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Wow, we're finally here...

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I stood quietly, arms wrapped around Four, listening to his calm heartbeat.

"I feel like shit," I mumbled.
"I know you do," he said.
"Crazy to think that if Eric was here, he'd beaten you up and dragged me to the other end of the train because we're hugging," I laughed. I heard Four chuckle softly.

We pulled back and I studied the knife I had kept into its holster on the side of my pants. It was the same knife I had received from Eric.

"Eric gave you that?," Four asked. I nodded, tears starting to well up again.
"Its really nice. It was nice of him, too," he said.

We sat in silence for a while as we watched the sun set in the horizon. Then, I cleared my throat and turned to the tanned boy next to me.

"Where do we go?," I asked quietly.
"I don't know. Till the end of the tracks, I guess. Then we'll see from then on," he answered.

I sat down near the door and looked at the train tracks passing by. I was going to spend my next months, years probably, with the boy who promised another boy to take care of me. The one who swore to protect my other best friend, my unbiological sister. It occured to me that we'd probably have to go into hiding if something goes wrong, but for now, we were alright. We all have secrets that bind us together in more than one way, and even if it turns out to be our kryptonite, it might just be the ointment we use on our biggest wounds.
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