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The Fence

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The train rumbled away from Factionless, leaving the abandoned buildings behind us. We had decided to explore outside the fence, see what we could find. Ruby and Four sat together with Jude and Drew in one corner of the carriage. Eleanor was standing by the window, staring out at the setting sun. I joined her, putting an arm around her shoulder. We sat in silence for a moment before she spoke up.

-I'm sorry I tried to shoot you.
-Nah, it's okay. You were under a simulation.

She turned to me, her eyes hard. She spoke firmly, looking at me in the eyes.

-No, its not okay. You could've died back there. I can't help losing you, Eric. You three are like my family.

My heart sunk a little. Family? I was like a brother to her, nothing more.

-Don't you dare lie, Eleanor. We all know Eric is more than family to you.

She glared at Four, who was waggling his fingers. I was starting to like him more now. I turned to Eleanor, who was still glaring at Four and blushing.

-Yeah, for re-

Everyone started laughing, except for Eleanor, who couldn't stop blushing. I pulled her into a hug and put my chin on her head.

-I hate Four.
-I know you do. Is it real, though?
-What Four said?

She looked up at me, the blush still in her cheeks. She averted her gaze to the window and mumbled something.

-Shut up. I don't really talk about feelings really well.
-You know, I've dreamt of kissing you before.

Before she could say anything, Four and Ruby whistled from the other end of the train. Eleanor and I said the same thing at the same time.

-Can it!

We erupted into laughter, even Jude and Drew who had barely grasped the whole situation. Eleanor tapped my chest and I turned to her. I wasn't really paying attention because the next thing I knew, we were kissing.

When she pulled away, I smiled happily. Looking at Eleanor drowned out the cheers from the others in the background. She was here, in my arms, and that was all that mattered. Sometimes we make decisions, and it'll take just a snap of our fingers or a blink of our eyes for our lives to change forever. Sometimes we'll make the worst choices and sometimes we make the best, but what is important is what we make out of our decisions; shitty or legendary.
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