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-Over my dead body.

I froze, my fist half raised. Although it was a growl, there was no mistaking that voice. The same one I heard in my dreams every night. I slowly turned around, arms raised up, and looked at the owner of the voice, who had dropped her hands to her side.

-Hey, Eleanor.

Before I could do anything, she had dropped the gun and lunged forward and pulled me into what was the most bone crushing hug I had ever been included in.

-What took you so long?
-I had to get with the leadership, get on Jeanine's good side, bla bla bla.
-Eric, the boy who used to stuff his face with hamburgers, a Dauntless leader? Impressive.
-Hey! I still stuff my face with them. And cake.

She pulled back from me, her fingers still interlaced on my back. She stared at me, her eyes darting to observe every single inch of my face. Her next words came out in a whisper.

-What happened to you?
-What do you mean?
-You seem different. You're eyes are cold. Not the warm grey I used to see two years ago.

I frowned. Two years as a ruthless Dauntless leader had made me seem like I lacked emotions and unpredictable. It was worth it, everyone making space for me whenever I walk.

-But, that's to be talked about another time. Tell me, what is going on with Ruby?
-She's fine. Picked up a three week shift guarding the fence.
-Oh, that's cool. I would've applied for a job there.
-No way. I would've made you a leader.

Four, who was staring at us, turned around and suddenly spoke up.

-What do you think you're doing?

I turned around to see two teenagers standing together. To make things more peculiar, the girl had skin as tanned as Four and the boy had hair as brown as Eleanor.

Oh shit, I knew this was going to happen.

-Eric, this is Drew and Jude. They're like us, Divergents.
-No shit.

I gritted my teeth at Four, who looked back between the teenagers, Eleanor and me. Eleanor squeezed me, making me look at her.

-Whoa, calm down, boy. What's going on?
-Had fun with Four here, huh?

She broke away from the hug, hurt. She looked at the two teenagers and gasped.

-How could you even think of that?!
-Its pretty obvious, Eleanor.
-Whatever you want to say, its not that. I didn't do anything foolish. I'm eighteen, for God's sake!
-What's going on?

I looked at Jude. She was surely tanned, but there was no distinctive features of Four that she owned. Neither did Drew. They weren't Four and Eleanor's children. Oh god, I had fucked up. Bad.

-I'm sorry, Eleanor.

She shook her head and glared at me defensively. At the same moment, six Dauntless charged in, guns aimed at the four.

-Sir! You have managed to find them!
-Um, yes, I did.
-We have to take them back to Erudite. Miss Matthews wants them.
-She NEEDS them.

I looked at Eleanor, who glared back at me and walked over to the Dauntless, her arms raised. She was handing herself over.
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