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Chapter VII

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The party is in full swing as Orion and his team set about rescuing Liara T'Soni from the weapons dealer - Donovan Hock, but are they about to be outmatched by the Shadow Broker's Agent and her two...

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Orion and Nightracer entered the large ballroom which had multiple light sources, shining multi-coloured lights in different directions all over the room. There was two levels to the room, both had a dance floor but the bar was only on the ground floor. There was also numerous sofas and chairs scattered about the place as well as an all Asari band playing music which could be heard loudly around the entire room. The ballroom was also filled with scores of guests, made up of what looked like nearly every species in the galaxy. There were Asari, Turian, Salarian, Huma and Volus, as well as the very large Elcor and jellyfish like Hanar. Nightracer chuckled which caught Orion's attention.

"What?" he said back with a slightly confused expression.

"Have you ever seen an Elcor dance?" the Femme replied as Orion watched the large lumbering creature standing there on all fours as the party carried on around him.

"No, but I guess it would clear the dance floor if it did."

"That's one way to put it." Nightracer replied as the pair walked past an Asari dancer who was entertaining a group of guests with her fluid moves, while standing atop a raised table in the middle of them. They were several dancers positioned around the room that Orion noticed as he and Nightracer walked towards a Hanar that was sitting down on a sofa in a relaxed state with an Asari at either side of it, draping it's tentacles around them.

"What were you saying about your Enkindlers again." one Asari asked it as she took a sip of her drink.

"This one is familiar with Enkindlers, this one would like to enkindle the two of you as this one has enkindled multiple females across the galaxy."

Nightracer heard the jellyfish and looked back at the grouping.

"Where have I heard that before?" she asked in a curious tone, earning the bot's attention.

"We would very much like that Blasto. Did you know we are twins." the other Asari said back, while the Femme watched in wide eyed shock.

"That's Blasto, I don't believe it."

"Yeah that's him, the stupid jellyfish stays in character even after they stop filming." the Bot replied, earning a dagger stare from Nightracer. Orion had forgotten how much of a fan she was of the Blasto series, stringing him along to when they were together. The blue haired Bot simply sighed.

"Okay, taken back." he replied sheepishly, making the Femme smile slightly and nudge his shoulder.

"It's okay, I know you were never really a fan of those movies. But that reminds me, I recently downloaded a copy of 'Blasto Eight: Blasto goes to War'."

Orion rolled his eyes at the mention of it before looking around the room, trying to find something in which to change the subject.

"You just acknowledged that I don't like the films, but you still carried on with the same subject." he said back, the Femme shook her head in response.

"No, I found a deleted scene in the movies extras. It had your Dad in it, along with Grimlock."

Orion suddenly felt very uncomfortable, because if there was a worse topic to talk about than Blasto, then it was his Father.

"Alright, we can watch it when we next have some free time..." he replied while taking two glasses of wine from a Turian waitress as she passed them, then handing one to the Femme.

"...but in the meantime, can we concentrate on our mission please." he finished before taking long drink from his glass, surprising Nightracer before she realised that she had put her foot in her mouth.

"Sure, Orion. Let's find the others first."

The pretending couple then made their way slowly through the crowd, which was beginning to heave since even more guests had turned up in the time since they had. Orion and Nightracer walked up a spiral staircase to the next level, stopping at the platform's edge and looking out at the floor below, the whole room now in their sights. After a moment of looking at all the faces, Nightracer pointed over to sofa nearest the stage.

"There they are." she said as Orion looked over to see both Rodimus and red-Alert leaning against the wall and watching the crowd. The Commander was in his tux and the medic was wearing her dress, but both of them looked almost like machines as they watched everyone blankly. Orion tapped a button on his shirt which then activated the hidden com-link in his ear.

"I see you."

The second couple suddenly looked alert as they looked around like a pair of Meerkats.

"Orion, where are you and Nightracer?" the Commander replied.

"Try the second level directly in front of you, you can't miss us." the Bot replied, so the couple looked up until they were looking directly at Orion and Nightracer, the former did a small wave as he smiled at them.

"You know, the two of you stick out like a saw thumb." The Femme said before taking a sip of her drink.

"We are here to find Liara T'Soni, not get plastered. Unlike the two of you seem to be heading." the Commander said back as he noticed the glasses in their hands as they leaned on the railing.

"This is the only drink we will be having, but it looks less conspicuous to be seen drinking and looking like you enjoying yourselves rather than being a pair of wallflowers." Orion replied, earning a nod from Red-Alert.

"I said that, but Rodimus overruled me." she replied as the Commander looked more uncomfortable than before.

"Come now Rodimus, I swore I saw you enjoying yourself at that party years back." a familiar voice interjected over the com-link. It was a voice they all recognised now.

"Kasumi, why am I not surprised that you would be here." Orion said as he looked away from the others and scanned the room with his eyes, earning a chuckle from the Thief.

"Well I have to help ensure that your mission is successful still, and I can only do that from inside the party. Plus there are a lot of opportunities for a Thief here...mmm that is a nice diamond necklace that Asari Matriarch is wearing."

"Kasumi..." Orion replied, while noticing that Nightracer was keeping calm this time around the thief.

"Oh, alright. I'll play nice this time, but only because you look good in a tux." Kasumi said back before going quiet. Then just as Nightracer was about to say something, the lead singer of the band spoke into her microphone and gained the attention of everyone in the room.

"We are the Faunts-Zero and this next song is from a decade that Humans call the eighties, and has been requested by our gracious host...Donovan Hock." she said out loud, which was followed by a round of applause from the guests as a spotlight shown down to illuminate the weapons dealer who bowed before them all. The Asari singer then turned back to her group for a moment before suddenly the ballroom was flooded by music as the band began the song. Orion looked on as the Asari singer turned back around and began to sing.

"No control, walk right in too close to feel the pain. I'm lost in you. Oh, now you strike the match and light the flame. My hearts a blaze, I feel the heat of your desire,

I just can't face the fire."

Suddenly as the music levels heightened to deafening levels, guests started dancing as the whole band sang the chorus.

"You've got me burnin', You've got me burnin' ,You've got me burnin' in the third degree."

The song carried on as Orion smiled and began tapping his foot to the beat. Nightracer noticed this and gave him a curious look.

"What is it?"

"I didn't realise Hock had such good taste in music." the Bot replied, the Femme though just rolled her eyes and shook her head in response.

"What is it with you and eighties music?"

"Hey, I'm not allowed to bash Blasto. So it's only fair you don't get to bash great music." Orion replied with a slight smile.

"Good point, consider it dropped." Nightracer said as she eyed his empty glass.

"Want another drink?"

"Sure, I think one more will be alright" the bot replied before she turned and headed over to one of the waitresses that were carrying drinks around for he guests. Nightracer was about to pick up two more drinks when her con-link beeped and Kasumi spoke.


"Yes..." the Femme replied flatly.

"I want you to know that I heard yours and Orion's conversation earlier and..." the Thief said before Nightracer's eyes narrowed and her face looked like Thunder.

"Really don't know what privacy means, do you?"

"Yes I do, but I normally ignore it. It's a bad habit I am trying to break." Kasumi replied, which the Femme responded with a knowing expression.

"Okay...not really." the Thief said back honestly as if she could see the Femme's face...and she probably could. Nightracer nearly smiled at the reply, feeling her armour crack slightly with the Thief.

"I just wanted to say I understand what you and your Mother went through, and that I am sorry you had to suffer through that. I am glad that the ones responsible were stopped." Kasumi said, that honest tone still there.

"Thank you." The Femme replied.

"Alright, I better check on our ride and ensure it is secure." the Thief said back.

"Okay, be careful. Nightracer answered.

"You too." Kasumi replies before ending the conversation. The Femme then picked up two glasses of wine and turned back to Orion and noticed that the Bot was staring at a particular area of the room.

"Guys I think I see her, I think I see Liara." he said as he looked at an Asari who was dancing on a table in front of several men, all of which looked shady to say the least. At this point Faunts-Zero had nearly finished the song as the singer started the final part.

"Can't stop my body's aching, hear those words, there's no mistaking, I'm the victim of your passion, Now you're burning' too."

Then the band sang the chorus for the final time as suddenly the Asari turned around on the table, looked up and locked eyes with Orion. The two of them just stared at each other as the world seemed to slow around the Bot.

'She's beautiful.' he thought to himself, Orion had seen images of her during the briefing, but seeing Liara in person was something else. The Bot was so caught up in his own thoughts he had not noticed that Nightracer had joined his side, causing the Asari to then turn back round to face the group watching her from their seats.

"That's her then?" the Femme asked, snapping Orion out of his own mind.

"Ye...yeah it is." he replied feeling a little flustered. Nightracer gave him a curious look before turning her attention to the Asari, who was still dancing as the song went into a guitar solo.

"She looks relatively unharmed...Red-Alert, Dr T'Soni is about fifteen metres to the east of you and Rodimus."

Down on the lower floor, the Medic nodded to acknowledge that she heard the Femme before looking in the direction she was told. She saw the Asari dancing there before gaining Rodimus's attention.

"Right, I am going to take a scan of Liara's vitals." Red-Alert said as she places her hands behind her back and activated her holo-tool.

"How are you going to do that without going up to the Asari and using your holo-tool, bringing attention to yourself?" Nightracer asked from the upper level.

"I am going to use the holo-lens interface that my holo-tool has been upgraded with." the medic replied as she pressed one button on her holo-tool then a second later, her irises went from her natural green to gold. She then looked over to the Asari as a HUD appeared in her vision and began showing information about Liara.

"How is she?" Rodimus asked as he noticed a worried expression on his Medic's face.

"This is bad, Liara has sustained multiple injuries to her body over the last month." the Femme replied as the data showed up on her HUD.

"You sure, we can't see any bruises or cuts on her person." Nightracer asked over the link.

"They are there, believe me. I would hypothesize that her unwillingness to obey the slavers when they attempted to 'educate' her resulted in a more painful approach, one that would not leave any lasting marks on the body. They would want to be able to sell her after all." the Medic.

"And she is still disobeying even now." Nightracer added, earning a curious look from Orion.

"How do you mean?" he asked, making the Femme point at the Asari.

"Look at the way she is dancing, the way she moves her body to the music. There is no way that she is putting everything into what she is doing, and I have seen Asari dancing many times, they are amazing. But this is just average."

"They seem to be enjoying it all the same." the Bot replied as he pointed at the men watching Liara. Nightracer in response, raised an eyebrow at Orion.

"They are men."

Both bots cringed inside at the Femme's comment.

"That was a bit below the belt Ni." Orion replied with a slightly hurt tone.

"I agree." Rodimus quickly added, making Red-Alert shake her head.

"it doesn't matter, all that does is that Liara has not been broken yet. And that is good news, it means that she is strong. So why don't we figure out how to rescue her."

"Your right, so we should..." Rodimus began to say across the link before Orion interrupted him.

"Wait, there is someone joining the group watching her."

The team the looked to see Donovan Hock walk right up to the Asari, ignoring the looks of the men who had been watching her.

"What is being said?" Nightracer asked.

"We can't get any closer to hear them." Orion added, earning a smile from Red-Alert.

"No need for that, these lens also have a lip reading program installed. I will link up your com-links to hear them." she said before using her holo-tool, out of view of the over guests, to activate the mode. The medic then looked directly at the weapons dealer as he spoke to Liara and the group around her.

"Ah, my Blue Rose. Time for you and I to be alone I think." Hock said as he offered Liara his hand, while the men sitting around her booed.

"If you don't like it, then you can leave. I am the Host and I will decide which pretty lady gets to join me in private. Now go and enjoy the other girls." Hock replied as he took her hand an pulled her off the table. Liara tried to struggle but then the weapons dealer activated his holo-tool and gave her a calm, yet stern expression.

"Now, now. Don't be like that, or else you know what will happen next."

Liara, who suddenly had a worried expression on her face reached up to a device that was on her neck with her free hand. The device activated with tiny blue lights appearing on its edges.

"That is a biotic clamp, it stops Asari from using their Biotics." Red-Alert observed.

"I think it must be more than that, Because it definitely has Liara worried." Orion said from his and Nightracer's vantage point on the second level.

"Agreed, it must also contain some kind of deterrent, something to stop whoever is wearing it from fighting back." the Medic added, which made Nightracer close her eyes and shake her head in disgust.

"We have to get her out of there."

Orion placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her a sight smile.

"We will. So Rodimus, what's the plan?" Orion asked as he looked between the Commander and Liara, who was beginning to leave the room with Hock.

"Red-Alert and I are blocked off and can't reach the two in time, but you and Nightracer are not. Go and get Liara back while we secure the escape route." Rodimus replied as he and the medic started to move away.

"Roger that." Orion said back before both he and Nightracer made their way downstairs and through the crowd toward the doorway that Hock had taken Liara through.


Once through, the pair found themselves in a corridor and Hock and Liara were just ahead of them as they entered a room with a merc guarding it.

"Okay, so how do we get passed the guard?" Nightracer asked as the pair looked on from the cover of a another doorway.

"Well, we need to distract Hock and get him away from Liara, and it has to be someone who will not raise suspicion from Hock or his mercs." Orion replied before looking directly at the Femme. Nightracer sighed as she knew where he was going with this.

"Really, that's your plan."

"He showed an obvious interest in you when we met him outside, I think we should take advantage of that." the Bot replied.

"He makes my skin crawl." the Femme countered.

"Well you don't need to do anything with him, just keep his attention on you." Orion said back.

"That won't be hard, I think he leers professionally for a living." Nightracer replied.

"See, then it will be easy. You won't even need to take your dress off in that case." the Bot joked, making the Femme shake her head in response.

"Funny Orion, that is very reassuring. Alright, I am ready." Nightracer said as she took a breath and started to walk up to merc guarding the door, Orion watching from the door way. The merc saw the Femme walking up to him and so put his hand out to stop her.

"Excuse me Miss, this area is off limits."

"But I was told this was where Donovan went." Nightracer replied with a curious tone.

"It was, but Mr Hock does not want to be disturbed, so I will have to ask you to leave." the merc said back, when suddenly the door behind him opened and Hock appeared.

"What is going on out he..." he started to say before laying eyes on the Femme, a smile slowly growing on his face.

"This guest was looking for you Mr Hock." the merc said, but the weapons dealer had barely noticed. Unable to take his eyes off Nightracer.

"Yes it is fine." Hock said with barely a glance at the merc, keeping his attention on the Femme standing in front of him.

"As you were." Hock said as the merc returned to his duty and guarded the door.

"So Mrs Shepard, how can I help you?" he asked, trying to sound suave, which only made Nightracer cringe on the inside. But she kept up the pretense regardless, though the Femme doubted he would of noticed since he was spending more time ogling her cleavage, the dress did show it off to well unfortunately.

"Well I was hoping that you and I could share a drink." she replied, which earned a curious look from Hock as his eyes were snapped back to meet hers.

"What about 'Mr Shepard', I doubt he would like to find out that his wife is spending time with another Man."

Nightracer faked a seductive smile as she placed a hand on his chest.

"I doubt he would notice, John is busy getting drunk and begging the dancers for a lap dance."

"I see, ...I did have other plans of course..." Hock began to say before Nightracer placed a finger on his lips.

"Put them on hold, at least for the next few hours." she said with a look of hunger in her eyes that suddenly made the corridor feel very warm to Hock who gulped. She even caught he attention of the merc who had taken sneaky looks between the pair as they spoke.

"Alright then." he replied with an excited smile, before he then took her hand and started to walk away. Orion had been listening from his hiding spot, the Bot smiled as he peeped around the doorway and saw the two of then begin to move away.

'Damn, she is good at that. Totally had me believing it too.' he thought before ducking away as Hock turned back to the merc, getting close enough to whisper.

"Ensure that 'she' doesn't get out of that room, understand?"

"Yes sir." the merc replied as the pair walks off down the corridor.

Orion waited in the doorway for an extra few minutes, not wanting to make the next move to soon. But he didn't want to leave it too long either, or Nightracer may end up in trouble if she is pressured too much from Hock. So the bot looked at the time on his holo-tool and then smiled.


The guard stood at the door where Liara was being held, his posture confident and secure in himself. He didn't even look like he might blink, let alone make any kind of drastic movement while on guard duty. That was a sign of a man completely committed to his job, but then he heard a stumbling sound and looked to see a blue haired man in a tuxedo getting back to his feet just a further down the corridor. By the look of the individual, he was completely intoxicated. Barely able to stay on his feet, let alone do anything else.

"Hey you..." the drunken guy slurred.

"Excuse me sir, but this is a restricted area. I have to ask that you return to the party." the merc replied, which made the drunk stop and look at him in a confused way.

"Have you seen wife, she is...this tall and...really pretty."

The merc knew exactly who he was on about, but had to play dumb for his boss.

"No, now return to the party." he said in a firm tone.

"But...I know she's...she's around here, I...saw her enter...this pla...area." the drunk slurred again.

"You are mistaken, now leave this area." the merc said again.

", and not going any...mmmm where, without my...wife."

The merc found that this drunk was really testing his patience now as he looked down at him.

"Yes you are..., and I think your wife will be much happier where she is...believe me. Now get out of here." the merc said as he pushed the drunken man who fell back against the wall.

"Don'! wife, or I'll...I'll..."

The merc took a step toward the drunk as he fought to stay on his feet, clearly half foot taller than the blue haired man.

"Or you'll what? Throw up, pass out? What could you possibly do to me?" he asked with a smile, almost chuckling at this drunk's behavior. The drunk merely looked at the ground with his head bowed.

"Or...I'll...kick your...ass." he slurred.

The look of bemusement suddenly left the merc's face as he narrowed his eyes at the drunken blue haired man and gritted his teeth.

"I've had about as much as I can take from you, you little shit. Now listen here, your wife is going to get the fucking of her life tonight by Mr Hock. It will be so good, she won't remember where she is or that she was ever married to such a sack of shit like yourself. Now LEAVE!"

The merc then threw a punch at the drunk, but his fist was stopped as the blue haired man caught it in his hand. The merc's expression was one of shock as the man looked up at him, his face now completely calm and devoid of any of the signs that he was drunk.

"Actually, I think Mr Hock is going to be in for one hell of a shock. As for you..." Orion said as he twisted the merc's hand, bringing the big guard to his knees with a grimace.

"...we can do this the easy or the hard way, now open that door." the Bot added as he pointed at the door to Liara's room.

"Fuck you!" the merc spat, which earned a sigh from Orion.

"Okay, easy way it is." he replied before punching the guard in the chest, making him bend down and cough up as his chest constricted. The Bot then slammed him face first into the wall in front of him, knocking the merc unconscious. The Spectre then downloaded the key with his holo-tool from the guard and opened the door to Liara's room and walked in.

As he entered the room, Orion saw a basic bed and furniture setup but no sign of Liara. That was when dawned on him, as just as he was looking to his right. A blue fist connected directly with his cheek, knocking him off balance slightly as the one that hit him ran past and out of the room.

"Wait.." Orion said back as he felt his sore cheek, but as soon as he turned back around he noticed that she hadn't gotten very far. The Bot saw the Asari standing over the unconscious merc's body, looking at it with a confused expression.

"Wait, I am here to help." Orion said as he joined her in the corridor, the blue Woman looking back at him with slight embarrassment in her face.

"I am sorry, I thought you were one of the men that 'Pig' had sent to use me."

"No Dr T'Soni, my team and I are here to rescue you." Orion replied, earning a relieved look from the Asari.

"Thank the goddess, I was hoping that..." she began to say before looking directly at him. Orion then suddenly felt very awkward at the way the Asari was examining him with her eyes, but in a good way of course.

"What?" he said as his cheeks started to redden slightly, earning a smile from Liara.

"Have we already met? Because you look familiar."

"We haven't met before today, I'm sorry to say." Orion said back with a slight smile, which was mirrored by the Asari.

"What's your name?"

"Orion Darby, Autobot Spectre second class." the Bot replied.

"Darby? wouldn't be related to Jackson Prime, the Autobot leader?" Liara asked with a curious tone.

"Yes..." the bot replied as he looked back down the corridor, not wanting her to see the annoyance now on his face at the mention of that name.

"...he is my father."

"Really, you know I met your Parents once many years ago." the Asari replied, yet Orion did not look back to her which only confused her.

"What is it?"

"We should get moving, don't want to get caught by Hock's security now do we." Orion replied while trying to keep it professional, and while Liara could not see his face at this moment, she could definitely sense a change in his behavior since she asked about his father. Now this had caught her curiosity, but the Asari knew that this wasn't the right time for a Q & A so she decided to leave it for now.

"Your right, I do not wish to stay in this place a moment longer."

The Bot finally looked back at her and gave her a slight smile.

"Alright, let's get mov..." he began to say before a mother voice interrupted them from just aways of the pair.

"Hey you!" a merc shouted as he ran up to them from the other end of the corridor.

"Get behind me." the bot said as he stepped in front Liara. The merc equipped a baton and swung it at Orion, who ducked under it before kneeing him in the chest, then upper-cutting the merc while he was bent over. As the merc fell to the floor, Orion then looked back at the Asari. His eyes going wide as he saw another merc coming up behind her.

"Look out!" he shouted, making Liara turn and face the enemy as she raised her hand to him, but when nothing happened she remembered that her Biotics were still being suppressed by the device round her neck and so would have to deal with this guy the old fashioned way. Orion began moving to aid her, but then as the merc swung his baton at her, the Asari blocked it before kicking him in the groin and then upper-cutting him in the face as he fell to his knees while cradling his crown jewel, sending him sprawling onto the floor. Liara then turned round to see Orion looking at her in surprise.

"What? I may be an Archaeologist, but that doesn't mean I can't fight. I did serve in the Reaper war." she said back in return. The Bot merely smiled at her.

"That was impressive, though don't you want that removed?" he asked as he pointed at the biotic clamp around her neck.

"Are you able too?"

Orion then activated his holo-tool and unlocked the device, which Liara then tore off her neck and dropped.

"Thank you." she said back as she clenched her fist, it began glowing with biotic energy for a moment as Orion watched.

"Let's get out of here." the bot said as he offered her his hand, which she took gladly before they headed down the corridor, Orion activating his com-link as they moved.


In another room just a bit further away, Nightracer was sitting down on a luxurious couch as Hock was standing at the mini-bar, putting the final touches to two cocktails.

"I hope you like 'Eternity', it's an exotic cocktail created by the Asari."

"Sounds nice." the Femme replied as Hock walked back to the couch and handed her one of the glasses.

"It also has a reputation of being quite the aphrodisiac." he added before taking a drink of the blue liquid. Nightracer through just held onto the glass and looked at him with a smile.

"Do you really think that I am going to need that?"

Hock downed the cocktail in one go, before savoring the taste in his mouth. He then looked back at her, his eyes leering over her entire figure. Inside her body right now, Nightracer was clawing the walls. But she had to keep up the charade for a moment or two longer.

"Well, wouldn't you like to have a taste anyway. It is a very expensive cocktail to say the least." Hock replied a little too eagerly for her liking.

"I would rather have a taste of you." the Femme said back with an alluring look, which earned a large smile from the man.

"Now that's what I like to hear." he beamed before leaning in close to Nightracer who did the same, hoping that this would end really, very soon and that she would not need to go further. Then as if Primus had heard her unspoken plea himself, the Femme's com-link activated as their lips were about to meet, making her stop just short of the kiss.

"Package secure, we are leaving now." Orion could be heard saying on the other end, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Hock gave Nightracer a confused look while she just stared at him blankly.

"Jessica, don't tell me you've had second thoughts." he said worriedly.

"Yes, I shouldn't be here. I am very sorry." the Femme replied as placed the glass on the table in front of them, she then got up only for Hock to grab her by the arm. His grip was tight and as she looked back at him, his smile was slowly fading as something more sinister took the place.

"Where do you think your going?" he said back coldly, surprising Nightracer.

"Let go of me, that hurts." she replied as the weapons dealer pulled her back onto the couch.

"I don't think so, was this some little game to make yourself feel better about yourself. Butter me up so that I fawn over you, only to take it away at the last moment."

His expression was now very cold and stern as his grip on her forearm tightened that bit more.

"I will take that which you were so willing to offer not so long ago, before tossing you back to your dead beat Husband." Hock added as he reached out to the back of her head so that he could force a kiss, but then Nightracer grabbed his head and slammed it into the table in front of them leaving a large crack in it's top.

"you don't ever get to touch me, you son of a bitch." the Femme replied as Hock began crawling on the floor very slowly, obviously suffering a concussion from the surprise attack. Nightracer got up and stopped him, turning him on to his back. He looked up at her with blood soaking the lower half of his face from the broken nose he now had.

"What...what are you...doing?" he managed to ask as she looked down at him with disdain.

"Making sure you can't call for help." she replied before punching him in the race, rendering him unconscious. The Spectre then tidied herself up before opening the door and leaving the room.

Orion and Liara turned a corner to spot a female stepping out of one of the doorways ahead of them, the Asari immediately readying herself for a fight. But the bot stopped her.

"It's okay, she is with me." he said which calmed Liara down as she looked over to the Femme.

"Liara T'Soni meet Nightracer, Autobot Spectre second me." he said as the Femme nodded to the Asari.

"Let's get you out of here Doctor." she said as Orion looked back at the door she had just exited.

"Where's Hock?"

"He is currently sleeping off the concussion I gave him." Nightracer replied.

"So you didn't kill that bastard of a man." Liara asked with anger underlining her words, warning a sympathetic look from the Femme.

"He is a nasty piece of work...but no, I did not kill him."

"I would have." the Asari replied coldly, which surprised Orion somewhat though it really shouldn't have.

"I might have too, had I gone through what you had experienced Doctor. But that was not the mission." Nightracer said back to Liara with an honest tone, the Asari nodding in return before both females returned their attention to Orion.

"So what's the plan? Where are Rodimus and Red-Alert?" Nightracer asked.

"They told me that Kasumi has hacked Hock's internal security and has given us a clear path to his garage, the others are waiting for us in the back lobby of this building, so we should go meet up with them." Orion replied, earning a nod in return from the Femme, though Liara looked at what the female Spectre was wearing with a curious expression.

"I do not mean to offend, but can you even fight in that dress?" she asked. Nightracer gave the Asari a knowing smile before bending over and exposing a hidden zip at the bottom of the dress, and by pulling it up she then showed that the lower part of the dress was detachable and pulled it off to reveal a somewhat shorter but easier to move in skirt that came down to just above her knees.

"How's that?" she the asked them as she stood there in front of the pair.

"Nice." Orion replied, mirroring the Femme's smile.

"Very practical." Liara said back with a smile.

"Okay, let's go." Nightracer said before the three of them carried on to the rendezvous.

In the back lobby of the penthouse, both Rodimus and Red-Alert stood in front of what was a large staircase that led to the second floor of the room. There were more than a few doors at either end of the area, though there was only one that connected to the garage.

"How long did Kasumi say she could keep Hock's security offline?" the Bot asked, looking somewhat restless where he stood.

"For about another seven minutes, give or take ten seconds." the Medic replied as she looked at her holo-tool.

"I really wish I had my pistol with me right now." Rodimus said with a hint of regret in his voice.

"Remember what Kasumi said during the briefing, we can only keep weapons on us that we could conceal. Unfortunately firearms were not among that criteria since Hock's security system could detect them. Besides we still had our holo-tool upgrades." the medic replied as Rodimis looked at his own holo-tool.

"Yeah, I have 'Cryo-blast' and 'Incinerate' options. What do you have?"

"I have the 'Holo-Bow' that is capable of firing energy arrows." Red-Alert replied just as Orion, Nightracer and Liara entered the room.

"Nice for you to join us." Rodimus said before setting his eyes on Liara.

"Doctor T'Soni, this way if you please." the Commander added as the group started for the door leading to the garage.

"Stay where you are!" a disguised voice suddenly called out, surprising the group as they turned to see a lone female soldier wearing white and blue light armour. They could not see her face due to the helmet that she worn or identify her by voice due to the voice disguised that was installed in said helmet. She stood there as a Drell and a Chinese soldier joined her.

"We want Doctor T'Soni, hand her over and you will be spared."

"Who are you to make demands of us, or do you really want to take on a group of 'Autobot Spectres'?" Rodimus replied confidently.

"Yeah, it's not like we don't have you outnumbered four to three." Nightracer added with a hint of sarcasm, but the masked female soldier merely stood her ground.

"I think you will find that it is you who are outnumbered...Now!" she then said as the air around the Spectres suddenly distorted to reveal a whole group of phantom class soldiers surrounding them and blocking their escape route.

"Personal cloaking devices." Red-Alert said as the phantoms aimed their rifles at the group.

"Agent Zero, we have them dead to rights." the lead phantom said, earning a look of surprise from Rodimus.

"Agent Zero! I have heard of you, you work for the 'Shadow Broker'."

"Yes, our group was hired to liberate Doctor T'Soni and take her 'back' to our 'clients'..." Agent Zero replied which made Liara's eyes widen as she knew what that meant.

"...but you have done the hard work for us, we are grateful for that. But the Asari will be coming with us." the Agent continued.

"I am not going back to 'them'." Liara spat back to the Agent before looking back to Orion.

"You cant let her take me back to them." she said with a fearful tone, whoever this other group was...they had her scared.

"Who is this other group that wants Liara?" Orion asked as he instinctively took a step in front of the Asari as a sign of protection.

"We do not give out information on those who do dealings with us, but since your 'Thief' friend's hacking of this place's security is about to come to an end, I find that we need to end this interesting chat. Now hand her over or die!" Agent Zero said, her tone cold and final.

"You'll have to kill us." Orion replied in a similar tone, earning acknowledging looks from the rest of his comrades.

"Very well, Kill them!" the Agent ordered and the Phantoms pulled the triggers on their rifles...only for nothing to happen. The Shadow Broker's team all looked at each other as did the Drell and Chinese man, with a confused expression. One that must have been on all their faces, the Agent included inspite of them wearing their helmets.

"What the hell just happened?" she spat at the Phantoms, meanwhile Orion looked at Nightracer who smiled back at him while holding her purse in front of her.

"You brought it with you?" he whispered to the Femme, earning a confused look from the others as she nodded back.

"Brought what with you?" Rodimus whispered to her, wanting to know what had happened too.

My purse contains my extendable 'Bō staff' and a short term firearm Nullifier." Nightracer whispered back as Orion looked back to notice that Agent Zero had was looking at them.

"That was you!" she spat as Orion readied himself for a fight, Nightracer mirroring him.

"Rodimus, Red-Alert. Get Liara out of here, we'll cover you." the bot said, earning a grateful look from Liara and a surprised one from the Commander.

"Get her!" the Agent then said as the phantoms started to close the distance to the group, but then Liara began to glow with biotic energy before unleashing a blue orb of light into the air above them.

"Cover your eyes." she shouted to the Spectres a second before the orb exploded into a bright light that blinded the enemies around them.

"Go now!" Orion shouted as he kept his eyes covered for a second longer, as Rodimus and Red-Alert turned around and beat down the two disorientated phantoms that were blocking their escape. Then Orion took one last look at Liara, a smile forming on his face.

"Thanks for the assist."

"Thanks for the rescue..." she replied as she started to back towards the other two Spectres.

"...I hope to see you on your ship."

"Looking forward to it." the bot replied, knowing that deep down he really was looking forward to seeing her again, other than when she asked about his father, still a sore subject for him. But now was not the time to dwell, so he then returned his attention to the Shadow Broker's forces as Nightracer smiled at him.

"Ready for this?"

"Yep." was simply Orion's reply as the Agent recovered and looked between the Drell and the Chinese soldier.

"Krios, Leng. Get her back now."

Both me nodded before looking at the two Spectres that were left, the devices that were connected to heir foreheads now lit up with green and blue LEDs blinking on and off repeatedly.

"Here we go." Orion said as both men charged at the pair, but as both bot and Femme threw a punch and kick respectively at the two running at them. Their attacks suddenly went through Krios and Leng as the enemies phased through the pair before continuing through the door and after the others.

Orion and Nightracer gave each other worried looks before looking back at the Agent and the phantoms surrounding them.

"Kill them."

Suddenly the phantoms attacked while Agent Zero watched, as the Spectres were put on the defensive. One phantom threw a punch at Orion who blocked it before elbowing him in the chest and then roundhouse kicking the soldier n the head, sending him to the ground. Nightracer mean while had two attack her simultaneously so performed an acrobatic flip between them, landing on her feet on the other side. The Femme then launched a leg sweep, knocking both of them off their feet and then making sure their stayed down with a forty five degree roundhouse kick to their faces as they tried to recover. But then another Phantom grabbed her from behind as another went to punch her, so the Femme lifted her self up and kicked with both legs at the soldier in front. This knocked that one away, while also sending the phantom and Nightracer flying in the opposite direction. That enemy landed on their back with a loud thud which released the Femme who was now on his chest, so she side rolled off and sweep kicked another phantom who was about to attack Orion as he threw a punch at another enemy, only to stop it a mere inch from their helmet making them gasp. He then opened his palm and smiled before punching the phantom in the stomach with his other fist and then throwing the enemy onto the hand rail of the staircase which collapsed from the impact. Nightracer then flipped back onto her feet from her back beside Orion, they both smiled at the Agent as her troops recovered around them.

"For goddesses sake, you have your katanas. Use them!"

The phantoms then pulled their blades out of the sheathes on their backs and readied themselves for round two.

"Wow, nice swords." Orion replied sarcastically as Nightracer shrugged in return.

"We have weapons too." she replied before pulling a small silver cylinder out of her purse and pressing the center of it, making it extend and reveal itself to be her bō staff. Orion meanwhile flexed his arms out to the sides revealing holo-tools that activated around his forearms, taking the form of holo-arm blades. Both Spectres then smiled and took up fighting stances before the phantoms launched another attack at them. Orion deflected a string of lunges and swipes from one phantom before slashing across his chest and neck, taking the enemy down in a quick succession of blows. While Nightracer spun her staff around her before connecting it's end with the heads of three phantoms in one blow, felling them like dominoes.

The Agent just watched in an exasperated state at the sight transporting in front of her, as her troops failed time and again to kill the two Spectres. Orion then blocked one attack while slashing the neck of another enemy, causing blood to spray out from the wound as the phantom fell to the ground. The Bot then turned back to the other and grabbed his arm, twisting it until he let go of his Katanna which Orion caught in his hand and then stabbed it back through it's owner's chest. He then pulled the blade out and spun it in his hand before quickly back thrusting it into another phantom that tried to attack him from the rear. Then as that enemy fell to the ground dead, Orion looked to see Nightracer launching herself into a jump kick with her bō staff at another phantom before his ears picked up many footfalls approaching them from the upper floor.

"Ni." he called out, gaining the Femme's attention after she landed back on her feet while the phantom fell to the ground with a thud. The bot merely pointed up the stairs, so she looked up to see more phantoms entering the lobby up there, she then noticed that Orion had clasped his hands together in front of him and she smiled, knowing what he had planned. So she ran toward the bot , stepping onto his hands and allowing him to launch her into the air and up to the second floor. The Femme grabbed hold of the hand rail with her free hand and vaulted over it to meet the four phantoms who all aimed their guns at her, but Nightracer was too quick for them as she launched a combination of kicks, punches and hits with her bō staff that took down all but one of them. He tried to shoot her with his rifle again, but the Femme merely knocked it out of his hand with the end of her staff before striking him in the face with the other end. He stepped back and the pulled out a knife, but this didn't dissuade Nightracer who spun the staff in her hands before unleashing a series of hits to all areas of the phantom's body before upper-cutting him with the last strike, which sent him flying off the second floor and down to the ground floor below as Orion was disarming and killing another phantom. Nightracer took note that she had taken care of the enemies on this floor and looked down to see that her friend and former lover was surrounded by the last four phantoms, so she jumped and somersaulted over the hand rail and landed next to him, they then acted together as the phantoms surrounded the pair. Nightracer deflected and countered against one enemy, killing him with a blow to the head. Orion meanwhile broke through the defence of another phantom and buried his arm blade in his face. The bot then bent over, allowing the Femme to roll over his back and switch sides with him as the last two phantom suddenly turned tail and ran. Obviously seeing all their friends being killed by just two people was too much, but they didn't get far as before they passed Agent Zero, she suddenly pulsed with biotic energy which stopped the phantoms in their tracks and snapped their necks instantly.

"Pathetic fools! If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." she spat at the two Spectres as she took up a fighting stance, her body glowing with a blue hue.

"let's see what this bitch has got then." Nightracer replied, earning a confident nod from Orion. But before anything could happen, Agent Zero suddenly received a message and so erected a biotic barrier between her and the two spectres.

"You are sure sir...very well, I will leave it to them." she said back before looking back at Orion and Nightracer.

"We will settle this another time." she stated before running out of the room as both spectres looked at each other, before Orion came to a realization as he looked wide eyed at the Femme.

"Liara and the others, come on!" he shouted before they both ran through the door that lead to the garage.


As the battle was raging between Orion, Nightracer and the Shadow Broker's soldiers, Liara ran with all her strength down the corridor as both Rodimus and Red-Alert followed in her wake. The three of them made it to the garage which in all honesty made the ballroom look like the interior of a garden shed due to its size, and was filled with sky-cars of all makes and sizes.

"Well I guess we should pick one, but what about Orion and Nightracer?" Liara asked as she looked back at the Commander.

"They will be fine, we just need to get you out of here." he replied as Red-Alert looked back down the corridor, a worrying expression appearing on her face.

"Well pick one fast, because we have company."

Both Rodimus and Liara looked back down the corridor to see the Drell and Chinese man running toward them, so The medic activated her holo-tool which formed into a crossbow on her arm. She then fired a burst of energy arrows down the corridor at the pair, but they simply passed through the two like they were ghosts.

"They have phase shifting tech, get back here." Rodimus called to the medic before activating his holo-tool and firing a white glowing shot of energy at the doorway, which on impact sealed it in a sheet of thick ice.

"Get in that sky-car now." the Commander shouted as he then activated the black sky-car next to Liara. The Asari and the medic then climbed into the back and front passenger seats respectively, while Rodimus got into the driver's seat. He then closed the car's canopy just as both enemies phased through the ice sheet and looked over to them.

"Go, Go, Go!" Liara said in a panic as Rodimus then flew the sky-car out of the garage and into the air.

Rodimus kept the black sky-car steady as it flew between the large skyscrapers of Nos Astra, making sure or to draw anymore unnecessary attention to themselves.

"Where are we to rendezvous with the transport again?" the Commander asked, making Red-Alert activate her holo-tool.

"About a couple of miles north of our current location, Kasumi said that it would be ready and waiting us there." she replied, earning a nod from Rodimus before he steered their sky-car around a nearby skyscraper. The medic then looked back to Liara who looked a little concerned.

"What is it?"

"I can't help feeling that we haven't lost them." the Asari replied as Rodimus looked down at the driver's interface and saw a blip approaching their position very quickly.

"I think Doctor T'Soni is right." the Commander said with a tone similar to Liara's, which made both Females look back and see a red sky-car gaining on them.

"Can you lose them?" Red-Alert asked.

"I can try." Rodimus replied as he flew their vehicle into the nearby lane of the sky-way, weaving in an out of the other cars using it.

"If they don't kill us, an impact from any of these other vehicles will." the Medic said as they narrowly missed a transport while just keeping ahead of the enemy sky-car.

"Yeah I hear that can be bad for your health." the Commander replied in a joking like tone, earning an annoyed look from Red-Alert. Meanwhile Liara kept her eyes on the red sky-car as it closed on them.

"They are coming up on our right." she said as the others looked in that direction to see the enemy sky-car flying level with their own. Then just as they passed another sky-way user, the red vehicle suddenly collided with the Spectres sky-car which made Rodimus fight to keep them in the air.

"Are they trying to kill us?" Red-Alert said with a panicked tone, earning a head shake from the Commander.

"They are trying to force us down, they want Dr T'Soni alive...remember."

Then suddenly his con-link activated.

"Rodimus, What's your situation?" A familiar Male voice spoke.

"Orion..." the Commander replied, earning a smile from Liara who was relieved to hear that the Bot was alright.

"...where are you, because we are being chased by two of that Agent Zero's men on the sky-way leading to the heart of Nos Astra." Rodimus continued to say as he barely managed to keep their car steady after being rammed once again by the other one.

"Nightracer and I have acquired a sky-car and are tracking your signal, ETA three minutes." Orion replied before closing the link.

"Help is on the way." Rodimus said to the others as he brought their vehicle up along side a fuel tanker, with the enemy vehicle following them closely.

The two sky-cars continued to fly in between the heavy traffic of the sky-way, as the enemy one tried again to ram the Spectres out of the lane they were in but with out success. Liara looked out at the other sky-car and saw that Kai Leng was piloting the vehicle with Thane Krios sitting in the passenger seat, when suddenly they pulled away to the far end of the lane.

"Are they giving up?" she said as Red-Alert looked too, but then the red car veered into another vehicle just away from them. Causing it to go out of control and head straight for the Spectres.

"Look out!" the Medic cried out making the Commander pull up, narrowly missing the other vehicle as it passed under them and hit the fuel tanker which then exploded and sent debris in all directions in the lane and sending other vehicles near by into evasive action. Liara looked back in horror as some of the other cars and vehicles failed to clear the area and collided with each other in what looked like a pile up.

"By the goddess, they don't care how many they kill to get to me."

"Well maybe we should leave the sky-way, that way we can limit civilian casualties." Red-Alert said, which made Rodimus shake his head in return.

"No, we stay this course until Orion and Nightracer arrive, all we have to do...what the hell?" the Commander said as he saw the enemy car suddenly ascend above them.

"What are they doing?" the Medic asked, but then Rodimus's eyes widened as he realised what was about to happen.

"Take the controls." he said to Red-Alert as he opened up the canopy of the sky-car, exposing them to the cold air around the vehicle.

"What, I'm a doctor...not a pilot." the medic replied as Rodimus began climbing on to the roof of the vehicle.

"Just keep us steady." He simply replied back as he kept his balance and looked up to see someone phase through the bottom of the red sky-car and fall towards their own. As he fell through another sky car that had just flown between their vehicles, the Commander could tell that it was the Drell who then landed on the roof next to him. Thane then recovered quickly because he went straight for the Commander with a flurry of punches that Rodimus managed to block, but then when he attempted to counter attack with a combo of kicks and punches, the Drell either blocked them or let them phase through him.

'How the hell am I going to beat this guy if I can't hit him.' Rodimus thought as he again found himself on the defensive against Thane.

This fight continued for another long moment as traffic flew past barely a few feet from where they were standing, but then Thane managed to punch Rodimus in the chest, knocking him back. But the Spectre managed to recover by placing a foot on the windscreen, which made Red-Alert cringe as she tried to keep their sky-car steady. The Drell though attempted to take advantage of the Commander's situation by launching another attack with two punches, but Rodimus blocked and grabbed both hands.

"I've got you now." he said as he gritted his teeth before something caught his eye over the Drell's shoulder. Liara too had seen this as she looked at a gunship that was closing on them from the rear, she strained her eyes to focus on who was in the cockpit when suddenly she recognised the pilot.

"Six-Shot!" she gasped as the gunship's guns and missile launchers activated.

"What?" Red-Alert said while keeping her eyes on he traffic ahead.

"Evasive action now!" the Asari cried out as the gun ship fired a missile at them, earning a mortified look from the medic as the warning system blared out around her. So she brought their sky-car into a dive, which caused the missile to just miss them and make both Thane and Rodimus let to of each other and hold on to the roof of the vehicle for dead life. The missile itself hit a sky-car that was ahead of them, the explosion from it causing yet another pile up as vehicles crashed into each other while attempting to evade the devastation. Red-Alert though managers to barely keep their car flying as she weaved in and out of the traffic ahead of them, trying to keep the gunship from getting a target lock on them.

"Who the hell was that?" the medic asked as the debris from the pile up behind them fell to the ground below.

"The ones that want me back." Liara replied somewhat ominously. Meanwhile Rodimus and Thane were still holding on to the roof of the sky-car

"Red-Alert, open the canopy now." he shouted, with which the medic obeyed and activated the canopy which opened and nearly crushed the Drell's hands but he managed to go out of phase just in time and fell through their sky-car, but instead of falling downward to the ground far beneath them, he instead landed back on the roof of his and Leng's own vehicle who has been waiting there. He then phased back into his own seat next to the Chinese assassin.

"They are good." was all he said in a calm tone, earning a knowing look from Kai Leng.

"I can see that."

Meanwhile Rodimus had climbed back into the driver's seat and was now back in control of the sky-car while the gunship closed in on their rear.

"They are getting another target lock." Red-Alert warned as the interface in front of her flashed red. But just as the Predacon ship was about to fire again, a blue sky-car flew up close and rammed into the side of it, causing Six-shot to fight to keep control of it.

"Who was that?" Liara asked as she looked at the blue car as it entered formation with their own.

"You guys need a hand?" Orion then said over the intercom, earning smiles from the others.

"thanks for the assist Orion." Rodimus replied.

"Your car looks rather damaged, why not switch to ours. We have enough space." the blue haired bot said as he piloted the blue car.

"Okay everyone, time for a change of transport." the Commander said as he opened up the canopy and Orion descended the blue sky-car just below their own and opened his own canopy.

"Okay jump!" Rodimus shouted over the loud cold wind that bow around them, making both females jump off their damaged car and fall a few metres before landing in the currently convertible made sky-car.

"I am not doing that again." Liara said in a panicked state as Nightracer helped her into a seat, then Rodimus landed next to her and sat down as the canopy closed over them and Orion pulled their ride out of the sky-way and back out into the open sky.

"Signal the transport to meet us." the blue haired Spectre said in a commanding manner to Rodimus which surprised him somewhat, but he nodded and activated his holo-tool. Red-Alert looked back to see the red sky-car following them and the gunship not far behind.

"We still have company." she replied as their enemies got closer.

Meanwhile in the gunship, Six-shot began targeting the Shadow Broker's team with his missiles.

"Time to take out the competition." he said as he pulled the trigger and fired a missile right at them.

"What the!" Thane said in wide eyed shock as he saw the approaching missile, but then he noticed a maintenance platform just ahead of them and activated his Phase-Shifter. Falling out of the car and landing on the platform just in time to see the missile hit the vehicle and kill Kai Leng instantly before the gunship flew past the burning wreckage and on wards towards the Spectres.

"Okay, there is our transport dead ahead." Orion said as he brought their car up behind it as the transport opened its aft shuttle bay. But then several missiles came out of nowhere and destroyed the transport.

"What in the Allspark?" Rodimus replied as another gunship flew out of the flaming explosion, causing Orion to veer their car to the right as it was joined by Six-shot's gunship.

"Now what?" Red-Alert said as Orion kept his attention on his flying.

"Time for plan B, Nightracer..." he said calmly as the Femme nodded and activated her holo-tool.

"They are closing on us and gaining a weapons lock on us." Liara said while pointing at the flashing interface.

"Okay everyone, hold on!" Orion said as he made the sky-car dive down and weave in and out of the buildings that were packed closely together, just as both gunships opened fire with their rail guns and missiles. Each missing the car and impacting on the buildings, causing numerous explosions on their surfaces.

"Great flying." Liara said in amazement, earning a slight smile from the pilot as he brought them round the last building in that district.

"That was the last of the cover, and they are re-acquiring weapons lock on us." Nightracer said as The others looked back to see the gunships right on their tail.

"Anytime now..." Orion merely said a moment before a familiar voice spoke up over the intercom.

"Looks like you guys could do with a lift?"

Everyone other than Orion and Nightracer looked on with a surprised expression as the Normandy descended behind the gunships.

"Jetstorm, am I glad to see you." Rodimus said with relief heavy in his voice.

You should thank Orion, this was his idea. Now let me and Shen take care of those gunships tailing you." the Normandy pilot replied before the Autobot vessel fired its guns on one of the enemy ships, destroying it and making Six-shot pull away as the Normandy closes in on the sky-car.

Brace yourselves for the barn swallow." Orion warned as the Autobot ship opened it's shuttle bay door.

"Barn swallow?" Liara asked with a confused tone just as the Normandy scooped up the car into the shuttle-bay, the vehicle hitting the deck and screeching to a halt merely a foot away from the back wall. The Normandy then closed the shuttle-bay door before ascending up into high orbit, leaving Six-shot to watch from the cockpit of his gunship as it flew between the skyscrapers of the city below.

'Scrap.' was the only thought that came to his mind.
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