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What The Hell Are You Doing

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I'd like to dedicate this chapter to Fall Out Boy, whose song Miss Missing You played a big part in the process of choosing Eleanor's sharp words to Eric

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It had been two weeks since they escaped and I was being held in a room in Erudite. Food and water came three times a day, I had a clean toilet and clean clothes. But I wasn't fine. Not until I found out if she had made it. Little did I know, I was finding out today, when the guard slipped another tray of food, which would remain untouched, into the room.

-Congratulations, Eric. They went back into hiding. Now Jeanine's broadcasting a message across the city. They're wanted, all four of them.

The guard was scowling at the tray that he had slipped in hours before, which contained untouched breakfast. They had made it! I laid my head on the pillow on the small bed in the room and fell into a peaceful sleep after two years of endless nightmares.
-Hey Eric. Wake up.

I stirred in bed, swinging my legs over the small frame. I looked out of the small window in the room. Nighttime.

-What do you want?
-Its not what I want. Its what Jeanine wants.

Jeanine? What did she want with a traitor like me? Possibly to kill me off or to use as bait to pull the Divergents back to her. I shrugged and walked out of the door, which was being held open by the guard. He was lanky, with sandy blonde hair and dark green eyes. His eyebrows were furrowed together as we walked down the halls to Jeanine's office. The guard knocked on the door and we heard a muffled voice from inside.

-Come in.

We trudged in and I saw Jeanine sitting in a blue armchair. There was someone sitting in the armchair in front of her, the huge chair blocking the person from my view. Her lips curled into a small smile as soon as she spotted me.

-Ah, Eric. I, we've been waiting for you. Tim, leave us alone please.

The guard who had escorted me here nodded and walked out, slowly closing the door as he left. Jeanine signalled me over and I reluctantly walked over, turning to face the other person.

Eleanor Cooper.

Her face had drained of all colour, there was dark bags under her eyes and her once happy, innocent brown eyes now seemed as if they were missing a spark. She stared at me, her eyes growing sadder.

-What happened to you?

I stared blankly at her. She slowly got up and easily pulled me into her arms, although her hug was equal to one given by a dying patient. Like me, she hadn't been eating or sleeping.

-What the fuck are you doing here?
-I heard the announcement. I had to cone.
-No! You didn-
-Yes, I did! You would've been dead by now! Ugh, would you just be grateful?
-Grateful?! When you're just killing yourself? No! Does Four know about this?
-Hah. Like he'd let me.
-God, you reckless, stupid girl!
-You're welcome.

She glared at me defensively. I sighed and hugged her tightly.

-You're stupid for doing this.
-I'm doing this for you.
-I don't need to lose you again. Leave. Now.

She pulled back and stared at me. Angry, she turned to Jeanine and nodded. She nodded at a guard and he took hold of my arm.

-You will be escorted to Candor. Good night, Eric.

Eleanor, who was looking away, turned to me. Her nose was scrunched and she was blinking rapidly. During initiation, I had seen this face enough to know she was going to cry.

-Eric, go. Get out.
-No! I won't let you endanger yourself for me.
-Get the fuck out, Eric! I don't need you anymore. Just fucking leave.

She was whispering the last two sentences and I slumped in the hands of the guard. No. He dragged me out and Eleanor was gone. My nightmare. It was real.

Eleanor never did, and never will, love me.
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