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I always had this uneasy feeling that only came whenever I'm back in Erudite. Like now, when I'm walking down the streets filled with people who shrink away from us, my mind drifted back to my childhood where I'd play with Anthony, my friend. Although memories plague my mind, I never lose my way because my father works with Jeanine, and her building is a place that I've been to numerous times in the past. I've met her a thousand times and its true when people call her the Ice Queen behind her back. We walked into the building and an Erudite escorted us up to the highest floor, where Jeanine's office is. We walked into the wood panelled room and are told to sit down on the chairs.

-Ah, the brave. I am glad to have you here today. Especially you, Eric. You're father isn't in today, unfortunately.

I smiled warily at her. I never meant to see my father at all. He wasn't extremely over the moon to see his son transfer to a faction he thought less corrupt then Abnegation, but as stupid as Amity. I transferred because I didn't fit in and also to escape his lame speeches on how grand and almighty Erudite was.

-How are the initiates? I heard there were sixteen altogether, seven Erudites. Its been two weeks, are any of our kind leading the scoreboard?

Emmet, who was responsible over the transfers, spoke up.

-Yes, ma'am. Second, unfortunately, to a Candor. Sully, if I wasn't mistaken?
-Ah, Sullivan Benard. He was quite a good Erudite. Hopefully his parents are proud of his achievement in Dauntless.

Sam cleared his throat in a polite way, trying his best to steer Jeanine back on track.

-Let's get down to the serum, Ms. Matthews. It is important we know about it's current progress. After all, Dauntless and Erudite are now alike to brothers in arms.
-Yes, the serum. Its almost ready. All we need is just test subjects.

Divergents. Jeanine Matthews wanted Divergents to treat like lab rats with her new serum that would kill them. Wait, Jeanine wanted that.

-Eric, you're handling the Divergents. How have the finds been?

Sam looked at me as peculiarly as an Erudite would looking at a unknown bug. The only reason I joined leadership was so I would have a tight grip over the Divergents. It made my attempts at finding Eleanor easier.

-Quite bad, honestly. Haven't found any in a while.
-Well then go find them. They won't come yapping at your feet, Eric.
-I would, if I knew where to search.
-I heard Candor is housing a lot of Divergents.

I turned to Jeanine, her blue eyes shining and her lips pursed. Her hands were clasped together in her lap. She had a plan, from the looks of her body language.

-Well, all I know, its just a rumor. Why don't you go find out?

That meant getting together a troop and going down to Candor to hunt down the Divergents. I was actually looking forward to getting a tattoo, but it seems like it would have to wait.
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