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Under The Simulation

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In the white room, was Jeanine Matthews, of course. She was looking at a screen, which was filled with pictures of cross-sections of a human brain. She slowly turned around, pale in the face and fear in her eyes. That was until a smile spread on her lips.

-Ah, boys. We have been waiting for you.

She pressed something on the screen and Eleanor appeared, dressed in Dauntless black. She had a knife in her hand and a blank look in her eyes. Jeanine nodded over at her and she lunged forward. I caught hold of her hands as we tumbled onto the floor.

-Four, guard her.

Four nodded and held Jeanine's hands behind her back. I held onto Eleanor's hands, which were trying frantically to stab me and whispered.

-I'm so sorry.

I threw a punch at her jaw, which caused her to fall backwards, momentarily losing her focus. I climbed onto her, legs on her thighs and held her hands down. I stared into her eyes, which were hellbent on killing me.

-You don't want to do this.
-She cant hear you. She's under a simulation.

I growled at Jeanine, who was smiling smugly and tried to pull the knife out of her hand. To my surprise, it was the same one I gave her two years ago. The knife came loose and I tossed it across the room. When I turned back to Eleanor, she punched me in the face, making me see stars for a moment. Then, she kneed me in the groin and I bent over, groaning in pain. She threw a kick to my jaw and I fell back. Wow, the simulation was working wonders on her. Before I could do anything, she had pulled me onto my knees and I was looking at her feet, my vision slightly blurry. She shuffled over and pulled something out of the holster on her leg. A gun. I heard Four shout something in the distance but I ignored him. I felt the barrel of the gun being pressed into my scalp and suddenly remembered something I heard years ago.

Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger, the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger.

I sighed and put my hands on the gun. Then, I looked up at Eleanor and said one word.


She stared down at me for a moment before saying something.


Jeanine growled and I realized that it had worked : Eleanor's Divergence had broken through. Again. She took the gun away from my head and lunged over to the knife that I had tossed across the room. Then, she turned to Jeanine, who was struggling to eacape from Four's grip. Unlocking the safety from the gun, she shot at Jeanine's thigh and she crumpled to the ground. She checked her pulse, making sure Jeanine was still alive, and pulled me up. I looked at her, shocked and she simply mumbled.

-We got no time. Gotta go.

The three of us rushed out where the Factionless had started backing up to the train tracks. The Dauntless guards were still shooting at them, but we managed to get onto the train safely. The train rumbled onto Factionless, where Ruby, Four, Jude, Drew, Eleanor and I made a choice.
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