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Chapter XXII - The Epilogue

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In the aftermath of the battle of London, as the Galactic Community begins the task of rebuilding. Arcee and the Autobots work to find what has become of Jack and Optimus.

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The Defiant crew was working amongst the rubble and ruins of what once was the city of London merely an hour or so after the battle had ended, trying to help anyone that needed it, be they civilians or allies. Ratchet had checked up on every Autobot in the team and was now scanning Bumblebee with his holo-tool. The Medic was hoping these scans could shine light on the reason they all felt dizzy and had collapsed when the mysterious energy wave had passed through them, but as of right now he was no closer to an answer. Ratchet then finished his scan of the scout and gestured him to move.

"Thank Primus, I hate checkups." the young bot said, earning and annoyed expression from the Medic as he pinched his nose.

"Bumblebee, these scans can help me understand what happened to us when the Reapers were vanquished. Don't you want to know how it affected us?"

The Scout just shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Can't say it is on the top of my worry list."

The Medic looked at him sternly, yet Bumblebee continued.

"I am just saying that we should just look on the bright side. I mean I feel absolutely fine and am just happy that we lived of through this, that should be enough. Now can I get going, I promised Raf I would help him with the other tech teams, as they attempt to get the resistance's auxiliary planetary sensors online."

"And what do you know about repairing such hardware?" Ratchet asked with a mocking tone in his voice.

"Not enough to know what to do by myself, but I have watched both Raf and Tali enough times while on board the Defiant. So I know I can be of help."

The Medic nodded and waved his young friend off.

"Alright go, there is only one more person I need a scan of anyway." he replied before looking around him, trying to spot a certain femme.

Arcee meanwhile was sitting on a piece of concrete and making modifications to her com link with her holo-tool before tapping it again.

"Jack? Jack can you hear me? it's Arcee. Jack?" she said repeatedly but all she heard on the other end was static. Garrus was not far from the femme and shook his head as he watched her attempt to alter the frequency of her com link again. Smokescreen stood beside the Turian and looked at what had his attention.

"How long has she been at it for?"

"She isn't giving up hope that he is out there, and I can't say that I blame her. If it was Tali up there, then I wouldn't even turn the com link off."

At that moment Ratchet turned up.

"Have any of you seen Arc…., there she is." the Medic said as he noticed the femme and started to walk over to her.

"Arcee, I need to take a scan of your physiology. So that I can figure out if that energy wave had any adverse effects on us."

"Well it will have to wait Ratchet, I am busy." Arcee replied sternly without even acknowledging that he was there, as she returned to typing on the interface of her holo-tool. The Medic sighed in response before walking over and placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Arcee you have been at this for hours now with no success, maybe it's time to stop."

Arcee then did exactly that, which made the Ratchet sigh in relief.

"Okay, now I am going to take a scan of you."

The femme then looked at him, her eyes narrowing before swiping his hand away and standing up to face him.

"What are you saying? I should just give up on my 'spark-mate', that I just accept that he is gone." she spat at him with a venomous tone. Ratchet did not know where to look as he felt the cold and confrontational stare coming from Arcee.

"I am not giving up on Jack and until I see a body, I will not accept that he is gone...not again." she added as she clenched her fist, feeling an overwhelming urge to knock the old-bot on his ass for once again proving how ignorant and uncaring he could appear to be. The Medic just stayed quiet as Arcee readied her holo-tool again, and then glanced at him one more time before leaving.

"So you can stick that scan where the sun don't shine."

The femme then stormed off, leaving a bemused Ratchet behind as Garrus joined his side.

"Nice going Ratchet." the Turian said.

"I didn't know that they had become spark-mates." Ratchet replied with a surprised tone.

"I'll talk to her." Garrus said back as he started to go in the same direction as the fuming femme, only to stop when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"No Garrus, I should go and apologise."

With that Ratchet went after her.

Arcee was seething right now as she walked off, not caring what direction she was heading as long as it was far away from Ratchet. The femme had to really hold herself back from pummelling him into nothing for having the audacity to tell her to let Jack go. She couldn't do it, not again. Not like when her lover had died the day that the Normandy was destroyed by the Quintessons a few years back. So she stopped where she was and looked up to the sky while activating her com-link, hoping that this time she may hear his voice on the other end.

"Jack, it's Arcee. Are you there? If so then give me sign…..please?" she asked, the tone of her voice sounding like the femme was putting the last of her hope into one final plea. But as she stood there and looked up into the clear blue sky, hearing nothing but the sound of static on the other end of the com, she then hung her head in despair. Not wanting to accept the reality of the situation. Her spark ached at the choice she had in front of her, and she felt her eyes begin to well up as this feeling sunk in. The femme was so engrossed in her own despair, she did not hear Ratchet walking up behind her.

"Arcee?" he said in a somewhat unsure tone, almost like he was expecting the Autobot to attack him. On hearing her name spoken aloud, the femme was brought out of her solitary moment. And with recognizing the voice that said it, her anger began to flare up again, as she clenched her fists.

"I thought I warned you to stay away." she said with hostility in her voice without even turning around to look at him.

"I guess I don't like myself for what I said to you Arcee, I am sorry." the Medic replied with a shameful tone. The femme though kept her back to him, so Ratchet moved closer and as soon as he was standing right behind her, he could hear her crying.

"Arcee?" he asked as walked in front of her to see the femme was holding her head in her hands and weeping. He immediately pull her into a sympathetic embrace, Arcee hugged him back as she started to cry uncontrollably.

"I am sorry Arcee, I know you loved him very much and he you. But we don't know what has happened up there since the fleet jumped away, maybe you are right and he is actually okay and just unable to contact us."

"I hope so, because if he really is gone this time" Arcee said, hating herself for even contemplating that line of thinking.

" … I don't think I would be able to go on without him." she finished as Ratchet listened.

"Arcee, I know you want to find out that Jack is okay, I mean we all want to hear that he and Optimus are safe. But since there is nothing we can do in that respect, then we should focus on what can be done like making sure the crew are okay and searching for any survivors of HAMMER. Jack left you in charge Arcee and we need you right now."

The femme remained quiet for a long moment as she mulled over her choices, then finally she pulled back from her colleague and looked at him with a stoic expression.

"You are right Ratchet….but I am afraid that while Jack is missing, I just can't focus on anything else right now. I know you probably don't understand, but….."

"No Arcee, I do understand. Believe me I do." he replied with a sympathetic expression of his own.

"Thank you, please inform Garrus that he is in charge for the time being." the femme said back before recalibrating her com link.

"Of course." Ratchet said before he turned to leave.

"…If you want to take that scan, you might as well do it now." Arcee said regaining the Medic's attention as he nodded back before activating his holo-tool and taking a scan of the femme. In the time it took for the scan to be completed, neither bot spoke as they focused on their individual tasks. That was until their silence was broken by Arcee's com link activating.

"Jack… that you?" she asked hopefully.

"Arcee, this is Admiral Bryce. It's good to hear your voice."

The femme sighed as if somewhat disappointed before replying.

"Likewise Admiral, what's your situation?"

"We have only just returned to Earth space with the rest of the fleet, some of the rest have begun heading back to their respective home-worlds through the space bridge which is damaged but functional. We have also heard back from those worlds the Reapers were attacking that they have been destroyed. From what we can piece together, every system and colony in the galaxy has been purged of the Reapers by the energy wave that was released from Unicron's body. I don't know how they did it, but Optimus and Darby stopped them. The entire galaxy owes them a tremendous debt." the Admiral replied as Arcee listened to his every word intently.

"How is it looking up there, is Unicron's body still intact?" she asked hopefully. But then for what felt like an age, no answer came back except for a sigh from the Admiral.

"Arcee..." the Admiral said with a somber tone in his voice as he knew the reason whuy she asked that question.

"... All we can see up here is a large debris field, there is no sign of Unicron. I am sorry."

The femme suddenly had a lump in her throat as she felt like her world was crumbling around her, she felt her eyes well up again and was so caught up in the flood of emotion, that she didn't not hear the muffled sounds of others speaking to the Admiral.

"Arcee, are you still there?" he asked, which snapped her to her senses again, she began wiping away the tears as they formed.

"...Yes Admiral, I am still here." she said while trying to pul herself together. though if the Admiral had noticed this, he didn't let it show in his voice.

"Our sensors are picking up a faint power signature within the debris, I will launch teams to investigate and let you know immediately if we find something." Bryce said in an understanding tone.

"Thank you Admiral." the femme replied as new hope, though small was reignited in her spark.

"Bryce out." the Admiral said back before closing the com channel. Arcee then just took a deep breath and waited for the news as Ratchet began to head back to Garrus and the others.

The debris field was vast as it orbited the planet Earth, it was all that was left of the Chaos Bringer himself, Unicron. The shuttles began weaving in and out between the asteroid sized chunks of the Aeon while making their way to the field's center tracking the ever faint power signature. On board one shuttle, two Autobots sat in the cockpit, while three more were sitting in the aft-section.

"I don't know how anyone could have survived something like this Blades." a bot in blue/red and silver armor said while staring out of the shuttle's canopy at the debris field around them. The pilot who was wearing red and silver armor kept his attention on his flying as he replied.

"I know what you mean Hotspot."

Out of nowhere, the shuttle's con link activated and Admiral Bryce's voice could be heard.

"Shuttle-five, Protectobots what is your status?"

Hotspot tapped the holo interface in front of him.

"Admiral, we are well inside the debris field now and closing in on the power signature. But it is very faint, and could disappear at any time."

"Acknowledged, keep me posted. Bryce out." the Admiral replied before closing the com channel.

"Guys, we have a large contact drifting our way. It will be I our flight path inside the next thirty seconds." another bot wearing white/black armour said from the back as he worked at his holo-interface.

"I see it Streetwise, plotting course around it." Blades replied as the shuttle veered to the right .

"By Primus, look at that." Hotspot said as the other bots stood in the doorway to the cockpit and looked out of the canopy.

"Yeah that's the contact, had no idea that it would be that though." Streetwise said in return as he was joined by FirstAid and Groove (wearing white/black/red and silver/yellow/blue armor respectively). As the Autobots looked out at the debris field, that was drifting around them. A massive piece of debris suddenly blocked out he light from the sun, as it appeared just aways from the shuttle. Five pairs of eyes widened as suddenly they saw that it was Unicron's face.

"His face survived, I mean his face! The majority of his head exploded, but his face is still in one piece" FirstAid said with a slightly unnerved tone in his voice.

"Yeah, so his face is still there. Streetwise, is there any emissions coming from it." Groove asked as the Autobot went back to his console and run a scan, shaking his head once it was done.

"Negative, that thing is dead."

"See FirstAid, nothing to worry about." Groove reassured the medic bot, but Streetwise was still at his console.

"Guys that power signature though is coming from a larger piece of debris just behind ugly's face".

"Roger that, taking us around big ugly." Blades replied, the shuttle then flew past the former Chaos Bringer's face and saw a very large chunk of debris.

"Taking a scan of it now." Streetwise said as he tapped at his holo-interface.

"The energy signature is definitely originating from that." he added as Hotspot tapped Blades on the arm.

"See that large hole on it's upper left, that is our entry point. Take us in."

The Autobot pilot nodded before manoeuvreing the shuttle slowly towards the hole with the vessel's thrusters. once he was happy that he had it lined up, Blades then used a quick burst of power to move the shuttle through the hole as it's search lights activated and illuminated the debris's interior. The Protectobots all crammed into the cockpit to see what they had found themselves in.

"Look at the almost spherical layout of the room." FirstAid said, as Hotspot pointed down at the ground.

"land us there Blades and everyone equip your breather helmets, the readouts say zero atmosphere."

"Doesn't bode well for us to find any survivors, does it." Streetwise replied somberly, earning a similar look from all his team mates.

The shuttle then landed gently and it's hatch opened with a hiss as the vessel's interior was exposed to the vacuum outside. The Protectobots stepped climbed out and looked around at the rubble covered floor, then at the ceiling. Taking in how large the room was.

"By Primus, this place is massive. How in the pit did it survive Unicron exploding?" Hotspot asked, but Groove narrowed his eyes and focused as he looked around the room.

"Is it just me, or does this look familiar?" he said as he shone his torch light onto the ceiling.

"If you mean that it looks like the inside of a spark chamber, then you would be correct." FirstAid replied as he scanned the area with his holo-tool.

"are you picking up any life signs?" Hotspot asked the medic.

"Negative, but I am getting a clear reading of the power signature, it is right over there. Beneath the rubble in the centre of the room." FirstAid answered while pointing in it's direction. They all walked forward as a pinging sound coming from The medic's holo-tool increased in loudness and frequency the closer they got to the room's center. Blades shown his torch to the left, something catching his eye as his torch light reflected off it under the rubble there.

"Hey, what's that?" Blades said as he began to walk over to it, Groove following him until he stopped. His eyes widened as he recognised the Autobot shield.

"Give me a hand with this." he said as the two bots began moving and clearing the rubble until suddenly they stopped, their eyes widening as they stared down at the prone body of Optimus Prime. The others looked over with confused expressions.

"What is it?" Hotspot asked.

"We have found Optimus's body." Blades replied somberly all the bots then just stopped in response. Their faces mirroring Blades and Groove. They all just stood still for a long moment while they mourned their Leader's passing. Then the constant beeping from FirstAid's holo-tool regained his and Hotspot's attention.

...Okay, so what will we find here?" he said with a deep breath, keeping his composure as the two bots stood over a plié of rubble and began to dig. Blades then uncovered something else as he and Groove had started to clear enough of he rubble to pick up The fallen Autobot Leader's body.

"Guys, we have found the star saber too." he said as he attempted to pick it up, but the blade would not budge from it's spot.

"Blades, surely you remember that only a Prime can lift up such a weapon." Groove replied before Hotspot looked back at them while clearing away the rubble in front of him.

"Just leave it where it lies then, not like it will go anywhere."

The Protectobot leader and his medic then lifted and cleared the last of the rubble only to stop and gasp at what they saw.

"What?" Blades and Groove both said in unison before running over and joining their team mates, gasping too in response at what the saw. Lying before them was Jackson Prime's body, sprawled out on the floor. His Prime armor was damaged while also looking completely burned and his exposed skin was burned too.

"Primus! What happened to him?" Hotspot asked in shock, FirstAid knelt down and looked over the Prime's body, noticing that Jack was still holding on to the matrix of leadership.

"Jackson Prime unleashed the matrix on Unicron." the Medic replied as he pointed at the sacred artifact.

"Is that the power signature we have tracked here?" Groove asked, FirstAid though shook his head in response.

"No, its completely drained." he replied while looking at the now black crystal inside the casing that used to shine with the brightness of a star before today. The Medic bot then ran a scan of the Prime with his holo-tool, only to express a look of shock when he saw the results. This did not go unnoticed by Hotspot.

"FirstAid, what is it?"

The medic looked up with an expression of complete bewilderment on his face.

"Hotspot, I am picking up life signs from his body."

"what? You mean he's..." the Protectobot leader said back in surprise.

"Jackson Prime is still alive!" FirstAid replied, earning similar looks from the rest of the team.

"How, I mean we are in a vacuum..." Hotspot said as he reached down to check the Prime's pulse, but suddenly his hand was stopped in its tracks less than a centimetre from Jack, as a blue energy rippled around his unconscious body.

"Did you see that?" Groove asked before Blades poked at the Prime, again causing the energy to ripple over him.

"Stop it!" FirstAid suddenly said aloud, earning a surprised look from the Autobot.

"Every time you do that, the energy signature we have been tracking lessens."

"So this field is what we have been detecting all this time." Streetwise asked as the Medic looked down at a cracked chest plate of Jack's Prime armor noticing a bright light escaping from it.

"Yes, it is the energy field we have been reading. But it is powered by the 'Star of Terra', and it is keeping him alive…somehow."

"So how do we move him then without weakening the field and killing him?" Blades asked making the medic look to the others.

"I think that as long as we don't use too much….. Streetwise and Groove, lift the Prime up gently. I will check the field strength."

The two Autobots did as they were instructed and took hold of the unconscious Commander and began to lift him up, the energy field that surrounding him rippling over his body for just a moment.

"The field is continuing to drop, but at a more slower rate." FirstAid said with a smile. Hotspot mirrored his expression before looking at Streetwise and Groove.

"Alright, get Jackson Prime on the shuttle. FirstAid, you and Blades recover Optimus's body and do the same."

He then tapped the com link on his breather helmet.

"Hotspot to Ark, Admiral Bryce do you read me?"

"Bryce here, what have you found over there?" the Admiral replied over the link.

"Sir we found both Primes, Jackson Prime is still alive and we are extracting him now."

"I don't believe it….." Bryce replied, unable to hide the relief in his voice.

"….But how, never mind. You can tell me at your debrief, what about Optimus?"

"Sir, I am afraid to say that Optimus Prime is… with the Allspark." Hotspot replied as the tone of his voice took on a more sombre feel. The Admiral stayed quiet for a moment, the only thing that the Autobot could hear was an inhale before Bryce spoke again.

"…I see, I am sorry to hear that… alright, get them both back here as quick as you can. I will have a medical team waiting for you in the shuttle bay….and good work on finding them. Bryce out."

Hotspot then looked back at the others.

"Alright team, lets move." he said before rejoining them at the shuttle.

Back on Earth, Arcee was sitting down on a bench that overlooked a charred open area which apprently used to be a park, or so she had been told. The femme's attention though was focused elsewhere as she typed on her holo-tool's interface, still trying to establish a connection with her spark mate.

'Come on Jack, you have to be alive.' Arcee thought as she continued to stare at the read outs, hoping that a signal would appear on the screen, but it just remained a flat line. Not unlike that on a heartbeat monitor , she closed her eyes and tried to banish any ill thoughts that image had started to stir in her mind.

'No, can't think like that. He is alive, he has to be.'

The femme was so caught up in her own thoughts and processes, she did not notice someone walking up behind her.

"Arcee, you alright over there?" a familiar voice called to her, snapping the Autobot out of her of her thoughts as she turned round and saw Smokescreen behind her.

"Smokescreen, I…I am fine. What is it?" she replied hesitantly.

"Well Garrus has tried to contact you for the last twenty minutes, but there was no answer. So he sent me out to see if you were okay." the young Autobot said.

"I turned my com-link off." Arcee answered before noticing a slight smile appear on the bot's face.


"So you don't know then?" he replied, gaining an annoyed look from the femme.

"Know what?"

"Admiral Bryce has dispatched a shuttle to bring you to the Ark." Smokescreen said, making her expression change to one of confusion.


The young bot's smile widened in response.

"They found him!" he said with a happy tone in his voice.

"Him…." she said with barely a whisper, her face now looking back at Smokescreen as her eyes began to widen.

"Jack, he's alive and on board the Ark, in its medical bay." the bot replied, making her stand up all of a sudden, her lover's name being spoken aloud finally sinking in her mind what Smokescreen had said.

"Jack… where is the shuttle?" she said, her expression becoming all stoic like.

"Back at the escape pod landing site." the young bot replied and without any further encouragement, Arcee ran past her comrade and back to where the shuttle had landed. Leaving Smokescreen to watch with a smile on his face before he tapped his com-link.

"Smokescreen here, she is on her way."


The crystalline landscape was a beautiful sight as the rainbow coloured rays of light flowed over the night sky, the stars too were shining brightly like diamonds as Jack stood there watching it all. With so much light in the sky despite it being night, it was a wonder that the sources of such light did not conflict with each other. Fighting for superiority of the night, but they were instead existing in a state of complete symbiosis. The colours working with each other and not against. The Prime just continued to stare out at it, he did not know how he got there or how much time had passed for him in this place. Such thoughts were not even going through his mind, he felt completely at peace with his surroundings as another stood beside him.

"Beautiful isn't it."

Jack looked over to see Optimus standing next to him, smiling at the same images that the Commander had been watching.

"Yes it is, it is how it should be."

"I have not seen the matrix and Allspark look so at peace….not for a long time."

Jack smiled and nodded before looking back out at the environment around them.

"Your not Optimus."

"No, I am not. He is up there, his spark shining brightly among all the others in the Allspark." the figure smiled as they both looked up at the stars.

"But you are not Primus either, I felt his essence fade away when I unleashed the matrix on Unicron." Jack replied.

"That is true, I am an echo of the one called Primus. The last of his being to leave this plane of existence." the echo said back.

"But there is still one matrix left, a part of Primus that still exists here. Isn't that enough?" the Prime asked, gaining the other's attention.

"You carry the last of Primus within your matrix Jackson Prime, it is not enough to keep the Aeon among us. But one day it will be needed for the storm on the horizon." the echo replied as it looked away from Jack, causing the Prime to look at whatever had taken the other's attention from him. But he could not see anything on the horizon.

"What is it? I don't see anything out there."

"It is not something to which you should concern yourself with Prime, another like yourself will have to deal with this when the time comes…..very far down the line from now. Primus did tell you this, heed his words."

"Another? You mean there will be more Primes after myself, but I thought…" Jack started to say until the other cut him off.

"Jackson Prime, Optimus was the last…..of the original lineage of Primes. You are the first of the new, one that is diverse in species as well as gender. This is what Primus wanted for the galaxy that he came to care for. You will carry the matrix until the next Prime reveals themselves and the pattern will repeat until the time that Primes will no longer be required."

Jack gave the echo a look of relief, before it changed to one of confusion.

"So, I am not dead then. But why is that, I mean Primus told me that using the Matrix would likely kill me. So why have I survived?"

"Because you passed the final test of what it means to be a Prime…..self sacrifice." the figure looking like Optimus replied.

"But I have always put others a head of myself, throughout my entire life. How is now any different?" Jack asked.

"Because in that singular moment before unleashing the matrix's power, you not only believed in that noble act. But also committed to it in its entirety, putting the needs of an entire galaxy ahead of your own being. You had proven that Primus was correct in making you a Prime and so the matrix protected you from that which would have ended your life Jackson Darby." the echo replied with a gentle smile, looking now more then ever as the man Jack knew as Optimus Prime.

"I see, so what now?"

"Now it is time for you to open your eyes and return to your world, to help shape it's future and carry on the will of Primus. Farewell Jackson Prime, until all are one." the echo said before everything went white and Jack could hear voices talking around him. One of the voices sounding so warm and familiar to him, he could feel his own heart skip a beat.

"He is coming round...Jack.." a female voice spoke softly as the Prime opened his eyes to see three blurred faces looking down on him, though his vision slowly corrected itself as it got used to the light. Jack then recognized Arcee and Ratchet, the third face was a complete stranger.

"Arcee..." he replied, earning a loving smile from the femme, she replied by softly raking her hand through his hair as he lied there on the berth.

"Where am I?" the Prime asked as he looked around the room (as well as he could while lying down on a berth) to see a heartbeat monitor and I.V drip on his right.

"On board the Ark, in its medical bay." Arcee replied.

"How long have I been here?"

The femme and the medic looked at each other before moving their gaze back to the Human Prime.

"Jack, you have been in a coma for three weeks." Ratchet answered, earning a wide eyed look from his patient.

"A coma? Three weeks? What happened to me?" he asked with a surprised tone. Arcee gave Ratchet a knowing look.

"Perhaps I can get some privacy with Jack and get him up to speed." she asked.

"Unfortunately Admiral Bryce ordered me to let him know once Jack was awake, and I just signaled him now." the medic replied as he pointed at his holo-tool, earning a sigh from the femme. Jack though was more concerned with the third person who was trying to look busy at the back of the room, except he looked more annoyed than anything else.

"Who's that?" the Prime asked, making the man turn around and look at him.

"well it's about someone asked about me." the guy said earning a knowing look from Jack, like he recognized his voice. The man had red hair with black highlights and looked like someone who was obsessed with his image.

"Knockout?" Jack said, earning a smile from the former Con.

"Yes Darby, it's me." he replied with an overconfident tone, earning daggers from Arcee, making him gulp before changing his attitude.

"I mean... Yes Prime, I am the one responsible for getting your burns to heal faster by placing you in the experimental bio re-generator tank that I invented, it sped up your body's natural healing factor. So your severe injuries and burns were healed in weeks not months or years."

"Burns!" Jack replied with fear tinged in his voice before looking around for a mirror, though Arcee was already on hand and held one up so that the Prime could see his reflection.

"Doesn't look any different." he said with a confused expression before looking back at Knockout, the other two Autobots doing the same. The doctor just smiled at them.

"Yes…. I am just that good, if I do say so myself." he exclaimed happily, as Jack continued to look at his face for a moment before looking at Ratchet.

"How bad was it?" he asked while Knockout looked like he was imagining being surrounded by scores of fans admiring him, the medic ignored the former Con and sighed before looking back at the Prime.

"Well..." he said before Jack noticed how somber Arcee was looking.

"Arcee, what is it?"

Before the femme could answer, Ratchet did so for her.

"Jack, when you were brought were in a bad way, your body was broken. It wasn't just your skin that had been damaged severely. Arcee didn't take it well."

The Prime looked back to his lover and placed his hand on her own affectionately.

"Hey, I am okay now." he said gently to her, the femme then reached up and stroked his chin. Feeling it's softness instead of the crisp, burnt way it was only weeks before. She then leaned in close, Jack could feel her sweet breath on his neck and smell her scent as the femme spoke softly into his ear.

"I know Jack and I am so very thankful for that, but most importantly I am just really happy that your alright. I don't want to lose you again."

The femme was suddenly surprised as Jack pulled her into an embrace and kissed her, she could feel all her doubts and fears melt away as he held her close and pressed his lips against hers. Both Ratchet and Knockout did not know where to look for that particular moment. But the two spark-mates ignored them as they pulled away slightly and looked into each others eyes.

"I love you Arcee, I would fight heaven and hell to be in your embrace again."

The femme chuckled lightly be looking back at him lovingly.

"That was a little cheesy Jack."

The Prime though gave her a knowing smile.

"Maybe, but you liked it. Right?" he asked, Arcee gave her answer by leaning in for another kiss.

"Yeah I did." she said as their lips were practically touching, she then pulled back and looked at the two doctors.

"Can we get some privacy?"

"Of course you can Arcee." Ratchet said while rolling his eyes before grabbing Knockout by the arm, the former Con pulled his arm back and stared daggers at the Autobot medic.

"Hands off, do you know what this lab coat is made of!"

"That's enough you two." Admiral Bryce said as he entered the room suddenly, making both doctors look at him with surprise. He then looked over to the two lovers and they mirrored the others expressions too.

"Admiral." Jack said as he and Arcee separated and he started to sit up, only for the Admiral to motion him to stop.

"At ease Prime." he said as the two doctors began to leave.

"Ratchet, Knockout. Thank you." Jack then said, gaining their attention. The Autobot medic looked somewhat embarrassed as he smiled at the Prime.

"Your welcome Jack." he replied, the former Con though looked completely surprised by Jack's words and was speechless. So he just smiled and nodded back before both bots left the room.

"Knockout was acting strangely then." Jack said with a confused look.

"I think he is just not used to being thanked before. He did used to serve Megatron, remember?" Arcee replied before they both looked at the Admiral.

"How are you feeling son?"

"Well considering what I was told I looked like when I was found, I guess I feel good. But I am just glad to be alive." the Prime replied.

"It was a miracle that you survived the destruction of Unicron, unfortunately Optimus didn't." Bryce said with a somber expression, Jack and Arcee mirroring him.

"I know." Jack replied as the Admiral looked back at him.

"Darby, what happened up there?"

As the Prime looked at him, he glanced over to His spark-mate and could tell that she wanted to know too.

"Well..." Jack started to say as the others in the room kept their attention solely on him. The Prime told them about fighting the Husks all the way to the spark chamber, the fate of Silas. The return of Sideways and his role as herald of the Chaos Bringer, The fall of Optimus and Jack's unleashing the power of the matrix. When he finished, The Prime saw the looks of both Arcee and Bryce who had listened to his story intently. They both had expressions of intrigue and surprise written on their faces.

"And I thought our stand against the Reapers was the highlight of the battle for Earth, on behalf of everyone involved in the fight...thank you." the Admiral replied, but Jack shook his head I response.

"Everyone deserves thanks Admiral, we are all in this together after all ." Jack said back with a smile, which Bryce mirrored.

"True enough." he said as Jack looked to see a sad expression on Arcee's face.

"'s true, Primus really is gone?" the femme asked, warning a nod from her lover as he gently squeezed her hand with his own affectionately.

"Yes, he sacrificed himself to bring an end to Unicron and free us all from the cycle of death that had started with his brother's creation of the Reapers."

"Well, it was immediately after the battle that the well of all-sparks shut down. We did not know what was the cause. We all (Cybertronians) started to panic after that, well at least at first." Arcee added.

"Why, what has the situation become while I have been here?" Jack asked.

"Prime, you should know that the Galactic Alliance that you forged among our neighbors is still going strong as we are all working together to start the process of rebuilding. But Perceptor, Anderson and myself have a more permanent solution in mind, that I will share with you later." Bryce replied before turning towards the door and making his way out, only to stop and look back at the Prime.

"I will let Arcee fill you in on the rest." he added with a smile before nodding to the femme, who smiled back. The Admiral then left the two lovers alone in Jack's room, Arcee looked back at The Prime who looked very confused now.

"Arcee? What's going on, you said the cybertronians had started to panic?"

The femme tried to keep a stoic expression in front of Jack, but was finding it hard to show a slight smile.

"Yes and we did at first, because without new sparks our species would not survive. But when that energy wave passed through each and every one of us, it knocked us all down on to our knees."

Jack gave her a look of worry, one which she instantly disarmed with a loving smile.

"No Jack, I am alright. In fact we all are, you see Ratchet took scans of every Autobot in our team. Also instructing the Alliance Medical to do the same and compared the results."

"And, did they find anything?" Jack asked curiously, which made the femme's smile to widen.

"Yes they did, they found that while our bodies still contain sparks, that our biology now is more or less the same as Humans. Our bodies are now a perfect blending of organic and synthetic properties, we can now do everything that you can. We can now age as our life-spans are now the same as yours, but we can also..."

Jack's eyes widened as it became clear what she was going to say and so beat her to it.

" can have children." he replied, gaining a joyous look from his lover.

"Yes, we can. We no longer need the well of all-sparks to ensure our survival as a species, but I was thinking..." the femme said before noticing that Jack was staring ahead with a smile on his face. The Prime remembered what it was that Primus had told him.

'Every door that closes, another will open.'

"Jack?" Arcee asked, regaining his attention.

"Primus did it, he knew that his sacrifice would shut down Cybertron completely, including the well. So he instead had your biology altered with the same energy wave that would wipe out the Reapers." he said.

"Yes, but we don't know why." the femme replied.

"He did it because he is proud of what you have become, that the war that had torn his children in two was over. And now you were working with Humanity and once again spreading your influence throughout the galaxy, as he originally wanted. So he insured you would survive as a species and continue to do so." Jack said back, before Arcee looked at him with a unsure expression.

"Well...this brings up an issue that I thought a lot about recently as well as when we're on board the Defiant.

"What is it Arcee, what's been bothering you?" the Prime asked, silently surprising the femme with his ability to read her.

"Well we have both said that we want to spend our lives together." Arcee replied.

"And I referred to us as spark-mates." Jack interjected, which made the femme smile.

"Well since we got back together, I have always thought of us as such. But it feels good to finally confirm it, but anyway I have thought about our future together and there has always been something that I have not been comfortable with."

Jack sat up on his berth and gave her a concerned look.


"The fact that I would never be able to bear us a child." The femme said with a guilty expression as she looked down while remembering those somber thoughts. Jack though placed his hand on her chin and brought her eyes back to his own.

"Arcee, I love you for who and what you are. I would be lying if I said that I never thought of having kids one day, but just being with you is enough for me." he said as she leaned in closer to his face.

"I knew you would see it that way but…." she started to say but Jack cut her off.

"Arcee, the Reaper war is over and we are still together. And it also turns out that we can now have everything that we want. And I would like nothing more than to start a family with you."

The femme then produced that smile that would make the Prime's heart skip a beat and then gave him a quick kiss.

"You don't realise how much that warms my spark Jack." she replied before he flashed a lop-sided grin her way.

"Maybe you should show me." he teased, making the femme look at him in surprise and desire.

"Here now? Someone may see us." she said, Jack then activated his holo-tool and locked the door with it and made the blinds over the room's windows (including the one on the door) give them cover.

"No one will see us, it's just you and me." he replied, as Arcee placed her arms around his neck and pulled him close.

"Just the way I like it."

They then kissed long and passionately before the Prime pulled his lover down onto the berth and lost themselves in each other.


A few days later and Jack was standing in the halls of the Decagon in New Iacon, he had been asked to appear among the representatives of the worlds who took part in the Reaper war. As the leaders were in discussion behind the large doors in front of the Prime, he was taking with Garrus and Tali.

"Well its good to finally see you up and about Jack. You had us all worried." the Turian said while he and his Quarian lover held hands.

"Yes you sure did." Tali added.

"Thanks guys, I am just glad that everyone else is alright too. Speaking of which, I thought they would be here." Jack replied.

"Raf is helping with the restoration of the planetary communication network, and you know Bumblebee will be at his side. Smokescreen, Jazz and Grimlock are taking turns with helping the security patrols, Ratchet is busy helping Alliance Medical deal with the influx of wounded." Garrus said back.

"And you two don't have anything to do?" the Prime asked.

"Well remember I am the Primarch's advisor, so I will be needed in there at some point." he Turian replied.

"And Aunty Raan has asked that I be here to help her when needed." Tali said.

Acree then joined the group and slipped her hand into Jack's.

"Hey guys, so I guess you are still waiting?"

Yeah, can't be long now. After what Admiral Bryce discussed with me, I can't see anyone saying no to the proposal." jack replied.

"Well I hope so Jack. After everything we went through with the Reapers, it would be a pleasant change to have something go our way for a change." Garrus said back while Tali looked over to Arcee.

"Hey Arcee, what have you and Jack been up to for the last few days?"

"Well... Just helping Jack get back up to speed with things, since he was in a coma for three weeks. Also his parents visited yesterday to see how he was." the femme replied.

"How did that go, and how did they survive the Reapers occupation of Earth?" Garrus asked after hearing the two women's talk, surprising them so Jack stepped in.

"My mom and William stayed at New Iacon during the invasion, since the Reapers didn't even attack the city until the last day of the war. I was very happy and relieved to see my parents again (though William Fowler is his stepfather), we had a lot to talk about." the Prime said as he looked over to his spark-mate and smiled, the femme mirroring him. This caught both their friends attention.

"Okay you two, spill the beans. That look you both had, was far too telling." Tali said curiously.

"Well..." Arcee started to say as she and Jack smiled at each other lovingly, the Prime gently squeezing the femme's hand in his own.

"...with the war over and the two of us having more time for each other, we now want to start a family."

Tali's eyes widened with her smile as she looked at the loved up spark-mates.

"That's great, we too want to do the same." she replied happily, earning an embarrassed but equally happy expression from Garrus.

"Really, can you do that?" Jack asked in return.

"Well we can't have a child naturally due to our bodies physiology being very different, so we will adopt a child instead by registering with the Hierarchy's adoption program for war orphans on Palaven before returning to Rannoch within the next few days." the Turian replied.

"Sounds like you guys have everything planned out?" Arcee said with a smile.

"Yes, we are both going to go part-time with our current positions and so have time to build a home. What about you two?" Tali asked as the doors behind them opened and a soldier walked up to the group.

"They will see you now." he replied, earning a nod from Jack before he and the others walked into the large room that had all the leaders of each race that had taken part in the battle of Earth. The Citadel Councillors were there, each representing their own species alongside Urdnot Wrex, Admiral Raan and Primarch Victus. There was also a Geth Prime who was standing next to the Quarian Admiral, Jack then saw both Anderson and Admiral Bryce walking over to them with Miranda Lawson who grabbed the Prime and pulled him into an embrace.

"Thank god you are alright Jack, I feared the worst when Unicron exploded." the ex-MECH officer said with a huge smile before pulling away, an embarrassed expression appearing on her face as she noticed everyone was watching.

"It's good to see you too Miranda. It was pretty much touch and go back there. That any of us survived the Reaper war is miracle in itself." Jack replied as Wrex joined them.

"Jack, my brother." the Krogan exclaimed as he embraced the Prime in what to everyone else looked like a bear hug.

"Hey... Wrex." Jack managed to reply through the tight grip his friend had before being was released, taking a much needed breath.

"I knew you would pull through, inside your body beats the heart of a Krogan." Wrex said happily. Earning a smile from Jack as Perceptor spoke up, making the group look back to the Autobot and the other leaders.

"We are all relieved that you survived and recovered from your injuries Jackson Prime, we feared that you would become one with the all-spark, like so many during this past war."

"Thank you Councillor." the Prime replied.

"Now we are all here today because Admiral Bryce, Captain Anderson and myself have offered you all a proposal a few days ago, a chance that has been born out of our alliance during the war with the Reapers. Which at the time was based purely on survival." The Autobot Councillor said while looking around to the other leaders, each one listening to him intently until one of them raised a hand. It was Tevos who was representing the Asari.

"We have all heard your proposal, which is to dissolve the Citadel Council and build a new 'alliance' that would include all species in this room now, as well as more that would like to join further down the line. But my question would be this, does each member still retain control of their own sovereignty or do they all conform to one governmental rule?"

"No, each member would still have oversight of their own accords, this alliance would keep us all as allies and friends, to build on the foundations that were laid during the war. This alliance would allow us all work together and maintain this new found peace that we have won for ourselves. As you know, the damage that the Reapers have forced upon each of our territories will take decades to repair. But if we all work together, we can halve that time and take our peoples back to how things were before the war." Admiral Bryce answered.

"What about these details, that all members would combine their militaries under one banner. that of the Autobots?" Admiral Raan asked.

"That would be completely optional Admiral, if any member did not want to join their forces to the one that would protect this new alliance. Then we would understand, but the Autobots would only answer to one man and he would answer to the newly established Senate (all member leaders)." Captain Anderson replied.

"I would like to think that everyone here would question the logic of giving that much power to one person." Raan replied, earning nods from the group around her.

"That would be true, but I doubt that anyone would be against this particular person." Bryce said before he gestured to Jack who stepped forward, making the room go quiet.

"Darby Commander.." the Geth Prime stated, warning a nod from the Prime.

"Commander Jackson Darby is now the sole Prime among us, this in turn makes him the new leader of the Autobots since the passing of Optimus Prime. I can't think of anyone else who would fit the role more." the Autobot Councillor stated proudly as all eyes fell upon the Human Prime, who could see the unsure expressions of many of the leaders in the room. So he decided to speak.

"I know this is a lot to ask, and that right now you would rather focus on your own individual territories. But after seeing what we have achieved together, having defeated an enemy as powerful as the Reapers and Unicron. Just think what we can achieve by continuing to help each other, not only in rebuilding our worlds. But in safeguarding the future for the generations to follow and securing peace for the entire galaxy. Will you stand with me?" he said with a stoic expression and tone. Primarch Victus took a step forward and looked at Jack.

"Well I for one know that if it wasn't for Jackson Prime, then none of us would be standing here today. You have my eternal gratitude Prime and I hereby accept your proposal and the Turian people will join this new 'alliance' and place our military under your command."

"As if there was any doubt what I would choose Jack, the Krogan stand with you all the way." Wrex said happily.

"The Geth owe Darby Commander a great deal, we too will join you." The Geth Prime added.

"As will we Jackson Prime." Admiral Raan replied, which brought a smile to Tali's face. All that was left was Valern and Tevlos and both Councillors looked unsure.

"What is wrong?" Jack asked.

"Well I for one want to know what MECH are doing here." Tevos said in a firm tone, without it sounding too hostile. Admiral Bryce took a step forward, in front of Miranda.

"Miranda Lawson is here because MECH (the remaining fleet and personnel) will be joining this new alliance as part of it's covert Intelligence organisation, which will be made up of similar groups from all member species."

"And Miranda has proven that she is not like her father, the deceased Director Silas. She help me bring an end to the Quintessons, MECH's former leader and was also on hand to bring much needed reinforcements during the final battle. I trust her with my life and that should be all you need to accept her as our head of Intelligence." Jack added as both Councillors looked at the former MECH agent and then back at each other, speaking amongst themselves for a moment. Tevos then turned to the Prime.

"Very well Jackson Prime, you have made a strong case for this alliance and both the Asari and the Salarians will join you."

"Yes, you will find that the Salarian Union will be more inviting of joining an alliance that also includes the Krogan due to the fact that Dalatrass Linron resigned not long after the Genophage was cured." Valern added.

"That is welcoming news Valern. Now let us discuss our forming of this new alliance…..'The Interstellar Federation of free worlds'." Perceptor exclaimed as the group began discussing the future of the galaxy.

Three weeks later...

In the shadow of the Decagon, within the building's large gardens surrounded it stood a memorial wall made of black marble that stood twelve meters tall and it's width ran up one whole side of the gardens. It already had hundreds of thousands of names inscribed upon it, but there was a section that was still to filled. Scores of people, military and civilian stood at its base. The gathering was a mixture of Turian, Asari, Krogan, Salarian, Quarian , Geth, Human and Cybertronian. And between them and the wall stood Jackson Prime and his team, along with Admiral Bryce and the leaders of alien nations that had fought along side each other during the war. Each person held what looked like a plaque in their hands, each had a name engraved on it. Jack took a step forward, toward the crowd as small VI controlled recording devices were floating overhead, their lenses focused on the Prime as he prepared to make his address to not only the people on site, but to the galaxy. He looked down to the ground for a moment, taking a deep breath. Knowing that all eyes were on him again. The last time he felt like this was the day he was made a Prime over three years ago. But he managed to keep his cool and began to speak.

"The war is over, Unicron and the Reapers have been defeated. We stood at the precipice of our own annihilation, but against all odds…..we survived. But now as the dust settles and we take a look around, we can see just how much the Reapers conquest to purge our galaxy cost us in the long run. It will take time but everything that was destroyed can be rebuilt, and I believe that we can do that together. Because if we can stop something as powerful as the Chaos Bringer and his Reapers, imagine what we can achieve now that we are free and able to do so."

Jack then gestured to the Councillors who stood to his right.

"The Citadel Council is being dissolved and a new political and economic alliance is being formed between all the species that fought against our common enemy. 'The Interstellar Federation of free worlds' is our chance to bring lasting peace and prosperity to the galaxy, we will also pool all of our militaries together to form a peace keeping and humanitarian armada that will defend our alliance against any threat, and they will be named after the faction of Cybertronians who were honorable and dedicated to peace and upholding justice and freedom while protecting those who were unable to defend themselves….'Autobot's. And they will fall under my command as I am now the leader of the Autobots, a title inherited from the late Optimus Prime. So now before we usher in this new age, let us remember and honor those who fought and died to insure that we have this chance to carry on."

Jack then turned around and watched as his friends then one at a time, placed their plaque on to the memorial wall under a subtitle 'honored Heroes', there for all to see and pay respect too. There was utter silence as this happened, the only sound to be heard was the cool breeze that accompanied them. The list of names on the section of the wall grew, Miko Nakadai, Wheeljack, Kaidan Alenko, Jacob Taylor, Zaeed Massani, Soundwave, Legion, Airachnid, Hotrod. After Arcee and Smokescreen stepped back from placing the plaques they had held, it was Jack's turn and he stepped forward to the one spot that was left. He then looked down at the plaque in his hands, the name inscribed on it evoked warm memories of a mentor and father figure who had helped guide him through his life from the very first day that they had met, all those years ago. The Commander then took a breath and lifted up the plaque and placed it into the wall slowly, pressing his hands across the name as he put it in place. He then took a step back and stood beside his spark mate before bringing his hand up into a salute, everyone standing beside him and doing the same as the final name was there fall all to see.

'Optimus Prime'

Everyone remained quiet for what felt like an age while paying respect to the fallen heroes of the Normandy and the Defiant, as well as all the soldiers and civilians that had been killed at the hands of the Reapers. It was a sad day, but a brighter future was just over the horizon.


Nine years later...

The sun was just starting to set as it began to drop behind the horizon, the light from the star changing the sky to a vanilla like colour as Jack sat on the porch swing of his house and looked out at the ocean beyond the beach that his home was situated. This house had been his and Arcee's for the last nine years, he found it hard to believe that much time passed since the end of the Reaper war. He could still remember those dark days like it was yesterday, though even when things seemed at their most bleak and desperate. He never had to face them alone, for he had friends that were always there to help him. As with any war, he some of them along the way. But he would never forget them, and in that way they never really left. Those who survived the war went on to lead happy lives for themselves. Garrus and Tali had made a home for themselves on Rannoch, they eve adopted a Turian child of barely six months of age. And they named him 'Shen'. Raf became the ISF's leading scientific expert and headed up their R & D section, Bumblebee always at his side. Smokescreen and Jazz took up positions in the Autobot Academy, teaching the new recruits along with Grimlock.

As for Jack and Arcee, the Prime was the leader of the Autobots - the largest peace keeping and humanitarian Armada/Army the galaxy had ever seen, and still had plenty of work to do. Arcee though fell pregnant only a few months after the war and knowing how they led their lives, wanted to ensure that their child would safely come to term. So the femme left the service prepared for it's arrival. The day 'Orion' came into the world was one that neither of them would ever forget, he always knew how much of a temper Arcee had but the language he heard his spark-mate use during labour was a surprise. Though the doctors certainly didn't seem surprised, guess they were used to that kind of treatment from expecting mothers. Though the moment that both first time parents laid eyes on little Orion, it was a moment that was forever imprinted into their memories, Jack for one had a permanent image of the femme holding their new born son in her arms, the baby did not even cry as it stared up at them both.

From that day on, the Prime made sure that he was there for his son as much as possible, even though he had responsibilities to everyone else. He always put his son first, not wanting to ever be like how his own father was to himself. Even now, Orion was not out of his sight as he watched his son playing on the beach with Ravage, who had become as much family as he had after his previous master's passing. Jack was brought out of his thoughts by Arcee who joined him on the porch, she was wearing just blue jeans with a tight fitting t-shirt that showed her athletic physique. She looked down at her lover and smiled.

"Can I join you? I did just wash up all the dishes." she asked coyly with her hands on her hips, earning a happy sigh from Jack as he placed the pad he was holding down beside him.

"Sure, but I think you should know that I was keeping an eye on Orion while also going through these reports too, your not the only one who can multi-task." he replied with a loving smile as the femme sat down next to him and wrapped her arm around his waist, while resting her other hand on his chest.

"Okay, colour me impressed. But you do know that Ravage has become quite the guardian to our little boy, I can see that he loves Orion just as much as we do and I trust him completely with his safety."

"I know and I do too, but I did say on the day that our son was born that I would always be there for him and I wont ever go back on that." Jack replied as he looked out to see Ravage playfully chasing Orion around on the sand as the sunset reflected off the ocean beyond them. Arcee placed a finger on the Prime's chin and turn his face gently until his eyes met her own.

"Jack, I will tell you again what I told you that day. You are not your father, I know that you love Orion as much as I do and would do anything for him."

She then looked back out towards their son who had begun to wrestle with his feline friend.

"I am happy that after living through two separate wars, that I even had the chance to have what I have now. A peaceful life and a family with the man who I love." she added as she looked back at Jack, the sunset made her azure eyes seem to sparkle as they looked at each other.

"Same here Arcee, I love you and Orion too." the Prime replied before embracing his lover and kissing her passionately. They then pulled back slightly and sat there watching as the sun was now halfway passing the horizon, Arcee rested her head on his shoulder and sighed happily.

"So, anything news worthy in those reports?" she asked as Jack began running his fingers through her soft blue hair.

"Just the same old skirmishes between us and the 'Omega Syndicate', I guess Aria just likes to try to push my buttons."

"She certainly has let the power go to her head a bit since absorbing all the major mercenaries groups into Omega since the war. But you know that Nyreen wont let her go to far." the femme replied while running a finger across his chest.

"Yeah I know, other than that everything is fine in the Federation. Rebuilding is still ongoing and wont be complete for another few years, but other than that." the Prime said.

"That's good." Arcee replied before looking at the time on her holo-tool, she then looked out to the two playing on the beach.

"Orion, Ravage, times up."

The calling of his name made the little boy turn round and stare back to the house with his azure blue eyes. He sighed sadly before looking back at his feline friend.

"Time's up Ravage." he said, earning an unhappy whine from the feline bot before both began making their way back to the house to find Jack and Arcee sitting down on the porch swing. Before either of them could say anything, Orion climbed up on to the swing with them and curled himself up between them. Both parents smiled as they looked down at their son.

"Don't you think it's a little past your bed time?" Arcee asked.

"But I am not even tired Mummy." he replied before letting off one long yawn, looking completely adorable to them both.

"You should listen to your mother Orion." Jack said, but this just made the little boy curl up more.

"Just a little longer Daddy?"

Both Arcee and Jack sighed happily as they sat there with their son, Ravage had made his home at their feet as he curled up there.

"Okay, you have until the sun has set, but no longer than that." the femme replied as she ran her fingers through her son's hair, which was blue and had black highlights. Orion looked out at the setting sun which was now three-quarters set over the horizon, but then something caught his attention as he looked over to a sparkling crystal which hung around his father's neck. For what felt like a long moment, the family just sat there in happy silence and watched the sun set. Arcee then looked down to her son, her eyes widening in surprise at what she saw.

"Jack." she said gently, gaining his attention.

"What is it Arcee?" he asked with a confused look.

"Look." she said softly, gesturing down to their son, so Jack looked down at Orion. His own expression now mirroring his spark-mate's as he saw his little boy holding the matrix crystal in his hand, admiring the way the light was shining from it. Both parents then looked up at each other and smiled before touching their foreheads together lovingly for a moment, knowing what this single act their son had just done would mean. They then looked back out to see the sun finally set as the sky darkened and the stars began shining from above. The future it would seem, was even brighter than they would have hoped.

XXX years later…..

The stars shone brightly in the early night sky as a woman was standing in what looked like a cemetery, she was joined by a young girl who stood beside her and looked down at the grave in front of them.

"That really happened?" the girl asked.

"Yes, one man managed to bring together a galaxy and end a threat that had cast it's shadow over it for far too long. If it wasn't for my grandfather, we wouldn't have the way of life we do today." the woman replied proudly.

"Tell me another story about Jackson Prime." the little girl asked in return.

"Well, it is getting late and you should get back home." the woman replied as she looked down at the child, who gave her a sad expression.

"But…okay, I can tell you another story. But it wont be about my grandfather."

The little girl looked up to her, face now looking curious.

"Who will it be about?"

The woman smiled and looked up at the stars.

"….my father. He was another Prime and his name was…Orion."

The End

A/N: Well this is it, the end of the trilogy. Thank you for reading my story, it means a lot to me. :)
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