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Chapter XIII

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The battle between the Autobots and the Predacons intensifies, with the latter clearly the dominant force. Meanwhile Jackson Prime finds himself at the mercy of Galvatron, who is about to deliver t...

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Galvatron stood over the fallen Prime, holding his blade over his head with smiling darkly down at his defeated opponent.

"Time to die Jackson Prime." he said as He suddenly swung the blade down upon the Autobot leader, making Arcee lose complete control of her emotions as she watched.

"NO!" she screamed in response, but her eyes suddenly widened as confusion took hold at what happened next. For Galvatron stopped himself, leaving the razor sharp tip of his blade mere centimeters from the Prime's chest. Jack too was confused as he looked up at the Predacon Lord, who had an expression on his face that the Autobot Leader could not read, even with all the pain he was currently in.

Galvatron looked down at the Prime, only a second ago he was ready to end the life of this adversary. But then something had caught his eye, bringing back that feeling that the Predacon Leader had experienced earlier when he found the Covenant of Primus. As he stood over the Prime, his eyes were fixed on the a light that glowed through the cracks of the chest-plate of Jack's Prime -armor.

"Lord Galvatron?" Lazerback asked with a worried tone,while his Leader continued to stare at the chest-plate. Blight then walked over and placed his hand on Galvatron's shoulder which snapped him out of his daze, making him look over to both Men with a confused expression.

"Yes? What is it?"

"My Lord, are you going to kill the Prime?" Blight asked as Galvatron looked back at his blade, which was still pointed directly over the injured Prime's chest.

"No..." he replied, shaking his head.

"...We will take him and the Femme with us as prisoners." he added, making the other two Predcons even more confused.

"But my Lord..." Lazerback said in return, earning an angry stare from Galvatron who gritted his teeth.

"Are you questioning me?"

The sound of his voice unnerved Lazerback immensely, but not so much as it did Blight who had already witnessed what happened to those who questioned their Leader. The former looked back at the latter who shook his head at him, then Lazerback looked back at Galvatron with a regretful expression.

"No Lord Galvatron." he replied with a grovelling tone to his voice, earning a dark grin from the Clone.

"Good, now patch up the Prime's injury and be ready to move."

Both Cons nodded before Galvatron turned his attention to Jack, looking down on the beaten Autobot Leader with a smug expression.

"Because you will only die when I deem it your time, and I doubt either of you will try anything stupid if you know that it will only cause the other to suffer excruciating pain in return."

Blight knelt down next to Jack and began adding medi-gel to what was left of the Prime's arm, but Jack's eyes met Arcee's as both lovers silently acknowledged the predicament they were in as Galvatron waited for them to be ready to move.

Not long later, Garrus and Grunt limped into the area with their weapons ready aimed ahead of them. Both Men looked like they had been through hell, with their armor damaged and their faces covered in bruises with a few cuts thrown in for good measure. The duo looked around the room to find that apart from the two dead Terracons, it was completely empty.

"Damn it, they have been through here already." Garrus said with a annoyed tone.

"Well I bet Jack and Smokescreen had something to do with this." Grunt replied as he gestured toward the two bodies, earning a nod from the Turian.

"Yeah, but where are they now?"

"I don't know, but I just want a rematch with the red/yellow armored foe that bested me." Grunt replied with an angry tone.

"You and me both, but at least we managed to cut the amount of troops he had with him by half." Garrus said back, as the Krogan then moved over to the other exit and looked through to see the Nemesis just aways from their current location.

"They must have gone this way, lets get moving so we can catch up."

The Turian sniper nodded in return before making his way to join his friend at the exit, when something caught his eye.

"What the hell?" he said aloud as his eyes widened at the site before him.

"What is it?" Grunt asked as he left the exit and walked up to his Turian teammate, who was just looking at the ground with a disbelieving stare. The Krogan looked down at what had Garrus's attention and his eyes widened too in response.

"It can't be...?

On the floor in front of them was a puddle of blood and in its center was a severed right arm, the armor it was in-cased in was identifiable by the three colored stripes running down the arm, two silver on both sides of a large red main stripe.

"That's Jack's arm!" Garrus exclaimed in shock of the sight in front of him, because despite seeing it with his own eyes, he still could not believe it.

"But that doesn't mean that Jack' know." Grunt sheepishly added, since he could tell by the Turian's expression what he was currently thinking at this moment.

"I know, for one there is no body..." Garrus replied as he continued to stare at the appendage, losing himself to the terrible thoughts for his friend that were now plaguing his mind since laying eyes on it. But he was brought out of his stupor, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Lets go Garrus, we may still have a chance of catching up to them." Grunt said, gaining the Turian's attention.

"And give them hell, especially if our friends have been..." he said before being cut off by the Krogan, who Gave him an encouraging smile.

"Exactly." Garrus said back in a determined tone and nodded in return and then both Autobots made their way outside, just in time to see the two giant Dragons fly overhead towards the Nemesis.

"Looks like we are heading in the right direction then." Grunt said as they saw what looked like a lot of activity around the giant dreadnought, when suddenly their com links activated.

"They are pulling back, the enemy is retreating." an unknown Autobot said over the link, before another voice spoke.

"All Autobot forces, this is Warpath, Jackson Prime is not answering his com-link, so I am taking temporary command. The enemy are regrouping at the Nemesis launch site, move in and take them down. We can not them get their hands on that ship."

Garrus and Grunt looked at each other as the message came to an end.

"Looks like we..." the Krogan began to say before a sound caught their attention.

"ugh,mmm...ugh." came a voice from nearby.

"Did you hear that?" Garrus asked, earning a nod from his friend.

"Yeah, it came from over there." he said as the pair began walking over in the direction that Grunt had pointed to, until they came to a pile of rubble. Both looked around around in confusion, as there was no sign of what had made that noise.

"I swore that sound was coming from over he..." Garrus started to say when he was interrupted again.

"Ugh...ugh,.." came the voice again as the pile of debris began to move slightly as a hand appeared from under it.

"There! Someone is under the rubble." Grunt said as he began to pick up and clear the rubble, Garrus quickly joining in as they unearthed a person from under it. Their eyes widened and as smiles appeared on their faces.

"SMOKESCREEN!" Garrus exclaimed as they pulled out the White/Blue and Red armored Bot, who was semi-conscious and visibly injured, but thankfully still alive.

"Smokescreen, you alright. Can you hear me?" Garrus said as the injured Autobot lay there in front of them, but all they got from him was...

"...ugh..mmm, ugh."

Grunt then placed his hand on the Turian's shoulder, gaining his attention.

"Let me try Garrus?"

His friend looked at him blankly but nodded, moving out of the way so that the Krogan could get closer. Then he did something that completely surprised the Turian and slapped the Bot's face, making Smokescreen wake up fully and stare at the pair.

"What in the Allspark!" he said in an exasperated tone as Garrus looked over to Grunt with a surprised expression.

"What was that?" he asked, but the Krogan simply smiled.

"I just woke him up, plus it felt good." he answered before looking back down at Smokescreen.

"Can you move?" Garrus asked as the Bot grimaced a little while he sat up.

"Yeah, but my whole body feels like it just got trampled on by the Dinobots." the younger Autobot replied as he slowly got to his feet.

"Well considering how you look, I can believe it. Those enemies sure do pack a punch." Garrus said, as Smokescreen stood up beside both men.

"Their called Predacons."

"Predacons? Never heard of them." Grunt replied with a blank expression, earning a questioning look from the Bot before he shook his head.

"Look, never mind. We can go over the details later..." he said before noticing that there was just the Krogan and Turian standing with him.

"Where is Jack and Arcee?"

Garrus's expression faulted as he looked to the ground, this did not go unnoticed by Smokescreen who looked directly at him.

"What's happened? Don't tell me their..." he started to say when Grunt cut in.

"No, we found no bodies back there, just Jack's arm." the Krogan said with the usual amount of compassion he had...which was none.

"By the Allspark, so where were you heading to when you found me?" the Bot questioned, Garrus was about to answer when suddenly out of nowhere a squadron of Aerialbot fighters flew low overhead. This caught the trio's attention as they looked at the fighters as they flew toward the battle engulfing the area around the Nemesis, as explosions could be seen and continuous gunfire could be heard .

"We are heading that way." Garrus finished before Smokescreen equipped the pistol he had on his utility belt.

"What are we waiting for then ,lets go."

The others nodded in return, then the trio began moving quickly towards the massive black ship just ahead of them.

"By the way Garrus, who did that to your face? I mean I would ask Grunt, but his face looks the same whether he has fought or not." Smokescreen suddenly asked, earning an annoyed growl from the Krogan as they moved through the battlefield.

About fifteen minutes later, the three Autobots arrived at the Nemesis launch site. But the battle was over before it really had a chance to start and the trio could only guess that was because of Predaking and Grimwing, who had destroyed what Autobot forces had arrived there in a matter of minutes. The Turian, Krogan and bot all took cover behind the charred husk of an Aerialbot fighter, before Garrus used his sniper rifle to scope the area.

"I can't believe I am going to ask this, considering what we saw on our way over here. But how does it look over there?" Smokescreen sheepishly asked, making the Turian shake his head in return.

"So much for the counter attack, those Predacons have the area completely under their control. Our forces had no chance against those beasts of theirs."

Grunt growled lowly in return before saying his piece.

"Those beasts are tougher than any Thresher-Maw, that's for sure."

Smokescreen nodded as he looked up at the two winged monsters who flew over head with the Predacon fighters alongside them.

"That is what the Predacons really looked like, back when they roamed Cybertron during what you would call 'Prehistoric times'."

"So they are just like Earth's Dinosaurs?" Garrus replied.

"And Tuchanka's Thresher-Maws?" the Krogan added, earning looks from both his friends.

"Grunt, you still have Thresher-Maws now." the Turian replied bluntly, making the Krogan look back with a slight smile.

"Yeah, but the prehistoric ones were much bigger."

"I guess, but either way I am just going off what I learnt from the historic archives on Cybertron...during the war." Smokescreen replied as they kept their eyes on what was happening just ahead of them, when suddenly there was a lot of movement near the Nemesis's ventral shuttle bay as a large contingent of Terracons arrived on the scene.


Blight stood stood on the lowered ramp of the shuttlebay with a small group of Terracons and another Predacon, one in yellow and purple armour. The two of them watched as another large contingent of troops arrived at the Nemesis and stopped before then.

"And I think that it is it for any of our troops arriving here by foot Scorponok." Blight said to his comrade who nodded in agreement.

"I think your right, though I would prefer not to leave the others out there. But we wont be able to hold this location forever."

"I would not worry about such details Scorponok, our Lord already has something planned to ensure our brethren make it safely aboard. It is one of the reasons he chose this ship as a target of interest." the other Predacon replied before looking behind him at both Arcee and Jack who were on their knees and surrounded by Terracons.

"The quicker this ship is taken, the faster we can get these two into the brig." he added, gaining a knowing look from Scorponok.

"Well Lord Galvatron and Laserback did take half of my troops with them to secure the CIC and the Engineering decks, I am sure we will hear something soon."

The two Predacons then looked back towards the horizon and the image of a beaten and broken city. New Iacon looked less like the capital of the Federation, but more like the city of London after the Reaper invasion that the Cons read about on the Icarus's databanks.

"We sure did a number to this city didn't we?" Scorponok said as both smiled and looked down at Jack, who merely looked at the ground as blood dripped ever so slowly from the dressing on the stump that was once his arm.

"You have nothing to say about this 'Prime'?" Blight asked with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

"Be careful, the Prime might hit you with that stump of his." Scorponok laughed in a similar tone. But both the Autobot Leader and his Spark-mate remained quiet, not wanting to give the Predacons the pleasure of reacting to their goading. But the two lieutenants soon stopped when one of the Terracons that were watching the perimeter turned to them.

"Sir, I can see movement just ahead of us. Behind the wreckage of that fighter over there."

Scorponok then equipped his sniper rifle and looked through it's scope, bringing the image into sharp focus.

"Are you sure soldier, because I can..." he started to reply before noticing a reflection of light off what appeared to be a similar sniper rifle scope.

"More Autobots! Fire on that location now!" he shouted as he fired three shots that impacted on the hull of the wreckage, making the Turian there get right behind cover. The rest of the Terracons followed suit and fired on the area, earning a similar reaction from the three Autobots.

Blight took cover behind the wall of the shuttle bay as both Jack and Arcee looked towards the wreckage, hope appearing on their faces. But this had not gone unnoticed by the Predacon who looked down at them with content.

"I would not hold on to hope of your friends rescuing you now." he said before tapping the com-link in his ear.

"Lord Galvatron, we have more Autobots attacking the ship."

"Keep them at bay for a little longer while we are prepping for launch." the Predacon Leader replied as he ended the link, earning a nod from Blight who looked back to the Terracons.

"Keep the pressure on those Autobots, we will be leaving soon."

He then looked at the four soldiers surrounding their prisoners.

"Take these two to the brig now."

So the Terracons acknowledged him and pulled Jack and Acree to their feet before moving out of the shuttle bay and further into the Nemesis's interior.

From their cover behind the fighter wreckage, Garrus blew the head off one of the Terracons defending the shuttle bay's extended ramp and spotted two familar people who were being escorted from the battle.

"They do have Arcee and Jack." he exclaimed, gaining the attention of both Smokescreen and Grunt.

"You sure?" the Bot asked as he killed another enemy soldier, before looking over to Garrus and noticing him nodding in return.

"I just saw them being escorted away from the battle and further into the ship."

"Well we have to get them then, thats all there is to it." Smokescreen replied before taking a few shots at the Terracons, killing two of them while the others kept the pressure up by firing constantly at their cover.

"And how do you propose we do that?" Grunt asked after just narrowly missing a bullet to the face as he turned to look at the younger Bot, his face looked like thunder.

"They have us pinned down here, we can't make a move without it ending in suicide for us."

This took both Garrus and Smokescreen by surprise, since Grunt would usually be first in line for such an action. But the Turian knew that on this occasion he was right, so he tapped his com-link.

"This is Garrus Vakarian to any Autobot forces in range, the enemy are taking control of the Nemesis and have Jackson Prime and Arcee among them. My team have a chance of recovering the pair, but are currently being pinned down by enemy fire. Are there any Autobots who could help?"

After a moment or two, with both the bot and Krogan firing back at the enemy before taking cover again. Garrus received an answer.

"This is Warpath, Garrus we are on route as we speak. ETA five minutes."

But suddenly a deep humming noise could be heard from the Nemesis's engines, making the Turian's eyes widen in response.

"To late, they are preparing to launch."


In the Nemesis's CIC, Galvatron and his Terracons had just taken control of the room, leaving the Autobot corpse on the floor while the soldiers manned each station. The Predacon leader himself stood at the command terminal that was on a catwalk that was raised above the rest of the CIC, giving a good view of the entire room.

"Status report?" he said in a commanding tone, earning the attention of his men.

"All stations manned Lord Galvatron, we have had no trouble accessing the ship's systems." one of the Terracons replied while looking up at his master.

"Excellent work." Galvatron replied as his attention was caught by a a holo-screen appearing before him, showing the ship's engines activating.

"Lord Galvatron, engine room is now under our control and we are prepping the ship's engines up now." Lazerback then reported through the Predacon leader's com-link.

"Very well, how long until the Space-bridge generator is ready for use?"

"It is charging up now my Lord, but in the meantime it's ground-bridge function is fully operational since it does not require the same level of power." the Predacon replied, making Galvatron smile in return.

"That's good Lazerback, keep me apprised of any further developments."

The Predacon Lord then looked down at one of his men.

"Activate the Ground-bridge at areas where our troops are still fighting, we need to evacuate all our remaining ground-forces to this ship immediately."

"Yes Lord Galvatron." the Terracon replied before typing in the commands into his holo-interface, meanwhile Galvatron set his com-link to broadcast mode.

"This is your Lord and Master speaking, I want all Predacon forces to fall back to the Nemesis. Fighters, you will rejoin your respective cruisers and they will rendezvous with the Nemesis in orbit. Our ground forces are to use the Ground-bridge vortexes that will appear before you momentarily, these will bring you aboard our new flagship."

After shutting down the com-link, the Predacon Leader turned to another of his Terracons below him.

"Activate the Ground-bridge and bring our troops home."

"Yes sir." the soldier replied as he worked the holo-interface before him.

"...And open up the top cargo bay for Predaking and Grimwing." Galvatron added.

Meanwhile all across the battlefield that only hours earlier used to be the Federation Capital, ground-bridge vortexes opened and closed one after the other. Opening just long enough for the Terracons still fighting to retreat through, leaving the remaining Autobot forces to stand in the middle of their destroyed city and wonder what it all was for. The Predacon star-fighters broke off their dogfights with the Aerialbots, docking with the nearest cruisers that were still operational and they then made for high orbit.

Back on board the Nemesis, one of the Terracons looked up at the Perdacon Lord as he admired the view he from his location, as he looked out of the large canopy covering the very front of the CIC.

"My Lord, our forces are pulling back as you wanted. And Lazerback reports that we can continue to ground-bridge our remaining troops while we are leaving."

Galvatron smiled at comment as he turned and looked down at said Terracon.

"Very well, call in the rest of the troops protecting the shuttle bay and take us into space,..."

The Terracon nodded in return and then focused on his station's holo-interface.

"...And have our prisoners brought to me too."

On the ground Garrus, Smokescreen and Grunt were still stuck behind the wreckage of the Aerialbot fighter, as the Terracons continued to bombard them with weapons fire.

"This is ridiculous, we have to make a push for the shuttle bay or else we will lose Jack and Arcee." the Turian said in both an angry yet anxious tone, while the other two fired back into the mass grouping of enemies, killing two of them as they did.

"Wait a second, they are falling back." Grunt observed as they all looked to see the Predacon soldiers backing up on to the shuttle bay, while laying covering fire on the Autobots position.

"Then we go right now, follow me!" Smokescreen roared, surprising his friends as he ran around the wreck and stormed at the Terracons with his weapon blazing. The others followed suit as he shot dead three Terracons and made it onto the shuttle bay's ramp as it began to lift off the ground. The bot then stormed towards the interior of the ship but in his reckless and desperate actions, he failed to notice that the remaining Terracons had stopped firing at him.

And before he had a chance to wonder why, he suddenly ran into a powerful energy field which knocked him flying off the ramp and back down to the floor where his Turian and Krogan friends joined him. They looked up at the Nemesis which had risen off the ground and saw the Terracons laughing and waving back sarcastically just before the ramp closed and sealed off the shuttle bay from the outside.

"Ugh, what was that?" Smokescreen asked as he sat up and held his head as the mother of all migraines began to ache.

"You were hit by the Nemesis's new energy shield that protects the shuttle bay, lucky you weren't fried by it."

"Very lucky, His armor took the brunt of it." Grunt added as they looked at the bot's burn't white/blue and red armor. But before anything else could be said, the trio's attention was caught by the sight of the Nemesis as it had ascended high above them and flew away from them at sub-light speeds with the two metallic dragons landing on it's roof as it moved.

"Scrap..." Garrus then said with disappointment in his voice, while both Smokescreen and Grunt watched with similar expressions.


As the Nemesis began to climb through the Earth's atmosphere, Galvatron was still overlooking everything from his spot in the CIC. The doors behind then suddenly opened as Jackson Prime and Arcee were escorted into the room and led up the catwalk to the Predacon Leader who smiled darkly at how defeated the two Autobots looked.

The Prime looked like he had been battered as he was limping along, while all that was left of his right arm was a stump that had been bandaged up, but that was already becoming a deep shade of crimson as the wound had yet to be properly healed yet. His femme meanwhile looked no better as she had her arm round the Autobot leader and helped him to walk, her face was one of deep concern and fear for her spark-mate as she never took her eyes off him.

"Ah, glad to see the two of you could make it. I promise not to keep you from the infirmary too long Prime, since I would hate to see you bleed over the floor of my new battleship." Galvatron said in sarcastic tone, earning looks of pure loathing and content from the pair.

"You wont...get away with...this Galvatron." Jack said in between his breathes, which had started to get heavy due to his injuries. But the Predacon Lord merely looked down at his prisoner and smiled.

"Oh but I already have, since the City that you Autobots hold so dear is now nothing more than a smoking crater. Also your forces are stretched out all over the galaxy, with no means to communicate to each other. We Predacons have no such restrictions, so we will take advantage of the situation that we have created and ensure that the rest of the galaxy trembles at the very mention of our name."

"My Lord, we are free of the planet's atmosphere and the rest of the fleet has joined us." the Terracon piloting the Nemesis then stated, earning his Leader's attention.

"Very good.." Galvatron replied as he looked out of the canopy to see that the star-field surrounded them, and multiple Predacon cruisers were now taking up formation around his ship.

"Sir, Six-shot requests permission to land." another Terracon said, gaining a nod from Galvatron.

"Granted, and have him come straight here." he replied before looking back out of the CIC's canopy, and noticing a ship ahead of them that certainly wasn't one of their own.

"We have an Autobot cruiser directly in front of us. it is the Ultra Magnus." the pilot reported as Galvatron, Jack and Arcee watched.

"It is heavily damaged, but it's weapons are still active. Should I signal our cruisers to take it out?" he said, making his leader shake his head on return.

"No, I wish to see what the Nemesis is capable of. Power up our weapons and target that ship." he said in a commanding tone, making his Terracons work frantically At their posts.

"Weapons armed and target locked." one then said from his post.


The Nemesis then fired a barrage of red glowing torpedoes at the Ultra Magnus, which tried to evade them whilst using it's thrusters. But several of the torpedoes impacted on it's engineering section, crippling the ship and causing it to drift out of it's way.

"Finish them off." the Predacon leader then added as an evil grin grew on his face, but just as the Terracon at Tactical prepared to launch one last spread of torpedoes at the Autobot ship. Suddenly his fellow soldier then called out.

"Space-bridge vortex opening directly in front of us." he said as a green blip appeared on his holo-display.

"What?" Galvatron shouted back as everyone looked out of the canopy to see the said green vortex hovering in the void ahead of them. Suddenly a smaller frigate flew out of the vortex and towards the Nemesis.

"It's IFF is coming up..." said one of the Terracons as he looked at his holo-screen.

" is the Autobot frigate 'Normandy'."

Jack looked out at the ship as his eyes widened at mention of that name, which did not go unnoticed by Arcee.


"Orion is on that ship Arcee." the Prime said, before Galvatron gained both Autobots attention with his next action.

"Shoot that ship down, I want it out of our path now."

A look of pure horror then appeared on the parents faces as it dawned on them what was about to happen.

'No!' Jack and Arcee both thought as the Terracon began targeting their son's vessel.

At that exact time in the cockpit of the Normandy, Rodimus and Orion stood behind Jetstorm as he piloted their ship. Surprised expressions were written on their faces as they saw the ships directly between them and Earth.

"Looks like your hunch was correct Commander, I have a dozen enemy ships leaving Earth as we speak." the pilot said as he read the data appearing on his sensor screen, then Orion pointed his hand to the massive black ship that was amongst them.

"What is that?"

Rodimus's eyes widened as he recognized the vessel.

"That's the Nemesis, but it shouldn't up and running yet."

Suddenly an alarm began blaring around them and Jetstorm knew exactly what it meant.

"The Nemesis is targeting us." he exclaimed.

"Take evasive action!" Rodimus ordered, making the Autobot pilot type at his holo-station frantically as veered the Normandy starboard, but the newly christened Predacon battleship fired several spreads of torpedoes and cannon fire at the frigate. Several missed and that was thanks to Jetstorm's quick manoeuvres, but the rest of them hit the ship along it's hull which taxed the shields until the final spread impacted on the Normandy's port engine wing. There was suddenly and explosion that shook the entire ship, knocking any crew members not seated to the ground as it's wing and the entire port engine broke off, causing the ship to go into an out of control spin.

"Damage Report!" Rodimus shouted over the sounds of panic as he and Orion picked themselves up from the floor, the younger bot looked back towards the CIC and saw the crew fighting the fires that had been caused by the damage that their ship had just taken in the attack.

"We've lost the port engine, I am trying to correct our course with thrusters. Our shield strength is down to seventeen percent, I doubt we could survive another hit like that." the Pilot replied while studing the red flashing areas of the ship schematics on his holo-screen.

"Damn it!" he then cursed while clenching his fist and slamming it on the arm rest of his chair, alarming both Bots behind him.

"What's wrong Jetstorm?" Orion asked as smoke filled the air from the fires behind them.

"We've just lost power to the other engines, we are completely dead in the water."

The three bots then looked at each other as it dawned on them what might happen next, before looking out of the canopy to see the Nemesis directly in front of them, blocking out the sun with it's jet black hull, the only light glowing from the weapon ports as they were aimed at them.

Galvatron was looking out at the critically damaged Autobot ship as it drifted before his battleship, while his crew of Terracons continued to work the Nemesis's systems around him.

"What is the condition of the Normandy?" he asked as he turned round and noticed the looks of pure horror on Jack and Arcee's faces, as they stood there and looked out at the frigate.

"My Lord, the Normandy has suffered considerable damage. It is no longer a threat to us." the Terracon on the station to his lower left replied, making the Predacon Leader smile darkly as his eyes met those of his prisoners.

"Just because the vessel is no longer a threat, that does not mean I will leave it be." he said back while keeping his attention on the two Autobots, taking note of the evolving looks of despair on their faces.

"No.." Arcee whispered as Jackson Prime took a step forward toward Galvatron, making both Terracons that stood guard over them point their rifles at him.

"Galvatron, I ask you…..spare that vessel. Haven't enough people died today…on both sides?"

The Predacon Lord looked at the Prime, his red eyes narrowing while his counterpart stood firm before him.

"Why? What is so important about this vessel? You didn't speak a word when we disabled the other Autobot ship earlier, so that leaves me curious to this sudden change in your attitude."

Jack broke contact with Galvatron's eyes as he looked down to the ground, He could not come out and say that his son was on board that ship. If he knew the truth, the Predacon may just destroy the Normandy to cause further pain to both him and Arcee.

"Please, just let the ship be." Jack said back in a pleading like tone while holding his arms out to his sides, earning a devilish grin from Galvatron.

"What is this? Is the great Jackson Prime, Leader of the Autobots begging me not to end the lives of some of his precious Autobots." he laughed before looking down at Jack, his shadow being cast upon the Prime as he stood before him.

"Well I am afraid that if you really want me to leave this ship alone, then you will have to get on your knees and plead to me to do so."

The Autobot Leader looked back at Arcee, who merely nodded in return. For the Femme knew that even if this diminished themselves in the eyes of their enemies, it would be a small price to pay if it meant protecting that which was most precious to them.

So Jack turned back to Galvatron and while keeping his eyes to the ground, began to get down on to his knees. But before he could do so, the Predacon Leader laughed out loud and kicked the Prime in the chest, sending him onto his back.

"Jack!" Arcee exclaimed as she rushed to her partner's side as Gavlatron towered before them both, his sharp teeth bared as he smiled darkly at them both.

"Pitiful, how weak and pathetic the line of Primes has become. You are a disgrace Jackson Prime, and to answer your question, I will not spare the ship…." the Predacon Leader spat before turning his back on both prisoners and looking out at the crippled Normandy.

"…take them away, and target all weapons on the Normandy." he commanded to his crew, but as both Autobots were about to react, they were suddenly grabbed and pulled to their feet by the two Terracon guards.

"Galvatron!" Jack called out in a desperate plea, but the Predacon Leader ignored him and kept his attention on the soon to be destroyed enemy ship beyond his canopy.

"The Normandy is targeted my Lord." the Terracon manning the weapons station reported as the door the two Autobot prisoners were dragged off the bridge.

"Prepare to fir..." Galvatron began to say before his com-link beeped, cutting him off mid sentence. So he tapped his ear piece to responde.

"What is it?"

"We have the Space-bridge up and running my Lord, and all troops have been brought aboard via the Ground-bridge. So we can leave at your convenience." Lazerback replied, earning a sigh from the Predacon leader.

"Very well Lazerback and well done." he said back before looking at the Terracon manning the helm.

"Belay my last order and target our Space-bridge for Cybertron."

"Yes my Lord." the soldier replied as Galvatron watched the Normandy as it drifted past.

"But my Lord, I thought we were going to destroy that ship?" another Terracon asked, gaining an angry stare from the Predacon Leader.

"You are not questioning me are you, surely you have heard what happens to those that do?"

The soldier gulped but kept his gaze fixed on his Leader as he stood at his station.

"...Of course not Lord Galvatron, but you told the two Autobots that we would destroy the ship. I am just confused to how this Lord."

Galvatron flashed a slight smile towards the soldier, before looking back out at the black void beyond the CIC canopy.

"Well they both seemed very concerned about that vessel or perhaps it was someone who was on board, so if they were to believe that the Normandy had been destroyed then it would only make them suffer more grief and despair. And that would make them even less likely to cause us any trouble as our prisoners, so that is what I will let them believe." he said back, earning a smile from the Terracon.

"You are most wise my Lord."

"Indeed..." The Predacon Leader replied as he looked down to the soldier manning the communication station.

"Inform the fleet to meet us at Cybertron." he then said, earning a nod from the Terracon. Galvatron then looked back to the helmsman.

"Take us home."

The Terracon manning the helm then programmed the coordinates into his holo-interface and suddenly a bright green vortex opened up before the Nemesis which then flew into it, as the rest of the Predacon fleet carried on to the Sol system's edge so that they could use the space-bridge located there, leaving the Federation in chaos as they wonder how on earth this possibly could have happened.
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