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Chapter 12

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Lil bit emotional. Well, it was, for me

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"You're going to pay for this," Jeanine growled.
"Really? I didn't think so," I said sarcastically.
"You know, we could just kill her off," Four said.

We were walking to the train tracks with Jeanine while everyone else hadn't caught up.

"No. As long as she's alive, we can get on the train safely," I snapped.
"And then? You Divergents aren't exactly what anyone wants in their faction," Jeanine said.
"What we are going to do is none of your business. Wether you survive or not, now that one is," I said.
"Climb," Four snapped, nodding at the metal rungs that led up to the train tracks. Jeanine hesitated for a moment but climbed up.

We stood on the train tracks and I turned to Four.

"Watch out for the train," I said. He nodded and looked at the corner where the train usually appeared, its metal body clanking loudly. The sound of someone stepping onto the train tracks made me aim my gun at Jeanine.

"Hey, calm down," Eric said, stepping up.
"What are you doing here?," I barked.
"Nothing. Just wanted to talk to you before everyone gets here," he shrugged. I sighed and turned to Jeanine.
"You can go. As much as I want to plant a bullet in your brain, I'd rather not," I said. She looked confusedly at me before climbing down. Then, I turned back to Eric.

"Look, I'm sorry about the other day. The whole Chasm thing," he said.
"Naw, its okay," I shrugged.
"No, its not! You almost died down there, and it was all because of me," he shouted.
"Eric. Don't beat yourself up because of that tiny incident," I said, hugging him. He hugged me back.
"It wasn't tiny. I almost lost you," he mumbled.
Four ran over. "Eleanor, the train's almost here."

I looked at Eric, who looked devastated.

"Don't go," he said.
"I have to, Eric. Its not worth it staying here if I'll get shot anyways," I said softly. I hugged him again, trying my best to steal a mental image of him to keep forever. The blonde haired, grey eyed boy who smelled like clothes fresh out of the dryer and who I could spend hours hugging.

I pulled back, looking into his eyes.

"Take care of Ruby," I whispered, tears welling up in my eyes.
"I will. Four, take care of her. If I ever find out you're hurting her, I swear I will hurt you," Eric said, looking at Four. He nodded, smiling sadly.
"Don't look for me," I said to Eric.
"Why not?," he asked as the train turned the corner.
"Because we're like magnets; we attract each other but somehow, we are also forced apart. Trust me, we'll meet up again, even if it means we'll have to separate once more," I said.

We broke up the hug and I ran towards the train. Four, who was already inside, reaching out. I caught it and jumped inside. Then, I leant outside and waved at Eric, who waved back. The train turned a corner and Eric was lost forever, fresh in my memory. I started crying the tears I had kept while I was still around Eric.
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