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Dance Dance

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Reader gets done dancing on her first night at Love Planet and tired of the single life, plot down at the bar with Mr Dante to have....drinks ENJOY!

Category: Devil May Cry - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Dante - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2015-06-04 - 568 words - Complete

Music hummed in the air as y/n, or "Bambi" waited anxiously for her turn on center stage. She had practiced her routine religiously the night before. Her dance was perfect. From the accent, to each tiny shake, twirl, and drop. Prepared was an understatement. Her outfit of choice was a strappy black bikini covered in rhinestones that shimmered with every move. An excellent alternative to glitter,(which was frowned upon because it stuck to the patrons clothes and made it difficult to hide where they'd been before returning home.) Ad a pair of shiny silver heels and a spritz of her favorite perfume and "Bambi" was ready to dance. That was good too because her music was starting. She strutted out and looked around at all the people clustered into the tiny place. Only one person in particular caught her eye. He sat at the bar with a shot of some liqour in his right hand, barely visible in the dark room. He had pale hair, a blonde maybe? She couldn't really tell but he was handsome. He noticed her and raised his shot to her then downed it quickly. "Bambi" made a mental note of him and her new status as single. Then returned her attention back to work. All her practice paid off. Quickly. By the end of her song her bikini thong was stuffed full of bills. She graciously accepted her tips, and carefully picked the ones off the stage and exited to her dressing room. She changed fast,excited to have made so much on her first night. She finished tieing her shoes and slung her bag over her left shoulder and walked into the bar area. A little more crowded then she thought, she blushed. Then she sam him again. There he was sitting on a stool looking at her. She wondered whether or not to approach him. What kind of person was he she thought, he was drinking at a strip club.... but he seemed approachable and she was already tired of being alone all the time. She had friends of course and family but that was different. What could it hurt? She already danced for money he'd seen her naked already. Fuck it. Y/n made up her mind, walked to the bar and sat next to him. He grinned, and slid his drink to her. She eyed him, he seemed nice but...strange. Oh well she then downed it. Smiling back at him. "You sure can move babe. My name is Dante, and I can bet that your's isn't really Bambi." You giggled. "No its y/n." He ordered another round, then asked for his tab. "What do you say we kill this round and get outta here, y/n?" She smiled and ran her fingers around the rim of the glass. He was a typical man wasn't he? "Do you always go out at night and try to pick up strippers Mr Dante?" He raised an eyebrow and put an elbow on the bar, still facing her. "Only when they're as beautiful,talented, and unique as you." Damn those eyes she thought, maybe it was the alcohol loosening her inhibitions. "Alright,I'll let you walk me home." He grinned at her words and downed his drink. "I'll take that." She placed her hand on the Crook of his elbow and they walked out into the cool night air.
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