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Chapter VIII

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The Defiant arrives at the planet Rannoch as the Quarians request help against the Geth as their war takes a turn for the worse.

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Arcee was sitting in the common room with Airachnid and Garrus either side of her and on the opposite side of the table was Tali.

"So what was it like, meeting a friendly Reaper?" the Quarian asked curiously.

"Well you would have to ask Jack that, since we were at the shuttle the whole time." Arcee answered while stirring her coffee with a tea spoon.

"You saw it though right, I heard that it looked somewhat like Harbinger. You know with the eyes." Garrus said while Tali looked over to see one of the crewmen changing the channel on the TV on the far wall.

"Yeah those eyes, they were very unnerving. It looked like Lucifer was just looking right through you. But I tell you what, I'm glad it is on our side. We never would have made it back to the ship if not for it's help." Airachnid replied while holding her glass of prune juice.

"Things were definitely edgy when Harbinger and those two Reapers turned up. And yet This Lucifer just took the two of them apart with ease?" the Turian asked a little disbelievingly. Arcee nodded in return.

"Yeah, it was real impressive. It certainly left Harbinger phasing for a moment."

The femme then looked over to Airachnid and saw that her fellow femme was now reading a document on the pad in front of her.

"What you reading there?" she asked gaining the former Con's attention.

"Oh, it's just some of the Reapers history that Lucifer shared with Jack when he was with it down on the planet."

Arcee smiled at her friend before looking down at the pad.

"By the way you did really good with Dr Bryson's database back on the Charon. I didn't realise you had that particular skill."

Airachnid smiled back at the curious femme and took a sip of her drink before answering.

"Well remember my spark mate Esmeral?"

the. The blue Autobot nodded with a somewhat lessened smile. Arcee knew that it must have been hard for Airachnid to talk about her, due to what had transpired between her, Esmeral and Shockwave. But the fact that she was willing to talk about her spark mate showed how strong the femme was, and Arcee knew from previous experience with her former partners how hard that could be. It was funny how Jack could bring that out of both of them.

"Yes, I remember her?" the Autobot replied as both Garrus and Tali watched.

"Well she was a historian before the war and she would always tell me everything she had learnt each and every day. I loved listening to her, the passion she had for the subject amazed me. So after...her death, when I was freed from the reprogramming. I decided that one of the best ways to honour her would be to carry on her work." Airachnid said with a smile.

"I'm sure she would be proud of you Airachnid." Arcee said as Tali and Garrus nodded in agreement. Airachnid then blushed, feeling slightly embarrassed as she took another sip from her prune juice. Tali then looked behind the two femmes and saw Jack enter the common room.

"Hey Jack, over here." she called over to the Prime who smiled and waved back before collecting his drink. He then walked over to the table and sat beside Tali, directly opposite Arcee and Airachnid.

"So how did the debrief with Bryce?" Airachnid asked as the Jack took a sip of his orange juice.

"Well he was surprised to find out that we now have a rogue Reaper on our side, but he can see the definite advantages that this will bring. I also sent a copy of all the information that I learned about their creation from Lucifer."

As he spoke, Jack suddenly felt something brush against his right leg. He then saw the expression on Arcee's face. She had a beautiful slight smile on her face as she looked at the Prime intently. The Commander managed to keep himself from showing surprise as he felt her continue to brush her leg against his own. So he returned the favour, gaining a bigger smile from his partner. The others then noticed the two staring at each other and Tali feigned a cough, though this didn't get their attention. Airachnid smiled to herself as she took another drink. Garrus though just rolled his eyes.

"Would you two get a room already." he said, snapping the partners out of their gaze. They also instinctively pulled their legs back to themselves as Arcee hesitantly went for her drink and Jack just took a deep breath before looking at the Turian.

"What?" he answered back, trying to sound innocent. Though that did not work with his Turian friend who just gave him a knowing look. Though Arcee's eyes widened when an idea hit, she placed her cup down and looked at the Prime.

"Jack don't we have that 'thing' that we really should be getting on with?"

He looked at her slightly confused as she smiled and raised an eyebrow, then it hit him.

"Oh, yeah right, that 'thing'. Yes, very important….. that thing is." he said almost stuttering as he got up from his chair. The femme mirrored his actions while Garrus just rolled his eyes again, Tali chuckled and Airachnid smirked while taking another sip of her drink. Both partners then said their goodbyes and left the common room together. Once outside with the doors closed behind them, Arcee planted a quick kiss on Jack's lips. When she pulled away, he looked gob smacked back at her.

"Wow, what was that for?" he asked surprise, yet the femme just gave him a large smile.

"I had some great news earlier, come on I will tell you back in our room." she said happily as she took the Commander by the hand and they walked back to the elevator.

Once back in their room, Jack sat down on the leather couch and Arcee immediately sat on his lap and looked at Jack lovingly.

"You do realise there is room on this couch for two?" he asked gingerly.

"Yeah, but I prefer this way." the femme replied before kissing Jack deeply on the lips, the Prime returned the kiss in kind before they separated due to the need for air, both of them panted slightly.

"So….what was this news you received?" he asked curiously as she started stroking the back of his neck with her fingers gently, staring into his eyes the whole time.

"I got a message from Chromia earlier." she said happily, the Commander looked back in surprise.

"Your sister, I haven't seen her in years." he replied.

"Me neither, I mean we have kept in touch. But she has been busy working with her student Flareup as they work with the Autobot security forces on various assignments around the Alliance."

Jack raised an eyebrow at the name.

"Flareup, I haven't heard of that Autobot?"

"She is a young femme who Chromia took under her wing during the twilight years of the war, the two have been best friends since then." Arcee answered as she continued with Jack's neck.

"The last time I heard from my sister, she was assigned to Pinnacle station just before….." she trailed off as the Prime's eyes widened slightly in response.

"That was one of the first Alliance outposts hit by the Reapers as they attacked Earth."

The femme nodded as she looked down for a second, then she felt Jack's hand cup her face and looked back at him.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" he asked in a soft and gentle tone.

"You had enough on your plate with everything else that was happening at the time, plus we were not exactly on the best of terms back then either. But anyway she is safe regardless." the femme answered.

"That doesn't matter Arcee, if I had known…." he said before she cut him off.

"You needed to stay focused on the Reapers, that was what was important." Arcee said as she looked at him, Jack though could see it in her azure eyes that she wasn't really buying what she said.

"No Arcee, you are and always will be more important to me than anything else in this world." he replied while looking into her beautiful eyes. She let a smile grace her lips in response before wrapping both arms around him and pulling him into an embrace, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Thank you Jack, you don't realise how much that means to me to hear you say that." she said softly into his ear. They stayed in the embrace as time seemed to slow to a stand still while they just enjoyed the moment, then the two partners pulled back and kissed each other deeply for another long moment. They then pulled away and smiled at each other

"So where is Chromia then?" he asked.

"She was transferred to Eden Prime just before the attack on Earth." Arcee answered.

"It's been a while since I was there last, what is she doing there?" Jack replied as he remembered his last visit.

"Chromia told me that she and Flareup are there to help protect the dig site. Apparently the teams there have found underground chambers that belonged to the Lithone." the femme said.

"Well Eden Prime is still aways from the front line and since Sovereign and the Geth attack three years ago, the human colonists have moved away. So the Reapers won't be attacking the colony any time soon." Jack replied.

"I know, I remember you telling me what Bryce had reported during the search for Lucifer. But I still don't know why the Reapers would ignore our colonies and attack only worlds where Humans are settled." Arcee said with a confused like tone.

"Yeah same here, and it worries me even more that Lucifer did not know why either." Jack replied with a worried expression.

"But it's good to know that Chromia is safe." he finished, gaining a smile from the femme.

"Yes it is. The last thing I want is to lose another sister." she said as her smile disappeared as she remembered the past. Jack was about to ask her what she meant when his com link activated.

"Jack." Garrus's voice came through sounding worried.

"What is it?" Jack asked as Arcee gave Jack a concerned look.

"It's about Tali, I think you and Arcee better get down to engineering." the Turian replied.

Arcee got off the Prime's lap as the both stood up.

"We are on our way." he replied as the both headed out of the room.

Both the Commander and his XO entered Engineering to see Garrus standing with his chief engineer and even though they could not see her face through her helmets visor, the partners could tell from her body language that something was bothering her.

"Tali what's wrong?" Jack asked as they joined the Quarian and Turian. Garrus then turned and showed them a new bulletin on the console screen in front of them.

"This just played a few moments ago." he said while Tali just shook her head in disbelief.

"My people are at war with the Geth, I still can't believe it." she said while Arcee put her arm around the Quarian in support.

"It's going to be alright Tali." she said gently.

"No, you don't understand. The Geth were powerful enough to send us into exile, to attack them again is just tempting fate." Tali replied sheepishly. Arcee and Garrus gave Jack a concerned look, he nodded knowing fully well what they wanted.

"Hotrod get me Admiral Bryce, I need to speak with him." he said after activating his com link.

"Will do Prime." the pilot replied, the Commander then looked back to the Quarian.

"Tali, I will speak to the Admiral and see what our options are, but if there is anything we can do, I promise you that we will do it."

Tali nodded in return.

"Thank you Jack." she replied, the Prime acknowledged the others before turning around and leaving engineering.

The Commander was waiting in a non patient manner before Admiral Bryce's holo-form appeared on the pad in front of him.

"Prime, this is highly irregular call. What can I do for you?"

Jack crossed his arms and looked at Bryce stoically.

"Did you know about the Quarians?"

The Admiral placed his hand on his chin and gave Jack a worried look.

"Yes we just heard about it, I am guessing from the same network broadcast you did. A reporter has broke the story over the news network. Her name is Diana Allers, she is notorious for sticking her nose in places where no one wants it. I still don't know how she managed to find out this Intel before our intelligence Operatives did."

"Well sir, we have been a little preoccupied as of late." Jack replied in support.

"Indeed Commander, but it is troubling that the Quarians would even attempt an attack on the Geth, and with the Reapers having a foothold in the galaxy. It could not be at a worst time." the Admiral said.

"So what can we do Admiral?" Jack asked in a hoping like tone. Bryce's expression though remained the same.

"Unfortunately the Quarians do not hold the Alliance in a high regard due to our allies being Cybertronian, so they wont accept any help from us."

But then the Admiral looked away for a second and his expression changed to that of shock.

"It can't be." he said in surprise.

"What is it Admiral?" the Prime replied gaining Bryce's attention again.

"We have just received a signal from the Quarian Flotilla, they are asking to speak with us."

"Really?" Jack replied.

"Yes, I will connect you to the transmission, this will be interesting to say the least." Bryce replied before another holo-form appeared next to his own in front of the Commander. It was of a Quarian female (while wearing a enviro-suit) and she looked at both the Admiral and the Commander.

"My name is Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay, of who am I speaking too?"

"I am Admiral Bryce, Commanding Officer of the Alliance military and this is Commander Jack Darby, he commands the Alliance frigate 'Defiant'." Bryce replied.

"Ah yes, Jackson Prime. Tali'zorah spoke highly of you when she was last with us." Raan said gesturing to the Commander.

"You mean right before she was exiled after her father was killed." Jack replied trying not to sound to condescending in tone. The Quarian shook her head in response.

"That was highly unfortunate Prime, I myself stood in support or Tali but was over ruled by the rest of the Admiralty board. I hear though that she is now a member of your crew, I am glad that she is safe."

Jack nodded in reply before the Admiral stepped in.

"So what can do for you Admiral Raan?"

"Well I know that we have not been very friendly towards you in the past, due to our distrust of the Cybertronians. But we are in dire need of assistance, and since the Council will not have anything to do with us due to our creating the Geth. I find myself coming to you for help." she replied in a pleading tone.

Both Jack and Bryce looked at her in complete surprise.

"I am guessing the war is not going well for you?" Bryce asked, gaining a nod from Raan.

"After Admiral Xen discovered Rael'zorah's research into the Geth that he was working on before his death, she found a weakness in their networking that would allow us to gain a significant advantage. Admiral Gerral thought that this would be the best opportunity to retake our home world, Rannoch. And so we launched an offensive using every ship in our fleet, and for a time we pushing the Geth back until we had them surrounded. But then something changed and they received reinforcements from outside of the Veil. And before we knew what was happening we were the ones who were caught on the back foot."

"Admiral, the Defiant can be there within a few hours. My crew and team do have the most experience combating the Geth and I am sure Tali would want this too."

Bryce smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Alright Commander you have a go. Admiral Raan, the Alliance is currently fighting the Reapers so we can not spare any more ships, but I do believe that the Defiant will be all the help you require."

Admiral Raan nodded in return.

"We did not know that the Reapers were in the galaxy, I remember Tali telling me about them. If you can help us, then I will make sure that the Quarian people repay you by aiding your war with the Reapers."

She then looked back at Jack.

"And Jackson Prime, with everything that Tali told me about you and her friends. I do not doubt what aid you can give us. But I must warn you, the admiralty board does not know that I have contacted you. They told me not to include outsiders, but I suspect with how desperate the situation is now. They will not turn away help, but still."

"Thank you for the heads up Admiral Raan, we head for your position straight away." the Prime replied. He then turned back to the Admiral.

"Sir if that is everything?" he asked, gaining a nod from Bryce.

"Of course Commander, good luck." the Admiral replied before both he and Raan disappeared, Jack then tapped his com link.

"Hotrod set course for Rannoch and have Tali and Garrus meet me in the CIC."

"Yes Prime, we are on our way." the Autobot said, as Jack headed out of the com room. The Deifant then took a sharp turn before jumping in to hyperspace.


As the Defiant moved through hyperspace, Jack was standing next to Hotrod with Arcee, Garrus and an impatient Tali behind them.

"We will be entering Rannoch space in two minutes." the pilot stated.

"What's the situation, can you tell from the com buoys in the system?" the Prime asked. The Autobot brought up a screen showing the sensor data.

"It looks like a big old scrap storm out there, but from what I can tell the Flotilla is surrounded like the Quarian Admiral said. But there is an escape route that is blocked by the Geth Dreadnought that is ripping apart the front lines of Quarian ships."

"I have detected at least three hundred ship signatures in active combat in the system." Teletraan jumped in.

"Yeah like I said." Hotrod replied sarcastically, meanwhile Jack looked at the screen and grinned.

"That's our target then. OK once we jump into the battle, head straight for that dreadnought. Our stealth mode should keep the Geth from detecting us." The Commander replied as he patted Hotrod on the shoulder.

"Okay, stealth mode engaged. We will be in Rannoch space in four, three…."

The hyperspace field around the Defiant then disappeared in a bright white flash as the frigate suddenly found itself in the middle of a massive battle between Quarian and Geth forces, both sides seemed oblivious to the new arrival as it weaved it's way between the ships. Both sides seemed to be losing ships quickly as explosions erupted all over the place. The Alliance frigate then turned and flew past a Quarian cruiser as it was blown apart by it's Geth counterpart, the Defiant narrowly evading the debris as it moved towards the Dreadnought which was a colossal size compared to the other ships.

"I have made contact with the Dreadnought's docking system and took control of it." Teletraan stated as the Defiant pulled up along side it and connected to the Geth ship's docking port.

Jack stood beside the airlock with Tali and Garrus (with their breather helmets on) as Arcee joined them.

"Arcee you are in command while we board the dreadnought." he said, gaining a smile from the femme.

"Okay Jack, I'll keep the ship safe until you get back." she replied. Jack winked back at her through the visor of his helmet.

"Docking complete, we have a hard seal. Admiral Raan has also contacted us and informed the rest of the fleet of our intentions, they will be ready to move as soon as the dreadnought is out of commission." Teletraan announced.

"Thanks Teletraan." Jack replied before Garrus opened up the air lock, the group entering the long corridor between the two ships. The three of them walked across to the Dreadnought's airlock before they stopped and Jack looked back to them.

"Alright, our job is to sabotage the Dreadnought, allowing the Flotilla the chance to escape. Tali is our expert on Geth systems, so she will be accompanying us."

Tali nodded in return as Garrus looked to her.

"It's good to finally have you back on field duty Tali, you have been missed." he said with a happy tone, that unknown to him made her heart warm.

"Thanks Garrus, while it is an honour to be the Defiant's Head Engineer. It is nice to be able to stretch my legs and use my shotgun again." she replied while cocking the weapon, readying the first round. Jack then activated the airlock and it opened up, revealing the interior of the Geth Dreadnought to them. It was dark inside, the low lighting barley illuminating the place. The team moved into the ship as the air lock closed and sealed behind them.

"So the Geth do not have life support on their ships?!" the Turian said as he looked over the readings on his holo-tool.

"Yes, Legion told me that since they do not require oxygen to survive, they never felt the need to install such systems aboard their ships. They don't even have windows either, structural weaknesses he called them." she replied.

"He?" Garrus asked back in surprise.

"Yes, I guess I have a hard time viewing him like I would a normal Geth."

Jack looked back and nodded, acknowledging the Quarian.

"I agree with Tali, Legion is certainly unique among the Geth."

Garrus found himself agreeing with them as he too nodded.

"Well I guess your right there, he did help us defeat the Quintessons after all."

The three then walked through an doorway that led into what was a massive room filled with giant piston like machines.

"Now that is an impressive sight." Garrus observed as Tali scanned the room with her holo-tool.

"This room is one of several that power the Dreadnoughts mass driver weapons. It was these weapons that have kept our ships stuck here."

Jack looked back to his Quarian team mate.

"Can we do anything to disable these weapons?"

Tali shook her head in response.

"There is nothing we can do here, the systems are to well protected.." she replied when suddenly a group Geth centurions entered the room and spotted the intruders, firing on them instantly. Jack and his team took cover and returned fire as the Geth started to split up and attack the group from different directions.

"Is it me or are these Geth acting somewhat differently to the ones we faced in the past?" Tali said while firing at one centurion who instinctively jumped out of the way.

"Yeah, they seem to be acting smarter than usual." Garrus replied as he took a shot which again missed it's target. Jack though saw three of the Geth hiding behind one of the machines.

"Garrus, Tali. Fire on that position, I want them pinned in that spot." he said before both team mates opened fire on that position. Jack then took a grenade that he had connected to the utility belt on his armour and activated it, before throwing it at the enemy position. The grenade bounced off the wall behind the centurions and landed right at their feet, the three Geth looking down at it curiously. It then exploded taking them with it, and leaving just two more Geth who started to back slightly. But Garrus took his chance and killed both with head shots as their bodies fell to the ground with a thud.

"Nice shooting Garrus." Tali said as the three of them got to their feet and headed for the doorway that the Geth had come from.

"Thanks Tali, but I think Jack's throw was far more impressive." the Turian replied as Jack headed over to the door and looked out into the corridor beyond it.

"Clear." he called back as they joined him at the door.

"Okay, we have to move fast or there won't be a Flotilla left to save. Tali how far to the power core?" the Prime asked as she looked up the map on her holo-tool.

"We are too far from the core, but I believe that I can hack into their systems from this room here." she said as she pointed to a large room just a short distance away from them.

"It is also emanating a strange signal that I am having a hard time decoding."

"Alright lets move." Jack said as they headed in the direction of the room in question.


As the battle continued outside of the Dreadnought, Jack and his team mates fought their way through the rooms and corridors between the airlock and their target. Each and every time the Geth they faced proved to be far more of a challenge to take down, taking action with what appeared to be a more advanced strategy than they had previously. But each and every time, Jack and his friends were successful against the enemy. They were now running down a large corridor as more Centurions took cover up ahead and opened fire on them. Jack though activated his skyboom shield, Garrus and Tali getting behind him.

"Okay, we move together and when you get a shot, take it."

The two nodded in return before they walked up the corridor as the Geth kept firing at them. The bullets though were not getting through the shield. As soon as they were close enough to the first two enemies, both Garrus and Tali slipped out either side of Jack and killed them before getting back behind the Prime. They repeated this a few times before getting to the last two centurions, the Quarian stepped out on her side and blew the Geth away from her with her shotgun, it's body slamming against the wall behind it as the Turian fired a shot which flew right through the Geth's only optic, blinding it. Jack then deactivated the shield and took a swipe at the disabled enemy with the star saber, cleaving it's head from it's body and spilling it's blood like liquid all over the place.

"Hey Jack that was my kill." Garrus said gaining a chuckle from the Prime.

"I didn't know we were keeping score?"

"Yeah well I had nine kills." the Turian replied.

"And I have ten." Tali said as Garrus sighed. Jack just smiled at his friends before activating the door in front of them. It opened up to a large circular room with a strange device in the middle, all around it were consoles and screens. As they walked in and got a closer look at the device, Jack's eyes widened at the look of it.

"That's got to be Reaper tech, but what would it be doing on a Geth ship, I mean the ones from Rannoch should not have it."

"Yes, Legion did say that the Geth serving Sovereign were called Heretics and that they split from the Geth consensus. But I thought they were destroyed too." Tali replied as Garrus stood beside them.

"Is this the device giving off that signal?" he asked while the Quarian took a scan with her holo-tool.

"Yes it is, but I think we can deactivate it."

She then stepped in front of her friends and typed on the holo interface in front of the large organic/synthetic device.

"There it is down." she stated as the device started to open up like a mechanical flower revealing a Geth trapped inside it. Tali's eyes widened in surprise at who it was.

"Legion!" she called out as the Geth looked down at them.

"Tali'zorah, Darby Commander help us." it said in what could only be described as a panicky tone.

"Tali, how do you know that's Legion?" Garrus asked slightly confused as the last time he saw this Geth, it looked no different to the rest of them.

"I painted a stripe not unlike the pattern that runs down the arms of Jack's armour on his arms." Tali replied as she pointed up at her handiwork on the Geth's arms.

"Legion we will have you out of there in a moment." Jack said as Tali started to work the control interface.

"What happened, why are you in that thing?"

"This unit was captured by Heretics when we infiltrated this vessel and placed inside this device from the old machines. It allows the Heretics to control the rest of the Geth within it's signal range and also give them advanced intelligence." Legion replied.

"That's why all the Quarians suddenly found themselves in trouble after reinforcements arrived, who just happen to be the Geth Heretics." Jack answered back gaining a nod from the Geth.

"Affirmative, but now that you have deactivated it's signal. The Geth ships in this battle will now be back to the intelligence level they had before."

The Prime tapped his com link.

"This is Jackson Prime to the Quarian fleet, we have deactivated a Reaper device aboard the Dreadnought, you should find that the Geth fleet engaging you will not pose as much of a threat now."

"Yes we have noticed, we are now evacuating the fleet since a number of holes have opened in the Geth lines. Thank you Prime." Raan replied over the com link.

"There you are free now." Tali exclaimed as the bindings on their Geth ally unlocked and it dropped down to their level, landing feet first on the ground in front of them.

"Thank you Tali'zorah, it is acceptable to see you again."

"Same here Legion." she replied with a smile. The Geth then looked blankly at Jack for a moment.

"Darby Commander, as a sign of continued friendship between us. We have just hacked the Heretics systems and deactivated the Dreadnought's weapons and shields. This will make the Creator fleet's evacuation easier."

"Thanks…" Jack said before the ship was rocked by and explosion on the outside of it's hull, then there was another. This caused the group to lose their balance, Jack stopped himself from falling by grabbing hold of a console next to him, meanwhile Garrus caught Tali in his arms and steadied her, the Quarian feeling very at home in the Turian's embrace. Garrus then noticed through Tali's visor that she was looking at him intently and suddenly felt embarrassed so he let go once the ship quake had stopped.

"What the hell was that?" Jack asked as Legion looked around.

"This ship is under attack, I am picking up an audio signal, playing it now." it said as it activated it's holo tool.

"This is Admiral Gerrel to all ships, the Dreadnought is completely venerable. Attack now!"

"Is he insane, we are still on board." Tali said in anger as the ship quakes started up again, the Dreadnought's hull being battered by the Quarian attack cruisers outside.

"Legion do you have escape pods on this ship?" Jack asked as he looked over to the Geth.

"Negative, but we do have a fighter bay. We should leave now as we calculate that this vessel will be destroyed in approximately five minutes."

"Then lead the way." the Prime replied as he handed the Geth a pistol. Legion then led them out of the room and into another corridor as more Heretics appeared and open fired. But the enemies were no match for Jack and his team as one after another, the Heretics fell to them. After running for what felt like forever as the ship continued to shake from the battering it was taking, the group finally reached fighter bay.

"Hurry, ship destruction is imminent." Legion stated as it climbed into the cockpit of the Geth fighter. Jack took a quick look at the vessel which looked like a robotic bug from the outside. But suddenly another ship quake happened as the lighting around the Dreadnought flickered, Jack, Garrus and Tali suddenly felt them selves becoming weightless as the ship's gravity failed.

Legion grabbed both the Quarian and Turian and pulled them down into the fighter's aft section. Jack though had floated just a bit further away, but he managed to hit the side of another fighter. He then pressed his feet against it and launched himself back towards his friends and landed perfectly next to them.

"Commencing launch procedures, Darby Commander is the cargo compartment adequate for the three of you?" Legion asked from the cockpit.

"It's fine Legion, now lets get out of here." he replied.

"Acknowledged." the Geth said as he closed the cockpit and compartment and started to pilot the fighter through the floating fighters and cargo containers, as it made it's way to the fighter bay doors which had just opened.

"Prime to Defiant, Hotrod we are leaving the Dreadnought in a Geth fighter. Transmit rendezvous coordinates." he said as they flew out of the colossal ship and into open space.

"Will do Prime, just wiggle the ship side to side so that I know which one is you." the pilot replied. The fighter then cleared dreadnought completely as the Quarian ships continued to blanket the enemy ship in weapon's fire. It's hull covered in explosions before finally the massive vessel exploded in what would have been an amazing light show. As debris from the Dreadnought flew out in all directions, the Defiant approached the Geth fighter and opened it's shuttle bay. Legion then piloted the small ship in and back to safety before the Alliance frigate turned around and rejoined the Flotilla as it moved to the outskirts of the system.
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