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I wandered around Candor after the guard dropped me off there. It was quiet there and I kicked a few pebbles, Eleanor's words playing in my mind.

- I don't need you anymore. Just fucking leave.

I sat down on the cold ground and put my head in my hands. It would've been fun to punch something now.


I looked up from my position, watching Four trudge over. He looked extremely worried and upset.

-Oh god. She went there, didn't she?
-I told her not to! God, she's so stubborn.
-I know.
-You're influence.
-Can it.

He sat down beside me, throwing pebbles into the dark.

-Aren't you going to do something?
-Eric! It's so apparent. You're in love with her ever since you first met her. She gave her life up for you. Aren't you going to do something? Save her?

I looked at him, dumbfounded. The words that tumbled out of his mouth was crazily true. What was I going to do, though?

-I swear if you say what again, I will slap you.
-What can we do?

He looked at me, a twinkle in his eyes. He had a plan. That little ball of shit had a plan. I could've hugged him right there and then. But no, Eric has ego. And he sure as hell wasn't going to lose it then.

-I've got a plan.

Told ya.

-Okay. That's good. But we need to get someone involved. Someone really important.
-Will someone explain what I'm doing here?

We were back in Factionless, in a small room everyone called the 'meeting room'. Since we were taking the train back to Factionless, and we passed the fence on the way, I had managed to picked up a confused Ruby, using my ex-leadership position as an excuse since they hadn't gotten word of the traitor. Four was explaining everything to her, trying to emphasize the whole 'we-need-you-really-bad' part.

-Well, to start off, Eleanor's a Divergent. So am I. Now, recently, we got caught and Eric over here saved us. Then, Jeanine broadcasted a message across the city. She said one of us had to turn themselves in or she'd kill him. Eleanor, of course, wanted to do it. I forbade her from doing it, but all she did was slip a serum in my drink and the next thing I knew, Bam!, I was in Candor. I found Eric, told him my plan and here we are.
-What is your plan?
-Not much really. Just a group up people and attack plan.
-That's cool. Who wants to help?
-Up to now, half the Factionless want to. They want to help a person that had helped them all those years.

Ruby nodded and leant over a small table, looking at me. She had grown a fair amount of inches and was tanned.

-So, Eric. This is my friend we're talking about. Can I depend on you to save her?
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