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Chapter 3

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Booth and Brennan are on yet another case that starts out like any other. But when things get tough, will the team at the Jeffersonian be able to pull through or will they need help from an unexpec...

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Buffy breaks the leg off a wooden chair in the dining room and stakes the last of the vampires in the house. When the dust falls she sees Brennan laying in Booths arms.
Booth looks up. "We need to get her to a hospital, now. Can you drive?"
"Yes, get her into the back. Keep your hand on her neck, she is going to be ok."
"She's lost so much blood..."
"I know, but I've seen people come back from this. Trust me, just get her in the back and tell me how to get to the hospital."
At the hospital, Booth and Buffy bust into the emergency room carrying an unconscious Brennan. Seeing the amount of danger she is in, the hospital personnel get Brennan onto a gurney and into a room.
"What happened?" asks the doctor as he walks into the room.
Buffy answers quickly, "An animal must have bit her, we found her unconscious. There much blood."
"You two look like you were in some sort of fight or something, is there something I need to know?"
Booth jumps in answering, "I'm an F.B.I agent. Buffy here was on a case with me. A suspect decided to struggle. Brennan is my Forensic Anthropologist, she was doing some work at the crime scene when she was attacked, that is where we found her."
"Ok. Massive blood loss, she needs a transfusion and to rest. Please wait outside, I will let you know when she is conscious."
"Thank you doctor," says Booth. He walks up to Brennan and kisses her on the forehead. "I love you," he whispers.
Buffy watches the exchange awkwardly and then walks out to the hallway, soon followed by Booth.
"Good cover for our bruises Agent Booth and good fighting."
"It was the truth and I should have been better. I should have protected her."
"He came out of nowhere and you are out of practice."
"Out of practice? More like totally inexperienced."
"No, your body remembers how to fight them. It is part of your nature. You felt it once you saw Dr. Brennan was in danger. If you had your memories back, the impulse would have been much stronger."
"It needed to be stronger...I could have protected her!" Booth shouts.
"You always were a protective one..." Buffy mutters, looking down in thought.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
Buffy raises her eyes to meet his. "Angel were always very protective of the people you cared about. You wanted to be able to keep them safe, always. Even the strongest of us," she says quietly. "You would have died for any of us. You gave a lot up to protect me...and whoever else you could. You can't protect everyone, Angel. You can try, but in the end we all have to fight our own battles."
"I'm not Angel..."
"But you are," says Buffy, reaching out to touch Booth's face. "I can see it right now, in your eyes. When you are fighting for someone you care about...protecting are him."
At this moment, Booth can feel a strong connection to Buffy. He can tell it has existed for a very long time. It's as if he wants to reach out and wrap his arms around her waist and let her calm his worries. Instead he steps back and says, "What are you doing?"
With that statement, the glimpse of Angel that Buffy saw is gone. "I...I'm sorry. I just...I saw and thought'd remember me."
"Like I said, I'm not least, not anymore."
Back at the lab, everyone is going about their own business unaware of the danger Booth, Buffy, and Brennan have faced. Sweets is discussing human psychology to Illyria, attempting to help her understand humans more. In return she is telling him about her people and her past. Dawn and Xander are teaching Arastoo all about vampires and other demons, taking turns telling their favorite memories from Sunnydale. Spike is listening off to the side and chimes in every once in a while to share his thoughts. Hodgins, who was drawn to Connor due to his resemblance to Zack, is learning about the soils in the Hell dimension Connor was raised in. Cam and Giles are working to understand as much as they can about the group the killer belongs to. Willow, Faith, and Angela are trying to locate the vampire that killed Alice.
"Ugh, almost everything about this guy is about his death, not his life! We do need to find out about his life right? To see what kind a person he" asks Angela
"Yeah...Ohhh here look," says Willow pointing at the screen. "This says that Henry Richardson's father was a rich plantation owner. But, when Henry was nine his father passed away. His uncle took over the plantation and kicked Henry, his two younger brothers, and his mother onto the streets. Henry stopped attending school and got work as a stable boy in order to provide for his family. As he got older, he tried to get better paying jobs so that his family could live in the rich style they had before. He was about to purchase a small plantation of his own when the war began, bringing his demise."
"Seems like we are looking for a wanna be rich boy, am I right?" says Faith. "Probably in some fancy hotel?"
"Sounds about right, but I think we should have Sweets make up a profile for him just to be sure," responds Angela.
When Sweets sees Angela and the girls approaching he stops talking to Illyria and walks up to them.
"Sweets, we need a profile of our killer. Here is the information that Willow, Faith, and I found. Can you tell us what type of place he would be living in?"
"Yeah, sure," Sweets says looking down at the information and walking to sit at his desk. "Hmmm, it looks like this guy wants the best for himself. He had everything and then had it all taken away, then he almost had everything again until he was turned. He would probably want to live somewhere with maids and cooks."
"So like a hotel, see I was right!" says Faith.
"Yes, but a very fancy hotel. He would probably want to be in the penthouse or something like that."
"Thanks Sweets. I'll compile a list of the five star hotels in the D.C. area and have Booth check them out. See if anyone has checked in who looks like Henry."
Booth and Buffy are sitting silently in the waiting room when Booth's phone rings.
"Hello Angela," Booth answers. Hearing that Angela has information about the killer, he puts the phone on speaker.
"Ok so we think the killer will be staying in one of the best hotels in the city. I have a list of probable locations. Can you go ask the hotel clerks if Henry has checked in? He probably is under a fake name."
"Sure, the sooner we can get this guy talking the better. Can you bring the list here though? We can swap places."
"Uhh...Booth? Where would that be? I thought you were talking to Mr. Morris."
"I'm sorry I...I can't believe I didn't tell you..."
"Tell me what?"
"Brennan...Brennan was attacked. We are in the hospital waiting for her transfusion to be done. We went to talk to Mr. Morris but his house had been broken into and he was missing. Some uh...guys attacked and Brennan was injured."
"Oh my gosh, are you ok?"
"Yeah, I'm ok. Just worried about Brennan."
"I told you, she is going to be ok," interjects Buffy in a comforting voice. She reaches out to put her hand on his shoulder, but then decides otherwise.
"Yeah. Booth, Brennan is tough. She'll pull through," agrees Angela. "Would you rather stay there until Brennan wakes up?"
"No, we have to catch this guy. Brennan would want me to keep looking. But can you come here so that if she wakes up, she isn't alone?"
"Of course I will, be there soon."
When Angela arrives, Spike is there too. She gives Booth a big hug. "The rest of the lab send their thoughts and prayers."
"Thank you."
"Spike here insisted on coming too."
"If the vamps were at Mr. Morris' then they are bound to be where our boy Henry is. I'm not letting you go there with only this bloak," Spike explains, gesturing to Booth.
Booth nods and looks to Angela. "Here is the list of hotels. You three will be able to handle him?" she asks.
"Yeah, we'll get him. Call me if she..."
"I will."
Buffy, Spike, and Booth walk out to the car. Spike gets throws a bag of weapons he had hid inside his coat into the back seat and climbs in. "Where we off to Booth?" he asks.
Booth looks at the list Angela gave him as he climbs into the driver's seat. "Well Angela said he'd be in one of the best, so why not check the best first. According to the list, the top rated hotel is...The Jefferson."
"The Jefferson it is then," says Buffy.
When the three arrive, they are shocked by the beauty of the front of the hotel. There is a beautifully detailed overhang jutting out above the door and the walls are made of smooth cream marble.
"Spike, wait here and get weapons ready. Take Buffy's cell. We'll call you if this is the place," says Booth.
"No. It's dark out, I'm coming with you."
"Guys, Henry probably isn't even here now. Like Spike said, it's dark out. He's probably out feeding."
"You said that all these vampires and monsters were supposed to be laying low before their big attack," says Booth.
"Yeah and he probably knows we are coming. He'll want to take us out himself seeing we are looking for him. He's gonna make this a personal matter," adds Spike. "Which means, he is probably waiting for us. I'm going with you."
"Ok, but let us go talk to the clerk," says Booth.
The inside is just as beautiful as the outside. Black and white checkered marble floors and sleek black walls. Elaborate paintings hung for decoration and huge tapestries for the windows. It is breathtaking.
Spike steps to the side as Booth and Buffy approach the front desk. The clerk looks up and raises his eyebrow when he sees the way the two of them are dressed. They do not look like the type of people who could afford a hotel this magnificent. Booth holds out his F.B.I badge and the clerk's eyes widen.
" can I help you sir?"
"I need you to tell me if a man who looks like this has recently checked into this hotel," says Booth as he places the picture of Henry on the desk.
"Sir, I'm sorry but our guest list is confidential."
"We are conducting a murder investigation, this man is a suspect. Tell us if he has checked in here!"
"Yes...yes he has."
"What room?" says Booth through gritted teeth.
"He...he's in the Thomas Jefferson bell hop can take you there"
"Thank you."
Spike follows as the bell hop leads them to the suit and leaves them at the door. Booth is standing in-between Buffy and Spike. He looks to each of them. "You ready?"
"Always am," answers Buffy.
"Course I am!" adds Spike.
Booth nods and Spike distributes the weapons in his bag.
"None of these will kill him, just knock him out."
They do not want to give Henry a chance to run so Buffy and Spike stand ready as Booth puts his back against the door. He kicks back hard, busting the door in and turns around quickly pointing a bow and arrow into the room. Nobody is in the main living space, so Booth continues to walk forwards while Buffy and Spike fan out to either side. They search the suit and find no one.
Suddenly, the wind blows a curtain into the room. Booth approaches the billowing cloth and sees a figure standing out on the balcony whose doors were previously blocked by the curtain. He motions for Spike and Buffy to follow and begins to move towards the doors. As they approach, the figure turns around and smiles. Booth sees it is Henry and points his bow.
"You think you can catch me?" asks Henry. Booth shoots, but Henry catches the bow. "There has only been one thing in this god forsaken world that could catch me and it is my understanding that he no longer exists."
Buffy and Spike jump onto the balcony from two open windows and attack from opposite sides. Henry easily fights them both off, knocking Spike out with one swift punch and grasping Buffy by the throat. He lifts her up into the air and holds her over the edge of the balcony. "Let her go," growls Booth.
"Oh, so she still means something to you Angelus....even as this poor weak human...would you still give your life for hers?"
"I am NOT Angelus, but I would trade my life for hers in a second."
"Ahhhh, so you don't remember...or you don't accept it. Interesting."
"I accept it, but remember nothing. Bring Buffy back onto the balcony and put her down."
"Or what, you'll shoot me? Then she will fall to her death."
Buffy laughs and speaks through strained vocal chords, "Wouldn't be the first time...maybe I'd stay dead this time!"
During this encounter, Spike has been regaining consciousness. Buffy notices this and musters up the strength to swing her leg up and kick Henry in the side of the head. He flinches in pain and lets go of Buffy. She begins to fall. Booth jumps to try and catch her, but Spike is up, grabs her hand, and pulls her back up. When they turn around, Henry is gone.
"You alright, love?" asks Spike.
"I've been worse...much worse. So yeah, I'm alright. That was our only lead though."
"Hey we'll find him Slayer. Might take some patrolling or some asking around, but we always find em."
"Yeah, we need to find a demon bar here in D.C. Somebody there would know where to find him."
Booth's phone rings. "Hello, Angela. Is she awake?...Yeah? Good, I'll be right there." To Buffy and Spike he says, "I have to go be with Brennan. Take Sweets if you want, he's good at telling if people are lying or holding back information. Let me know if you locate him, I can help bring him in."
"No offence, but I think you kind of hold us back. I mean, without your memories you're not as quick on your feet as you were..." says Spike.
Buffy looks shocked. Spike didn't want Booth to have back his Angel memories and wasn't a huge fan of Angel before the change. "Spike has a point, if you had them back we'd be much better off. But, until then I think we should just take Faith."
"Hey, I'm quick on my feet!" protests Booth. Spike raises an eyebrow and Buffy leans back folding her arms. Scowling, Booth says, "Fine, bring whoever you want. Just bring him in."
Booth returns to the hospital as fast as possible, bringing Buffy and Spike with him so they can use Angela's car. Brennan is holding Angela's hand, siting up in her hospital bed hooked up to all the monitors and an IV. Her face is ghostly white and she looks exhausted. When Booth walks in her eyes light up and she manages a weak smile.
"Hey there Bones, how ya feeling?"
"Probably as bad as I look."
"You look beautiful, like always," Booth says kissing her gently on the forehead and then the lips.
"Don't lie to me just to make me feel better Booth," says Brennan glaring slightly but unable to conceal her amusement.
Angela stands up. "I'll leave you two alone for a bit. Let me know if you need anything."
"Thank you, Angela," says Brennan. Once she leaves the room Brennan turns back to Booth. "Did you catch him? The killer?"
"Wow, right to the point," Booth says laughing. "No, we didn't. We found him and he attacked. He's strong...and fast. Claims that we will never be able to catch him."
"Do you believe that?"
"You know, to be honest, I don't know."
"We always catch them in the end Booth, even the ones that are best at escaping."
"Yeah, but things are different this time."
"You mean supernatural?"
"Yeah, I know you don't agree with it. But after what happened to you and what happened with Henry, I really do believe it."
"I...I do agree with it." Booth looks at Brennan surprised. "It would be illogical for me not to. I have been shown several non-human beings today and I have been attacked by a group of vampires. The evidence is there, I was just too stubborn to believe it."
"That...that is great that you are accepting this Bones."
"That doesn't mean I believe in God or ghosts or anything. Just the things that we have seen, or will see."
"Will see?"
"You remember what Buffy said, there is some sort of apocalypse coming. From what I gathered, she was implying that we need to fight it. I'm anticipating seeing more creatures I am not familiar with."
"But we were only going to fight if I...does that mean that you are alright with me..."
"Getting back your memory? If it is important to keeping people safe, then yes I am ok with it. Are you? Do you still want to?"
"I don't know. I don't want to become a different man, but if I don't get the memories this could be the end of the world."
"Booth, you would always do anything to save people regardless of how it changed you. You are a good man. I don't think Buffy would want you to have your memories back if she thought it would change that. After all, she is expecting you to help save the world."
"She also said that I...well Angel me...always was trying to protect people and that my memories were made so that my personality would be similar to Angel's. So, I wouldn't change too much...right?"
"You already know what you are going to do, so stop questioning it. Just follow your heart."
"You're saying a lot of surprising things today, you sure you're alright? It isn't the meds talking?"
Laughing Brennan responds, "No, it isn't the meds Booth. It's just, you taught me that sometimes you have to follow your heart. This is one of those times. It seems that the fate of...well everything...depends on you."
Booth leans over and kisses Brennan. "Rest now, I'm going to go call Buffy."
"Alright, come back after you have gotten your memories."
"Of course," Booth says, about to walk out of the room.
"And Booth?" He pauses. "I love you and we will get through this together. No matter what happens."
"I love you too Bones," Booth says smiling and he walks out the door.
Out in the hall Angela is waiting. "How is she?"
"She's doing alright. She is going to rest now. Did she say anything to you about the vampires and what she thinks?"
"No, not at all. Why?"
"Well apparently the attack on top of everything else that has gone on today has made her believe."
"That's...that's great! Surprising, but great."
"She said I can get the Angel memories back. I'm going to call Buffy and have her meet us here. You can have your car back and take Spike and whoever else they had with them back to the lab. Buffy and I will probably go to my office...or maybe the house so nobody sees anything they shouldn't."
"Ok, yeah. I'm going to go get some food. Let me know when they are here."
Angela walks away and Booth pulls out his phone to call Buffy. She picks up on the first ring.
"Buffy? Hi...Yes everything is ok, she is fine. In fact, she believes well...everything that she has seen today. She agreed to returning my memories...Come meet Angela and I at the hospital. We can swap cars. She can take Spike and whoever back to the lab."
Booth hangs up and waits. It only takes Buffy about 15 minutes to arrive with Spike and Sweets.
"So Dr. Brennan came around?" asked Sweets.
"She sure did."
Pulling Booth to the side Sweets says, "I'm not sure on this whole 'getting back your memories' thing. It could take a major toll on you psychologically."
"It has to be done Sweets. I'll be ok."
Sweets nods, realizing Booth will not change his mind.
Angela walks down the hallway and says, "Hey, looks like I have perfect timing." She takes her keys from Buffy and says, "I know Brennan isn't in the best fighting shape but take good care of him or you'll have his wife's best friend to deal with."
"I will, I promise," Buffy says calmly.
"Good. Let's go boys, don't want to hold these two up." She walks out the door followed by Spike and Sweets.
Buffy glances at Booth and sees his expression has gone from confidence to worry. Looking into his eyes she says, "Hey, it will be ok. I'll be right there with you, can answer any questions you'll have. I'll make sure everything goes right."
Booth maintains eye contact for a second as if contemplating whether or not to trust her. Feeling that oddly familiar connect he says, "Alright, let's go then."
At the lab, everyone is in the seating area in the balcony drinking coffee and talking. Angela realizes it about 11 pm. Most of them have been up since 2 am, each catching a 2 hour nap at least. Looking around, really looking at everyone, she sees how absolutely exhausted everyone feels. Sweets and Spike plop down next to Illyria and Faith. They look as if they couldn't get up again if they tried. Angela can't help but wonder how drained Booth must feel with all the information, the fight, and Brennan.
Hodgins stands and walks over to Angela, interrupting her thoughts. "Come sit down Angie, you look exhausted."
"Normally I'd make you resent saying that, but I know it's true. We all do."
Cam joins in the conversation, "It's been a long day. How's Brennan...and where is Buffy and Booth?"
"Brennan is doing well, she stabilized and regained consciousness. Visiting hours were over shortly after Booth talked to her so we are letting her rest until tomorrow. She actually has accepted what supernatural things she has seen so far. Booth is with Buffy. He is going to have his memories returned so that we can catch this killer."
"Really? Brennan accepts the supernatural? That's that hardest thing to believe I've heard all day."
"It's true," says Sweets. "I guess she realized it would be illogical not to. There was too much evidence."
"We can't do anything else until Buffy comes back. I suggest we all get some sleep," says a disheveled Giles.
"I second that statement," Xander says as he raises his had wirily.
"But, we don't really have anywhere to go Xander. We just have the cars," Willow points out.
"Well you guys could probably split up and stay with each of us. Right guys?" asks Angela.
The Jeffersonian team nod in agreement.
"I will stay with Dr. Sweets," says Illyria without hesitation.
"Ohhh Angela can Faith, Dawn, and I come with you?" asks Willow.
"Yeah, it'll be like a slumber party!"
"Mind if I join? I'll stay with Dr. Hodgins or somewhere where you girls won't be. Let ya have your 'girl time'," says Xander.
"Yeah. You can stay with me. Connor can too if he wants. Who says guys can't have sleepovers," says Hodgins, laughing.
"Um, if you'd like I could give you the keys to my apartment. I will stay with Cam and you two can stay there," says Arastoo to Giles and Spike. "It's a two bedroom apartment, you won't have to share."
"Bloody hell we won't, I'd sleep on the ceiling before I slept in the same bed as him," Spike says while pointing at Giles.
"Right then, well it's settled. We all have a place to stay. Somebody please let Buffy know where we have gone in case she needs us," says Giles.
"I'll call her," says Willow.
Buffy and Booth are about to walk into the house when Buffy's phone rings. Willow lets her know where they are all going to be and tells her to call if she needs help with anything. Buffy thanks Willow and tells her to go get some rest. After she hangs up Booth opens up the door and they both enter the house.
"Where do you think we should do it?" asks Booth, shifting uncomfortably.
"I think somewhere where you can be sitting or lying down. You have 277 years of memories to regain. 26 of which are memories from your previous human life..."
"So I'd suggest maybe the bedroom or...."
"Living room, living room is fine. I can lay down on the couch."
"Ok, that works then. Make yourself comfortable. I don't know how this is going to feel or how fast it is going to happen. You may get chunks of memories at a time or you might get it all at once. Either way, we have to go with it. Once we start, it can't stop. Remember, I'm here to answer any questions."
"Alright, I'm ready," Booth says as he lays down.
Buffy pulls a shiny, luminescent red box from her bag. She holds it out over the wood floor on the edge of the carpet. "I'm going to break it now, tell me what you see," she says.
A sudden moment of fear rushes through the both of them as the box slips from her hand. It seems as if it falls in slow motion. Finally it hits the floor, shattering and then vanishing. A vibrant, glowing, red ring pulses out from the place the box broke and expands across the house.
Booth gasps as it passes over him and his eyes squeeze closed. "I...I see a little boy...but I'm in Ireland in the 1700s...I don't know how I know where I am or when...I just do...things are coming in as flashes of random memories from my childhood..."
"Let me know when you are getting into your twenties."
"I...I'm definitely father...he hates me...oh god I'm a drunk...a drunk who treat women like they are toys...I'm just like my father...well my fake father I guess..." Booth trails off, like something important is happening. "My father and I...we fought and...and now I am going out..."
"This part is going to be important..."
Booth goes silent, paying attention to what he is seeing. His eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. But then, he flinches and starts to make a sound close to a whimper. "The...the lady...the blond lady...Darla...gahhh....she bit me and it hurts so much make it...make it stop please just...just make it stop...."
Buffy moves closer to Booth and sits down next to the couch. She places a hand on his chest and says, "You know I can't do that. It's will be ok."
"Things....things are moving faster now," Booth stutters. "Oh....oh god my father and my, many much blood....wait, wait...what are soul...they are giving me my...AHHHHHHH..."
"It's ok, it's ok. You won't kill...much...anymore."
"I feel so bad...for everything I did. Everything...I can't take it back. I'm terrible...I'm a terrible, terrible creature. I hate who I was and who I am...I'm just wandering...but someone is convincing me to do fight, to fight the good fight...I see you! You are so young...16 I think. You found out you're the slayer....I watched you a lot...oh and started helping you...but then we....we were involved....and then I killed!! And...and Hell?!"
Buffy cringes remembering when Angelus returned and Buffy sent him to hell right after Willow restored his soul.
Booth continues talking, "But I came back and we were ok...after some time...but then I left and fought with some friends in L.A...we did a lot. I...oh my gosh I was human again but went back..."
"Wait what? You were human?"
"Yes, demon blood with regenerative properties...I was alive. You were there. We had a great day but I couldn't stay. You weren't safe....I couldn't protect you..."
"Always were the protector..."
"More fighting...I...I had a son...Connor is my son?!...but he was much fighting and danger and didn't took each one of us...we lost almost everyone...oh my final battle...I almost died...Lorne surprised everyone by bringing a team to help fight and Connor...he came back too. But it wasn't us who stopped it. A force bigger than any of us...brilliant and came and it ended it took away the darkness, the evil...left only the good."
Booth goes silent. He is breathing heavily from how fast he was talking and how scared he was. After a few moments, his body relaxes and his breathing slows. He opens his eyes to see Buffy sitting there looking at him with a pained expression on her face. A mix of concern and apology.
"What is it, what's wrong?" asks Booth. He feels more connected to her after the experience of his memories. They were in love. She was the only woman Liam, Angelus, and Angel ever truly loved. And they went through so much together.
"Nothing is wrong. I'm just...I'm sorry you had to go through that. Are...are you ok?"
"I can't believe I did all those many many more people than I thought...wait. The war, the war I was a sniper in...did that never happen?"
"You didn't fight in it, no. Actually, you replaced a man who had been killed in that war. You were given his memories and his life."
"So all this time, I never really was a sniper. I didn't kill for my country...I killed for...for sport. I lived as a more evil being than my worst enemies."
"But you changed..."
"Because of a curse..."
"No, because when you have control and understanding. You are a good person. Booth, when you turn, your soul is gone..."
"I know, I felt it leaving," Booth says bitterly.
"But that means that you have no sense of remorse. No care for others at all."
"So you're saying it wasn't my fault?"
"No, it wasn't. You were following your nature."
"Yeah, but it was my fault that that was my nature. If I hadn't have been such a drunk! And lustful..."
"Booth, listen to me. That was the past. You can't change it. All of it is over and that isn't who you are now."
"I just...I need some time to let it all...sink in."
"I understand. You should rest, it's been a long day. I'll go see if I can join Angela's slumber party."
Booth looks at Buffy for a second contemplating what to do. Finally he says, "Why don't you stay. You can have Parkers room. It's late and there...there is a lot out there."
"Does it scare you?"
"Knowing everything that could be just around the corner? Yeah. It does."
"I'm sorry."
"Nothing you can do about it. Here, I'll show you where the bedroom and the bathroom are. Before you go to sleep, do you want anything to eat or drink or anything?"
"Do you cook?"
"Yeah, I do...I guess Angel didn't so that has to be weird for you."
"Very...what can you make?"
"Hmmm...but that would take time. Do you have any ice cream?"
"Cookie dough? Yeah."
"How did you...oh. Memories, have to remember that you remember."
"When I was human, we ate cookie dough ice cream in bed. You were so happy that I had it."
"Why don't I remember any of this?"
"When I asked to be turned back into a vampire they took your memories so that they could never be returned. Maybe they are locked up in a little box somewhere too."
"Maybe...anyway...cookie dough sounds great."
The two of them walk to the kitchen and Booth pulls out a tub of ice cream. He gets out two spoons and hands one to Buffy. Taking the lid off the tub, he hold out the container for Buffy to take a spoonful.
"No bowls?"
"This works just as good."
Shrugging, Buffy takes some ice cream. Booth takes a spoonful too. Together they stand there in the soft light of the lamp over the sink. Booth is amazed at how comfortable he feels with this woman who not very long ago, he didn't know or trust. Now, he feels like he could put his life in her hands and know that it would be safe.
Buffy notices that Booth is thinking. "What's going on in that head of yours?" she asks, yawning.
Booth half smiles and Buffy's yawn, realizing this was once a familiar situation: he and Buffy up talking late at night. "Nothing that can't wait until tomorrow. Tired?"
"Here, follow me," Booth says reaching out and grabbing Buffy's hand. It's a simple gesture that he didn't even think about until their fingers touched. Grasping her hand, Booth leads Buffy to Parker's bedroom. "Sorry about the boyishness of it."
"I'm too tired to care and I've slept in worse places," Buffy says releasing Booth's hand and climbing into bed.
"Alright, the bathroom is across the hall if you need it and I'll be right upstairs. Goodnight Buffy."
"Goodnight Angel," Buffy says in her exhaustion.
Booth closes the door gently and rests his forehead against it once it is closed. How could holding her hand feel so natural? He isn't Angel anymore, why is the connection still there?
Booth knows the answer, because as much as he doesn't want to admit it, Angel is part of him now. Angel and Buffy were soul mates. They were connected in a way that goes much deeper than a typical relationship. They needed each other before, even after Angel left for L.A. And it's possible
they still need each other now.

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