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Chapter two

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Love story continues into the bed room

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Hours after they pronounced there love for one another they laid on there backs gazing into the stars. “Hey Sally.” “Yes jack?” “How would you like to come live with me and Zero, it gets really lonely just the two of us..” Jack stuttered trying to spit out his true feelings. “A-and you wouldn’t have to be so lonely anymore.” Sally blushed royal blue, she jumped into Jacks arms. “Oh Jack yes, yes, yes, thank you!” Jack held her tight blushing a bit himself. “No my Sally, thank you.”
Around midnight when everything settled down in Halloween Town Jack and I headed back to his house. “Watch your step Sally.” Sally was very sleepy, she had never stayed up this late. “Jack, can you carrie me up the stairs?” “Sure thing Sally.” Jack picked her up bridal style and carried her up the seven steps. “Want me to carrie you to the bed to?” “No its okay Jack, I think I got it from here. Thank you.” “You’re welcome.”
They both headed into Jacks bedroom. Sally sat on the edge of the bed while Jack was brushing his teeth. “I wonder if he Jack wound ever kiss me..” Sally mumbled this to herself, not knowing Jack was standing right behind her. Jack gently touched Sally’s shoulders and pulled her back onto the bed slowly. Jack whispered in her ear, “of course I would Sally.” Jack pressed his lips gently against Sally’s. The both blushed deeply as there hearts began to race. Jack pushed his face closer to hers and stuck his tongue in hers.
I love you deeply Sally. I love you now and forever Jack.
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