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Jack x Sally

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The love story between Jack and Sally after Christmas is saved. (p.s first fan fiction sorry if it sucks.)

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Jacks P.O.V

The snow started to fall, the whole towns fixations turned from me to focus on the cold white blankets forming on the ground. Zero barked at the shadow creeping out of the fence. “Its Sally” I whispered to myself, looking back at the towns people I realized it was my only chance to see her. Glancing one more time at the people I made a break for it.
I rushed around tombstones looking for her. Resting against Zero’s tomb my hand slipped through the dirt. “Dang it Zero, why are you digging holes in your grave?” All in reply I got was a gentle whimper. I stood up, and in the distance on top of the hill there sitting was Sally, my soon to be Sally. I ran up the hill and started to sing her favorite song. “ My dearest friend...If you don’t mind, I’d like to join you by your side.” Sally started singing with me. “We’re we can gaze into the stars, and sit together....Now and Forever....for it is plan as anyone can see..We’re simple meant to be....” I took her by the hands, and hugged her. My heart screaming and ponding at the touch of her body against mine.
I know this is love now Sally.

Sally’s P.O.V

The towns people practically jumped on Jack when he came back. Snow started to fall and knowing no one would notice my absence I snuck out through the fence, heading towards the grave yard. It was so cold my stitches were frosting up. I wonder if Jack noticed me leaving.. I said this over and over, sometimes almost screaming it, at other times mumbling it to myself.
I sat on the hill staring at the moon and picking peddles off a dead flower I got from Zero’s grave. He loves me....He loves me not...He loves me...He loves me not....Right before I was going to pick off the last peddle I heard a familiar voice, it sounded like Jack, Jacks singing.
My heart started to pound as the lyrics and his voice fluttered past my ears. It was strange that this happened because I barely had a heart. In the end of the night Jack gave me his, I now know I love Jack. 

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