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Prologue: I Wasn't From Here

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It's 2029. My Chemical Romance has grown old, and the stories of their young lives are slowly fading. So It's time for their children to tell the story of their lives, and the ending of their paren...

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Life After

Prologue: I Wasn't From Here

In the year 2010 my dad was turning 33. He was still the strong build he was at the beginning of the start of his life. He was strong and fun loving. Clean for six years, and madly in love for three. His band was cooling down, but they still had a large fan base, and went on Warped Tour every other year until it retired. He still loved his brother, band members, and fans like the twenty-something he was when this all started. He was one of the most beautiful people alive, and I'm not talking about his looks.

In the year 2010 my daddy was turning 29. He was still short and hyper, the sugar addict he was at the beginning of my father's life. He had been with my father through thick and thin- how cheesy can that sound? But it's true. Friends for life, lovers for longer, and music came first. Music was my daddy's first love, before my dad. After the fall.

My dad was in love with my daddy for three years, until the magical year of 2010.

In 2010 my dad convinced my daddy to date him, after three long years of tears, and hopes. They were like teenagers, giggling, holding hands, movies and fast food for dates. My daddy woke up one day after a date and relized: my dad was the man he would spend the rest of his life with, marriage or no. He was sure of it.

In 2010 my aunt graduated from high school, and made her and my uncle's affaire known. She was twelve years younger than him, and they had been secretly dating since a few weeks before her fifteenth birthday. My uncle was 30, my aunt just barley 18. They married the next year, even after her older brother beat the crap out of my uncle.

In late 2010 my daddy proposed to my dad. He said yes and they were married in fall of the next year.

In 2010 a new technology came out for gay and lesbian couples. It took both of the person's DNA and molded it together like it would if there was a sperm and egg combining. The concoction would incubate for a few years, and, if the couple still wanted the child, it would finally become a full baby, as if it was fresh from a woman's womb. Bringing a new meaning for the name "test-tube" baby.

My dad's friend gave them a chance to have their DNA molded for a wedding present, and they agreed.

So in late 2011, they went to the "birth engineers" and had some DNA extracted.

Two years later they got a call. I was ready.

On October 13th, 2013, at 12:47 A.M., I broke out of my test tube and into my dad's arms. I was a girl, with a tiny fuzz of black hair on my pale head.

Hi. I'm Taea Cyren Way-Iero, and this is not only my story, it's my dads'.
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