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Chapter 4

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Booth and Brennan are on yet another case that starts out like any other. But when things get tough, will the team at the Jeffersonian be able to pull through or will they need help from an unexpec...

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A knock at the bedroom door wakes Booth up with a start. He had been dreaming of his other life, important moments flashing through his mind. He had forgotten it wasn't just a dream this time, had forgotten the trying day he had had before. Looking around, Booth searches for Brennen who is nowhere to be found. The knock at the door is repeated, more urgently now, and the previous day comes rushing back.
"One second!" Booth shouts to Buffy who is undoubtedly the person knocking. Booth pulls on a pair of plaid sleep pants laying near the side of the bed and grabs a shirt. Glancing at the clock, he sees that it is 4 am. He couldn't recall what time he had gone to sleep, but it had to have been well past midnight. They hadn't been asleep long, something must be wrong. Booth throws open the door before putting in his shirt to see a disheveled Buffy staring at her feet.
"I'm sorry to wake you but...oh," she says looking up and seeing Booth's shirtless chest.
Booth quickly moves to put on his shirt. "What's wrong?" he asks sheepishly.
"The hospital called...they said that Dr. Brennan dreamt that there was a monster in her room. She asked for you to come be with her," Buffy says, pausing. "I...I don't think it was a dream Booth, he was probably there...might still be."
Booth's mind flashes to Brennan alone in the hospital room. He shouldn't have left her, especially with everything going on. "I have to make sure she is daughter, Christine, she is with my Father in Law. My grandfather dropped her off around dinner time so they could both get to see her. Do you think they could find her?"
"If he knows she exists, he could...I can send Spike over to watch the house if you'd like."
"Yes please, I need to know she is should go join the rest of the girls at Angela's, maybe have the others join you as well."
"Of course. I'll call everyone on the way," Buffy says about to go get her jacket and bag. But, she hesitates for a moment and looks at Booth, assessing his face and eyes. He looks different then he did the day before. There is a whole new layer of pain behind those eyes, from everything he has done and everything that has happened. She can see the inner struggle, the self-loathing that comes with his new memories. She reaches out to touch his shoulder but drops her hand before she reaches it. "Are you ok?" Buffy asks softly.
"Yeah...I'm fine," Booth answers. "Let's go."
After dropping Buffy off at Angela's, Booth continues to the hospital. All of the lights are on in Brennan's room and she is sitting up in her bed.
"I was too scared to go back to sleep," says Brennan when Booth walks in. She sounds so young, like a child afraid of the monsters under the bed. But tonight, the monsters just became real again.
"It's ok, I'm here now. You can sleep," Booth says leaning over to kiss his wife on the forehead.
"Did Buffy...?"
"Yeah, I remember it...all of it."
Brennan studies Booth carefully. "You look different...are you alright? What were they like?" she asks. Concern written on her face.
"Shhh, I'll tell you in the morning. Go to sleep, you need it to heal."
"Come lay with me," Brennan says yawning.
Booth kicks off his shoes and climbs into the hospital bed, next to Brennan. He wraps his arm protectively around her shoulder and pulls her into him. She rests her head against his chest and quickly drifts off to sleep. Booth leans his head against Brennan's and takes a deep breath. With Bones safe in his arms, he relaxes and falls into slumber.
Spike follows Buffy's directions to Brennan's father, Max Keenan's, house and arrives as soon as he can. He rings the doorbell and pauses for a second before knocking insistently on the door. A moment later the door swings open, but nobody is there.
"Hello? Hey, I can't come in unless you invite me you know!" Spike shouts.
From against the wall next to the door, Max jumps with a gun in his hand. He aims the barrel directly at Spike's head.
"Are you Spike?" he asks.
"No, I'm you're bloody girlfriend. Of course I'm Spike! Now invite me in."
"How do I know you aren't that other guy?"
"Because that other guy isn't British and wouldn't be ringing you doorbell..."
"Alright, fine. You can come in. But, one wrong move and I'll blow your head off."
"I'm a vampire, not a zombie! Bullet in my brain can't stop me."
A young blond girl peeks her head around the corner at the top of the stairs.
"What's going on Grandpa?" she asks.
"Hey sweetie! This is just a friend of your mommy and daddy's. He's going to stay with us tonight. Do you want to come meet him?"
"Yeah!" the girl shouts with glee as she hops down the stairs. She loves to meet new people.
"Christine, this is Spike."
Spike's whole body language changes from intimidating to relaxed. "Ello there love. How are you?"
"You talk different!"
"Why yes I do, that's because I'm from a faraway place."
"Can I go there some day? Does everyone talk that way?"
"Maybe someday you'll go and almost everyone," Spike says laughing.
"Alright now Christine, go back to bed and let the grownups talk ok?" says Max.
"Ok Grandpa. I love you! Goodnight and goodnight to you too Spike!"
"Goodnight," Spike and Max both responded.
"She's a cutie isn't she?" asked Max after Christine was upstairs.
"That she is. Now, back to business. Here is a crossbow, do you know how to use it?" says Spike, pulling the weapon out from a bag on his shoulder.
"Of course I do!"
"Good. When you shoot, aim for the heart. Not, the head. If you hit them right, they'll turn into dust."
"Got it."
"Is Christine's window locked?"
"Does she know not to answer people knocking on her window?"
"I think she'd be scared if there was someone there. She'd come and get us."
"We should be fine then. Hopefully they don't find us."
"Guess we just have to wait it out."
In the meantime, Buffy arrives at Angela's and Willow immediately pulls her aside.
"How is he?" she asks.
"He's alright. The memories changed him though, I think. He looked hurt. That pain wasn't there before."
"Well Buffy, you showed the guy that he was a soulless killer who showed no mercy for the majority of his life. He just relived every kill. And don't forget when he went to hell. Those memories are there too. Of course he is going to be different! It's remarkable that he is seemingly handling it ok."
"I know, it's awful. He wasn't supposed to ever suffer like that's my fault."
"You had to, it's the only way this can be stopped. Besides, you said he's alright...right?"
"Yeah, but everything is still processing and if he's anything like Angel, alright isn't far from very, very bad."
"Don't worry. He's got all of us to help him through. He'll be ok."
"I hope so..." says Buffy.
Faith walks in, interrupting their conversation. "So, what's the plan B?"
"For now we just have to hang tight. Spike is with Dr. Brennan's father and daughter. I think the others should meet us here so we aren't split up. Booth is with Dr. Brennan at the hospital, so she should be safe."
"Do you think we should start really teaching these guys how to fight?"
"In the morning, they all need to get some sleep. We can take shifts to make sure we aren't caught off guard."
"Sounds good to me. When are the others getting here?"
"Should be soon," says Willow. "I called them when Buffy told me what happened at the hospital."
At that moment, there is a knock at the door and everyone freezes. Xander and Hodgins come walking down the hallway carrying stakes. Xander walks up to the door and looks through the peephole. His body relaxes and he opens the door to let Giles in.
"He-hello everyone. I just dropped Spike off with Max and Christine...they should be safe now..."
Angela walks in carrying her son, Michael Vincent. She is followed by Dawn.
"Do you think Michael Vincent should stay here with us or be with Spike at Max's house?" Angela asks.
"He might be better off with Spike but I'm worried about drawing attention to Max's. If people keep going there, it will be obvious that something is going on," answers Giles.
"What if a car they won't recognize takes him?"
"Then that car will become recognizable and that person will be in danger," says Buffy.
"Buffy, this is my child we are talking about...we have to do what we can."
"What about one of the other interns? They could come here, pick up Michael Vincent and take him to their place. As long as they don't go to Max's, it will only seem like they are babysitting. Right?" asks Hodgins, concerned for the safety of his child.
"You don't get it, these people don't care if others don't realize they are involved. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want. It won't matter that the intern is "just babysitting", the fact that that child could be used as a hostage or something of the sort is enough to put your child and whoever takes him in danger," warns Faith.
"Guys, I can put a spell around his room. If we lock his doors and windows and make sure he knows not to let strangers in, he should be safe here...for now at least. In fact, I could put a spell around the whole house if you wanted." offers Willow.
"We don't know who else besides vampires Henry has on his side. A spell around the house might be noticed," warns Giles.
"Around Michael Vincent's room is fine," says Angela. "At least he'll be more protected."
"I'll go work on that," says Willow just before walking out of the room.
The sound of talking on the front porch makes everyone freeze. Angela slowly sneaks back down the hall to Michael Vincent's room while the others get ready to open the door. The doorbell rings and Hodgins checks the peephole.
"It's Cam and Arastoo. Looks like Sweets and Illyria are right behind them," he says as he opens the door.
"Hello Hod...oh, hello everyone," says Cam. "We got here as fast as we could. What exactly is going on though?"
"Didn't Willow tell you?" asked Giles.
"No, Willow just told us to get here as soon as possible," answered Arastoo.
Sweets walks in with Illyria saying, "Yeah, she told us the same."
"She only told you and Spike what was going on. She figured we'd inform everyone else once they got here," explains Faith.
"Well, let's go sit down in the living room and talk then," says Buffy.
Willow and Angela rejoin the rest of the group as they gather around Buffy. Cam and Arastoo are grasping each other's hand and Hodgins has a hand placed protectively on Angela's back. Once everyone is settled in, Buffy begins to speak.
"As you know, Doctor Brennan is in the hospital recovering from a vampire attack. Booth and she agreed to have Booth's memories unlocked so that we could have the greatest chance of stopping Henry as soon as possible. We thought Brennan would be safe at the hospital, so we left to take care of the memories. About an hour ago, there was a phone call from the hospital telling us that Doctor Brennan had 'dreamt' about monsters in her room. But, we all know that wasn't a dream. Booth is with Brennan now so she should be safe. Spike is with Max and Christine, he will take care of them. I wanted the rest of you to join us here so that we could have the largest force if we are attacked. Brennan was a warning, there will be hell to follow and we have to be ready. The sun is going to be rising soon so we should be safe for now. I want everyone to get some rest. Faith, you and I are going to stand guard for now. We're both used to not sleeping much from patrol back in Sunnydale. Tomorrow, we start to train."
"Wait, so if the sun is up, we won't be attacked?" asks Hodgins. "Aren't there any monsters that can go out in the day time?"
"Of course there are, but their leader is a vamp. Chances are they aren't going to go out if their leader has to stay in," answers Faith. "And if they do, we have enough people here who know what they're doing to stand our ground."
"Alright, well that settles it," Angela says. "There's some extra pillows and blankets in the closet, I'll go get them. Hodgins, can you set up the air mattress and futon?"
"Will do Angie," Hodgins replies.
With that, every one settled down for sleep while Buffy and Faith sat armed watching for any potential danger.
The next morning, Booth wakes up to a doctor loudly asking him what he is doing in the patient's bed. Booth jumps up startled and begins to explain that he was allowed to stay the night due to Brennan's dreams. Satisfied with the response, the doctor informs Booth that Brennan will be perfectly alright. She is just required to stay in the hospital for some tests throughout the day and then she will be released. But, she must rest as much as possible in order to get her strength back.
Brennan wakes up shortly after the doctor leaves the room. Seeing Booth still there, she smiles.
"Morning Booth."
"Hey, morning Bones! How ya feeling?"
"Great, what about you? How are you doing with know...?"
Booth had been so caught up in making sure Brennan was ok that he had almost forgotten about his restored memories.
"I'm...alright. I have to let everything sink in more...there was a lot to take in. There are a lot of things that I did in my previous lives that I am not proud of. But, I also did a lot to try and make up for all my wrong doings. I want to continue that now, with my memories back. I want to make things right."
"Sounds exactly like you Booth. And you know what? I'd like to help you with that."
Booth smiles, remembering the day way back when he and Brennan were just starting to work together. She said the very same thing when he explained wanting to catch killers to make up for those he killed as a sniper.
"Thank you Bones. But, for now you have to rest. There will be plenty of time for helping once you're all better. Ok?"
Booth's phone rings. It's Buffy.
"Hello Booth, how's Brennan?" she asks.
"She's doing well. They have to do some tests on her but she should be good to go later on."
"Good. Do you think you'd be able to go out hunting with Spike and I? It might be easier to find him in daylight. We'll have an advantage."
"Sure, where is my daughter going to be though? I don't want to leave her without proper protection."
"We could have Max and Spike bring her to Angela's. Everyone ended up here last night and they are going to start training today. Max might want to join in. Willow put up a protection spell around Michael Vincent's room so Christine can stay in there. They'll be safe."
"Alright, let me talk to Brennan and then I'll be there."
Booth hangs up the phone and turns to Brennan.
"Go," she says before Booth says anything. "We need to catch this thing. We need to stop it."
Booth arrives at Angela's and Buffy is waiting for him outside. She approaches the car as Booth steps out.
"How are you?" Buffy asks.
"I'm fine, you?"
"I'm fine. How are you doing with the memories?"
"I'm trying to not let them get to me right now. I need to stay focused on the case. I can deal with them later."
"Booth, if you hold them in for too long they will destroy you. Don't let it get to that."
"I'll be fine Buffy, I'm more concerned with getting everyone else safe."
"You always are. But, I'm concerned about keeping you safe."
"I can look out for myself. Go get Spike, we need to get going."
Buffy looks down at her feet, then back up at Booth. Nodding, she starts to walk away to get Spike.
"Buffy, Buffy wait," Booth says and Buffy pauses. "I'm sorry, you're right. The memories are a lot to deal with and I can't just hold them in. But, I have to keep my family safe. I can't let my own struggles affect that right now. That being said, if there is something really troubling, I will do something about it. I'll probably talk to you seeing you knew me then. Is that ok?"
"Yeah, that's ok. I'll go get Spike."
When Spike comes out, he can feel the tension in the air.
"Well, what's been going on between you two love birds?" he asks.
"Nothing Spike, get in the car." Booth spits.
"Oh ho ho, someone's got his bite back. Remember how much you dislike me then? Ya know, you were supposed to be over that. We fought together and I saved your girl. Are you sure he got it all back?"
"Get in the car Spike," Buffy spits as she climbs into the passenger seat.
"Where are we off to?" Booth asks.
"Well, good old Henry has probably moved on to a new location seeing we found his old one. My guess is another hotel."
Booth pulls out his list from his pocket.
"Let's try the Hay-Adams then. It was next on our list."
Willow, Faith, Giles and Connor are standing in front of the Jeffersonian team while Xander, Dawn, and Illyria walk between the rows. Willow explains that everyone will be trained in several different fields. Giles will teach about weaknesses of specific creatures, Faith and Connor will teach combat, and Willow will try to teach magics. The others will be walking around to answer any questions anyone might have. The day proceeds with the people of the Jeffersonian quickly becoming well versed in the ways of fighting the creatures they didn't believe existed just a day ago.
Meanwhile, in the car, Booth is trying to understand how they are going to end this governmental apocalypse.
"You said that there were teams like this vamp's all over the world targeting the main governments. How are we going to stop all of them?" Booth asks.
"We have teams like this one getting ready to move in when I give the go ahead. When I unlocked the slayers of the world that meant that anytime a potential comes of age, they are gifted with the powers of the slayer and begin training. We have many slayers equally as strong as me and they each have their own group of scoobies to help them out," Buffy answers.
"So by catching this guy we can cause them to attack first? Will the other groups around the world attack first too?"
"You don't get it do ya, Booth?" asks Spike. "The guy we are looking for is the head big bad of this operation. If we've got him, we've got everyone. When he tells his team to attack, they will all attack."
"And that will save us from having to search for the rest of the team. We just need to find him," concludes Booth.
"Exactly," says Buffy. "Oh look, we're here!"
"Let's go. I'll go ask the desk if Henry is checked in here. You check out the lobby, see if you see anything relevant to our search," Booth says as he parks.
They approach the hotel but act as if they are separate individuals and not part of a group. Booth approaches the desk.
"Excuse me sir, can I talk to you for a moment?" he asks as he hold up his badge. "I just have a few questions about a potential guest here."
"Oh...uhh...uh...of course. What can I help you with?"
"Has this man checked into this hotel within the past couple of days?" Booth asks offering a picture of Henry for reference.
"I'm...I'm not sure. He....he looks kinda familiar..."
"Look, if he threatened you or anything, don't worry we'll keep you safe. We're here to stop him. But this is a murder investigation. If you do not tell me the truth, you can be arrested for impeding the investigation."
The desk clerks nervous disposition melts into a maniacal grin revealing a set of razor sharp teeth. His eyes flash yellow as he begins to speak.
"He doesn't have to threaten me because I am loyal to him...he made the mistake of letting the desk staff live at his last hotel, but he learned. You are no match for me."
"Haha, that's what you think," Booth says coolly just before backing up and shouting for Buffy and Spike.
They were at his side in a second, ready to take on the demon standing before them when a line of other hotel staff lined up behind the desk clerk.
"Henry decided that he needed better security," the demon sneered.
Booth looks at the people lined up before him, the only one whose eyes had changed was the clerk. The rest were standing there almost mindlessly. Guessing that this was the effects of some sort of mind control, Booth takes action. He runs to the end of the line and grabs the last person as he goes. Looking back to see what was happening, he sees the whole line turn with one fluid motion to face him and start marching forward.
"Some security," Buffy laughs.
"Right? I think this guy underestimates what he is facing," Spike agrees as the run through the line and to Booth.
The three of them, along with the staff member Booth had grabbed, ran into the elevator and closed the doors. The staff member fell limp for a second before waking up.
"Where...where am I."
"You're in the elevator at the hotel, there has been an...incident," answers Buffy.
"I need you to tell me if you've seen this man. Is he here? Where can we find him?" asks Booth as he shows the woman the picture.
"Yes, yes, he's on the top floor. There are only two rooms. I think he is in the one on the right."
"Thank you," Booth says.
He had assumed top floor, so they were already on their way. When the elevator dinged, Booth pushed the doors open faster than they mechanically go. The trio marches out and assumes formation at the door. Booth with a cross bow and his back against the door, Spike facing the door with his cross bow aimed, and Buffy facing the side of the two men with her stake drawn. Booth kicked in the door and spun around. Buffy and Spike followed soon after.
The room is dark and all the curtains are drawn shut. Booth walks forward slowly while motioning for Buffy and Spike to stay back for a second. After Booth is a few steps in, they hear a rustling in the corner of the room. As Booth turns to see what the noise is, a bulky shape comes running at him. Buffy and Spike move into action and grab either arm of the man running at Booth. They pull him back and shove him up against the wall holding his hands so Booth can cuff him. After he is secured, Booth allows the man to turn around. As expected, the man is Henry.
"Wow, coming at me at my weakest point. How is that even fair?" he sneers.
"You could have ran mate, you know there are ways for us to be out in the sunshine," Spike responds.
"Oh, he knows that. Come on, he's one of the more experienced vamps. And that drone army downstairs? That was a joke. I think he wanted to be caught," says Booth, slipping into more of an Angel persona. Realizing this, Henry's eyes grow wide.
"You know me so well, Angelus."
"No, no. Not Angelus. Not even Angel. But you know what...not really Booth right now either. I'm something new. Something you don't know at all. So, be careful."
Buffy looks a bit startled from this change in Booth. He's right, this is something new. He has the mind of a trained army sniper and F.B.I. agent. But, he also has the memories of a vampire both evil and good. Not to mention the memories of a 1700's drunkard. She hopes he can keep control of everyone inside his brain.
"Ahhh but it's you who should be careful Mr. 'Something New'. You said yourself that I wanted to be caught. Now why would that be?" asks Henry.
"Perhaps your real security is in or surrounding this room. You think you have us trapped, that you can kill us and have a clear way to victory. But, you couldn't be more wrong," Booth responds.
"Sure, you have your friends of course. And your beautiful wife. They'll protect you, right? But, wait. Your wife is in the hospital recovering from a vampire bite and your friends are all amateur fighters!"
"That's what you think," Buffy says jumping into the interaction.
As Buffy says this, the door swings open and the windows shatter. Henry is just out of reach of the light. Faith, Connor, Illyria, and Willow come in.
"His back-up is dead," Faith says calmly.
"And the hotel staff have been freed of his cheap mind control," adds Connor.
"Need me to contain him Buffy?" asks Willow.
"Thanks guys and go for it Will. Make it sun-proof so he doesn't burn. We need him alive...for now. You see, Henry, times have changed. A call for back-up is just a text away!"
Willow creates a holding dome around Henry and essentially ties it to herself, like a leash. With that, the team exits the hotel.
"How are the troops looking?" asks Buffy.
"Surprisingly, very good. They all have good combat skills already with being involved with the F.B.I. Even though they typically aren't in the field, they have been well prepared. Most of our work has been teaching them how to attack what. I think they'll be ready when the time comes. We left them with Giles and the others to continue their training," Faith informs Buffy.
"Will they be ready by tonight? I'm thinking that's when the attack will hit. Maybe even sooner," Buffy asks.
"They'll be ready," says Willow.
"You might want them ready sooner," laughs Henry.
Back at Angela and Hodgins's, the rest of the team continued training. Giles is shocked at how well the people of the Jeffersonian have adapted their fighting style to using new weapons and fighting new creatures. They are nearly as skilled as the scoobies who have been training since they were essentially children. The cars containing the prisoner and the others arrive. Willow leads Henry to the front of the yard and begins to speak.
"This is Henry, the head vamp we have been looking for. Now that we've caught him, the rest of his army will come find us. It is possible they will come sooner rather than later. So, we must be prepared. I can put a spell around the whole house now, it will act as a safe haven for the injured and the young. We will try to keep the fight outside. Gather your weapons, get some food and water, ready yourselves. We have a long night ahead."
Booth is standing off to the side, watching this speech. Buffy is next to him.
"Wow, Willow doesn't take charge like this very often. I'm impressed," Buffy says casually.
"Me too, she's changed a lot from what I remember," Booth responds.
"We've all been through a lot. Demons, vamps, zombies, witches, anything you can imagine, we've fought."
"Not surprising Buffy, you never could stay away from the things that go bump in the night," Booth laughs light leaning into her to nudge her almost playfully.
"You're right, I couldn't. But neither could you, when you remembered. Do you think you'll be able to now?"
"I...I don't know yet. I still need to make sense of some things."
Buffy reaches over to grab Booth's hand and squeeze it for a second.
"I know I told you before, but if you need help accepting or understanding anything you remember, don't hesitate to talk to me."
"I know," Booth responds, squeezing her hand back for a moment before pulling away. "I uh...I should go check on Brennan before the battle starts. The doctors said she should be getting out today."
"Oh, uh...of course. Are you going to let her fight if she wants to?"
"She shouldn't. But she could guard the kids or something."
"That's true, it would be good to have someone armed near them in case Willow's spell doesn't hold up."
Booth nods and walks away towards his car. When he arrives at the hospital, Brennan is eager to see him. She looks much better than she had just hours before.
"Did you get him?" she asks.
"We did, he's at the house now. Everyone is getting ready for the big fight."
"Are they ready? Are the kids safe?"
"Yes and yes. Willow set up a spell around the house. I think she made it stronger specifically round the room that the kids are in. But, I was hoping that you could guard the room."
"Booth, I need to be by your side in this. We're partners, I'm supposed to have your back."
"Look Bones, you're just getting out of the hospital and haven't been trained to fight these kinds of monsters. Plus, you need to protect our daughter. She needs you! Besides, Buffy...and the rest of the team will have my back. We'll be ok."
Brennan looks hesitant for a moment, especially with the mention of Buffy. She had seen a different kind of flash in Booth's eye when he said her name. A flash she had only ever seen when he looked into her eyes. But, she can't deny the truth in his statements.
"Alright, I will guard the children. But be careful Booth, I can't lose you. And neither can Christine."
"You won't, ok? I promise," Booth says as he approaches his wife. He hugs her and kisses her deeply before taking her hand to guide her out of the hospital.
When they arrive back at the house, Booth and Brennan see everyone preparing. Stashes of weapons are being hid all over the yard, Max seems to be positioning himself on the roof of the house, Angela is learning a few more spells from Willow. Buffy meets Booth and Brennan at the front of the house.
"Good to see you're doing better Doctor Brennan," she says.
"Thank you," Brennan responds coolly.
Booth and Buffy glance at each other almost knowingly.
"I'll take you to the kid's room and get you set up with your weapons," Booth says as he leads Brennan into the house past Buffy.
After they reach the room and Brennan is ready, Booth pauses for a second.
"Bones, I need to be honest with you about something right now. I...well, Angel...he was in love with Buffy. They were soul mates. But, he gave her up so that she could have a chance with a human. Someone who could give her what she deserves. Angel had intentions of finding Buffy again if he became human. But, when that happened, Angel became me instead. Working through the emotions I'm feeling right now is difficult to say the least. But, I can't deal with that at the moment because we have to fight. Just know that I, Seeley Booth, do love YOU. Ok?"
"I love you too Booth, I'm just worried now. We'll talk about this when it's all over. You're right, we need to focus on the fight."
Booth kisses his wife again before leaving the room to join the others preparing for the fight. Angela walks in a few moments later.
"Sweetie, are you ok?"
"Yes, I'm alright. Just worried about this fight...about Booth...and his memories."
"Oh, well I can't really speak for how this fight is going to go. It's kinda hard to wrap our brains around what we're going to be fighting. But, we are as prepared as we can be. So, I think we'll all be fine. As for Booth, he is still Booth. Memories or not, he loves you and will do anything to protect you."
"Yes, but he also loves Buffy. Or at least Angel does. And I'm not so sure that he is still Booth. At least not in all senses."
"Well, of course he will have changed some. But inside, his core...his soul...that is still Booth."
"I hope you're right Angela."
"I know I'm right. I have to go now though, the sun is going to set soon. I'm kind of surprised we haven't started yet."
"Go, good luck!"
"You too!"
With that, Angela leaves Brennan to join the others. They have begun to gather in the front yard.
"They're coming," Buffy says. "You can kind of hear them in the distance."
Everyone freezes for a moment, listening. Brennan is quiet too, waiting to hear the sounds of battle. Buffy is right, in the distance you hear feet stomping, large wings flapping, and the clang of armor and weapons.
"Into formation," Buffy whispers.
The group lines up. Buffy and Booth in the front with the rest spanning out to either side. Weapons drawn and stances set, they wait. Until over the top of the hill at the end of the street, they see them. Outlined by the fiery glow of the setting sun... army of monsters.

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