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Chapter 9

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Some crying in this chapter...

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I opened my eyes and saw my white knuckles holding onto the bridge. My quick heartbeat was drowning out the sound of the Chasm, and sweat was pouring out of every inch of skin not covered by clothes. I pushed myself up despite my limbs shouting out in pain and rolled onto the bridge. I calmed down enough to realise that my hands had already been tied and I was sitting in a chair in the middle of a room. There was a circle drawn around me in oil and the fire lit up by a match was starting to grow bigger. I ran towards the fire and burnt the rope. It sunk into the sea, where I was struggling in. Everytime I tried to swim upward, a wave would crash down. I held my breath and started swimming southward, hoping against hope I'd come across land. I appeared in the doomed room with Sam and Felix. I was handed the gun and turned to face the five people. This time, I walked up to them so I could see their faces. I had to choose one of them. I raised the gun and pulled the trigger. When I heard the body slump forward, only then did I realize I had closed my eyes and my hands were shaking.
I lurched out of the simulation, sweat pouring out of my forehead. Leigh was beaming, a sign that I had passed off as a Dauntless. I got out of the chair and along with the leaders, walked out of the simulation room.

"Congratulations, Eleanor, you are now a Dauntless. Welcome," Kim smiled.
"You did well. You deserved it," Mason nodded.
"Good job, kid," Felix nodded.
"Agreed, you did pretty well," Sam nodded. I shook all their hands and was escorted out by a Dauntless guard. I spotted Ruby in the seats and waved, mouthing 'good luck'. She waved back and gave me a thumbs-up.

When I found my way through the dark corridors to the transfers' dorm, Eric was the only one there, sitting in his bed.

"Where's everyone?," I asked, sitting on my bunk.
"They're in the Pit. Celebrating? I guess," he said, his grey eyes locked with my brown ones. I nodded at him and lied down.

My weeks as a initiate were over. I was Dauntless now. I was seriously pressured to keep my divergence under wraps and today, I managed to not allow the nervousness take over me. Nothing was easy, especially when the guilt started weighing in when I thought about the last fear I had to face. Or to be exact, who I had shot with my shaking hands. A sob escaped my throat, which I tried to disguise as a cough.

"Are you okay?," Eric asked from his bunk.
"Yeah," I mumbled loudly, my voice shaky.
"No you're not," he said sarcastically.
"Fuck, I'm not! Are you happy to know I'm seriously upset?," I snapped. I heard footsteps heading towards my bunk and cursed under my breath.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly, leaning next to my bunk. I kept my eyes on my boots.
"Remembered that time you stopped on the bridge? On visiting day?," he asked, his voice soft.
I looked at him, confused. "Yeah, why?"
"I told you that you could tell me anything you wanted. That is, if you want to. What about you tell me now?"

I stared at him. If only I could tell him that I was a Divergent, everything would be alright. Instead of speaking, I started crying. Sometimes, I was such an embarrassment to myself. Eric hugged me, stroking my hair.

"Hey, its okay," he whispered.
"No, its not. I feel nervous and guilty," I whispered back.
"Why the guilt?," he asked.
"I shot you. In the simulation," I whispered. I felt his body tense. "I'm sorry."
"Nah, its fine. A true Dauntless would've done that," he said. I hugged him tighter.
"Thanks. For being my friend. I'd hate thinking of us not being friends," I said.

Eric pulled back and looked at me. For a moment, I thought he was going to kiss me, based on the small distance between our faces. I pulled out of Eric's hug and looked back at him.

"Thanks again. Sorry if I ever hurt you," I said, watching as he smiled at me. There was no masking the hurt in his eyes after puling away.

Everyone else filed into the room and we parted ways to find people to congratulate.
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