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Chapter One: Walk the Halls, Ignore the Sneers

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This is only a splintered fraction of her life.

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Chapter One: Walk The Halls, Ignore the Sneers

Dear LiveJournal, this is my life:

I'm a test-tube baby in the year 2029. My dad, Gerard Arthur Way, is 52. And my other dad, Frank Anthony Iero, is 48. They are both gay, and I am their child by science. I'm their biological child.

DNA doesn't mix equally, not even in the test tubes. But my dads' did. I have a mixture of their hair, eyes that change from hazel to dark brown, soft skin that usually stays pale, unless it's summer at the beach and dad's Italian kicks in, perfect height. A 'beautiful voice' and musical talent.

Perfect, huh?

Not so. LiveJournal, you wouldn't think that if you knew...


"Taea!" I turn, shutting off my video journal. I hid it under my pillows and jog downstairs. Dad and daddy are sitting in the living room with Uncle Mikey and Aunt Emme. Uncle Mikey is 49, and Aunt Emme is 37. They've been together since Aunt Emme was about 15. They're laughing and I clear my throat.

They look to me and smile. I walk to my dads and give them both a kiss. Then I give Mikey and Emme a kiss. She smiles at me.

"Ray should be here soon." Ray is Emme's older brother. I call him Uncle Sunshine 'cause he's always cracking jokes, laughing, or smiling. He was in a band with dad, daddy, Mikey, and another guy named Bob. They'd lost contact with Bob a couple years ago.

I sat next to Mikey and jiggled my foot.

"How was school, baby?" daddy asked. I shrugged, and picked at my nails.

"Taea..." my dad said warningly. My aunt shot him a look.

"Don't push her Gerard, she's just like you when it comes to pushing." My dad huffed and sat back.

"It was okay," I said suddenly, any thing to stop a fight between dad and Emme. "I had to stop a few big kids from picking on Lane." Lane was my little brother by about six and a half years. He was constantly being teased for having gay parents that made him out of a test tube, and being a little slower on the pickup than the rest of them.

When Lane was incubating, the DNA was exposed to some air by a small leak. One drop spilled out, costing Lane some of his short-term memory, and the air made him a little slow, but not slow enough to be put in the EC class. He was a bright kid, and I love him to death, I just wish there hadn't been a leak with him. I'd rather it be me with the lack of short-term memory, and with the slowness. I really don't like being a beautiful combination, with nothing wrong.

It's not like Lane isn't beautiful. He is, oh god is he beautiful! The DNA mixed about as well as it did for me, it's just the accident that causes him mental problems. If only it wasn't for that damned accident!

"Were they just picking on him or trying to hurt him?" daddy's gentle voice brought me back to the real world. I looked down.

"I got there before anything could happen." My daddy looked to dad thoughtfully.

"Maybe we should home school Lane- and Taea." My head jolted up. Home school? Wha- no.

"Don't you dare," I said eyeing daddy. He wouldn't- would he? Daddy was smarter than that, I knew it, and so did everyone else in the room. Dad wouldn't go for home schooling, that I still knew. He didn't want his kids to be as socially retarded as he was, 'cause that was some painful shit.

"Taea, please-"

"No! I'm not going to be home schooled, that's just asking for even more people to mess with me and Lane!" I turned and stormed off, my boots cracking smartly against the floor.

Again I listened to the sound of my boots hitting the ground. I had memorized the sound ages before, and found it comforting. I was walking down the halls of the school, back straight, head up, eyes cold. I stopped by my locker and twisted to combination angrily.

The flapping of flip-flops surrounded me, and I turned to see my cousin, Carmen, smirking at me.

"Oh, Goddess, Carmen. What do you want?" Carmen smirk grew wider as she eyed me. "Now Carmen, you know it's wrong to check out your cousin..." Carmen slammed her hand into the locker door next to me.

"You, shut the fuck up!" I raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

"Oh, wow. I'm shaking in my Thrift Store booties."

"Fuck you-"

"Honey, I don't fuck closet gays."

"Oh no-"

"I didn't? I think I did. Later." I ducked under her arm and walked down the hall, veering left. I headed to the bathrooms, far, far away from first period. Thank Goddess.

People's eyes watched me and whispering followed. I willed myself not to scrunch up. This happens everyday, it's going to happen. Get used to it.

I nearly ran into the bathrooms and slammed the door shut. I sank down onto the floor and sighed. Out and out. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. This was going to be a very long day. I could tell from the banging on the door.

But the voice that floated threw wasn't someone that I wanted to deck. It was Joe Bundy. Good, old, gay Joe Bundy.

"Taea, open up, please?" I stood and opened the door, allowing Joe to shuffle in. He smiled and kissed my cheek. Joe (god I loved him) was one of the few people that were gay in this school, though you could never tell from just looking at him. He was the only one that could feel my pain, doubled.

If he wasn't gay, I'd marry him.
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