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Infiltrating Factionless

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Today. It was the day I'd be meeting Eleanor. Throughout the day I kept on thinking about her and only her. What if she had developed feelings for Four and they were a couple now? What if she didn't want to meet me? What if that boy, Finn was lying?

-Eric? Are you daydreaming?
-I'm sorry, what did you say?
-I said, we're ready. Are you coming or not?

I stared at Sam and nodded vigorously. I couldn't miss out on this for the world.
As the train rounded a bend a few miles from Abnegation, Factionless came into view. It was a cluster of abandoned buildings with walls overgrown with weeds and ivy. Some children were playing together in the dusty courtyard and ran inside as soon as they saw us jumping off the train. According to Sam, the plan was to go rough; infiltrate and torture the Factionless enough for them to reveal all the Divergents they were hiding. We bursted through the doors and started shouting orders.

-Get down on your knees! Don't try to fight us!
-Get into your groups and round up every single one of these shits!

I marched up to Sam, who was pushing a Factionless man with his gun.

-I'll search on the highest floor.
-Okay, I'll send a troop with you.

He looked at me, half curious and half confused. He was about to say something when the Factionless man started to rebel. Sam turned back to him and whipped the gun in his face. Blood started pouring out of his nose as he screamed in agony. I retreated and ran up the stairs behind a metal door marked 'STAIRS'. Taking the steps two at a time, I bent over and tried to catch my breath at the top. When I did, I pushed open the door at the top and surfaced at the roof. It was mostly empty, except for a small shed built at the southeast corner of the roof. I tiptoed over to it and tried the door. Locked. I managed to knock the rusty door in with my shoulder and stared at the dusty room. It was filled with racks that had toppled over and tarps that covered the floor. I turned around to exit the shed when I heard a rustle. I whipped around and saw what seemed like the silhouette of a human underneath one of the tarps. I pulled it off and stared at Four, who was lying down on the floor.

-What are you doing here?

I helped him up and he dusted his shirt. He had changed, becoming more muscular and tanned than before. My mind was reeling at the sight of him.

-Four, where is she?
-Eleanor, damnit!

His jaw clenched and Four trained his eyes on mine. Not now. He wasn't going to clam up now.

-Why should I tell you? You're here with them, which means you're on board with the whole 'kill all Divergents' shit.
-I didn't kill them. All I do is find them
-They still died anyways.

He looked at me again, a smirk playing on his lips. I swear to God I was going to wipe it off soon.

-Nah, I'm not going to tell you.
-God, you're frustrating!
-You deserve it.

I clenched my fist and raised it, meaning to punch him when I felt the barrel of a gun on my back.
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