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Chapter 1

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Booth and Brennan are on yet another case that starts out like any other. But when things get tough, will the team at the Jeffersonian be able to pull through or will they need help from an unexpec...

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It is late Friday night and Dr. Temperance Brennan is fast asleep with her head resting on Special Agent Seeley Booth's chest. The phone ringing startles both of them awake.
"Hello?" Booth answers, blinking at the light Brennan just turned on in the room. "Ok, we'll be right there."
To Brennan he says, "There was a body found at the camp ground, they need us to check it out."
"Alright, we'll drop Christine off at your grandfather's on our way."
Booth leans over and kisses Brennan sweetly on the lips before getting out of bed and pulling on his pants. Brennan smiles, completely content with the life they have built together. She loves her job, her daughter, and her wonderful husband. Everything is as it should be.
Booth and Brennan meet Dr. Camille Saroyan at the crime scene.
"It's a teenager, just turned 16 a week ago. Her name is Alice Witt. A group of high school students were staying on these camp grounds for a Supernatural Club field trip. According to the teacher in charge, the students split up to go investigate the woods. One of the groups came running back, screaming they found something that attacked their friend. The teacher had the group lead him to the place of the attack, that is where the body was found," Cam explains as they walk towards the body.
"I can't do anything with this body until we have it back to the lab and the bones cleaned. There are no bones showing right now," Brennan says matter of factly.
"Well, then you and I can start questioning some potential suspects Bones," Booth says with a half-smile. He loves working with his wife, especially when they get to stick together. "We have to find this kid's attacker in case he's planning anything else. I think we should go talk to that teacher."
"He went home shortly after we talked to him, as did all of the students. We told them that we'd be in contact and got their addresses," Cam informs them.
"Let's go pay him a visit."
On their way to the teacher's house, Booth calls Dr. Lance Sweets.
"Hello?" Sweets answers, his voice heavy with sleep. "It's 2 am Booth, do we have a case?"
"Hey there Sweets, yeah we have a case. A teenager was found dead in the woods by some of her friends and a teacher. They were on a trip for some sort supernatural investigations club and a group of them were attacked. I need you to go talk to the students and find out what they know about the attack and the victim. The girls name is Alice, I'll send you a list of their addresses."
"Alright, I'm on it Booth."
Booth hangs up as they pull up to a small grey house with a wooden front porch and brown door. There is a gargoyle knocker on the door that seems too large for the house. Booth reaches up to knock, but the door swings open before he gets the chance.
"Hello, sir, how may I help you?" In response to Booth's puzzled expression he adds, "Don't worry I'm not psychic, I have cameras on my front porch at all times so I saw you approaching."
"Special Agent Seeley Booth. This here is my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan. We'd like to ask you a few questions," Booth says holding out his badge.
"Oh yes of course, I'm Peter Morris. Come on in. Can I get you anything to drink?"
"No, thank you," Booth and Brennan say in unison.
They step into the house and are lead into the living room where they are welcomed to sit on a large, over stuffed couch.
"You have very interesting d
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