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Chapter 11

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Just a few more and we're done

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Chapter 11

The next morning, I woke up to sounds of loud chattering from the transfers. It died down when they saw me shift in my bed. Four and Eric's bunk, unfortunately, were empty. Where were they? Ruby leant down from her bunk and looked at me frantically looking around the room.

"They didn't come back," she said quietly. I looked up at her.
"No," I croaked. All the crying had tired me out.
"Hey, are you okay?," Jacob asked, sitting down on my bed.
"Nope. I woke up three times due to nightmares," I shook my head.
"Well, we need to get food and head to the Pit. Someone special's there," he said.
"Who?," I asked, feeling sick from hearing Jacob mention the word 'food'.
"Don't know," he shrugged and got up.

I didn't bother changing my clothes and walked into the dining hall. Like in the transfers' dorm, everyone shut up when they saw me. Excluding the mumurings I heard. I walked up to the leaders' table and stared at the three eating there.

"Hey, Eleanor. How you feeling?," Faye asked.
"Fine. I've got to ask you something," I said.
"They're guarding the 'special person' in the training area," Sam said. Who was this special person?
"Oh, those two? They're fine," Felix nodded.

I sighed frustratedly and walked over to the table Ruby was sitting at. She nodded at her muffin and I shook my head. I wasn't hungry.

I followed everyone as they filed into the Pit. We were told to kneel down in lines, nine in each. I looked at Ruby, who was just as confused as Jacob, who was on my left. I wasn't confused because I had a rough image of what was happening when I saw Jeanine Matthews and some other Erudites in the middle of the Pit. They had found a serum that'll expose the Divergents. Eric and Four were guarding them, like Sam had said. After all of us had settled down, Four and Eric kneeled down in the front row.

"Good morning, everyone! As you might've heard, we Erudite have finally created a serum that will expose those Divergents, who are a threat to the community. Or should I say was, as today, the Divergents will finally go down," Jeanine said, not even trying to hide the arrogance in her voice.

Some Dauntless and Erudites were moving around, injecting us with some blue serum that made my heartbeat rise alarmingly. I was trying to get Four to look at me, but I was interrupted by an Erudite woman pricking my neck with the syringe. After a few minutes, they were back with Jeanine, looking down at us.

She pressed a button on what looked like a remote and I felt as if I was being burnt alive. I shouted out in pain and everyone turned to look at me, horrified looks on their faces. I saw Four trying to get up and falling, an effect of the serum. Two Dauntless guards approached me and pulled me up to where Jeanine was standing. Four was kneeled down beside me and we were faced with the confused and horrified looks of the Dauntless.

"Ah, the Divergents. The threats. The ones that'll die today," she said happily. I looked around and caught Eric's eyes. He looked dumbfounded, upset and confused at the same time. I couldn't pay attention, the serum was starting to suffocate me.

"You, young man. Get up here," Jeanine said. Someone shuffled up to her and she placed something in his hand.
"Finish them off," she said simply and walked away. I looked down at the cold floor of the Pit and counted the seconds.

The bullets were slotted into the gun.
Fifty seconds.
The safety was turned off.
Sixty seconds.
The barrel was buried in my hair.
Seventy seconds.
"I can't do it."
Eighty seconds
I glared up at Eric.
Ninety seconds.
"Do it."
A hundred seconds.
"What the heck? No!"
A hundred ten.

My eyes shot open. A hundred and ten seconds was enough for my divergence to break through the hold of the serum on my mind. I turned to look at Four, who was panting heavily with his head on the ground. While the effect hadn't quite worn off Four, I grabbed the gun Eric was holding and aimed it at Jeanine.

"What exactly is happening?," Jeanine asked, fumbling around with the remote.
"Nothing," I spat. I looked back at Four, who had gotten up and was gripping the gun he had slung over his shoulder.

"Walk," I snarled, burying the barrel in Jeanine's blonde hair. She walked warily and as we left the Pit, everyone started shouting.
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