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Adalia The Daughter of the shadow hero

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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Chapter 1 - millfields
I looked up at at grand mansion in the peaceful town of Millfields. I passed through the gates confidently, my curled night black hair bounce like springs while I approached the door. I was most...unique, would be the appropriate term, as along with my jet Black hair, I had pure bright pale blue eyes. I had been told many times that my eyes seemed to get darker when I was angry and sparkled when I was happy, or when I had a mischievous plan. My two guns were in the holsters on my thighs, luckily my long jacket blocked them from view. I didn't have any fancy names for them, so I just called them Avo and Skorm, very inventive. I knocked on the door, I had to prove my worth, I had to show my skill, I had to show my clueless father he is not the only hero of Skill.

A strange ginger man led me to the chamber, where I was going to prove playing the wheel of misfortune.

" Now, my dear, try not to make a mess when you die. Ok?" Reaver said, he sounded rather bored.

" Fine, but will I have to clean up the mess after I win? " I looked at him, his brow raised in amusement

" My dear girl, you really think you can survive this? Only a hero has enough power to make it through to the end. " Reaver chuckled, I rolled my eyes. "If you do win, well, I am sure I could give you something worth your time." I had to stop my gagging reflex, if only he knew. " Ah, Hollowmen, what a lovely creature to start with." Reaver said, I hadn't noticed that Reaver had spun the wheel already. I cleared my head as I went down a hallway, which led me to another chamber. As soon as the gate closed behind me, wisps dove into the ground. Hollowmen began crawling out of the group, their boney fingers digging into the ground as they tried to get out. I drew my beloved Avo and Skorm and it began. I shot all of them in no time. I, like my father, had a record aim, I never missed a thing. It was an advantage that I could always draw and reload my pistols in a fast time too.

" How was that? " I looked up into his own sea blue eyes.

" Very good, I see you have coped incredibly well " Reaver grinned" Now, let us go and see what you will face next... "

I fought my way through Sandfurries, Hobbes, Bandits even a chamber of starving wolves.

" Well, I must say you have a little talent of skill. " Reaver told me

Little? LITTLE! He had to be joking, he turned wishing me fairwell, I drew Avo and shot at him. The bullet lightly grazed his arm, he turned back to look at me.

" Next time I won't miss. " I growled

" What else do you want, my little minx? " Reaver grinned seductively.

" I want you to listen to me " I answered honestly and truthfully.

" Go on " Reaver nodded, annoyance was clearly shown on his face.

" Firstly, I should advise you not to flirt with me, after you hear my story, you won't want to. " I signed heavily " I am Adalia, and my mother says that you are my father " I looked at Reaver, there was pure shock in his eyes. I knew that he knew that he couldn't say that I was a raving lunatic, after all I showed him that we have a common talent.

" Come to my study " Reaver said simply, before leaving me alone. I grinned slightly, Reaver had just hit a wall in his rather long peaceful life.
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