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Convincing The Ice Queen

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Just a bit of a filler chapter

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I walked into Jeanine's office, my body a bunch of nerves. She was keeping files into a filing cabinet behind her desk. If I wanted to ask her permission to infiltrate Factionless, now would be the best time to do that.


The knock on her door had made her jump slightly. She shot around and composed herself slightly when she saw me.

-Eric. How may I help you? I heard you're search in Candor was quite disappointing, finding only one Divergent. Not a full one, though.
-Unfortunately, it was so, ma'am. I'd like to ask your permission to do something, another search.
-Really? Where?

Her face changed slightly. All my life, Erudite was the only faction hell bent on getting rid of what my father called 'scumbags'. They were a pest to society, according to the man. As much as they wanted to dispose of them, Erudite wanted their distance between them big enough.

-Why the Factionless?
-Because before I offed the Divergent, he ratted out his shelter giving faction. Apparently, its swarming with them.

I looked at her, trying to find a weak spot in the suspicion and skepticism that clouded her face.

-Yes, ma'am.
-Do you believe him?

Did I believe Finn? I barely knew him. But he knows about Eleanor, Eric, of course he was right.

-Yes, I do, ma'am.
-I've had a look through the Divergent files recently, and I managed to find these.

She slid two files across her desk towards me. Clipped on the top right corner were pictures. One of Four, the other of Eleanor. These were their files.

-Look into them, find out what you can about these two. They're exactly what I want for the tests. Got it?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Arrange your troops and go tomorrow.
-Thank you, ma'am.

I nodded vigorously and looked at her piercing blue eyes. Even if she had given me the green light, there was no mistaking the doubt that was in those eyes.

-I'd better go now, ma'am. I'll read this in my spare time.

She nodded and I walked out of the office, the files of what was assumed to be the Jeanine's most valuable yet most hated assets in my hand.
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