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Saving Your Ass

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About forty or so Factionless had gather around to help us with the rescue mission. I looked at them from the platform I was standing on. Because this was Eleanor we were going to rescue, Four and I were elected as the leaders and Ruby as the guarding troop captain. We had divided the Factionless into two groups : offense and defense. The offense group was going in with us while the other troop stood guard with Ruby outside the building.

-Now, all I have to say here is that you are all extremely brave. Brave enough to give up all your lives for this one girl that means something equally important to me and you. Now, who's ready to go?

Cheers erupted from the group and it reminded me of how rowdy and noisy Dauntless was. The faction I had betrayed. I shook my head and we were off to the train tracks.
Once we reached Erudite, we quietly jumped off the train and hid in the bushes. There were guards patrolling the streets, possibly Dauntless guards. Jeanine had made early preparations.

-Wow, that's a lot of guards.

I looked at Four, who was looking at the guards worriedly. Jude and Drew, who were way shorter than him, were standing on their toes, trying to look at the guards.

-We can't turn back now. If we've come this far, there's no point in turning back.

Ruby put her hands on my shoulders and shook me slightly, a huge smile on her face.

-Now that's the Eric I was waiting for : the leader. You go and save that girl because if you don't, I'll kill you.

Eventhough she was being serious, the smile never faltered and tears were welling up in her eyes. She hugged me and Four and headed out off the bush with the Factionless guards. There were a lot of commotion but when we heard the signal, the first shot fired, we started running. We reached the main building, some of the guards hot on our heels. We ran up the stairs and Four and I bursted into the main lab, ready to shoot Jeanine if she was there.
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