappily. Four slid back into the seat and I turned to Eric.

"What was that?," I asked slowly, since the leaders were congratulating Laurelie. The Dauntless borns had all finished the sim, and it was time for the transfers. Luke walked into the sim room and the leaders followed suit.
"Nothing," he said coldly.
"I'm not stupid, Eric," I hissed.
"Didn't say you where," he mumbled.
"Fine. If you want to act like a goddamned dick, go ahead. I don't have enough flying fucks to give," I said angrily. Ruby elbowed my ribs slightly.
"Sorry," I said.
"No. Did you notice Laurelie? She was escorted away by armed guards through a back door. Not the front door," she whispered. Everything clicked together. Laurelie was a Divergent.

Luke was congratulated by the leaders and Leigh, who was handling the simulations, called onto Eric. He got up and after quietly battling my ego, I said, "Good luck, Eric. I know you'll do well."

He looked at me and I noticed how hurt he looked. Guilt started bubbling in me. "Thanks. You too."

Ruby wished him luck and he was off into the simulation room. Fifteen minutes later, he walked out of the sim room and is congratulated by the leaders. Sam looked as proud as a father whose son had scored the winning goal in a soccer match. Of course, I thought, Eric was now a Dauntless.

Felix beckoned me forward and I stepped warily towards them, nervousness eating away at me.

"Let me just say, I've heard loads of good things about you from Felix," Kim said.
"Just as much as Sam would regularly talk about Eric," Mason smirked at Sam. We walked towards the sim room and I sat in the chair, the leaders taking their seats in front computers alike the one Leigh was standing in front of. She looked me in the eye, nodded and plunged the syringe into the soft skin of my neck. The last thing I remembered seeing was the five leaders seated together, ready to see wether I'd pass as a Dauntless or fall into the Chasm as a Divergent.
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