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Chapter 2

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Booth and Brennan are on yet another case that starts out like any other. But when things get tough, will the team at the Jeffersonian be able to pull through or will they need help from an unexpec...

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"You can't be in here without clearance," Brennan says stepping forward.
"Oh I think I have all the clearance I need."
Booth hesitantly lowers his gun looking at the blond woman in confusion. " I know you?"
"You did, once. Very well actually."
"Then why don't I remember you?" Booth looks almost annoyed now. Brennan has walk over to stand next to her husband. The other members of the lab stand watching, waiting for what will be said.
"That is what we need to talk about."
"Ok...then talk," Booth says raising his gun again slightly.
"Not here and not with that," says the woman, gesturing to the gun.
"Fine. Where?"
"Do you have an office?"
"Yes, but not here."
"Take me there."
Brennan intercedes, "If you go, I'm coming too."
The blond glairs at Brennan. "This is a private conversation."
"Look blondie, she is my wife and will be included in any 'private' conversations between you and me if she wants," Booth says assertively.
"Fine," and the woman walks out of the room.
"Be careful," warns Cam. "We don't know anything about this woman."
"We will. Stay on the case, Bones and I will take care of this."
With that, they are gone.

In the car everyone is silent. They arrive at the FBI headquarters and walk to Booth's office. As soon as the door is shut, the girl begins to talk.
"My name is Buffy Summers. I'm from Sunnydale, California but I've been traveling the world for the past few years. You and I met when I was a sophomore in high school. You helped me with some of my...responsibilities before leaving for L.A. I only saw you a few times after that and then you disappeared."
"I'm sorry, you must have the wrong guy. I was never in California, I've never seen you in my life."
"Then why did you recognize me when I first walked into the lab?"
"I don't know...familiar face?"
Buffy sighs, "Maybe you should let me tell you what else I have to say before you insist it is impossible I know you."
"Fine, talk."
"You don't remember because your memory has been altered, but your life was not what you think it was. There is a whole other world out there that you don't even know about and you used to be a part of it."
"Another world?"
Buffy sighs again, "You probably aren't going to believe this but I need you to try to. It is very important that you consider what I say."
"I'll consider it. I can't say I'll believe it, but I will consider it."
"A supernatural world...there is a world full of all those monsters people have nightmares about."
"You have got to be kidding me, I'm really getting sick and tired of all this supernatural talk. I am a pretty open minded guy. But, this is just going too far."
Brennan, who has been standing in the corner listening this whole time steps forward. "Did a man by the name of Mr. Morris send you? If so, tell him to leave me and my husband alone. This is an interference with a federal investigation and he will be arrested if his harassment persists. "
"I assure you, I don't know a Mr. Morris and I was sent by no one. I am one of many Vampire Slayers. There used to only be one, a single girl chosen to fight the battle against evil. When one died, another would be unlocked so there would always be one slayer. But, my friends and I discovered a way to unlock all the potential slayers in order to stop an apocalypse that was beginning in Sunnydale. One of the slayers notified me that you were here and that you were trying to handle a supernatural case that is much bigger than you can imagine. That is why I came. The case you are working on will become more than just another dead body murdered by some criminal who needs to be brought to justice. You need to understand who you were Agent Booth and be at least a part of that man again if you are going to survive this."
"Is that a threat Ms. Summers?" asks Booth, narrowing his eyes and leaning forward.
"No. It is a warning and an offer to help. You are at a loss Agent Booth, you don't know what your next move should be in this case because nothing is adding up. I know what the killer is and it will prove to you that this case is beyond your understanding. If I can show you that it is impossible for the murderer your team discovered cannot be human, will you listen to me further?"
Booth sits back, contemplating his next move. He looks angry and impatient, something that is not common for him lately. Brennan looks at him, silently saying that this girl is not to be trusted. But, Booth is curious as to what she can show them.
"How can you prove the killer is inhuman?"
"Look in the obituaries."

Angela is sitting in her office discussing her concerned about Brennan and Booth with Hodgins. She is not comfortable with them being alone with that insane woman who just took out all of the Jeffersonian's security guards.
"This all just seems so weird. Nothing is making sense and now Booth and Brennan run off with some stranger that Booth kinda recognizes but doesn't really trust. Plus we have a face for the killer but no records and there is all this talk of supernatural. Either everyone has lost their mind or there really is more going on than we want to believe."
"Either way, I'm sure we'll figure it out Angie."
"I hope so and I really hope Booth and Brennan are ok. That girl is obviously crazy strong or something..."
Hodgins walks over giving Angela a hug to comfort her when the phone rings, interrupting their conversation.
"Booth, oh my gosh is everything ok?...In the obituaries? If you say so." Angela scans the obituaries for a facial match to the image she obtained from the video of the attack. Shocked at what she finds, Angela gasps and sits down on her desk. Hodgins, who had been watching Angela's work stairs at the screen in amazement. "Booth, I have our killer. I don't know how this is possible, but his name is Henry Richardson and he died in 1863 during the American Civil War. The cause of death is said to be several gunshot wounds to the chest, but there was also records of a neck wound similar to the one found on our victim."
There is silence on the other end of the line for a moment, then a sigh and a click.

Booth sits behind his desk with his head in his hand. Brennan looks at him, concern evident in her expression. Buffy sits across from them both waiting patiently for Booth to say something.
Without looking up Booth mutters, "What is the killer?"
Brennan presses her lips together and stairs at Buffy unamused. "Can I have a moment to speak to my husband alone?" she asks.
Buffy nods understanding and walks out of the office
"You cannot possibly believe her Booth, she sounds like she has completely lost her mind!"
"Bones, we have nothing else to go on. No, I don't totally believe her. But, we have no other explanation for the killer's ID. I want to at least hear her out, maybe it will give us something."
"Ok, well should Sweets be here?" Brennan says, still uncomfortable with listening to Buffy.
"I'll have him talk to her after she tells us the rest of the story."
"Alright, well after this can we go home and get some sleep? You need rest."
"I think I owe Angela an explanation for hanging up on her. But then yes, we can go home and sleep."
Content, Brennan says, "Good." With that she goes to get Buffy from outside Booth's office.
Buffy comes back in and sits down across from Booth. Booth looks her in the eye and says, "Tell me what is going on."
"Vampires and other beings have been gathering in the DC area. They have been laying low trying not to be noticed. We think that they are planning an attack on the government. There are similar groups gathering near the governments of all the major countries in the world. If they can take out the strongest governments, they can take over the world."
"Wait, are you suggesting a governmental apocalypse?"
"How does my 'past' have anything to do with this?"
"That requires a little more of an explanation."
"I'm all ears," Booth says leaning back in his chair.
"Your name is Angel and you used to be a vampire. Gypsies cursed you with a soul so that you would suffer the guilt of all the people you killed. You gave up human blood and wandered for years brooding and full of self-loathing. That was until you made the decision to fight the evil you lived for hundreds of years. You started by helping me. You helped me many times fight day to day evil and apocalypses. But, things between us got complicated and that is when you left for L.A. You started a private investigation organization with some close friends and continued to fight the good fight. You came back to Sunnydale a few times to give me a hand but for the most part you stayed away. A lot happened in L.A. and it was discovered that there was a prophesy about you. It said that a vampire with a soul would play a pivotal role in an apocalypse. After fulfilling his destiny, he would then be granted the right to be human again. That vampire was you. You took over the L.A. branch of an evil law firm and tried to turn it towards good. But, working there also gave you an in to the realm of evil. You infiltrated a secret circle of the biggest evil beings called the circle of black thorns. With the help of your team, you took them out. This was the start of a huge fight that would eventually wipe out a large portion of the evil in the world and end the apocalypse that was ongoing at the time. The fight would not have happened without you. That was the pivotal role. When your part of the fight was done, you were turned into a human. In order to exist in normal society, your memories as Angel were repressed and you were given memories of a human life. The human memories are similar to what Angel experienced throughout his life so that you would have similar personality traits. When you were turned, what was left of your team came to find me. That was when I notified all of the slayers to look out for you. You were not supposed to become involved in this world ever again. We managed to avoid it for years. But now, it is impossible."
"And how am I supposed to become involved again?"
"We have to unlock your memories. The Powers that Be used the magics of a warlock to alter your reality. They trapped your original memories in this box. All I have to do is break the box near you and you remember everything in your life as Angel. Anyone else standing near the box when it breaks will also have their previous memories returned if they were altered. But, I don't think that is necessary because you met all of your coworkers a while after the shift in reality."
"What makes my memories beneficial?"
"You'll remember how to fight everything we are going to face. You will know all about the creatures and truly understand what we are up against. We need someone else who truly understands."
Booth stares at Buffy with a blank look on his face. This is a lot to take in and sounds very farfetched. But for some reason, maybe the lack of sleep or maybe the undeniable fact that some part of him recognized Buffy when she entered the lab, he wants to believe her.
Finally, Booth shakes his head as if to clear it. "We will talk about this more later. It has been a very long day so far and Bones and I need some time to rest and think. I'd like to take you to Dr. Lance Sweets' office. You can stay with him until I come back."
Booth calls Sweets and then drops Buffy off with him.
After Buffy is gone Brennan says, "Something doesn't feel right about this Booth. We've had cases that appeared supernatural before but weren't. There has to be a logical explanation for this case. I don't trust Buffy, she sounds too much like Mr. Morris."
"We will keep looking and we'll see what Sweets thinks. Besides, if none of what Buffy said is true, then letting her break the box near me won't hurt. We can have the team check it out and make sure there is no danger to it."
"I don't know, I still don't like it."
"I know. It will be ok though. Let me call Angela and then we can sleep on it."
Booth calls Angela and explains that Buffy believes that the killer is a vampire and assures her that they will talk about it more later when everyone is back at the lab. After he hangs up he crawls back into bed with Brennan. She moves closer to him and rests her head on his shoulder as he places his arm protectively around her. He can feel her body relax as she lets go of everything that has happened that day, giving into exhaustion.
Booth lightly kisses the top of Brennan's head closing his eyes and muttering into her hair, "I love you."

Sweets sits across from Buffy, looking at her quizzically.
"So you are saying that you and your friends have fought fantastic creatures since you were 16?"
"Can I ask you, what was your life like before you started fighting these beings?"
"Normal. I was in school, was a cheerleader, was popular. My parents got along about as well as most parents do. I was happy, care free even."
"Did anything change in your life right before you found out that you were the chosen one, the slayer as you put it?"
"No, nothing changed until after. But after, everything changed."
"What do you mean?"
"I started skipping class to fight demons. I missed cheerleading practice all the time and my grades started slipping. I got into a lot of trouble, even burned down a school. All because I was the slayer and I had to protect everyone from what they didn't even know was there. I wasn't allowed to tell people and so I lost a lot of friends and it caused a lot of problems in my family. I got kicked out of school and my parents divorced at about the same time. That was when we moved to Sunnydale. I was the outcast there, I had no friends except my Willow and Xander at first oh and Giles. He was the librarian and my was like my trainer, for being a slayer."
"Did Willow and Xander know about your activities as a slayer?"
"Oh yes, for sure. They helped me a lot. Some other people ended up knowing and helping too. Many of them are dead now or have moved on and started a new life somewhere. Xander and Willow are still good friends though."
"Do you think it would be possible for me to talk to them too?"
"Oh yeah, if Agent Booth agrees to me helping then you'll get to meet them as well as a few more of my team. We used to be called the Scoobies cuz we were like the Scooby Gang. We don't really use that name anymore but yeah you'll meet them."
"Great, I look forward to it."
"I know you think I'm crazy, that is why you're asking me all these questions. You're a shrink and you think I should be locked up."
"I think we can help you with some things..." Sweets says uncomfortably.
"You can't help me with anything, I'm here to help you."
"Are we done now?"
"Yes, we are done. But, you can't leave yet. Would you like to talk about something else?"
"Can we talk about you?"
"Great, what is your past like?"

Booth and Brennan are asleep, both sprawled across the bed. Booth begins tossing and turning. The movement wakes Brennan who turns to look at her husband. His breathing has accelerated and his brow is damp with sweat. She reaches out to place her hand on his face.
Placing the other hand on his chest, she feels how rapid his heart beat is. She gently shakes him. "Booth, Booth, wake up. Wake up, you're dreaming."
With a deep breath Booth's eyes snap open. He exhales slowly and looks up at his concerned wife.
Brennan leans down to kiss Booth on the forehead. "What was the dream about?"
"Me, I think. But, vampire me."
"What happened?"
"I was with another man, another vampire I think. We were walking through old England, laughing and drinking. Then...we walked into a house and our faces changed. They got all scrunched up and our fangs came out. We attacked a family. woke me up right after I sunk my fangs into a little girl..." Booth says shaking his head as if trying to make the image go away.
Brennan lays back down next to Booth, resting her head on his chest and wrapping her arm around his stomach. "It was just a dream Booth, just a dream."
"I...I know," says Booth, relaxing slightly.
The phone rings and Booth answers. "Hello?...Oh, hey Sweets. What's wrong?...Yeah we can be there in a few minutes."
"Have to go meet Sweets?" asks Brennan.
"Yeah, he needs to talk to us about Buffy."
"Let's go then."

Sweets leaves Buffy in his office when Booth and Brennan arrive.
"Hey Dr. Brennen, Booth are you alright?"
"Yeah, yeah. I'm ok. What do you think about Buffy?"
"It appears that she is experiencing some type of psychosis. She created and alternate reality where she is an important and powerful member of her world. It typically occurs as a result of a sudden change or traumatic event in her life, but it seems that no dramatic changes happened until after this alternate reality came into existence. It doesn't make sense, she doesn't sound sane but no diagnosis really fits."
"So do we believe her and let her help?" asks Booth
"You can't possibly think we should believe her Sweets, you said yourself that she doesn't sound sane," says Brennan.
"I don't know if we should believe her yet. But she said she has some friends that we will meet if we agree to let her help. I think we should let her contribute some, but not fully until we get to know her friends and maybe find some more proof that this girl isn't crazy."
"Or that she is," says Brennan.
"Right," agreed Sweets.
Booth opens the door to Sweets' office and walks in followed closely by Brennan and Sweets. Buffy stands and turns to face them.
"Decided if you're going to believe me yet?"
"No, actually not really. But, we would like to allow you to help in the case. You can help provide us with information on what we are dealing with and help us to catch the killer. If you prove to be trust worthy, we will let you help more," says Booth.
"What about your memories?"
"If you prove you are telling the truth AND my wife agrees, you can unlock my memories. But if Brennan says no, then it's a no. Understand?"
"Yes, I understand. Do you want my friends to come in and help as well?"
"Yes, we would appreciate that."
"Ok, well I have to warn you that they themselves are living proof that I am not lying."
"We'll see about that."

The team at the Jeffersonian stand lined up, facing the doors, waiting for Buffy's friends to arrive. They have been informed of the situation and are uneasy about meeting these strange people. They look up as Buffy walks in followed by her friends who line up across from the Jeffersonian team. There is a tall thin man with bleach blond hair and wearing a long, black leather coat. He looks kind of uninterested, like he doesn't really want to be there. Next is a woman with curly brown hair. She is smiling, obviously excited. She is dressed simply and seems friendly. A younger man with shaggy brown hair walks in, crossing his arms and looking around as if assessing the people and the room carefully. A younger girl follows with long brown hair and a half smirk on her face. A man looking to be Buffy's age follows. He has an eye patch over his left eye and smiles politely at the Jeffersonian team. A woman with red hair walks in to stand next to him. Another girl about the same age with dark hair and intense attitude comes in. Finally, an older man with a kind face brings in the rear.
Buffy is standing next to Booth and Brennan who are looking down at the two lines of people. "These are my friends and my team. Guys, can you introduce yourselves and say one interesting thing about you?" Buffy says laughing slightly. They begin to introduce themselves in the order they walked in.
"I'm Spike and I'm a vampire," the blond says kind of sarcastically with a British accent as his face morphs and his fangs protrude.
"I'm Illyria and I'm an ancient demon," says the simple looking girl. Her hair forms blue highlights, her skin pales and develops a blue sheen on her forehead and lips. Her eyes become an icy blue.
The shaggy hair kid says, "Hey, I'm Connor. I don't look any different, but I'm the son of a vampire and I have super strength."
"I'm Dawn, Buffy's sister. I used to be a key to the gates of hell until some monks made me human and Buffy sacrificed herself to save me. Now I'm pretty normal though, well as normal as a teenager who helps her big sis fight evil can be."
"I'm Xander. I lost my eye during the final Sunnydale apocalypse because an evil preacher gouged it out."
"I'm Willow. I'm a witch. I once got addicted to the magics and then went all evil when my girlfriend died but Xander here stopped me from destroying the world. I went through a rehab like thing and now I can control myself with my powers."
"Hey, I'm Faith. I'm a slayer, I kinda went a little crazy after accidentally killing a human instead of a monster. I even went to jail for a while. But, I'm good now and here to help."
"He-hello. You can call me Giles. I was Buffy's watcher and mentor. Now I'm just her friend," says the older man in a British accent.
The Jeffersonian team stairs back at the strange people who just introduced themselves with shock written across their faces. They all wonder how this could possibly be real.
Booth looks bewildered but breaks the silence, "Alright guys introduce yourselves please. I'll start. I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth. I'm an agent for the F.B.I"
Brennan stands, looking confusedly down at her hands. Looking up, directly at the strange beings with a lost expression she says, "I'm...I'm Dr. Temperance Brennan. I'm a forensic anthropologist specializing in identifying cause of death by looking at the bones of the victim."
Angela steps forward boldly, "I'm Angela. I used to be an artist. Now I identify the remains of our victims."
"I'm Hodgins. I'm the bug and slime guy," says Hodgins with a small tentative wave.
"Dr. Saroyan. I am the head of the Forensic Division here at the Jeffersonian."
"I'm Arastoo Vaziri. I am an intern at the Jeffersonian."
"I'm Dr. Sweets. I am an F.B.I Psychologist and I'd like to talk to you all individually."
"Why's that? Wanna make sure we're not nutso?" asks Spike, rolling his eyes.
Faith joins in, "I think you're right Spike and you know what? I think he's gonna find out we are all a bit crazy. I mean, where's the fun in being sane?"
"Guys knock it off, you will talk to him. You know that this is important," scolds Buffy. Spike and Faith glance at each other smiling and stop talking. "Thank you. Now, I need you guys to help the Jeffersonian team here find and catch the vampire that killed a young girl named Alice. If you find out where he is, let me know. I'll go find him and bring him in for questioning. When Dr. Sweets wants to talk to you, go talk and be honest. He already knows about me. We have nothing to hide."
"Thank you Buffy."
"No problem." Turning to Booth she asks, "What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to make sure your guys are working well with our people. I need to talk to Bones for a few minutes," Booth answers placing his hand on Brennan's back. She looks absolutely shocked and a little frightened. Buffy nods and walks off to check on her friends who have dispersed with various people from the Jeffersonian. Once she is gone Booth speaks.
"Bones, are you ok?"
"This...this can't be real. They can't be real," says Brennan pointing in the general direction Buffy's friends had gone. Tears start to run down Brennan's face.
Booth places his hand on her cheek and gently brushes the tears away. "Hey, hey it's ok."
"No! It's not OK. First Mr. Morris threatens me and...and then Buffy tells us that your past isn't really your past and now there's these things here and nothing in the case makes any scientific sense! This isn't ok!"
"I know. I'm sorry. This is all a lot to take in. But, we all saw those uh...people change and we heard their stories. It's real. Or at least they are."
"No, they have to have some sort of costumes on or something. Booth, if they are real then that puts into question everything I stand for. In order to believe this, I have to change everything I believe. I've told you before...I'm a scientist. I can't change, I don't know how."
"But you do know how. You have changed so much in the past few years. It took time and evidence but you changed. Look, I don't like it either. This calls a lot of things into question for me too. Let's just see how this goes and what the rest of the lab thinks. Ok?" Booth pulls Brennan into a hug trying to comfort her.
With a deep breath Brennan replies, "Alright, we'll see. I still don't believe it though."

While Booth and Brennan talk, Spike sits with his feet dangling over the edge of the upper level in the lab looking down at everyone working together. Faith walks up and sits down next to him. Glancing over spike says, "Thought you'd be down there makin new friends. Isn't that what good Faith does now."
"I couldn't take it, had to get away. They all seem so freaked. It's like none of this is real to them."
"Weren't you freaked when you found out that all the monsters hiding under your bed were real?"
"Don't remember. Pretty sure I was more stoked. I mean, I got to go beat bad things up for a living. Pretty sweet gig till ya go all wacko."
"Well not everyone is like you Faith. Shit, here comes the boss."
Buffy walks over to them. "What are you guys doing up here, you're supposed to be helping these people understand their case."
"Don't worry B, I think the rest of the crews got it covered. I'll go back down in a sec and see if anyone needs an extra hand," says Faith.
"Fine. So you know, I may need you guys to teach them how to fight."
Spike stands and says, "Aren't we only allowed to help solve the case? They don't seem like the fighting group. Well except maybe your boy Booth there. He's got a bit of Angel in him still, I can smell it."
"You're right, they don't seem like fighters. But, I think there's more to these people than meets the eye. And yes, we are only supposed to help with the case. But once we get the vamp here to talk, they just might change their minds."
"If you say so," Spike turns to walk down the stairs and Faith stands to follow.
"Spike wait," says Buffy. Spike stops and looks back over his shoulder. Faith pauses as well. "Come back for a second."
Spike turns around and walks back to Buffy. Faith hesitates before leaving the two of them alone. "What?"
"Why are you here?"
"Because you want me to be, why else love?"
"But, you don't want to be here."
"Course not! You're gonna try and give this man all those Angel memories. It's gonna tear the bloak apart. And if you think it means that at long last you'll get to be with your love then you're off your rocker."
"He needs the memories if he is going to protect his friends...and I don't think that!!"
"Yeah, sure ya don't. Buffy, I know you. You really loved him, always will. But this man is not the Angel you loved. Not anymore." With that, Spike walks away leaving Buffy standing there alone with her thoughts.

Meanwhile, down in the lab Willow follows Angela back to her office.
"So uh, you're big on the technologies and finding people's identities and stuff right?"
"Yeah, I guess I am. Why do you ask?"
"Mind if I help, I was kinda the tech girl of the scoobies."
"Um, sure," Angela says smiling.
"Great, thanks! I suggest we look for as much information on our killer as possible. Vampires usually have a recurring type of location they like to stay in. Like crypts, or caves, or or even apartments! If we find out what type of guy he is, we can maybe figure out where he lives."
Angela types in the killer's name to her database to begin the search. "Wow, you've really done this a lot haven't you?"
"Yeah, well since I was 16. If you want, I can show you a different database to use for this kinda thing. It's more strictly for the supernatural. He might even have his own profile somewhere, he doesn't seem too good at staying under the radar."
"Oh, ok. Yeah. Here, you can do whatever you need," Angela says handing Willow the key pad. "Sorry to ask, but can you really do magic?"
"Yeah, I have to be careful though because I was already addicted. I have a better understanding of it now though and can control it much better. Wanna see something simple?"
"Ok, put a pencil on your desk there."
Angela does as Willow asks and then stands back. Willow looks intently at the pencil and suddenly, it begins to float off the desk.
"Oh my gosh! You are really doing that!"
"Yeah, it was one of the first tricks I learned. I could teach you it, if you're interested."
"That would be so cool!"
"Ok, well the key is you have to feel it. Here hold my hand." Angela reaches out to grasp Willows hand. "Now close your eyes and tell me what you feel."
Angela closes her eyes and gasps. "I...I feel it. It's like a surge of energy that kinda tingles through me!"
"Good, now feel it within yourself."
"I think I feel it."
"Ok, now let go and look at the pencil. Will it to float. Make sure you concentrate wholly on making it move."
Angela releases Willows hand, takes a deep breath, and stares at the pencil. The focus is written in her eyes. Her forehead crinkles with concentration and the pencil starts to shake. After a second it starts to slowly float off of the desk. Angela exhales slowly, she hadn't realized she was holding her breath.
"I'm doing it, I'm doing it!"
"That's great, it took me forever just to do that."
"Thank you for showing me this!!"
Faith, who had been waiting in the door way walks into the room. "Hey, look at you learning the magics from Will here. Looks like we might have another witch on our hands. Just don't go psycho, we've had enough psychos."
Willow laughs good naturedly. "Yeah, we don't need any more of those."
"Find anything out about our vamp yet?" asks Faith.
Angela answers, "No, actually Willow was just going to help me look when we got distracted."
"Better not tell B we were off track, can I help you guys look?"
"Yeah, of course!" says Willow.
Willow starts searching though her database and telling Angela about her life in Sunnydale. Faith joins in to talk about her evil days and how she finally became good again.
Brennan walks into the room. "Angela, can I talk to you?"
"Always sweetie, what's wrong?" noting her friends distraught expression.
"Can we maybe talk in my office?"
"Sure." To Willow and Faith Angela says, "Keep working. I'll be back in a bit."
Once they are in Brennan's office, Brennan turns to look at Angela. Angela's face is riddled with concern.
"You're worried that what Mr. Morris says is true aren't you? That you'll regret it if you don't accept that these people are real?"
"Yes...and I can't...I can't accept it even though they are here, right in front of my face. Booth wants us to see what the rest of the lab thinks. So, I'm here to ask...are these people really what they say they are?"
"Well, I just felt something I've never felt before and made a pencil float thanks to Willow. Yes, I think they are who they say they are."
"I want to agree with you, to see what you see. But all I can see are a bunch of people in great costumes with some pretty intricate tricks. It's irrational for me to think otherwise."
"It's not irrational sweetie. They are here as evidence. You can see them and feel them. And so far, what they have told us is true. I know it goes against a lot, but sometimes you have to just have faith in something."
"I try. But every time I start to believe, the doubt comes back again."
"Then focus on what you do believe, the Bones and Booth. I know you trust Booth's judgment more than anyone else's."
"I do, thank you Angela."
"Anytime. I'll let you know if we find anything important."
"Good, I am going to go talk to Arastoo."

After his talk with Buffy, Spike walks over to where Sweets is talking to Buffy's friends muttering under his breath, "Might as well get this over with. Bloody psychologists, thinking they can understand us." As he gets closer though, he hears a familiar voice. It's Illyria.
Sweets is sitting at a desk with Illyria standing across from him.
"You're psychology will not work on me. I am ancient, older than your science. Its laws do not apply to me," she says.
"Oh...uh. Ok..." Sweets stutters.
"I think I have a feeling of like towards you though. You remind me of someone I used to know. He looked older though and more...used."
"Wh...what happened to him?"
"He died in my first true battle on this new earth. He made me feel grief."
"You were close with him?"
"He taught me how to live in this new world. Without him, I would have been lost. I have come a long way since then. But, I have more to learn. Will you teach me?"
"Yeah...yeah sure, I can teach you."
"Good. Teach me how the brain works. But later, we have a listener," Illyria turns her head to face Spike.
"Oh, hey there guys. Didn't even see you there," Spike lies. "I'm going to go check on Dawn and the rest of them, see how things are going."
"I will join you," says Illyria.
"Hey...hey Spike. You're the only one I haven't talked to yet."
"And you won't get to talk to me. I already know I'm absolutely bonkers," Spike replies and walk away.
Sweets places his head in his hands. Booth walks in and asks, "Have you gotten through everyone?"
"Yeah except Spike, he is refusing."
Booth who witnessed Sweets' latest Spike encounter says, "I think we can let him slide. Have you learned anything important about the others?"
"They have all been through a lot together. All of them have lost loved ones and fought in more dangerous battles than typical war. Not to mention with less training and gear. As a result of that, they have their own psychological issues. Faith seems to be one of the worst, it wouldn't take much to break her psyche. I don't really know how stable any of them are to be honest. This is way beyond anything that I have learned or seen. What I do know is, they all have the same stories or similar ones at least, with their own personal accounts of course. Nobody could make up this elaborate of a story and have this many people stay true to it."
"So we believe them?"
"Yes, we believe them. At least I think they can be believed."
"But, can they be trusted?" Booth says as he starts to walk away.
Sweets pauses for a moment and opens his mouth to answer but Booth is already gone.

Giles, Cam, Arastoo, Xander, and Dawn stand looking down at the victim's remains. They've been standing there doing just that for at least ten minutes.
Dawn is the first to speak. "Where'd all her skin and guts go? Shouldn't a dead body be more squishy than this?"
"We had to clean them off the bone so Dr. Brennan could see what she could find," Cam answers.
Arastoo says, "I've looked over the bones several times. I cannot find any other injuries besides the puncture wounds and the fractures on the wrists."
"Those puncture wounds are bite marks buddy," laughs Xander.
"Well bite marks or not, I don't think we can figure out anything else about the killer from the victim," says Cam.
"I suggest you and I possibly do some research on the group the killer is with. Willow is probably finding out where we can find him, but it is always good to know as much as possible about who we are dealing with," states Giles.
"Ok, yeah. Xander and Dawn can you help Arastoo do....something?"
Xander nods. "Sure thing Dr. Saroyan."
"Thank you Xander."
Once Giles and Cam have walked away Dawn turns to Arastoo. "You know we can't really help you with anything that has to do with this case. But we can teach you lots of cool things about vampires and demons and stuff if you want."
"Uhhh, ok. I guess..."
Spike saunters up with Illyria by his side. "Need any help, not that I really want to offer any."
"There's not really that much we can do Spike," answers Dawn.
Smiling Arastoo says, "They were going to teach me about vampires."
Spike smiles mischievously, "I can teach you something about vampires."
"Down Spike," warns Xander.
"Don't worry, wasn't actually going to do anything. What do you think I am...evil?"
Illyria speaks, "Dr. Brennan is approaching."
Arastoo looks over, seeing Brennan's determined expression he straightens his posture.
"Have you been able to gather any more information Arastoo?"
"No, there are no additional markings besides the ones we have already discussed. Buffy's theory confirms the puncture wounds as bite marks from a vampire which answers cause of death and weapon. There are no other plausible causes found."
"Thank you Arastoo."
"You're welcome Dr. Brennan."
Booth comes walking up behind Brennan. "Any more evidence?"
"No, all we have is Buffy's theory."
"Maybe we should go talk to Mr. Morris again..."
Xander raises his hand tentatively, "Uh...who is Mr. Morris?"
"He is the teacher of the victim. He warned us that this was something supernatural and to watch out. I think he may know more than he's let on," answers Booth.
"You're probably right, talking to him seems like the only thing we can do until Willow and Giles get more information on the vamp we're dealing with," says Dawn.
"I'll go with you," says Buffy, appearing across from Booth and Brennan. "It's getting dark, things are a lot less safe at night."
Brennan looks to Booth for a reaction. Booth's eyebrows furrow, "Buffy, I think we've got this."
Buffy looks back at Booth, locking eyes with his. "I'm coming with you."
Shockingly, Booth nods. "Fine."

Buffy is bent over, digging around in a big trunk she must have brought in while everyone was working. She pulls out some wooden stakes, a cross bow, and a bottle of holy water. Turning to Booth and Brennan she says, "There are a few ways to kill a vampire. The most common way is a wooden stake through the heart. Beheading or breaking their neck also works just as well. Holy water can burn them, but it usually doesn't kill. Use it only as a distraction. Normally sunlight would be a fourth option, but currently the sun is not available."
Buffy hands a stake to both of them and tries to give Brennan the bottle of holy water. Brennan refuses to take either weapon. "I don't think I will need these as we will not be facing any vampires tonight."
"Look Bones, I know you think they aren't real, but maybe you should take a stake just to be safe."
"You can never be too careful Dr. Brennan. They probably know we are looking for one of them. Chances are, they are waiting."
Brennan glairs at Buffy and grabs a stake, putting it in her back pocket.

Booth, Brennan, and Buffy arrive at Mr. Morris's house. There are no lights on inside or out. It looks as if he may have left town. Booth gets out of the car and announces that he is going to go check the house. Brennan and Buffy also get out, looking around the yard.
Booth's gun is pulled as he approaches the front door. The handle and lock are smashed and the door swings open. He toes his way in and looks around, motioning for Buffy and Brennan to follow. They proceed into the home using flashlights to sweep each room they pass. Halfway into the house, Buffy turns to sweep the dining room on her right. Directly in front of her is a tall, gruesome vampire. His eyes glow with hunger and anger. He lunges at her, but she dodges his movement.
"Guys, watch out. There will be more!" Buffy shouts.
As if on cue, two more vampires come running down the hall from upstairs. Booth instinctively points his gun, shooting but having no effect. As the two get closer, he drops his gun and starts to throw punches. Ducking to avoid blows, he tries to knock them out unsuccessfully.
Buffy knees one of the vampires in the gut and swings her fists, punching the side of his head. She brings her foot up to connect with his jaw making the vampire stumble backwards. As soon as he regains his footing, she shoves a stake in his heart. She turns to the second vampire and begins to fight with clean, practiced movement.
"The stakes, use the stakes!" she shouts.
Booth looks down at his stake, grabs it, and thrusts it into the vampire's heart. He explodes into dust.
While Booth and Buffy continue to fight, Brennan is backing up towards a wall. She cannot believe what she is seeing and is paralyzed by fear. From the basement door to the left of Brennan comes yet another vampire. This one bigger than the rest. He pins Brennan up against the wall, forces her head to the side, and sinks his teeth into her exposed neck.
Brennan lets out a weak scream. "Booth!"
He looks up just as his stake is pushed out of his hand by the vampire he is fighting. Seeing his wife in danger, an unknown instinct takes over. He turns to the attacking vampire, easily ducks below his swinging fist. When he stands back up the vampire is winding up for another hit. Before he can make a move, Booth punches him straight in the face, grabs his head, and snaps his neck. Realizing he has no stake and breaking the vampire's neck would rip Brennan's neck open, Booth shouts to Buffy. She sees Brennan pinned to the wall and immediately tosses her stake to Booth.
"Save her!" yells Buffy as she continues to fight her vampire.
Booth can see the life draining from Brennan. He runs towards the feeding vampire and plunges the stake into his heart. He dusts and Brennan begins to slide down the wall, collapsing. Booth reaches out and catches her, holding her close.
"Booth?" she mutters as her eyes flutter closed and...
...she falls limp in his arms.
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