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Crossing Faction Lines

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Our visit to Candor was, of course, not expected. Sam and I marched into Jack Kang, the Candor leader's office. He was seated in the pristine white office, his hands clasped together on his desk.

-Boys. We weren't expecting you here.
-Of course, sir.
-I'm sure its because of the rumors. That we have Divergents around here?
-Yes, sir. Miss Matthews told us that, and we'd like to verify it.
-I'm not happy with this rumor, but sure, look around. If that's necessary.

We went to the courtyard, where the troop had rounded up every last Candor; man, woman and child.

-Recently, we heard a rumor. Someone told us that this faction was housing Divergents, and we are here to do one of two things : verify it or dismiss it.
-That's bullshit.

I looked at the crowd of what seemed to be adolescent Candors. A boy with spiky blonde hair had stood up and a troop member had a gun aimed to his back.

-Its just a rumor. We Candors don't lie. If Mr. Kang says we're Divergent free, then we are.

I turned to look at Sam, who looked annoyed. He nodded and I marched up to the boy. Erudite had provided us special equipments that would be useful in hunting down Divergents; one of them being the scanner I was holding up to the boy's face. A robotic voice spoke up.

-Divergent, 80 percent.

Everyone gasped and started murmuring. So much for being a loudmouth, he was one of them.

-Why, loudmouth, seems like you're It. Unfortunately, Jeanine only wants the full Divergents, so you're going to die.

Sam snickered at his remark and turned back to the groups of people. I roughly grabbed the boy's arm and led him behind a building, where he turned to me.

-She's alive.

I stared at him. Was he talking about who I though he was?

-She's in Factionless. The Divergents, of course. Honestly, I'm not even Candor. I'm just here undercover because we knew you were going to come here.

He had started peeling off the white jacket he was wearing and tossed it to the ground. Underneath, he was wearing a grey shirt and black pants.

-Well, I've gotta go now. I'm Finn, by the way. Nice meeting you, Eric.

He ran off towards the general direction of the fence and stopped for a moment, turning around.

-She told me something. Only me and Tobias know.
-What is it?
-She misses you. Like crazy. Bye.

He disappeared behind a building and I stood there, dumbfounded. She missed me? She missed me like crazy! I fired two shots up into the air and raced back to Sam.

-Killed him off. Before he died, I managed to find out where those other Divergents are. We need to find them, Sam.
-Okay. We'll convince Jeanine.

I was one step away from meeting Eleanor. I punched the air and whooped mentally. The love of my life was just a day, probably two, from me pulling her into a bone crushing hug.
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