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Heights have always been something I've liked. It makes you look down to the ground, where everything and everyone are the size of ants. It was something I've loved since I was a child looking down at Erudite from my father's office. That is my old life; I don't spend my afternoons staring down at Erudite, I spend my days as a Dauntless leader now. That is also the reason I was on the roof, looking down at the initiates.

-Today, you initiates get to use our beloved back door. Anyone want to go first?

I looked at the initiates, their faces all pale. Even the Dauntless borns, who have surely heard of this legendary hole in the ceiling but have yet to jump in.

-Wait. Are you all scared?

Sam scoffed, climbing onto the ledge. He wobbled a little and I heard someone suck in their breath.

-Not an impressive batch this year, eh, Eric?

I looked over at my mentor, whose hair color has changed in two years. The electric blue mop on his head is messy, which made him even more intimidating. To the initiates, of course.

-Not so. Quite an embarrassment, must I say.

I heard feet shuffling on the gravel and whipped my head around. A girl with blonde hair and pale green eyes was standing in front of me. Candor, from the clothes she's wearing. I inhaled sharply. Eleanor was a Candor.

-I'll go

She shook her hands and climbed up onto the ledge.

-Are you sure, Claire?

An Erudite boy was looking at her, his blue eyes worried. God, how much more memories were these initiates going to stir up?

-Of course I am. I'm not going to die.

With that, she jumped down, her musical laughter following her down. I turned to the Erudite boy, smirking.

-Plan on going next?
After the celebration and the speech given to the initiates by Sam, I crawled into bed. I was falling asleep quickly, but I managed to think for a few minutes.

Eleanor would be there if she wasn't a Divergent. No, it's not her fault. Its nobody's fault their a Divergent. I mean, they're a little different, but what harm have they ever done? Eleanor didn't do anything threatening; neither did Four. They aren't wrong, we are. Hunting them down like fucking barbarians. God knows what everyone wants wi-
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